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Summary: Ramon gets an offer he's not allowed to refuse…

Date It Happened: July 19, 2007


Stately Cain Manor

Stately Cain Manor is the quietest it'll probably ever be. Could have something to do with the illustrious Jaden Cain preparing for a meeting that he's called. Not that he's really wanting to have done this at his office, so he's invited his (hopefully) soon to be father-in-law over to his not-so-humble abode to offer him the opportunity of a lifetime. Which, well, could quite possibly be the greatest job offer in the history of job offers. Or something.

Jaden's sliding down the railing of the stairs and stopping at the mirror to check his 'look', just in case Elena has come with the Prof. And then there's the checking of the expensive watch. Should be here any minute now…

Ramon was a little surprised to be called to Jaden's house, but not by much. His new boss is an eccentric. So much so that Ramon really worries the kid will get cheated. Good thing he /has/ hired on some resident telepath…Ramon has put on a nice suit for work, though his is the Goodwill variety of suit and not the good variety. Still, he looks as nice as a man with an eyepatch and the reminder of stitches in his face can look. He knocks, and then says, "Sir?"

"Prof!" The door is yanked open with all the speed and style of a young CEO that's trying to, well, not look too excited. Immediately, he looks past Ramon to see if the daughter has come with. But alas: FAIL. His face falls for just a brief second and he steps back, pulling the door open to allow the telepath inside. "I was gonna' say nice suit but that looks like it came from the Salvation Harm Me." Jaden admits, his honesty full on and hopefully not as brutal as it may come across as. As soon as Ramon is inside, he kicks the door closed and moves to lean up against the wall. "I know a guy that can make you look like a million bucks. Matchin' eye patch and everything." He grins big. "What's your favorite color?"

"Uh." Ramon has to stop and think about that one. "I'm not sure I have one." He has to think about it. "Gray, black, and blue are safe." Anything else might be too girly. Ramon is real big on Not Looking Girly. He sort of twitches at the idea that he has to have a favorite color too. "Don't only women have favorite colors?"

"Done, done and done. You'll have an expensive wardrobe by the end of the week. On me." Jaden flashes a big ol' Richer Than God smile and returns back to getting down to business. "So. I suppose you're wondering why I asked you here today. Guess what? I'm gonna' tell you and you're gonna' flip. Just don't like pounce me or anything, cuz that'd be totally gay and I so don't swing that way.

The Gayden within pouts.

"Most of the time, anyway."

The Gayden within smiles.

"Ramon Gomez Gonzalez Jenkins?" He knows he messed up the name. It doesn't matter, really. "How would you like to be the new Board of Directors for Evolution Software?"

There's this long moment where, if Ramon were in a video game, there would be this field of dots running out across his head. Allllllllllllllllllllll over the screen. His eye crosses a little bit, and he finally sits down. "Uh," he says. No, he's not pouncing
Jaden this time, because he's off his drugs. And then there's more dots. His brain is short circuiting. "Are you sure you…called the right guy up here?"

"Dude. Hell yes I'm sure!" Jaden's pushing off the wall and throwing an arm around Ramon just as quickly as he possibly can. "Picture this. Board Meetings. Mergers. Dudes Trying To Sell Us Crap We Can't Use." Jaden starts waving his hand around, as if painting the picture in the invisible space before them. "Now. Picture you. Charles Xavierin' it up." Jaden looks over at Ramon with a big smile. "Dude, we'd know their every business move before they could make it. We'd be a total profit margin powerhouse!"

Ohhhh. Well now that Jaden links it back to something he can actually /do/ Ramon looks a little more confident. "Well," he says slowly. "I did have a thought that I could keep you from getting cheated. You aren't — worried that — well man, I don't know much about business." He had trouble paying his /bills/. Granted, he was trying to support 60,000 worth of life on 45,000 worth of salary, because 60,000 is the cost of raising a family of five in New York City. "I'm not even sure what a merger is, other than two companies become one and a whole bunch of people end up fired."

"Dude. Neither do I. That's what's gonna' make this so much fun!" Jaden's spinning away at this point, just to make sure he's gotten himself into a better position to do his celebration jig. Which, well, by the way consists of white boy booty-shaking. Ramon? Cover your eye. "Besides, all the boring stuff? That's what we got Eric for." Pause. "Y'know, when he's not following Elena around trying to touch her ass. He really should stop that, I keep telling him. But he never listens. She's gonna' smack him good one day…" Jaden comes out of his moment of high-horseness. "Anyway. You can start tomorrow."

Ramon has learned to tune out any sentence involving his daughter's name and the word 'ass'. "Fantastic," Ramon says faintly. Well, he wanted more money. And CEOs get paid major things. He realizes such moves usually come with reporters. "What do I tell the reporters?" Business reporters, anyway.

Jaden raises an eyebrow. "Tell them you were hired because you have an 'eye' for business." Jaden holds up his hands, just in case Ramon thinks he's trying to insult him or something. "It'll be a pun and show you have a good sense of humor about your… y'know… handicap. They'll laugh and you can then say something about needing to get back to work." If there's one thing Jaden has a knack for, it's Verbal Evasive Action.

"I can do that." Ramon trying to be charismatic is like trying to pour water where the motor oil goes in the car. Jaden's company might well end up with a creepy sort of a reputation. "Alright sir." He pauses. Then he grins. He looks sort of like a grinning Doberman pincher, but hey. "And now I'm going to go to a library and read as much on business as I can." Because he can't do the Charles Xavier thing if he stands there looking stupid because he didn't understand what the words 'profit and loss statement' meant.

"Hold that thought." Jaden disappears down the hall and into a room. A moment later, he's rushing back out of the room with a pile of dvds in his hand. "I watched these." Offering the pile of My First Business styled how-to dvds to Ramon, he practically just dumps them into the older man's arms. "Way better than the books. Trust me on this one…"

Ramon nods his head gravely, reminding himself to call University of Phoenix or something and see about an MBA. But these might get him through tomorrow. Creepy image might be offset by the trendy ethnic one though. One never can tell in regards to these things. "Alright. Tomorrow morning then."

"Not too early!" Jaden's leading Ramon to the door by this point, just in case the man needs some assistance. "Oh. By the way. What do you drive?" He catches himself peeking at the door as he opens it, trying to catch a glimpse of whatever Ramon might be driving. If at all.

"I have to buy a new car," Ramon says, as if he's not sure how to go about doing it. "The house is upstate, but the van got returned when I quit over at RTS." Pause. Beat. "What should I drive?" He arches the eyebrow over his good eye and smooths his Salvation Harm Me duds.

Jaden frowns. He can't have his Board of Directors catching the bus. Without even thinking about it, he goes into his pocket and comes out with a key… with the Mercedes Benz logo hanging from. "Here. Now you don't have to buy one." He's practically shoving Ramon out of the door now, as he puts the key in his hands. "It's the black one on the end." And he nods towards a FLEET of cars in his yard.

"Er…thank you…" Ramon says, with the air of a man who has stepped into a dream and is wondering what the punch line is. Jaden is at least assured of a rabidly loyal man now. One who will eventually stop being dazed and snarl if he thinks Jaden is doing something stupid, but hopefully Jaden will understand Ramon is doing it to protect him. Ramon snarls at everyone he cares at when they're stupid. He finds himself at the end with this Mercedes Benz in front of him, and actually crosses himself and prays over it before entering it.

"If you need one with a bigger backseat for the ladies, we'll exchange it this weekend!"

That's the last thing Jaden says before slamming the door closed. Meeting Adjourned.

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