2007-11-23: Promises And Procedures


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Summary: After some side business, one friend visits her downed companion.

Date It Happened: November 23rd, 2007

Promises and Procedures

Mount Sinnai Hospital

Tyson is laying in a bed in a room with four other guys looking far better than he is with more IVs sticking out of him and in this state it's a little hard to discern what he suffering from most: The Beating or this Sickness; he knew it was from the meat. Left alone right now, he /seems/ to be doing well, but he's sweating a lot and in his half-sleeping state looks more than a little tired and a maybe a little queasy. He thought he heard something about a visitor, but did he really?

And suddenly, she's there, standing over the bed, glancing down at the feverish boy. "Hey you," Ophelia murmurs. "Feeling any better yet?" She offers a smile.

Hearing Ophelia's voice, Tyson is brought out of his spell, a little, "-Huh? Phi?" He looks around, catching her and doing his best to keep down the feeling in his stomach. "Yeah, I guess- *cough*cough*" He clears his throat, "I guess you could say that… where's Alex?" He's breathing hard and though he is conscious, his eyes still aren't opened very much.

"Not here. We're taking care of something for you. You can thank us later." Ophelia reaches a hand over to feel his forehead, frowning at the continued fever. "I just thought I'd check up on you.. make sure you were still alive, you know?" She tries to make a joke of it, but she still swallows hard at the idea.

Tyson coughs out a laugh and stiffly rubs his chest, "Anything to do with that Ace guy?" He figures that was the case, they got there so quick… unless that was just him blacking out… "It doesn't matter… … he got what he wanted…" With little strength he reaches for the water left for him on a side table.

Ophelia moves to grab the water and give it to him, looking him over quietly. "Not for long, Ty. He ain't got what he wanted for long." She murmurs. "We'll take care of it."

Tyson looks back at Ophelia as she gets the water and has it ready for him… stunned. "Th-*cough* Thanks." He gingerly takes the water and holds it in both hands and starts to tip it back, sippingly. Fortunately, he gets it down with out coughing, even when he swallows. Tyson does struggling with that, however, but for another reason, "Since he beat me, he can call himself a Brawler…. If only I had recognized him sooner." He coughs, not hard, but a lot.

"Yeah… and he's gonna get what's coming to him either way." Ophelia grins. "You'll be alright.. just get better so you can watch me beat the crap out of him in the ring or something, right?"

"*cough*cough* PHI!" Tyson manages to stop coughing and call out, drinking down some more water before trying to speak again, "You can't fight that guy, he's a Brawler and so are you, that means you can only fight in the ring! Brawler Code Five!" After speaking so passionately, he needs to rest before saying something else, and he wants to say something else.

"Ty…" Ophelia looks at him seriously, then turns away. "Big whoop. Brawler or not, you're in the fucking hospital, and that's not okay by any standards. Besides," she grins. "I never said it was my fists that were exacting the revenge."

"What are you talking about? The No fists thing? But really, I'm sick and it wasn't that guy's fault, he just threw the punches. I took him on then…" Tyson looks away, regretfully before looking back at Ophelia, "I ate some of the Gemini Meat that comes through the BHQ- and… and… I need you to do somethings for me, okay?"

"Alex has got a few things up his sleeves too." Ophelia murmurs, glancing back over. "What's that? I can't make any promises, but.. I'll do my best."

"Oh… Alex…" Tyson worries less. "Okay, we'll, he's not a Brawler, he can fight him. But, you've got to take care of everyone else, all right? Promise me that, along with getting new ring mats. I can't risk anyone's spilt fluids in the fights getting anyone sick. We can assure people of that, at least, but do you promise?"

"I promise." Ophelia murmurs, glancing back up as a nurse arrives. "Get better, Ty.. I'll see you later."

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