2008-02-12: Quick Chat and Cocoa


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Summary: Sierra comes looking for Jamie to see how she's doing, and ends up buying hot chocolate for them both.

Date It Happened: February 12th, 2008

Quick Chat and Cocoa

Hell's Kitchen

It's early afternoon and Sierra has gotten a couple hours off for lunch from work. She's decided to go and visit Jamie, the Water Wonder. As she approaches a building she thinks remembers Jamie living in, she looks up. Now…which one did Jamie live in again? If only she could remember…it has to be one of them!

Curly Joe's bar, at least, is the building she comes out of. (The bar has a couple stories of apartments over it, so she probably lives above it.) She's dressed for the winter cold again but looking cheerful enough as she comes outside, shielding her eyes a moment as she looks around. As she sees Sierra she smiles brightly and runs over closer, "Hi!"

Sierra turns at hearing the familiar voice. "Ah, mon cherie! How are you this fine winter day? I hope my Water Wonder of the World isn't freezing like an ice cube!" She grins at the girl.

Jamie giggles at that and shakes her head quickly, "Nope! But I just came outside. Gets lots colder after I been out a while." Then she asks, "Whatcha doing here?"

Sierra chuckles. "I bet it does." She looks around. "Well, I came to see you, of course! I wanted to see how you were doing!" She smiles. "I know it isn't easy hiding something like this. And yours most of all! Water of all things!" She whispers.

Jamie smiles, "You did? Thanks!" Then she nods quickly to the last and says, "Yeah, it's hard." Of course, she has a habit of talking about it in public, which makes it harder, but she of course doesn't mention that. "Wish I could do it sometimes but there's people around. And it's cold out. So I only get to do it at home and when I'm helpin' Switch get into places."

Sierra nods a little. "How have you been, though? Good? If there's anything you ever need, you can call me, you know. I always have time to help you, cherie! Even if I'm doing an interview with someone!" She says with a nod.

Jamie smiles and says, "I'm ok. Got a new CD yesterday! Chemical Brothers. Right in Times' Square, and it was signed too." Then she nods quickly and says, "I know. Glad ya came to visit! Been bored lots, except for last night."

Sierra grins widely. "A signed CD by the Chemical Brothers? Ah, mon cherie! I am jealous! You are a very lucky girl you are!" She nods firmly. "Being bored is never any fun. But tell me, cherie, what happened last night?"

Jamie blinks, "I just told ya. Chemical Brothers were selling CDs and signin' them. Well, the wait in line was boring still, but not the rest. And before I got in line, some really weird stuff happened. You ever met Sophie? She touched a couple people by accident and they started acting really weird, crying and stuff."

Sierra shakes her head. "I apologize, cherie. I had thought you were referring to something other than the CD signing." She smiles softly. "I have never met this 'Sophie' before. But that really sounds strange. I wonder why that happened to them when she touched them…" She shakes her head. "There are plenty of strange things that happen, non?"

Jamie nods quickly to that and says, "Yep. It's fun, though. I mean, not those people crying, but that so many weird things happen. Never know what's gonna happen next." Then she asks, out of seemingly nowhere, "Can we go get a hot chocolate?"

Sierra chuckles and nods. "I know what you mean. It is kind of exciting, isn't it? Not knowing what will happen next…" She grins. "Of course. Now, I don't have much longer, but I do believe I can afford the time to buy a hot chocolate."

Jamie smiles and says, "Thanks!" She seems to know just where to go too, leading the way down the street. "Do you gotta work soon or something? You interviewing anybody today?"

Sierra smiles as she follows the leading Jamie. "Oui. I have to get back to my work soon enough. I don't have to interview anyone, non, but I do have somethings that I have to write, so I need to get back to finish those." She explains on their way.

Jamie leads the way to a street vendor. One who obviously knows her as he greets her cheerfully, "How's my favourite little customer?" Jamie grins and says, "I'm fine! This is Sierra, she's a reporter." The man smiles, and says, "Welcome to my open-air shop. What can I get you both today?" The menu has hot chocolate, soda, hot dogs, pretzels, and honet-roasted nuts.

Sierra smiles at the vendor. "Mercie, monsieur." She greets the man. She takes a deep smell of the scent coming from the cart. "Ah, it all smells so wonderful! I believe we shall get…two hot chocolates, please. Mercie." She starts to pull out some money to pay for them as well.

With a smile the vendor nods, pulling out paper cups, doubling them up and then filling them with the hot chocolate. "That'll be two dollars, please." The menu shows hot chocolate at $1.25, but apparently he's giving a discount.

Sierra hands over three dollars. "Here you are monsieur. A little tip for you as well." She smiles happily at him when she gets passed her own hot chocolate.

He smiles and nods appreciatively, "Why, thank you, ma'am." He sprinkles some marshmallows in both cups and passes them over then and says, "Enjoy!" Then there's another customer to deal with so he turns to them, and Jamie calls, "Thanks!" She smiles up to Sierra and takes a sip as she steps away from the stand.

Sierra smiles as they start to walk again. "So, have you seen Switch lately?"

Jamie shakes her head quickly and says, "Not since the other day. But gonna be doing another job tonight. Dunno where yet, ain't seen him yet to ask."

Sierra nods a little bit. "Well, how about you gimme a call tomorrow night and tell moi all about it, okay?" She smiles kindly to Jamie. "Do you want me to walk you anywhere before we part ways?"

Jamie smiles up to Sierra again and says, "Ok! I will, promise." Then she shakes her head and says, "Nope. I'm not goin' anywhere special right now, just gonna play 'round here. Bye, I'll talk to ya tomorrow!"

Sierra waves to the girl. "Talk to you soon, Jamie. Good day!" She chuckles as he girls heads off and makes her own way back to her Queens workplace.

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