2007-10-12: Promise You No Sermons


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Summary: Vincent shows concern on finding a homeless boy (Cam) in the park.

Date It Happened: October 12th, 2007

Promise You No Sermons

Uptown, NYC - Central Park

It's early evening, not so late that the park's dangerous yet, but late enough that it'll be starting to get dark soon. Cam can be found sitting on a bench, eating what looks to be a McDonalds burger, with fries and a drink near him. He's watching those passing by curiously, every single one drawing his attention momentarily. Despite the October weather, the boy's just in a t-shirt and jeans, no coat or sweater visible. Not that he actually looks bothered by it.

Vincent is wearing a bit of a sweater over his usual clothing, a simple black modest sort of thing as he calmly and cheerfully walks along the park back towards his church. He managed to sneak off to see a movie tonight and is humming the theme of the lastest action adventure as the priest makes his way. His eyes fall on the boy as he passes by and he stops a moment, frowning as he turns. His voice has a strong british accent and a smooth baritone. "Hey there….you alright? Look a bit on the cold side."

Cam glanced to Vincent as the man passed, but he's looking past to someone else as Vincent stops to talk to him. He blinks, looking back up to him, swallowing his mouthful as he nods quickly. "Yeah, I'm fine! I like it cold."

Vincent gives a small frown but he nods to the kid as he places his hands inside his coat pockets. "Really? Cause I mean..even im a bit chilly right now and usualy dosn't bother me either. You have a home to go to kid?" he asks with a smooth wrinkle of concern on hsi face.

Cam nods again, smiling still, "Yep, I feel fine. Not cold at all." He takes another bite of burger, and nods again to the question, swallowing and saying, "Right over there." He indicated the nearby Upper East Side. Rather vaguely.

Vincent gives a small nod before he frowns. "SHouldn't be out to much more..parks not really a safe place at night… lots of drunk people and drunk people are stupid." he says with a bit of a smile to the kid before he nods his head. "Names Father Vincent….nice to meet you."

Cam nods quickly and says, "I know. But I was hungry, couldn't wait anymore," he says a bit sheepishly. Then at the introduction he smiles back and says, "I'm Cam Jones."

Vincent chuckles at the boy though its clear he is worried. "You don't get enough to eat? Thats not really good. But pleasure to meet you there Cam Jones….you out here alot at night?

Cam shrugs and says, "I guess. During the week's ok, I can eat at school. Weekend's different, is all." Then he shakes his head quickly, "Hardly ever at night. Lots during the day, though, I like it here." His feet swing slightly under the bench he's sitting on, scraping the ground just barely.

Vincent gives a small frown. "Hey um..Cam..you know if your really hungry. There are some places that don't charge money for you to get food ok. Places that help people who get hungry if you need it. Who is taking care of you right now Cam?"

Cam rolls his eyes and grins, "Yeah, I know. There's shelters, which give cheap stuff 'cause they gotta feed everybody, and then there's McDonalds. It's cheap too, but it tastes good!" He grins as he says this.

Vincent gives a loud laugh before he nods his head. "Well…yeah pretty much..well as long as you can afford the Mcdonalds ok…but if now well.." he reaches into his wallet and pulls out a small card that reads. "St. Agatha Catholic Church." He gives a nod. "Show up… promise you.. no sermons nothing K? Don't like to see kids go hungry is all."

Cam eats a fry, and then reaches with his other hand to take the card. He looks a bit skeptical, but then he nods a bit as he looks back up to Vincent, "Promise?"

Vincent gives a small laugh. "Yeah promise…. mind you if you want a sermon I give dammed good ones." he says before he gives a quick little sign of the cross. Old habits are hard to break. "But scripture is like vodka….when taken on an empty stomach it just makes your head spin and your stomach hurl…well see you later Cam."

Cam makes a face and shakes his head quickly, "No thanks! No offence." Then he nods again, smiling again as he gives a wave, "See ya."

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