2007-03-19: Questions Answered


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Summary: Samantha and Mohinder meet in the flesh, and she volunteers to be one of his study cases in order to learn more about her powers.

Date It Happened: March 19, 2007

Questions Answered

Isaac's Loft

Samantha has the taxi drop her off in front of the building with the loft, pulling out her cellphone, she checks the address that Mohinder gave her and sighs, though to what purpose isn't even clear to herself. Her laptop is tucked safely in its case strapped to rest against her hip. Taking a big breath, she climbs the stairs and raps neatly on the door. "Doctor Suresh?"

Being that it's a little late in the day, Mohinder is wrapping up some research for the afternoon. The meeting Samantha had requested gives an excuse for him to call this an early day. Otherwise, he would still be working. At the knock on the door, he shuts the refridgeration unit where some samples were just stashed. In several quick strides, he makes his way up to the door to answer it. "Good afternoon, you must be Dr. Applebaum?," he asks after unlocking and opening the door.

Samantha offers Mohinder a brief smile and offers her hand. "Yes I am. Thank you for meeting me." She doesn't just step into his doorway, but she does peer in curiously, not offput at all by the lab. It's not as if she hasn't had her fair share of time in them herself. "You look like you've been doing some fairly intense work here."

Mohinder smiles in return and shakes Samantha's hand before gesturing for her to enter. "I've already taken the liberty of pulling some of my father's files and research notes that you expressed an interest in." As for the intense work? "I'm kept quite busy between research and giving lectures."

"I sometimes do some lecturing myself." Samantha steps inside and takes a more clinical look around, making vague approving noises at this or that piece of equipment. "Generally to medical students, some of the universities like to offer a series of lectures on various specializations, so I generally speak on behalf of ER and trauma." She looks back at him, giving a faint, sympathetic smile. "I'm sorry I didn't get the opportunity to meet your father. This seems like an excellent continuation of his work." There's a fine line between nosy and curious, and Samantha's using all her willpower trying to avoid wanting to start looking in his microscopes, checking out his samples, and otherwise getting into the nitty gritty.

"I did just a little checking on your background, your own work has been quite impressive," Mohinder says as he leads Samantha down into the lab proper and to a table. Sitting on the table are a series of thick folders containing research and notes he felt comfortable with sharing. "Speaking on solid medicine is one thing, but when discussing theoretical genetics and evolution? I'm amazed I can get booked. I'm a little surprised to hear that my father had so many followers, when his peers ostracized him."

"My own interest is fairly recent." Sam admits. "Someone reccomended his book to me, and…" she shrugs. "It seemed to explain some things. You'd be amazed at the things you see in an ER."

Mohinder looks intrigued, "I see. So it was just the book's contents that prompted the interest, or was it something more?" He settles into a seat at the table. The smile he gives is amused and meets his eyes, "Oh I doubt that. Surprise me."

Samantha takes off her coat, and likewise settles into a seat. Sam can't help grinning back at him, and her Queens accent seems more blue collar then her profession would otherwise indicate she is. More seriously, she sidesteps his question for the moment. "The book infers actual casework. As in, /people/ with these documented abilities. I don't doubt that you're quite strict on confidentiality, but could you tell me honestly that you have in fact, had witnessed and documented cases?" She's not asking for details. She confirmation that it's all real, even if she herself knows it.

Mohinder reaches a hand over and taps an index finger against the top file. Inside, there are no names, just code words for the patients, and extensive documentation. "I can, and have several case studies of my own." Those that has had on the side, and those locked up under Company file.

"May I?" Sam asks tenatively, holding a hand out. If patient id's are coded, surely it couldn't hurt. She seems on the verge of something. All it would take is that little nudge, a bit of data.

Mohinder inclines his head in a nod. "Please, take a look. I hope this gives you some answers or further insight into what interested you." He falls quiet and patiently waits for Sam to start looking through the paperwork.

Samantha reaches for one of the files, take a quick glance that turns into an intent study. There's occaisional muttering of things like, "That cellular multiplication is off the scale." and "I bet the increase in peptides has something to do with it." In fact, it's probably a good five minutes before she realizes that she's just sort of left Mohinder standing there. She looks up, blinking owlishly and then offers, "I'm sorry about that. This is amazing. And thorough. Amazing and thorough."

