R.F. Blum
R.F. Blum
Portrayed By Alexander Skarsgård
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 1, 1976
Age 34
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Fullname: Radio Flier Bloom
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Tax Law
Known Relatives Parents, lots of siblings, including Blossom whom R.F. is always bailing out of jail, sibling one year younger: Blue
Significant Other Courtney Jones-Smith (girlfriend, ten years… no proposal expected any time soon)
Known Abilities Hmmmm
First Appearance Little Red Wagon to the Rescue

Tax lawyer R.F. Blum is a hardworking young man who essentially is 'in the money'.


Despite being raised by hippie parents, R.F. chose to go another direction in his life to follow the dollah dollah bills yo! Instead of protesting the man, he has, essentially, become the man.


  • Bailing family members out of prison
  • Accounting classes just for the heck of them
  • Collecting bottle caps
  • Cleaning things


  • Notable IC events.


  • "Ha," it's not even close to being a laugh as it lacks merriment, mirth, or any kind of emotion. It's not even haughty. "Please refrain from calling me Radio, it is a useless name for a lesser man," his eyebrows arc while he twists in his seat to face her. "And the missing homeless have likely moved from one place to another. They are very transient, which makes doing their taxes nearly impossible. Your protest, was essentially, a fool's wish," to Blossom in Little Red Wagon to the Rescue.
  • "Think about your future. Where do you want to be? Do you wish to live in a commune filled with unwashed hippies— greasy and covered in their own filth? Needing to shave your head to remove the inevitable lice that will live there? Perhaps you will only be content after you receive something truly detrimental like leprosy— which is treatable, yet we both know you would never accept treatment anyways." to Blossom in Little Red Wagon to the Rescue.


  • Interesting miscellany.
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