2007-04-17: Puppykinesis Abridged


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Summary: The full video that Heidi saw while in Elena's place, recorded during the puppy daycare event a month ago.

Date It Happened: April 17, 2007

Puppykinesis Abridged

Puppy Day Care, Somewhere in the Suburbs of New York


There is a buzzing, whirring sound, greens and blues gradually focusing as the lens does its work. Trees appear, as well as the dark blue mingling with red, gold, and purple in the sky. Off-camera, Elena's voice can be heard. "Damn…I've never used a phone like this before…" The hand holding the lens swings around, zooming in on someone else in the background, and then zooms out to focus on Peter being crawled over by puppies. And while the viewer can't see it, there's a grin on her voice. "Smile, you're on candid camera."

What grin she has in her voice, Peter seems to have had on his face, when he glances over and up towards the camera as she speaks, the lopsided and flawed smile joined by a raised eyebrow. There's a little terrier on the top of his chest that nibbles lightly on the shoulder of his shirt, while another one, tugs on his sleeve. None of them seem violent about the playfulness, and his hand rests on top of a small white one that's against his side, rather than on top of him. There's a laugh, soft and genuine sounding. "You realize there'll be revenge later." It's a tease by the sound, more than a threat.

"Ah, I can take anything you can dish out and then some, Petrelli," says the voice behind the camera with a laugh. The lens adjusts back, and slightly forwards as the holder shifts to better focus on his face. "Besides, the secret to having a thick skin is being able to laugh at yourself now and then. Besides, this is very cute." A hand comes from underneath the viewer, scratching on the puppy that's on his chest. "Have you always liked dogs?"

Though one of his hands continues holding onto the white puppy, recognized as Snowy to anyone who's met her, the other one sneaks into view nearby, though ends up resting against his own stomach instead of interfering with her own motions. The puppies don't seem to mind the added attention. Leaning his head back, the smile lessens some, though not because the joy has diminished. It's still there in his eyes as he answers. "Who wouldn't like them?" would be the playful answer, really— but it's followed a moment later by a slightly more serious response, "They're very affectionate." And these puppies are no less than that, it would seem. Another one wanders into frame, a Papillon with fuzzy, butterfly like wears. It turns to look towards view screen, head tilting curiously, before it looks back to nose Peter in the ribs. Hello ribs.

"I don't know. I've known people who are die hard cat lovers," Elena says from behind the lens. "Though I can't imagine why they wouldn't like dogs too, I guess they just can't handle the mess sometimes. Cats are independent, but that can be tiring. If I had a pet, I'd like an affectionate one, like you said." There's a chuckle, the hand shifting to poke playfully at the puppy that's sneaked up to nose Peter in the ribs. And then, a quieter tone, though only Peter can see whatever expression is on her face. "I'm happy you're relaxing though. God knows how long you've needed it." The slender hand reaches out, to poke him affectionately on the forehead.

As soon as the poke lands on his forehead, Peter's glancing directly into the camera— well— more like just past the camera, above and through it. The smile doesn't fade entirely, though there's a hint of hesitation along the lines of his face. There's silence for a moment, as if he's stuck on how to respond. Not only that, but while the puppies continue to play, little fuzzy heads just in view on the screen, the hand that rested on top of Snowy moves into frame, hovering there. After a few moments of pause, as if he's unsure what he's going to do, it suddenly reaches up towards the screen, and makes the image go wildly out of focus, spills of red and shadow, as if he's covering the lense. "Gimme that," can be heard in the background, as what can still be seen on the screen starts to move dramatically. Shaky cam time.

The camera trains steadily on his face, and as the silence stretches on, Elena's cheerful voice can be heard, the laugh implied. "What?" she asks behind the lens….and then, his hand comes up, and the camera shakes around. "What the— hey! This isn't even fair! Peter!" The laughter that is only implied on her voice earlier is outright apparent now, and it looks like in the jostling, she accidentally stops recording, the images cutting off, until such a time the camera phone can be used to record things again.


Moments later, when the image finally starts up again, there's a glare in the corner. The position is obviously pointed upward, the sun sending splashes of light along the whole screen, until shadows finally appear and solidify. With the camera pointed in a different direction this time— towards a different figure. And it seems like they must have been talking for a moment, because there's a voice cutting in. "…isn't— oh, I think I got it." Peter's voice has amusement still. Shifting the box in a shaky manner to remove the presense of the sun, the glare lessens, the camera adjusts. "Your turn."