Mohinder obviously isn't minding. He looks pleased by Samantha's interest and enthusiasm. "Don't apologize. It means a lot to me, and to my father I'm sure, that his work is receiving so much attention. My father was in fact, quite thorough, as am I. Oh, here," This 'here' happens to be another manila folder that contains slides, x-ray photographs and sample studies.

Samantha continues to peruse the files, each one seeming to make her more and more stalwart about what she eventually says. "I've seen people do things." she comes to confess finally, letting a file come to rest in her lap. "Heal people with just a touch. Control the volume of sound in a room. There's a pregnant pause. "I can. Do things, I mean. For a few years."

"Ah, I suspected as much. Some events witnessed simply cannot be explained." Mohinder does not seem surprised that Samantha has seen a few things. However, her statement that she can do things now has his firm interest. "Really? Such as?" He seems keenly interested and quite eager if Samantha is willing to share.

"The closest definition I can find to what I do is sonic projection." Samantha says, somewhat tenative, though she studies him carefully for his reactions. "I can apply it in different ways, like finding a frequency that will render others unconscious. I can move things if they're not too dense or large, and I can also cause some damage. It feels almost like I've got another set of vocal chords or something." She adds quickly, "I don't. I mean, beyond the additional vestibular, which aren't really - well, you know that."

Mohinder's brows raise with interest. "It sounds almost similar to a recent case that I've come across. The subject is able to hear and vocalize at higher frequencies, unrecognizable to the human ear. Ah, here are my notes on that.." Highly confidential, just like the others. "Yes, I can imagine so. How did you come to realize this ability and what have you done to work with it?"

"If you've done some homework about me you know my connection to Medicin Sans Frontiers." Sam says, her French accent for the words fluidly correct. "I had a rather harrowing experience while in the Sudan and it seemed to trigger it. Since then I've worked on my own, at home as I've had opportunity, although admittedly," She opens the file on the similar case, beginning to read intently, "Being able to make a junkie high on PCP pass out does have its perks."

Mohinder inclines his head in a nod. "Yes, I did see that on your history." Again, his brows raise with interest as he listens. "I see, and you've not had any 'accidents' with your abilities thus far? With something of this nature, it could be all too easy to lose control or create an accident." There's a brief chuckle at the comment on the junkie. "Yes, I see. I'm amazed at your clear headedness on this matter. I encounter many people who are afraid, or not able to control what they do."

"I've exploded a few shotglasses." she admits with a rueful smile. "But I haven't worked with any really sizable materials." Then thoughtfully, "When it happened the first time, it was on a level way more then I seem to be capable of currently. It was like a dam bursting open, and now things seem to flow much more steadily."

"That tends to be the norm, so it makes sense. A sudden manifestation can be as you described. Of course it varies from person to person depending upon their ability." Mohinder leans back some in his seat, pondering. "It seems that you have been luckier than most with learning control. Some people do require assistance and tutelage."

"Some things I've managed to develop more then others, given time and opportunity." She shrugs. "It made sense to me to try and see what I could do with it. I just didn't know there were others." She sounds terribly relieved, and her next question is a natural one for her. "What can I do to help?"

"I see, a lot of people still, they panic. Some tend to hide, not sure who they can turn to, or who would belive them." Mohinder seems a little derailed by Samantha's offer of assistance. "Help, as far as..?"

"I'm not sure." she admits. "I could consent to - whatever you might want to do if you're still interested in documenting cases. For all that I'm a doctor, genetics is a bit out of my expertise, but if there was something I could do, I could try."

Mohinder looks quite pleased by the offer. "Oh, yes, of course Dr. Applebaum. I would be quite interested in documenting your case! I would also be interested when someone exhibiting abilities is admitted to your hospital too, should assistance be required."

