2010-01-07: Project Mayhem



Date: January 7, 2010


Shhh! We don't talk about Fight Club.

"Project Mayhem"

Nathan's Office

It's after hours, and Nathan has spent his day securing a meeting with the President, and investigating his assistant's whereabouts. After having visited KeLyssa's apartment, he sits at his desk in the otherwise-empty office with his phone pressed against his ear — this is the way he's looked for the last few hours. He's on hold again, with the police station. Reporting a missing person in New York City isn't as simple as one might think; apparently there are quite a few of them. These days, anyways.

Straightening his black and white striped tie, he opens the cabinet in his desk and takes out his Scotch decanter, placing it on the desk, still waiting for someone on the line to say something. With an arched eyebrow he counts the tumblers. Six left in a set of eight. Shaking his head slightly he, puts one on the desk and proceeds to pour himself a tumbler full of Scotch.

"Make sure you keep me posted… I don't want any more mistakes." Nate might hear the muffled but familiar voice on the other side of the door. Mr. Bennet shuts off his phone and slides it into his suit slacks pocket before he lifts his hand to knock on the door. When Nathan opens the door, he will find Noah, dressed in his usual attire, a dark suit with a black overcoat thrown on. "Greetings, Senator Petrelli," he states before making his way in… or before he tries to make his way in at least.

The sound of the voice on the other side of the door is enough to bring Nathan to his feet, replacing his phone to its cradle. He'll visit a police department to report KeLyssa missing instead. Plucking his tumbler from the desk he walks to the door and opens it at the knocking. "Bennet," he greets as he steps aside to let the other man in. His features themselves, are dark. Serious, even. His eyes narrow, his eyebrows furrow, and his forehead wrinkles with worry lines. "Please, have a seat," he steps towards his desk (which has a pair of chairs on either side), but doesn't sit down; rather, he chooses to stand behind it. Once the pair are safely inside the office with the door closed, he asks, "How fares your mission?" before raising his glass to his lips.

The Company Man turned G-Man moves toward the seat, removing his overcoat and folding it over one of the chair's arms before seating himself. "It goes as well as expected," Noah admits, being somewhat vague for one reason or another. "It obvious that uptop wants this to go on and if things keep up the way they are, they will be given justification to do so. I've heard you've been a busy bee since we last talked."

Nathan brings the glass to his lips again. As well as expected certainly doesn't sound promising. With a sound somewhere between a sigh and a groan, the Senator chooses to sit down. "That's an understatement," he quips as he settles into the chair. "Most of my staff are working on related jobs, even if they don't know the purpose." Like KeLyssa. He frowns momentarily, but instead of wallowing, he brings the glass to his lips again. After swallowing, however, he can't hide the frown, "Every time we make progress me hit a roadblock. The latest is DeSouza. Erases memories, apparently."

"I've heard… rumors of De Souza," Noah begins, tilting his head to the side. "The fact that her abilities involve memory loss could mean a lot of things. Telepathy or a power related to the Haitian's would be the most likely. If there is anyone that is likely fueling this fire, it is likely her… But she seems to be the sort to not part with secrets easily. It is possible she is using this program and her gifts to defend herself, getting rid of Evolved that could stand in her… or even his way."

Noah settles into the chair some more in a vain attempt to get more comfortable, his eyes settling upon Nathan. "So, why did you want to talk? I take it you have more to offer me or ask, or you would have just sent a 'read between the lines' e-mail or the like."

"His way?" Nathan repeats as his eyebrows furrow further. "Pete agreed on the nature of her ability. And…" he raises his glass to his lips again and swallows before continuing, "…said he take care of it." Nathan's thoughts on this are left unspoken. Replacing the now-empty glass on his desk he leans back in his seat.

"I'm taking a meeting with the President which I plan to denounce my brother. If DeSouza's gone, there shouldn't be further roadblocks, if she's not, and I get in, my tenure with the Protocol will likely be short-lived, especially if she's a telepath. Which means I need to know as much as I can before I get in. If I get in." It's still a big if. Nathan has to win over a President and he doesn't have Ivory's innate ability to Wynn people over.