"My turn to do what?" The lens focuses, and it's Elena on camera this time, sticking her tongue out at him playfully and grinning. "Be a pain in your ass?" She even flashes a little Peace sign with her fingers towards the camera and looks down suddenly. Her head ducks a bit to the side, and she can be seen pulling up one of the puppies to her chest. She makes one of his little paws do a wave at the camera, though she stops when the fuzzy head turns to lick her nose. A wavy lock of hair escapes her hair-bind at the sudden movement from the puppy, slipping from where its tucked behind her ear and curling against her cheek. "Or should I let you do the interrogating?"

It takes a moment for the camera to settle, shifts of light, shadow and color until there's a steady frame of her. Nothing of the cameraman is visible at the moment, though a tail slips into view along the lower edge as one of the puppies moves around. "I'm not very good at interrogating— unless I'm asking about your symptoms," Peter says with a hint of a laugh in his voice, the frame shaking again for an instant. "Was more thinking it's your turn to be cute. Doing a good job of it too."

"Oh, god," Elena says with a laugh, flopping on her back on the mat that she had laid out on the grass. She looks towards the camera and quirks a brow at him. But the grin is still playing over the soft line of her mouth. "Whatever you mean by that, Peter, I'm -so not- dancing a jig or doing somersaults of any kind." She points to the lens slightly, but she laughs and lifts a hand to drape on her face. -Someone- seems a little camera shy, there's a hint of a flush on her cheeks. She rolls her head to the side and flashes a bemused look to the camera regardless.

At this point the camera shakes even more, and the reason why can be easily heard. Peter's laughing. Genuine, full laughter. That he tries his best to restrain by hitting his hand against the mat that's been laid out. Or at least that's what it sounds like he's doing, as it's not the hand holding the phone-camera, nor in the frame. The frame does it's best to stay trained on Elena. "Wouldn't dream of it," he says between laughs, until there's a noticeable inhale to recover. Without quite as much laughter this time, he says more seriously, "Elena— you're probably one of the most genuine people I've ever met." There's suddenly a shift of the camera, as if forced to jerk forward, and a white pointed puppy ear comes into frame. "Hey— don't tug on my sleeve— trying to film here."

"Am I?" Elena looks over at him, the laughter dying and the embarrassed flush at getting camera'd fading a touch, looking up and over the lens as she looks beyond it. She smiles instead, and rolls on her side, an elbow braced on the mat and her hand propping her head up as she looks at him. "I mean, all of us have our secrets but most of the time, I really have nothing to hide. My life really isn't all that interesting. Well, at least, not like the past few months. There is a pause, her eyes searching behind the camera, and she mock-glowers at him. "But I mean it. No jigs." She furrows her brows a little bit as she sits up and leans her body to the side, as if to look behind him. "…Peter, what is that?" she asks, pointing over beyond the camera.

"That's why you're so genuine. You look cute all on your own. No need for jigs." At least she has some assurance. No jigs necessary. She already gave him the snippet of cute he needed. With that said, the camera shifts a bit, but tries to stay trained on her. A tumble of black and brown fur might be seen briefly, as well as a sudden bark of protest. Peter had to sit up, so the puppy on his chest will just have to enjoy the tumble into his lap. "What's what?" he asks, the frame staying on her, though she's only half in it, as if to imply that he's no longer looking in the direction of the phone in his hand.

And then…the camera jerks suddenly to the side. There's a bit of shaking, and the sound of bubbling, femine laughter as both figures are gone yet again. "Sucker!" Elena crows triumphantly from behind him. Oh it wasn't fair, when he's relaxed he's such an easy mark, but she can't seem to be able to help himself. The camera phone seems to have slipped from her grip though, because it rolls into view of the girl's sneaker, before her hand snatches it up again. She hasn't stopped laughing all the while as the feed cuts off again.


The feed shifts and focuses again, colors that make a blurry screen focusing gradually until their surroundings sharpen again. The scene unfolding seems to be in someone else's house this time, in a kitchen. There is a sink, a refrigerator, but it's certainly not the Gomez pad, and certainly not Peter's. The design definitely looks suburban. Afternoon light streams from the window. The lens shifts around, swaying this and that before it rests on Peter again. The view is angled up slightly, suggesting that whoever's holding the camera is sitting down. "I have a question for you," Elena says from behind the camera. "I know your first name's Peter." Duh. "I know your last name's Petrelli." Duh. "But do you have a middle name? There's no initial hiding in there?"