Samantha nods. "There's someone else I could introduce you to. He's given me permission to tell you about him. The man I said could control sound volume? His name is Namir Dayan. He's the one who led me to the book, and I think he'd be rather pleased to meet you. But in any case, I'd be happy to notify you in such circumstances." Her smile widens a touch. "If I email you my shift schedule, we could perhaps sort out a time to start? It seems like benefits on both sides. I expect you have the means to test my capabilities that aren't available to me."

"Yes I do in fact. My schedule is pretty much the same everyday, so let me know when's convenient for you and I shall work around that." Mohinder looks almost as excited as a kid being told he's going to DisneyWorld by this prospect. "I look forward to working with you as well as meeting Mr. Dayan. I assure you, the most invasive testing I perform is taking a blood sample. Abilities testing can get exhausting for some."

"Well," Sam considers and then asks, "If you've got the syringe and the inclination, we could perhaps take care of that part right now." It's probably a little foolish, yes - but the truth is, Sam's eager for this, and it's making her a little reckless. She reaches for her sleeve, eyeing Mohinder questioningly.

"Alright, with your consent." Mohinder says as he rises from his seat. "Just one moment." Then he crosses the room to fetch the items he needs to procure the sample. There is also a fresh chart with the supplies for him to start on. A pair of surgical gloves are slipped on as he preps the needle and syringe. "If you would roll up the sleeve of your preferred arm, we can get this taken care of."

Samantha calmly rolls up her sleeve, high enough so he can tie a rubber strip around her upper arm, clenching her hand into a fist to help the vein become more visible under her skin. "I hope it's acceptable for me to be privvy to my documentation, even if I'm a subject? Since I have the context to understand."

"That won't be a problem at all. I'm more than happy to share the information." Mohinder smiles a little as the rubber strip is tied around Samantha's arm. "I feel some relief that I won't need to explain things in layman's terms as well." As he chats, he swabs an area of Samantha's arm with an alcohol pad before inserting the needle. "I will code your files for confidentiality, as I do with everyone I see. I may have to arrange for testing in a facility different from my lab. It's not completely equipped for intense practical study of abilities."

"Government?" Samantha asks, tensing a little.

Mohinder laughs a little, his smile meeting his eyes. "No, not government. I fear they are ill equipped let alone ready to handle evolved humans." Looking just a little amused, he finishes with drawing the blood sample. It's set on the sterile tray he brought out the supplies on, before he bandages the minute puncture in Samantha's arm. "There, I don't think I require to bleed you further for science."

"Almost as good as if I'd done it myself." she compliments him with a laugh of her own. "Would it be too prying to ask what kind of facility, then?" She seems to think he's not referring to university labs or some such.

Mohinder smiles as he labels the sample and starts filling in the chart. "I'm getting better at drawing blood samples. Up until recently, I've been more of a professor. It's a private hospital facility, fully equipped to help those with abilities."

Samantha lifts a brow. "That requires some considerable financing." she says. "And considerable contribution of manpower." She waits for him to fill in the blanks, that is, if he's inclined to fill them. "But I suppose it makes sense, as widespread as this seems to be, for someone with the means to do something about it."

Mohinder does not seem inclined to deliver that information. It's not his place, and those he has dropped information to? It's bitten him on the ass. "It does take a great deal of financing, and manpower. Luckily, there are some brilliant and dedicated people to this field of study. It's all under the radar of course. This is still considered to be a joke in academic and traditional circles."

"Of course." Sam says. It makes her a little uneasy granted, but not enough for her to pull her consent. "Well, if strange men named Vito and Nunzio show up at my door wanted a piece of me, I know who to blame." she quips, tugging her sleeve down. "I'll not keep you any longer, Dr. Suresh, but this does mean the world to me." There is a tinge of relief to her tone, like the lessening of a burden.

Mohinder laughs and shakes his head, "It won't be that way." Finished with the labeling for now, he rises from his seat and extends his hand. "It was a pleasure Dr. Applebaum. Let me know about your schedule and we can proceed."

Samantha offers hers, shakes it. "Expect to hear from me soon." she says, looking him in the eye. "Thank you again." And with that, out she goes into the street. Mohinder may even be able to hear her shrill, sharp New Yorker whistle for a cab before he moves away from the windows.

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