2007-06-09: Product-ive Afternoon


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Summary: A new customer swings by and throws Stefanie for a loop.

Date It Happened: Mid-Afternoon, June 9, 2007

Log Title Product-ive Afternoon

Au Naturale Market, Greenwich Village

It's a balmy June afternoon. School is over and kids fill the streets as they look for anything that will take their minds off of the last few days of school, while adults stare out the windows, waiting for the day to end. Stefanie is inside, working her shift at her fathers' store, though she'd most definately wish to be outside. She sits on a stool behind the counter, reading some form of hardcover book. The jacket art is a bit peculiar and doesn't help to reveal what genre the book is.

Lyndsay is out and about. She's gotten a name dropped after asking around at the rave the other night. Supposedly the redhead here is supposed to have plenty of really good stuff. So, the goth is out in the light of day, looking paler than usual by comparison as she enters the market.

Stefanie looks up as the chime on the door ring. A raise comes to Stef's brow as the person entering doesn't seem to be a regular, however she does look like someone she should keep an eye on, as a smirk comes to her face. She doesn't rush to help the young woman yet, most customers prefer to actually try looking for their item before someone assails them with a 'May I Help You'..

Lyndsay does, indeed, have that look about her that tends to get shopkeepers to make sure she isn't taking a five-fingered discount. But at the moment, the item she's looking for is "teenage redhead". That doesn't seem too hard to find. Spotting Stefanie, she starts in that direction.

Stefanie looks up as the woman makes her way over. Stefanie smiles and tries not to make it look like she was overtly checking her out. "Oh, hi there." She says. "Anything I can help you with?"

Lyndsay grins. "Yeah." she says. "Someone gave me your name the other night. Said you're a good place to get some…tea."

Stefanie blinks a bit and looks at the girl.. She could be young for a cop, but you've seen those movies, and reruns of 21 Jumpstreet… "We have many kinds. "Orange pekoe, Blan oolong, earl grey. We carry the full line of Celestial Seasonings and Twinings.." She says, biting her lip slightly.

Lyndsay rolls her eyes in exaggerated fashion. "I got your name at a rave, for god's sake. Not quite the kinda "tea" I was looking for, right?" She says, voice dripping in sarcasm.

Stefanie sighs and shrugs. So much for the subterfuge. "How much?" She asks, trying to make the transaction as quick as possible.

Lyndsay grins. "That's more like it. How much you got? I might as well stock up. Be a shame to run out."

Stefanie looks out the window.. "I don't see a truck outside… So you're not about to wipe me out." She chuckles.. "How much are you willing to spend? You have to be careful about getting caught with it if you have too much."

Lyndsay thinks about it. "How much will fifty get me?" she asks, not really knowing what the girl's pricing is, other than she's supposed to be cheap.

Stefanie blinks.. "I can get you about a pound or so for that much. A serious baggie-full would be about twenty." She says, smirking.. "I don't have much over-head." She says, in explanation of her prices.

Lyndsay nods. She rummages a hand in a pocket, and comes up with a crumpled fifty, passing it over to Stefanie. "Here you go." Fresh from someone else's wallet earlier this morning.

Stefanie blinks.. "Um…. Ok…" She pockets the fifty. She then checks the woman out and looks around.. "I hope you've got some way of concealing it. Gimme a few minutes. it'll take a bit of time to pick it and run some quick processing." She slides out from behind the counter, smoothing her skirt as a ctock clerk comes by and takes up her spot behind the counter.

Lyndsay snicker. Like most goths, she's got layered attire, and none of it is -too- snug at the moment. "I can hide it. But it's a frickin' -store-; you don't have bags?"

Stefanie rolls her eyes as she heads for the basement door. "Of course I have bags… The same kind of bags that police can search through…." She says, as if that should be explanation enough.

Lyndsay can't help but snicker. "You didn't say the cops were watching your place." She'll wait till Stef heads into the basement, count to twenty, then move to follow her down there.

Stefanie sighs.. "They're not.. but I don't want them to…" She turns quickly. "Whoa!" Thankfully she hadn't turned the light on. "No one's allowed down here." She says, trying to be stern. She doesn't want to lose a customer… especially one who looks like that… but there's no way she wants anyone to see what's down there…

Lyndsay looks back at Stefanie, and rolls her eyes. "Oh, for crying out loud, I'm not a cop. You don't mind me being down here, right?"

Stefanie sighs and shrugs, turning back and turning on the light.. "Guess not.." She says reluctantly. As the light is turned on, all that is visible is a sea of potted marijuana plants. As much of a sea that the small basement can provide. No sign of hydroponics or irrigation is used, just numerous potted plants, all thriving and of high quality. Stef grabs some pruning sheers and goes to work, taking bits from different plants, doing her best to make sure not to barren any single plant. "I hope this'll last you awhile, or you're gonna have a hell of a party. if you're dealing, I'd prefer not to become a supplier.. There's a reason why I try to stay under the radar."

Lyndsay blinks, looking about at all the plants. "Why the hell not? Looks like you've got a sweet little setup here."

Stefanie looks to the girl. obviously she has no notion of circumstances, nor of the life of a drug dealer in NYC. "Because if I get too big, the other dealers will come down on me hard. I'm not a big-time hustler selling my shit on Times Square. I can't afford to go toe-to-toe with those guys. I'm just some unassuming hippie teenager trying to make the world better through herbology. Nothing more."

Lyndsay snorts a little. "So what, you're happy to just push a little weed? Never wanted a taste of something bigger?"

Stefanie shakes her head. "I'm not looking to get rich. I'm not some commercial automaton. I'm also not about to use Mother Nature to rise above everyone else. There's waaay too much bad karma in that." She says, taking some time to pull seeds from the leaves, any damage to the leaves seems to quickly heal. She starts filling one of those gallon-sized ziplock bags.

Lyndsay rolls her eyes. "God, don't tell me you believe all that hippy-dippy bullshit." No, goths and hippies don't have a whole lot of overlap in their philosophical outlooks.

Stefanie sighs, emotionally hurt. She bags up the product and walks over to Lyndsay. "Listen. Enjoy the product. Come back if you want. But never… *ever*… criticize my philosophy. What's your idea of fun? Burning down a rainforest while you take over the world?!" She says, a bit angered. This is not usual for Stef.

Lyndsay laughs. "Yeah. Cause burning a rainforest is way high on my list of things to do. Jeez, get the stick out of your butt. Enjoy things. Have fun. Life isn't about big crusading bullshit."

Stefanie giggles… Yeah, mood swing much? "Hardly a crusade. I'm not about saving the world. I'm just doing my part to not help push it down a speeding spiral to oblivion." She sighs, calming herself. She makes her way upstairs with the baggie tucked under her arm. This is one of the few times where she's glad her curves help to conceal the product from prying eyes. When she relieves the clerk, she takes the baggie and places it into a brown paper bag with handles. "Here you go. "Anything else i can get you? papers? Whatnot?"

Lyndsay is quite curved herself, too. She grins. "Nah, I got those. Why don't you blow this place off for a while. We can light up and you can tell me more about how you manage to pull this off."

Stefanie shrugs. "I dunno. My Dads'd be a bit miffed at me for shirking my duties. I'd be leaving the store short-handed.." Sounds like she's trying to find any excuse, though she doesn't know why. "I mean, you seem cool and all, but.. I can't just up and leave."

Lyndsay hmphs. "Fine." It doesn't seem worth pushing her to do it. "Maybe I'll come back later." She starts to head out, then, with her purchase.

Stefanie just sighs and shrugs, picking up 'Exile's Song' and continues with her reading.

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