While the camera-person is sitting down, Peter's standing up, holding a glass of reddish liquid with ice. When it first turns towards him, he's not looking at her, and when he does, there's a surprised quirk of his eyebrow. An expression reminiscent of 'she's filming again?' And also interrogating. It seems she's better at that than he is. There's a pause, hesitation, and he covers it up (poorly) by taking a drink. When the glass lowers again, and he rubs the side of his finger along his lips to make sure there's no remnant of the red liquid on his mouth, he answers, "Ethan." Doesn't exactly have a perfect ring to it.

"Ethan," the voice teases from behind the lens. "Like the main character in the new Mission: Impossible movies?" In a sense, his life since discovering their abilities have been, very much, an impossible mission, considering everyone else was running around like chickens with their heads cut off. "How're your reflexes? In case…you know. You need to catch a drop of sweat from your forehead before it triggers some sort of alarm." There is laughter in her voice, and she's not even -balking- from teasing him. There is a pause, and she says his full name out loud. "Peter Ethan Petrelli."

"I'm sure my brother would show up in the nick of time to stop it," Peter says with a tilt of his glass in her direction, before he moves over to wherever she's sitting and settles down into a seat. Assuming the picture frame follows, he sets down his glass and grins as she repeats his full name. Doesn't look like he's terribly offended, even if she's laughing so much at his expense. "Since we're on the topic— what's your middle name, Elena Gomez?"

She laughs at the quip. "Touche," Elena says from behind the camera, shifting a little bit. The camera jostles a touch, suggesting the holder is doing her best to get into a more comfortable position where she's sitting. The camera follows his wake, him moving to a chair across from her. "I have two, actually," sshe responds easily. "Maria Alejandra." The Spanish accent is more evident here, Elena usually talks normally, unless something required the proper pronounciation from the language of her forebears. The 'r's roll softly in her mouth. "Elena Maria Alejandra. Don't ask me why Mama gave me so many." She laughs. "Maybe she was hoping if she addressed me with one or all of them, I'd be less stubborn."

"Elena Maria Alejandra Gomez," Peter does his best to repeat, arms resting against the table as he peers across towards the camera. There's a hint of lines showing up in his forehead, and the tug on the corner of his lips would be the only remnant of the smile she — and the puppies — had brought out earlier. And his pronouciation is off— far too American for it's own good. "Sounds better when you say it," he notes after a moment. There's a hint of hesitation, before he admits, the tug on the corner of his mouth increasing quite a bit more, "Never struck me as an action movie kind of girl."

There's a bit of a laugh. "Are you kidding? I love action movies. I like the old school kung fu ones too. You know, the ones with the really bad dubbing? Jackie Chan's 'Snake In Eagle's Shadow' is a classic. God he was so young back then." The camera shifts upwards, to focus more on his face and the slight, lopsided tug on his expression. "I like all sorts really. To be honest, and brace yourself for the shock….but I was never a huge fan of chick flicks. I think the only exception I made recently was 10 Things I Hate About You, and that's only because it was based out of 'Taming of the Shrew'. I had to watch it for my Shakespeare class this semester."

There is a pause. "That's another good question though," she continues. "Favorite movie of all time?"

That earns a raise of his eyebrows, both of them, and Peter leans forward to smile at her, "Only 'chick flicks' I've seen recently were ones I watched with Claire. Don't think that was one of them." Romantic comedy night with his niece? Well, he was trying to cheer her up, after all. He's about to say more about this— when the question is inserted. What—

"All time? You mean what movie I'd watch over and over if I could? Or the one that made the biggest impression on me?" Cause the answers might be different. There's a long pause, hesitation as well. "I actually don't watch movies that often. But considering everything…" There's a look, one of those 'you poke fun at this and I'll— do /something/' looks. "The first Matrix movie."

"10 Things has its charm," the camera holder says, still with that implied grin on her tone. "The father is hilarious. If Papa were chattier, he'd be just like the guy in the movie. But yeah…not a big romantic comedy gal. I guess it's official now, Peter, you -are- invincible. You got through a chick flick without screaming and melting into a puddle." She's ribbing him again. She can't help it.

The look ellicits a choked back laugh, oh she tries, valiantly, but she manages not to laugh at the mock- threatening expression on his face. Though at his answer… "I LOVE the first Matrix movie! Too bad the sequels sucked so much but the first one was great! I— " Something is ringing in the background. "Oh…it's Papa. Excuse me, I have to take this." And the feed cuts off again.

