2007-04-18: Prove It With Science


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Summary: Elena confronts Gene about him possibly having an Anomalistic Ability. Gene is skeptical. Eric runs into both of them and the two of them try to explain to the young genius what's going on in New York. Gene is still skeptical, and challenges Elena to prove that he is, indeed, one of "them." Since this calls upon the power of SCIENCE, Elena accepts.

Date It Happened: April 18, 2007

Prove It…With SCIENCE!

The Lancaster Building + Central Park

Gene….would get a rather interesting intercom call from the people downstairs. Downstairs being the receptionist area of the Lancaster Electronics headquarters located in Downtown New York.

"Mr. Kensington?" says the receptionist. "There's someone who would like to see you in the lobby. A Ms. Gomez? Do you know her? Does she have an appointment?"

Elena doesn't, of course, but she waits patiently at the lobby, right in front of the receptionist desk with a paper package tucked under her arm and looking around. She's actually never been in this building before.

"No, but I'll be right up… Err, down?" Gene was lucky enough to be in town today for a project update meeting. Sometimes he's doing the actual testing in the labs either deep in the basement or test grounds about twenty miles out of the city.

About ten minutes go by and soon Gene is seen coming out. He's dressed for work, meaning that he has khaki pants with a polo shirt with the Lancaster insigna upon it. That's business wear for Gene, where every day is causal Friday.

Upon seeing Elena as he comes out of the elevator, Gene gives her a wave, honestly suprised to see her. After all, he isn't exactly the coolest kid on the block. "Elena, hey… Good to see you, didn't expect to see you 'round," the young man admits with a large smile.

"Hey, Gene….I hope this isn't a bad time, I wanted to drop this off before I forgot," Elena says, presenting him with the paper package. "It's for….well. It's a thank you token. For the thing with Jaden a couple of weeks ago. I know it got a little crazy, and I know I owe you much more than this. But I have a shirt just like this one and I managed to find a bigger version. So….here." She offers the package to him with a small smile.

When he opens it, it is, indeed, a bigger, looser version of one of her favorite shirts - with Yoshi in the front tongue-swiping a Mario Goomba with the words 'GET OVER HERE' at the bottom.

"You wanna go grab a cup of coffee or something?" she asks, folding her arms behind her back. "It's just that….I've been meaning to talk to you for a while about a few things. It might…sound a little crazy but….I think….if I'm right about you, you really ought to know."

The dark haired hermit gives a slightly nervous smile as he shakes his head to the 'bad time' part of Elena's words, but he blushes somewhat in mentioning the Jaden incident. That was something didn't go exact as planned on so many levels. "Didn't need to get me anything," Gene begins as he opens up the gift. "Cool, I'll wear it right now." And sure enough he does. "If you want, we can go now. Artoo is handling the office in my stead and taking audio notes."


"So, it seems that the SWORD project is doing well in Iraq, you think we could see a possible improvement in the next couple of months?"

"I'm not sure, let me ask the R&D division… Gene, need to get an estimate for the new models for the gunbots."


Long silence.

"I'll have them call you tomorrow, sir."

Back at the lobby…

"Right about me? If you think I'm gay… I'm not. Totally not gay. …Love the ladies" is what Gene almost says. But he catches himself at the last second. "What do you think is up?" Gene asks with a concerned look.

At the last, she blinks, and she laughs. "No, no. Not that. Right as in….you know. Being like Jaden." She puts careful emphasis in her words as she leads Gene to a nearby coffee place. "I know…you don't really like talking about your work. But I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about yourself. Like….how are you able to make something like R2? And the souped-up DS? You're my age…at least you look like my age."

"You don't have to…wear…it…right…" Elena stares as Gene pulls it over his head, and she can't help but grin at him, shaking her head a bit. "Alright, let's go. I used to be a barista before I started working for Jaden, so….you can say for most of my teenaged life, coffee's been my career. We can pick up some on the go and take a walk. It's such a nice day out." Indeed, the days are getting longer, and warmer. She's only got a jacket on today instead of a coat.

"So R2's actually your secretary?" she asks, glancing over at Gene as she opens the door to head out. "That's pretty cool."

