2009-12-28: Pursuing a Lead



Date: December 28, 2009


Sydney arranges to meet Felix in order to find Lena.

"Pursuing a Lead"

Au Naturale Market

After days of looking for Chi and Lena, Sydney emailed Felix to meet her here at the Au Naturale Market. She doesn't know much about him, just that he was supposed to have met Lena the last day any of them had heard from them. She stands at one of the many shelves and sighs as he looks through the vegan products. She's wearing a blue scarf around her neck, hiding the bruising underneath, and a heavy wool peacoat along with jeans and sneakers. Underneath her coat she's carrying the gun that Chi had got her not that she could use it if she wanted. Her aim really is terrible and she'd probably forget to take the safety off should she need it.

Felix is in a gray coat, white scarf, glasses. He's carrying his own gun, under his own coat, and that can't be said for him. He's wary, clearly watching for observers or pursuit, in a matter of factly paranoiac sort of way.

Sydney doesn't really recognize Felix in any way, but she thinks him odd for this particular store. WIth a hmm she approaches the man and peers at him quizzically, "Are you … are you meeting someone here?" Beat. "Do you know Lena?" And there it is. Out on the table. If he's going to take her down, at least she's in a public place…

Felix looks at her for a long moment, expression coolly considering. "I count her a friend. I'm Felix. I take it you know her, too?" he wonders, brows arching. No, he certainly doesn't fit in.

"I'm Sydney. I'm her roommate. And her friend," the therapist swallows before exasperating — she's been searching through the city for them ever since she got out of the hospital and hadn't heard from them. She lowers her voice as she glances around the store, "Have you spoken to her? I haven't seen her or Chi for a couple of weeks. I went in the hospital and now… they're missing.. I'm afraid… I'm afraid the worst…"

The Agent's expression is almost nonexistent. Which, in its way, conceals desperate worry. "I haven't had her check in via email as she should," he says, after a moment. "What was the last you heard? And have you heard of a contact of hers called Rebel?"

"The last time I heard from her was two weeks ago… and I live with her," Sydney whispers. "I went to the hospital a couple of weeks ago and did a one week stint… when I got out they were nowhere to be found. NO WHERE. No one has heard from them and I found you through a note I found in her room… you were my only lead." She frowns. "I don't know anything about any Rebel…"

"Have you talked to the police?" Felix asks, more gently, still watching Sydney. "What was she up to? Did she say where she was going, the day she vanished?"

"I haven't. I don't really know if we can talk to the police… Can we? Or are they also working for the government? I'm just searching for them. I want to know what happened to Lena and Chi — people don't just vanish! Friends don't just vanish…" Sydney presses her lips together and shakes her head. "I wasn't the last one to talk to them. They couldn't see me in the hospital due to circumstances beyond our control…"

Felix notes, very drily, "In this case, they do. And I don't know how safe the police are, but itcouldn't hurt. WE can't -all- be part of the vast antimutant conspiracy," Fel sighs, shakes his head - his expression is weary. "How long did you know her? How well?"

"I've known her a couple of months… I was her therapist… once. And then I took her and Chi in and we moved… and… they're my friends. I'm worried. I know them both very very well, and it's not like them to be out of contact for this long…" Sydney twitches. "I can't afford to be asking about them if the police are in on it," she admits quietly with a frown. If she's caught she can't help, can she?

He mulls this over. "I'll ask. Now, do you mind taking me to where they lived? Do you have her cellphone, by any chance?" How is that sequitur, really?

"Thanks. Yeah, I can take you to our house. We'd just moved," Sydney sighs and shakes her head. "I've been calling her phone constantly, but haven't heard anything… I don't know what to think anymore…" She licks her lips. "I can give you the number." She reaches into her pocket and takes out her own cellphone, bringing up Lena's phone number.

Felix nods. "I…really only had contact with her via e-mail," Felix sounds oddly contrite. "It seemed safest, but now I'm regretting it….."

"Here," Sydney jots the number down on a piece of paper from her purse along with her own phone number. "Also, this is our address. I'm not sure if I should be staying there or not, so I've mostly been living out of my office this last week…" After a hmmm, she adds, "I've given you my number. Contact me if you hear anything about either of them. I couldn't stand it if… but I need to know. If you know anything please pass it along. I've been worried sick."

Felix nods to that….and he looks grim, in turn. "I'll do what I can. I'm pretty much on the government's shitlist already," he adds, tone rueful.

"Thanks. I have no pull with the government. I'm just a therapist," Sydney states. "If there's anything I can do, I'll do it. Just let me know." That said she pads towards the door and back into bustling New York in search of clues or her friends.

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