At least it doesn't look like Peter's offended by her claim the other two sucked. There's a growing smirk, until the feed cuts off.


When the feed returns, it would seem the phone has been reclaimed, because it's pointed at Elena in a way that makes it clear someone else is holding it. Too much distance between her and the frame for one. The location has also changed subtly. There's a set of french doors behind her, and the sound of barking and yipping in the background. Peter's voice pipes up from the other side, "Okay— so before we head back out into the sea of puppies… Did you ever want to be anything besides a doctor?" This is more 'interrogation style' than before. "When you were a kid?"

She seems to have been on the phone a second or two ago, because when the camera comes into focus, Elena has the signature, cherry-red thing in her hand. She looks up, startled, and playfully groans when she sees the camera phone pointed at her, and she gives him a small smile. She slides the phone in her pocket as she talks, pushing the doors open as they're about to go out again. "I wanted to be a professional chef," she tells Peter truthfully, stepping outside and stretching her arms over her head before looking back at him. "Mama loved to cook, so I would help her for….god. I don't even remember how young I was. I thought it would be great, you know? Leave New York once I had the means, study in Le Cordon Bleu in France, learn the lang. That was what I really wanted to do for the longest time." She pauses, and grins at him. "Though being a Real Life Indiana Jones appealed to me too. Did you always want to be a nurse when you were growing up?"

"You'll have to cook for me sometime. I cook, but it was more necessity," Peter admits, following after her. The frame of the camera tilts down towards the puppies that move up for attention as soon as they step out, and the door can be heard closing behind him. "Depends on when you asked me." That's about as simple an answer as can be given— or as complicated. "When I was your littlest sister's age… I wanted to be a pilot." Wonder where he got /that/ dream? "It was just cause I wanted to do whatever Nathan was doing at the time— he was a Navy Pilot." Thirteen year age difference with hero worship from the younger one… "Didn't want to join the Navy, figured I could somehow fly jets without that part."

"Sure," Elena says with a laugh. "I'll do my best to impress. Don't get used to it though, I don't want to make you fat." She winks at him cheekily, and crouches down so she could give the attention-starved puppies some more attention. She listens, and when she looks up, she's got a smile on her face. "A pilot? That's pretty exciting actually. Got a lot of adrenaline in it. So….obviously that didn't last long. What did you want to be after that? And wow…Mr. Petrelli flew fighter jets? That's…that's pretty cool. Does he still have a license?"

The frame follows her, and it seems the camera-man has knelt down as well. Some of the puppy heads enter the lower portion of the frame, as does another hand, more masculine, scratching between the ears of a shorter haired puppy. "When you do cook for me, though— I don't eat meat," Peter says, so that they don't end up in any kind of 'can't eat what you cooked for me' issues in the future. "Don't think he has a license now, but I don't think he /needs/ one…" It's said as kind of a joke, before the frame shifts back up towards her and less on the top of puppy hears. "Guess I just started wanting to help people after that. Lawyer was an option, but not the best one. Especially not when I saw the people my father ended up helping. Did a lot of volunteer work in high school— and in my first years of college. Made me decide to become a nurse. Helping at the clinic or the hospital was more fulfilling than anything I was learning to prep for law school. The doctors do a lot, but— I noticed nurses get more hand's on with the patients. Especially private in-home, which is why I went into in-home hospice. A lot more personal."

"I noticed." She did. Elena looks over at the camera and grins faintly, pausing from scratching the ears of one of the puppies. After a pause, rolling a few fuzzballs over so she could tickle them, she looks up and blows a lock of hair from her eyes. They seem stubborn however, given the longish bangs, and they fall back to flop over her right iris, with the longer strands curling against her cheek. "What? I did! When we went to breakfast that day after that hantavirus quarantine. You ordered the veggie omelette. All the other guys I know are meat eaters, if given a choice between eating something without meat and eating something with them, they go for the latter all the time. See?" She winks at the lens. "I pay attention." The description from the other end causes her to smile, and she nods. "Well you're good at it," she says, dropping her eyes towards a puppy that's grabbed onto the cuff of her hoodie's sleeve and starts pulling. "At connecting yourself on a more human level to others. But I think I've told you that before." She looks towards the area behind the camera lens again and smiles.

