2007-05-04: Promise Ring


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Summary: Peter wakes Elle up after a night at his apartment, after Okay to Be Worried. He finally gives her the ring he'd promised her since their second forgotten date. The ring happens to be this:

Date It Happened: May 4th, 2007

Promise Ring

Peter's Apartment

It's around noon when the door to the apartment unlocks. Peter's glad to feel she didn't put down the security chain, even though he probably would have told her to had she been staying the night here alone. Over his shoulder is the carrier bag again, and he's dressed nicely. Snowy, his puppy, bounds off the chair and over to bounce at his legs, making soft noises of excitement, mostly in her breath. "Hey, Snowy. Elle's still here, right?" he asks, before he looks past the puppy towards the bedroom.

Elle does, indeed, seem to be here, still. She's technically awake, still lying in bed in tha lazy state that rests between waking and actually getting out of the bed.

"Still in bed?" Peter says with a small smile, perhaps talking to the puppy as well as the girl up in the bed. She's been mostly undisturbed where she is, because the puppy's just too small to jump onto the bed by herself. That doesn't mean she didn't run around and tail wag for attention, though… Stepping into the kitchen, he grabs a drink from the fridge for her, before he moves into the bedroom, a puppy following enthusiastically. "Morning, sunshine," he says with a smile, reaching over to touch her arm as he kneels beside the bed, setting the carrier bag down at his side.

Elle opens her eyes and looks over. "Hey there." She yawns lazily…hooray for Sundays. "Where'd you go?" she asks, as she sits up.

"Shopping," Peter says, setting her drink down on the bedside table, after the carrier bag settles off his arm. The white puppy bounds over to his side and sits down, wagging her tail. "Since you did bring it up last night… I figured I should just go ahead and buy it. There's no real occasion today, though. I'm not even sure when you're birthday is."
Elle blinks! "You…" She looks over in surprise, looking to the bag like a kid on Christmas morning. "And it's July 18th." She smiles as she looks to him. "When's yours?"

"July 18th…" Peter repeats, putting that into his memory. Since he's giving her a present so early, he'll have to come up with an extra special birthday date. "December 23rd," he responds, giving a birthday that's dangerously close to Christmas. "No occassion today, though… except of course that I love you." Sitting up, he presses his lips against hers, and then reaching into the carrier bag until he feels around.

Elle kisses him back, and looks to him. "Just before Christmas. I'll have to make a point of buying separate presents."

"You'd be one of the few who do, then," Peter says with a hint of a laugh, before he pulls the small black box out of the carrier bag and holds it up. "It's a size five, but if it doesn't fit right, we can get it resized," he says cautiously.

Elle's eyes brighten as she sees the ring. She tugs it out quickly, and slides it on her finger. It fits well. She displays, holding out her hand. "How's it look??"

Seeing her enjoying her gift, Peter watches her put it on and show it off, and he smiles, "It looks beautiful. But mostly because you're beautiful." He reaches out to take her hand gently in his own, drawing the hand to his lips so he can kiss the knuckle above the ring. "I'm really glad you like it."

Elle smiles. "You realize, my dad will be asking you about when the wedding is now." she teases. She leans in and kisses him again.

"It's not an engagement ring," Peter says, looking down at it. "Though I guess you could put it on the other hand. Think of it more as a… promise ring. Not quite an engagement ring, but— still a sign of commitment."

Elle laughs a little. "I know. I'm teasing." She stands again. "I'm going to grab a quick shower."

"Really too bad I got no reason to join you," Peter says as he straightens up as well, glancing down at his puppy. "I'll take her down for a short walk, and then I'll be back and we can talk about what to do the rest of the day."

Elle smiles. "I'll be fast." she says. And with one last kiss, she hurries off to the bathroom.

Some day they'll have a reason to shower off together… possibly after a battle of some kind. Peter gestures the puppy over to a place he keeps a leash, and leashes her, before sneaking off downstairs for that quick walk, with ready gloves and bag to clean up after her.

She's true to her word…she comes out from the shower in about 10 minutes, and then looks about for Peter, who may or may not be back yet.

In fact, Peter's not back when she exits the shower, but it doesn't take him much longer to appear, enough time to brush her hair and change clothes, likely, unlocking the door and letting the puppy back inside and off her leash. "Hey," he says once he's inside, glancing into the living area, and the bedroom beyond.

The blonde is dressed by the time he's back. Black skirt, blue top heels. She smiles. "How's she doing?" She nods down towards the puppy. "Are you a good girl?" she asks the puppy.

"She's doing pretty good," Peter says, rolling up the leash and placing it on the counter. The puppy definitely likes the attention, tail wagging up at Elle as the young man smiles, "So what do you want to do today? You hungry?"

Elle smiles. "Sure. You want to go out somewhere? Get some breakfast?" she suggests. "I'm a little overdressed for breakfast, but I don't mind."

"It's almost noon," Peter says with a laugh, reaching up and touching the hair along her forehead. "So we can go to a lunch place. You liked sushi, we could go to one of those places. They tend to be a little fancier."

Elle smiles. "Ooh, that sounds like a really good idea. I'm good with that." she says moving over to Peter. "Sushi it is."

With his finger trailing down her face, Peter turns away to grab the food for the puppy and fill up her bowl with the small serving. She's more than happy to eat, so they can leave. Taking her hand, he pulls her out the door, and adds, "You know, I should get you another key made." The Company has the keys to his apartment! Good thing she made it necessary to change the locks.

Elle nods. "Probably not a bad idea. Especially if you're gonna keep going out and getting yourself in trouble."

"You could put it on the key chain I gave you," Peter says as a joke, as he locks the door, before leading the way towards the elevator. "Or you could pick out a key chain of your own, too."

Elle smiles. "I think I can manage a key." She winks once and walks to the elevator with him. "Come on you, let's go get some food."

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