2007-04-19: Pumpkin to Carriage


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Summary: A friend will come bail you out of jail. A good friend will look over and say, "Dude. We screwed up."

Date It Happened: April 19, 2007

Pumpkin to Carriage

Downtown New York City

It's early. The sun is up, but it hasn't been up overlong. And out on a bench on the street near the Centennial Apartments sits Elle Bishop. It's odd to see her out this early if she isn't working. She's also sitting sideways on the bench, with her knees pulled up a bit, so only her bottom and the heels of her feet are touching it. Speaking of heels, Elle's -not- wearing her ever present footwear…instead there's a pair of simple flip-flops next to the bench…and this is a girl who wears heels even with her bikinis. She's dressed a little out of the norm, too…loose, baggy sweats are NOT Elle's normal daywear. The call she put in to Candice earlier stated only a place and time she'd be, and she seems to be there.

It isn't Candice that approaches Elle, but a girl that most around Kirby Plaza have come to know as Mallory. A teenager with blonde hair that would not be out of place on a cheerleading squad. "Elle?" she asks in a quiet voice, eyes wide and worried. They're Candice's eyes, a deviation from the usual disguise. For her friend's benefit, she can keep at least one trait that makes her, well, her.

Elle looks back to the teenager. The eyes she sees, and recognizes. There's still room on the bench, even with her sitting sideways; Elle's legs don't take up a whole lot of room. She nods to the other half of the bench. "Hey." Her voice is a mixture…a sort of quiet tone, but underneath it is a very tightly controlled anger. "I need help with something." she tells the "teen".

Mallory takes a seat on the bench and experimentally taps her friend's shoulder. When Elle's upset, one never knows if she's built up a charge. Once convinced she's safe, an arm is wrapped around Elle's shoulders. "What happened? You look… Well, you're looking less than your best." Her expression turns serious and she quite suddenly (and intentionally) looks more a younger version of herself than her Mallory persona. "Who do I gotta drive insane?"

Ahh, it's so GOOD to have a BFF who knows what you really need. After all, friends drive you places. REAL friends drive OTHER PEOPLE NUTS. Elle looks back to Mallory. "The name is Pamela Hall. We got some information on her after she got caught on camera phone using her abilities. She gets bigger and stronger. I went to go bring her in and it didn't go so well. I can't just fry her now, or Peter and the others will know I did it, and this bigger project will fall completely apart. But I'm -not- going to let her get away with it." -There's- that tone. It's the one that comes right before Elle -usually- lights someone up like a Christmas tree.

"You want me to shoot her, sweetie?" Mallory's expression turns incredibly sympathetic as she hugs her friend. "I can shoot her in the mouth, if it'll make you smile." The girl gets to her feet and starts pacing. "I mean, it's not my usual modus operandi, but you know I'd do just about anything for you."

Elle actually winces and lets out a little yelp at the hug, specifically when pressure gets applied to her back. "I'll settle for dead. I'd prefer totally insane, or even better, hanging out in a Company cell where I can personally express my unhappiness before she gets disappeared. But I'll settle for dead. Just don't let her see you. I made the mistake of NOT shooting first."

"So, start from the beginning, Elle Belle." Mallory glances about quickly, making sure they're still alone. "Did this bitch just start Hulking out on you or what?" Does Candice gotta choke a bitch?

Elle explains. "Apparently this woman showed up out of nowhere two nights ago and tried to attack Peter and Adam Monroe. Some passerby caught the thing on their camera phone and the Company got wind of it. So I went out to go bring her in. Tried doing it the nice way…show up, pretend to be a Fed, tell her I need to talk to her. We start out towards the car, and then the bitch -kicks me in the face- and made a run for it. I grazed her with a bolt back, but she managed to get outside and ran around the front of her house. The next thing I know, my van, with my backup in it, gets -thrown over the damn house-, plows into this little garage-dojo thing, and BLOWS UP. She was in the front, I was in the back, but she had a pair of kids inside; niece and nephew. So I set the house on fire so she'd have to get them out and I could get clear…at that point even IF I'd knocked her out I couldn't have MOVED the bitch. So I had to run off barefoot. My feet got all scratched up, and my back and the back of my legs are burnt from the explosion and I was bleeding from my mouth and my nose." She says it either because she's still furious or because she figures the litany of injuries will make her BFF furious. Or both. "Peter patched up the worst of it, but I've still got basically a bad sunburn all up and down my back and my legs, and my feet are still all scratched up. I'm in no shape to go after this bitch, and even if I was, I couldn't." She sounds horribly frustrated about that.

"Why not?" Mallory puts her hands on her hips, sizing up her friend. "Petrelli would get over it. That /is/ your reason for getting all soft on me, isn't it?" Someone is not amused. "Elle. Sweetie. She messed with you. Now, you have to mess her up. This is just how it works, you know this."

Elle looks pissed. "It's more than that." Because she very much DOES want to fry the woman. "Daddy wants this whole thing to work. He wants Peter, and all the others in one place, and he wants me keeping an eye on them. If I fry her, he could decide that he's not going to work with Daddy" Or he might dump Elle. "…and then we're right back where we started from."

"Can we use her, Elle?" The question is serious. Friendship aside, it's now time to talk business. "You know I love you, but I can't just… dispatch her if I can make good use of her. Of her ability. Your father would have my head if he found out." A shudder runs through her body. "Or worse, he'd partner me up with our friend from Haiti."

Elle sounds almost betrayed. "That's why I came to you and not to him, so he DOESN'T find out. You can do it and no one will ever know. There's no evidence. A streetlight is green when it's really red. There's no car there when there is. Any number of ways."

"Can we use her?" Mallory repeats. Best friend or not, Bob Bishop is not to be crossed. She doesn't wait for a response, though. Her expression softens and she shakes her head. "All right. I'll do it. For you, I'll do it. But we're never going to speak of this again. When it's done, you don't ask me about it. Not a word. This whole conversation /never happened/."

Elle nods. She looks quiet a moment, looking away, and then back to Mallory. "Thank you, Candice." she says, voice soft. There aren't many people in this world that Elle is soft with.

"Anytime, kiddo. C'mon." Mallory holds out her hand. "Time for this fairy godmother to make you into a princess, and then we go for ice cream."

Elle takes a moment, sliding on the ugly, tacky shoes first, and then takes Mallory's hand, standing, moving with the stiffness of a person who's sore. She heads off with her best friend. It's good to know some things you can always count on.

Led into an alleyway not yet touched by the daylight, Elle's appearance is transformed. No bruises. No tacky shoes. No… horrifically unfortunate clothes. Just her usual fashionable attire and those heels, more than likely the outfit Candice thinks looks best on her friend. "That's better," she tells her. When they hit the street again, hand in hand, it's the Deranged Duo as they were meant to be. Mallory is gone, and Candice is firmly back in place. Hell hath no fury.

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