There's a small chuckle as she defends her observationability. "Rather quick to defend yourself there," Peter teases, before he suddenly moves, the frame of the picture moving rather swiftly until the entire thing blurs and falls out of focus. When it adjusts again, she's in the frame, but from a slightly different angle. And then he's in the frame too. Apparently he stood up and has moved behind her, kneeling back down and holding the camera at a distance so they're both in it. "Okay. You get to ask the question this time," he adds, looking over her shoulder and smiling faintly at the camera. The only real physical contact would be the presence of his other hand on her shoulder, hoping to keep her from moving.

"I'm not being defensive, it's called a preemptive strike!" Elena quips. "I'm not the mindreader but wouldn't it be cool if I could actually -pretend- to be one convincingly?" she winks at him, and then she blinks, vanishing out of the camera view for a while as he maneuvers around. When she realizes he's trying to get both of them in the screen, she laughs, and lifts a hand, helping him balance the camera. It looks like, by the line of her shoulder, that she's got the other end of the camera so she could help him level it right in front of them so the lens can get them both. Except…it jogs slightly to the right, and then to the left. The focus blurs now and then, but it clears up once it's stable.

"….I think this is the best we're going to get," she says with a laugh, nudging him playfully on the side by the elbow. "Okay, ummmmm…." Her eyes roll upwards, trying to think of a -good- one. She turns her head so she could look at him. "What do you think your best feature is?" she asks with a grin. "It doesn't have to be physical. Just, you know. What you like the most about yourself."

With her assistance, Peter's smiling a little wider than normal, watching the side of the camera that she's helping with, or at least that's what it would appear like. It's the nudge on his elbow that sends the image shifting again, until he fixes it. "Careful." She's the one who kept dropping the camera, though, so he's not quite unfounded. Her choice of a question makes his eyebrow raise, and he looks away from the camera to glance at the side of her face. "I've never really thought about that…" he admits softly, a thoughtful expression on his face as he thinks about it. "Physically— last year I would've said my hair," he jokes, the hand coming off her shoulder to scratch at his forehead, as if remember his lost bangs. "Maybe my eyes now? I don't know…" It's a rather weird question. When his hand drops back to her shoulder. "Not physically— I like my friends, and my family the most." And despite the outright cheese of that phase, he sounds completely serious, not even laughing or joking anymore like he'd been with the physically stuff. "What about you?" he asks, turning his eyes towards her again, instead of the frame.

"Sorry, sorry," Elena apologizes, using her other hand to help steady him as the camera jostles around a bit. "Got it?" she asks, laughter in her voice. But when he thinks about it for a little bit, she inclines her head a little bit. When he jokes about his hair, she starts laughing. "Oh come on, it'll grow back," she says, her teeth flashing openly at the expression. But when he says family and friends, she smiles, glancing down at a puppy gnawing on her shoelaces. She figured that, but….this was video evidence after all. When she feels his gaze on the side of her face, she nibbles softly on her bottom lip. "Mmmm…." It's a contemplative sound. "What I like the most about myself?" she repeats her own question, looking up at him. There is a pause, watching him for a moment, and then her smile returns. "I think what I like about myself the most…" she begins. "Is my ability to make others happy. Even if just for a little while."

"Not if Elle has anything to say about it," Peter says in response to his hair crisis, keeping his hand against her shoulder and not running it over his hair again. It doesn't sound as if he's bitter or upset about that— after all it was kind of a joke anyway. The best thing about him would be the people whose lives he's touched. Even reflected in his abilities. And her answer is similar— but in more of a reverse. The hand on her shoulder grips, and then the frame jostles slightly as it slips around her front to hold at her other shoulder as he leans in to pull her against him. Kind of a half hug from behind. What's visible of his face when the camera settles looks quietly content if nothing else, and his voice is whispered, to the point the camera doesn't even pick it up. When he straightens, he adds with a smile, loosening his hold and letting his hand slip to her shoulder. "Your turn," he says, sending the picture shaking as he leaves the camera in her hand.

"But it's -your hair-," Elena says with a laugh. "I'm sure -some- parts of your body are still yours, right?" she teases, the camera jostling a little as they try to balance themselves in that half-crouched, half-kneeling position, surrounded by puppies. It looks like it's getting dark too, there isn't much light save for what's left of the sun, and the lights on at the back porch. At the hug, she can't exactly hug back, not unless she wants to fall and make things rather awkward. But she does smile, her free hand coming up to curl over his wrist as he pulls her in and rests his head over her shoulder, and murmurs the things he does. She doesn't reply, but the grin tugging up the edges of her mouth is present.

The camera left in her hand, she laughs, and adjusts…..and then the camera jolts out of focus and there's a thud in the background. There's a burst of laughter. Oops. Someone fell. The camera is accidentally switched off.