At the last, she blinks, and she laughs. "No, no. Not that. Right as in….you know. Being like Jaden." She puts careful emphasis in her words as she leads Gene to a nearby coffee place. "I know…you don't really like talking about your work. But I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about yourself. Like….how are you able to make something like R2? And the souped-up DS? You're my age…at least you look like my age. I mean….the things you build. They're pretty….well. They're pretty advanced."

"I suppose we can go out," Gene offers as he moves out the door. "Artoo isn't, but I figure he can at least be my glorified voice mail. I just hope people don't put magnets all over him again." He gives a chuckle, but as he realizes what Elena wants to talk about, the older teen pauses. "Anyone can build an Artoo unit. They even have the R2-D2 builders club. The DS is just modded, that's all. I mean, I don't do the stuff Jaden does or something." Yeah, he's already on the defensive a little bit. "But if we want to talk, likely should make sure it's a quiet place."

"Yeah I know, I wouldn't just…" Elena looks around, but then she smiles and gestures for Gene to follow her. "Come on, let's get coffee." She then leads him out, to a corner place where they could get their coffee. She doesn't say anything after a while, she just lets him order, and her in turn. She even pays for the coffee before he could protest. And then, she starts leading him towards Central Park, so they could walk, coffee in hand, and surrounded by the quiet scenery of the public landscape in the Spring.

"Jaden's not….the only one who could do those things," she tells Gene, looking at him. "I know several who do. I honestly don't know how it started, but it's spreading fast. More and more are showing up every day. And there are people who know about them." She slides one hand in her pocket. "About people like me, and people like you too."

Mmmm. Coffee. Coffee is good. Coffee is wonder, Coffee is something that Eric Walker /loves/. He was just departing from the selfsame store that Elena and Gene were coming out of when he notes the pair of them walking off and towards the quiet scenery. He blinks a moment before, not thinking all that much about it, off he goes jogging after the pair of them. "Elena! Gene!" He calls to get their attention, his smile growing as he joggs towards them, decked out in his casual getup again, jeans, t-shirt, and black leather jacket.

Silence is the used by Gene a lot while out in public. He offers a thank you when the coffee is purchased, but continues to be a little wary. Why accuse him of having powers like that? She either is making claims out of the blue or knows something he doesn't. Her father perhaps?

Once Gene is almost convinced they are out of earshot from any strangers, the young man looks over toward Elena, a firm look in his eyes. "What proof do you have that I can do something special? Jaden, you can see it. Flying people, you can tell? There is no special 'power' of being smarter or having a really nice voice. It's just dealing with the cards life deals to you… I'm the Einstein of today's day and age, at best."

While he knows that Elena isn't going to let the matter of his 'power' drop, Gene continues on. "As for other people, sure there are a lot of theories about that. Mankind has been doing so much to itself over time; it was bound to happen at some point. Change of weather, radiation levels, overpopulation… Variation of drastic measures is bound to happen at some point when you have billions of people on the Earth. It's just how probability works. As for the spreading, if the variants are allowed to breed, sure their chaotic gene structure would make for a wide array of variety as well." Gene takes first sip of his chai tea, having waited until it is just barely above lukewarm before drinking. "Of course, that's just my uneducated stab at it."

He pauses as Eric shouts over toward himself and Elena, just giving a wave before waiting for the man to catch up to the two.

She takes a sip of her coffee, Elena looking over at him. "I'm not. I don't have any proof, I'm going by instinct here," she confesses. "Ever since I was….roped into all of this, I've met so many I can scarcely keep it in my head anymore. I think I might know more people who are….like me…more than I do other people without special abilities. I'm taking a stab in the dark here, considering….well, you said it yourself. They practically -keep- you in Eric's father's building under lock and key. And you're telling me there's nothing unusual about that?"

She also knows that Mr. Lancaster was one of them, if what Eric told her was true about him.

She nods at what he says. "I know," she says simply. "I've been trying to study the phenomenon through the other people I'm acquainted with, with their full consent of course. How it works, how it could be controlled. But the reason I'm feeling around is that….if you -are-, you need to know a few things for your own safety. You've seen how Jaden works, you clearly know by now that things aren't as they seem around here as far as special abilities are concerned. But if you're -really sure- that you're not…you know. Like me or Jaden, then you can say so now and I won't say anything more."