"Our team is working with Congressman Dawson's to try to take it down from the outside, in the event we don't get in. Do you have access to any of their budget information? Or the nature of their operations? We have two strategic fronts we can broach issues from: money and human rights. Although the latter may be irrelevant if they deem us inhuman."

"If you are really concerned about her, there are ways around that…" The Haitian comes to mind, but is not mentioned. Noah frowns faintly at the idea, but for now, he does not fight it. After all, the Petrellis have their plan underway either way and it is better than anything he can muster at the moment. "But if Peter claims he'll handle it, I'll let him do that. Hopefully, he will and without her, we'll have a shot of getting a clear scope and purpose of this all."

A shake of the head shows that Noah disapproves of the suggestion. "As for the budget information, that isn't going to help you…" Noah breaks long enough to give a short sigh. "Not unless you get the clearance to justify it. If you present that without being on the inside first, it's going to come across as VERY fishy. Try and focus on getting the clearance, Nathan… If you can get the President's okay, I might be able to pull some strings at the FBI to speed along your process. If you can't, let me know and I'll work some contingency plans. Keep working the human angle, but that won't cut mustard unless you can get in to see which VIPs they are taking. Be VERY careful you don't tip your hand, Nathan. It's tempting to throw the full salvo, but remember, you have to come at this like you are an outsider coming in. Denouncing your brother is a good start."

"Well as far as the budget is concerned we're broaching it differently — as an office of concerned citizens who want to figure out why so many different departments lost funding this year. T-a staff member told me that they have a very very large budget, and if we can figure out where the money came from, we might be able to build some allies," Nathan nods a little, "But yeah, I'm painting myself as the villain." He twitches, the makings of an ironic smirk edge his lips, before he scoffs, "Not terribly difficult all things considered." Beat. "I plan on using Pete as my in, publicly distanced myself from him, and am hoping that it's enough to gauge my loyalty on."

"Hopefully, that should be the only real concern. I would suggest that you keep your interactions with your mother to be as low as possible. She is being hunted with the rest of them. Not only does talking with her increase the chances of her being caught, but should you two be linked together, it could be all over," Noah states. He pauses to give a brief mirthless smile. "Of course, I doubt caution will be too much of a concern there, as I know your mother is a very intelligent woman and will likely only initiate contact when she's sure it is safe."

"As far as I know Ma is in Fiji," Nathan quips with a smirk, knowing full well that Noah didn't buy the lie when Brayden tried to feed it to him, and that he certainly won't buy into it now. "I don't expect to see her or Pete any time soon. Although —" He tightens his jaw and shoots Noah a bitter smile before crossing his arms over his chest. "We have another organization — Chimera — that's wanting in to 'help' us. I don't know if I should trust them or not, but a woman claiming to be a friend of Ma's showed up at the office yesterday. Said to verify that she's a friend I should mention Betty —" the name is said with a haphazard shrug. "Mean anything to you?"

"No… but I know that your mother has recently enlisted the help of someone that can control illusions. She is a dangerous woman and I'd trust her as far as I can throw her. Still, she's worked in the Company before, so she knows how to take marching orders if she needs to. Without the Company though…" Noah shakes his head. "Just be careful. While the Company had it's faults, it kept a lot of things and people in check. This Alpha Protocol… It's thrown everything out of balance."

"Illusions?" Nathan twitches. "Like putting one of my staff into a coma where they essentially experienced death in their own mind again and again and again?" He narrows his eyes. "How is it my mother manages to enlist loose canons for any cause?" With an ironic smile, he shakes his head, "I'll do my best to manage our interaction with them, then. I don't know what their goals are, and their contact, Masumi, gave us nothing to go on."

"Although she did admit that one of their people — someone who personally threatened me and an advisor — had stolen the Alpha Protocol file from our office…"

"That sounds like the woman that almost killed my own wife," Noah states, his face looking rather unhappy at the fact. Just because he is forced to work with someone, it doesn't mean that he is forced to forgive them. Not by any stretch of the imagination. "As for that Masumi, I have no idea. It seems odd that she would have all that information… I'd recommend keeping her at arm's length or ironing out a very strict deal. Right now, we can't afford any more bad moves. We're struggling to stay out of check as it is."