….only to zot back to life a few seconds later. "Well, that was embarassing," says the voice behind the camera. The angle is lower, so the holder is probably sitting, the camera tilted towards Peter's face. "Alright….last one," she promises. "If you can be anywhere right now. Anywhere at all, on a trip of a lifetime, where would you be?" The focus zooms in, and zooms out a bit, the picture sharpening to rest Peter's head and shoulders in the center of the frame.

The laughter that sounds isn't just hers alone, either. As the picture does out, there's an obviously masculine laugh as well. And it's still in small hitches of a chuckle when she turns the lense back towards him and it focuses on. "You're sort of a klutz, you know," Peter teases, before he settles his arms on his knees. He's actually sitting down on the grass by this point, having been partially hunched over from laughter before he straightened upon seeing the camera back on him. "Anywhere in the world, right now?" There's a long pause before he looks around at the puppies that still are there, wanting attention. One even noses her way into the frame. Actually happens to be newly named, though not quite his yet, Snowy. He puts a hand over her fur. "I think here's pretty good— but— /anywhere/. Somewhere upstate. In the winter, specifically. Snow, frozen lake, cabin in the woods kinda thing." That sounds like of— simplistic and solitary, doesn't it?

"Hey, I am normally a nubile creature of grace," the voice behind the camera protests with a laugh. "It's just that my leg fell asleep and when I tried to shift, down I went." She adjusts, and moves slightly. Facing him again, there are brief glimpses on her hand on the side of the frame as she moves the camera around just a bit. Fingers come up to pet Snowy too, and drifts the frame back to Peter's face. "Like my poems," she teases from behind the camera. "Warm fire, cup of hot chocolate sort of thing? Is winter your favorite season, then?" She sounds genuinely curious about that, the camera jostling a bit and the view angling up. Seems like the holder sits a little lower, though she's still facing him.

"Like your poem, yeah," Peter says, smiling faintly as his eyes drop towards the puppy. Like the poem, and the puppy he named after it. "I don't care much for winter in the city, no," Peter admits, glancing around the yard in the suburban home. "Out here it wouldn't be too bad, or upstate." With his darker clothes and preference from long coats, he does seem to have an affinity for colder weather than his personality might let off. "Also have a fondness for rain. Even though I have all those umbrellas at home, I almost never actually use them." It might come off as humorous. "Not that I mind the beach or summer either— but you did say lifetime trip. Wouldn't want to go alone, though." There's a pause, before he makes a gesture at her, one where he's twirling a downward pointed finger around. A universal gesture for 'turn around'. Though he's not turning her around. Instead… "What about you. Where would you want to be if you could be anywhere?"

She gives Peter a small smile, and the camera would see her fingers gesturing up towards the dark sky. "Up there," Elena says simply. "The clouds. Sky. Heaven. ….not to say I want to die any time soon, but….if I had a choice, if I had one place to go in this world and it would be my last trip, I'd like it to be up there. But -right now-, however." There is a laugh, behind the lens. "I wouldn't be anywhere else. Rude taxi drivers and impending doom and all. I'm right where I'm supposed to be. I've always been a look-at-the-present sort of girl, you know? I don't really think about the future much. It's only a few months ago that I started….thinking about it seriously. But if you want my true, straight-from-my-heart answer, then that's it. Here. In New York. Where people need me."

At her talk of Heaven, Peter goes quiet, expression serious as his head tilts towards the side, looking past the camera frame as if forgetting he's being filmed. Must be looking at her as he absorbs her desire. There's no smile for a few moments, but there is something calm in his face that shows he's not upset with her topic of choise. It isn't until she gets on New York that he starts to smile, tugging on the corner of his mouth, and finally hitching his whole body upwards with an exhale that sounds very close to a laugh. "People need you more than you know, Elena," he says when the laugh dissipates, as his smile settles into place. "People and puppies both," he adds, leaning over to snatch Snowy up into his arms and hold her there. She turns around to face him, mouth open, tail wagging. Holding onto the puppy, the smile settles as he looks past the camera again. His voice softens into more serious tones, "Thank you,"

There is silence, at the other end of the camera. No response to whether people need her or not, or whether they need her more than they know, or not. But when she speaks up again, there's a smile on her voice. "You're welcome," she says, her voice serious and quiet all at once. And then… "Oh, crap, the battery's dy—" And then the feed cuts off. It was only a camera phone after all, and they've been using the video mode for quite some time.

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