She is cut off when a familiar voice calls out to them. She turns around, and smiles, giving Eric a wave from where she is.

Catching up with the pair of them, the young man grins between the pair before he raises an eyebrow slightly. "Intrupting deep talks am I?" He asks with a grin towards them before he takes a drink of his coffee. "…mind a third on your talks or should I just move right along?" He asks as he falls into step with them.

Gene is silent for awhile. He seems pensive as he looks out to the peaceful scenery around him. He doesn't say much, waiting until Elena and Eric have both spoken. He just gives a shrug toward Eric. If he is really good friends with Elena, he figures one will soon know what the other knows about him anyway. "I'm not one for hunches. I'm not one for luck or destiny. If there are such things, well…"

Gene doesn't finish his thoughts on his life. After all, complaining about his childhood isn't going to bring back his mom. Just starting to walk on, Gene continues. "Either way, if you have tests you can do, I'll suppose I can go through with them and see if I have any unique brain activity or something like that. Otherwise, just let it be. Believe me, if I had the choice between being Superman or not, I'd go for that any day of the week. I'd like to hear what you have to say though… If you think I'm special just because I have Artoo and am good with electronics, well, sure that's part of the reason why I'm under high security." He doesn't mention risks his sadistic and selfish father, figuring that something's that isn't needed for the conversation as well.

"Hey," Elena says, greeting Eric with a quick, warm hug and a squeeze. "How was your vacation?" she asks with a small smile. "And I'm about to tell Gene about a few things." She looks over at Gene. "And I think I can…..something simple. But not here, certainly not now definitely. But if you're willing, then maybe I can prove it to you." She just hopes she can track Jaden down again so she could use something from the Seville facility.

So she goes through the bulletpoints. She does this gradually. Given Gene and Eric are friends, he was going to know eventually. And Gene has proven himself time and time again that he could be trusted. So after she swears him into secrecy, she goes on, in bulletpoint form:

1) People like Jaden exist. She knows a woman who could see the future and who's proven it to her several times who told her recently that New York was going to be some sort of hub of people with special abilities.
2) This same psychic, as well as a deceased, Evolved artist with the power to paint the future have foreseen a devastating, catastrophic event that would wipe out most of these Evolved people in New York. The artist depicted it as a tornado. The psychic depicted it as a strong wind.
3) There are people trying to keep Evolveds in check. These methods include brain-wiping, kidnapping, 'bagging-and-tagging'. She also mentions to Gene that there's a virus in the works to eradicate an Evolved person's abilities all together, and that they have already successfully developed 'dampening' pills to suppress people's abilities temporarily.

She pauses here, and looks at Gene, and hopes to God he doesn't think she's nuts.
"Eric knows about all this," she says to Gene. "He's been with me when I found most of these things out."

Eric just shrugs lightly and nods once towards Elena. "…sounds crazy, but…well…true. Very true." He frowns slightly before he shakes his head. "…yeah I had a good vacation, better than the last time I was stuck out of touch for awhile." He says refering to his time in the hospital. He grins once though towards Gene. "…and you can trust her man. I do." He seems slightly on the distracted side though, half listening and half thinking it seems.

Some of the points are things do not impress him much. Either that or he's really calm in taking it in. In response to Elena and Eric's additional thoughts, Gene merely continues to walk for a bit. "Well, I suppose if we can do the tests, we should do 'em when we can." He doesn't really offers his thoughts on the rest, just taking it in calmly and peacefully. It's a strange world if what they say is true, but he's seen some strange things while in New York, so he's willing to believe it.

There is a pause. Elena gapes at Gene as he takes this calmly. Finally, when she speaks again, it's a simple response. "….so you….don't think we're nuts?" she says. Even if Gene was normal. Hell if Gene IS normal, everything else ought to sound pretty OUT THERE. Hell even other Evolveds could think this was nuts. But he's just taking this all in without even so much as a bat of the eyelash.