"Sandra was almost killed?" Nathan blinks in disbelief. "Are her and C-" there's much hesitation at the name stuck in the Senator's throat, but he pushes it out anyways, "-laire alright?" As far as keep Masumi at arm's length, "Agreed. I wanted to keep the circle small. But it seems I was sloppier without my memory," he quips bitterly. Nothing satisfies him anymore, not even his former innocence. Now it's just a hassle, a hurdle to overcome. "Pete said I should enlist Parkman for security detail. I'm sure he's on a list too. By now."

The Company Man frowns at the mention of his daughter, as if merely saying her name will bring doom upon her. "Claire is fine. Thankfully, I've been able to keep the government from her, but I am not sure how long I can do that. Danko is… A determined man, if nothing else." There is a short silence as Noah ponders how to handle the matter of the amazing Mental Matt. "Parkman… is a double edged sword. He is heavily idealistic and stubborn. If he agrees to your cause, then all is fine. If not, well, let's just say his gifts can complicate matters. If you think you can convince him to join, he'd be a worthy asset, that's for sure."

"Who is Danko?" Nathan raises an eyebrow. The name itself almost sounds bitter. "His name was on the personnel list my staff acquired, but I don't know details about anyone's roles." Pursing his lips, the Senator nods, "Parkman isn't easy, but I think I can convince him to join the cause, and with his ability he'd be able to operate under the radar. Parkman's trustworthy, even if he's an idealist." He frowns and shakes his head, "I need to keep the inner circle small, and only have a select few of my staff working directly on this. My assistant has gone missing. She's nowhere to be found." Beat. "She was researching DeSouza."

A small mix between a smirk and sneer is given at the question of Noah's partner/boss/rival. "If you get in with the program, you'll learn about Danko soon enough. All you need to know is that he is a determined man and a higher up. Not as high as DeSouza though." Sighing, Noah leans forward, his volume lowering as he talks of more delicate matters. "If your assistant was an Evolved, I suggest that you let the matter be, regardless what she was doing. You hunt for her in any way but the 'normal' way and it may reflect poorly to those that matter. If you aren't sure, I can find out if she's in the program… If she is, there isn't a thing you can do for her that wouldn't endanger everything that we've worked for."

"I have no idea if she's an Evolved or not," Nathan admits. Oddly it'd never crossed his mind that she could be. "Before you came I was on hold with the NYPD… her name is KeLyssa Gallagher. Please find out if she's in the program." Not that he can do any good about it if she is, but then at least he'd know. "I won't take any unusual action." He hmmms quietly, reflecting on his current coup efforts, "As it stands, at this moment, there's little else I can do to slaughter the beast, but I'm open to other suggestions if you have them…"

"The meeting with the president is key. People want swift action, but the right plan must be laid carefully brick by brick. Don't worry about playing the hero, in the end it won't get you far… The world is too big and complicated for a guy like George Washington or Andrew Jackson to be an influencial political figure." With that Noah rises taking his overcoat and preparing to put it on. "If you do not hear anything about Miss Gallagher, do not ask me about it. Presume the worst. If I tell you she is missing, know that I wasn't able to pull her up on the system. This will be all I can do on the matter."

"Playing hero isn't exactly my forte anyways, is it?" Nathan smirks mirthlessly as he too stands. "I'll keep pushing for the meeting with the President. Until then, I'll be out of contact. If you think of anything else we can be doing in the meantime, get in touch." With furrowed eyebrows he adds, "Take care of Claire." And then, as if to reassure Noah, Nate adds, "I remember everything now." Beat. "I won't be seeking her out. She's a good kid, and deserved better." Better than what Logan had put her through.

Bennet sees no reason to really comment on Nathan's game plan. It seems like he knows the score and is willing to work toward it. A much easier Petrelli to deal with than his younger brother… Or at least that is the case for Noah. After he slips on his overcoat, he gives a sad smile as he looks back toward Nathan. "Better than either of us can give. Until next time, Nathan." With that, the agent moves out toward the door, already pulling out his phone to respond to another urgent matter.

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