"Of course he thinks were nuts," Eric says thoughtfully a grin coming easily to his face as he glances towards Elena. "Of course that just means were /his/ kind of nuts and can deal with it." He adds after a moment before he shrugs slightly. "I mean I thought you were nuts until I found it all out for myself…and even then I still think its all just a little bit crazy."

"You believe it," Gene states in a matter of fact voice. He walks around the dumbfound woman as he speaks, circling her like a wolf. Thankfully, Gene is about as intimating as a lamb. "You both are entitled to believe what you want, claim what you want. Science is all about taking a theory and then proving it. Considering Jaden did his thing… There's proof in your favor, right there. That said, I'm willing to give this a shot. The question would be how to prove that I'm all that you claim I am. I mean, I KNOW I don't do the stuff Jaden does."

If it was Science he wants, Science he was going to get. Elena looks at Gene and she nods. "If you are what I think you are, then it could be proven through a series of tests," she tells him. "But the big one is….going to be a little complicated. It would require the use of a device that I can't afford, and something I don't have access to at this point in time. Anomalistic Abilities are the term for it, coined by Dr. Suresh. He was the one who wrote the first scientific treatise on what's going on with most of us. He postulated that the source of control for these abilities is in the brain, and after my own observations and sessions with other people like Jaden, I think he's right. Since yours seems to be internal, we'd need something like that. A brainwave monitor. A device that can measure the alta, beta, theta, and delta waves emitted by the brain."

Sighing, Gene rubs the back of his head. "Hrm, well, you're a medical student, right? If that's so, couldn't we just get access to one of those machines or something like that? I understand the logic, since the 'powers' would likely have their own sections of the brain that would be noticibly different than most 'normal' people's… so a CAT scan or something like that could show the affected areas."

Folding his arms in though, Gene thinks. "If you don't really have access to something like that, we could try something else out, but it would be a lot easier if I could just see one of the scanners first. There's no way we could get in and get me a scan or something?"

"I'm pre-med. There's a difference. When we have access to the labs, we have access to the labs with someone else looking on. If I were a fullblown medical student, that would be a different story….but such is not the case for me," Elena says. "If I was able to get something like that on my own, I would've done it by now. I'm not exactly wealthy, and my lab access is limited. I'm just a freshman." She nods at Gene. "My theory is it would narrow down which sections of the brain control abilities if you can determine which waves are the most active when a power is in use. If we stick you under there, if your ability is internal and one you can't shut off, chances are one of those waves is going to be perpetually spiked."

She looks at him and furrows her brows. Something else? Like what? She purses her lips softly. "….Jaden's company recently put up a medical facility in Brooklyn. It's still being set up, but a few floors are already functional. I work for the guy so, maybe if I talked to him he can clear me."

"I see…" There is a long pause before Gene rubs the side of his head. He looks down for a big, trying to figure out what the thing would be made of. Finally, he nods as his blue eyes meet the pair of brown in front of him. "Well, you think you could get me the design specs for how one of those things are made?" he offers awkwardly.

She blinks a little bit at Gene, Elena inclining her head a bit. Specs? "You mean…..the blueprint for those sorts of machines?" she wonders. After a pause, she gives him a nod. "I'll try. I'll probably need Eric's or Jaden's help in that regard but I'll try and get them to you." She slides her hands into her pockets. "It shouldn't be too hard. Eric's dad is……" A technopath. "Pretty big in the electronics industry so if anything Eric's probably our best bet in getting something like that."

The young man nods with a faint smile. Maybe this will be his chance to show his skill. While he might not be a dancer or a fist fighter, Gene knows what he specializes in he is more than a man, he's a Geek GOD. "Just let me know when I have the plans, I'll see what I can do for you," Gene points out with a confident smirk. It isn't something he wears often, but hey, this is his area.

She looks at Gene and she can't help the skeptical expression. Finally, Elena nods, and she gives him a small smile. "Alright, deal," she says, taking a sip of her coffee and glancing at Eric. She takes a step to the side. With that out of the way…. "Come on, it's too nice of a day to stand around here, let's all talk about something else for a while," she says, linking her arms with both boys and steering them off to the middle of the park.

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