2010-06-13: R.I.P. (The Amazon)



Date: June 13, 2010


The trick to winning a fight is to know your opponent. The secret to winning a fight is to end it once and for all.


Yanomami Village

Having no need to hunt for a little while due to the giant black caiman they had caught earlier in the week. The hunters and Cody have taken a little break around the campfire, discussing various ways to ensnare and trap the different animals around the village. It burns low as they quietly converse about a new net that they want Cody to build. Using a mixture of small words and hand gestures, the leader of the little group describes to the Tamer of Hair exactly what they need.

In all the time that she's been practicing with her ability, Cody has never exhausted it as much as she has on this trip. There are so many new aspects and intricate concoctions that she's discovered. From the first web that she built high up in the canopy, to the razor snare that she set up for the caiman, to the stitches that she gave herself to close her gunwound, this experience has been completely new and exciting.

When they've drawn out exactly what they want and need, the hunters scatter into the village to gather the necessary supplies. Food. Lots of it.

Having just played with a crude looking hackey sack composed of two balled up socks and stuffed with some seeds similar in size and consistency to buckwheat, Jo's cheeks are flushed from the exercise and her eyes virtually sparkle with something almost indiscernible. Her gun is, as almost always, on her person, in her pants, the safety on and the weapon tucked away. Her lips curl into a little smile, but only for an instant before Cody comes into view.

Despite her change in expression, her eyes still reflect something warm; something altogether un-Jo, but she pastes her regular cool-yet-distant smile onto her lips.

"Cody," she says in greeting. Her fingers twitch slightly with her hands at her sides.

Looking up from the leaves filled with food, Cody pauses for a moment and gestures down to a place beside her. "Hey Jo, want to have a seat? We're just building some nets and things…" By we, she means she is as they gather more food. As the woman finishes her second banana, she closes her eyes and begins to concentrate. At a pace of two feet a minute a myriad thin wires of strong hair grows from her scalp. They are immediately attended to by the hunters who tie the ends to some carefully carved spikes.

When the trip wires are finished, Cody opens her eyes again and raises her eyebrows at Jo. "I don't know if Mark talked to you yet, you decided to stay or what?"

Jo twitches as her eyes flash a different emotion. Her lips curl upwards, "Yes. I'm staying. Have I ever shied away from a fight… even ones I can't win— " She blinks a few moments before decidedly she balls her hands into heavy fists with the proficiency her training gives her.

With a twist of her torso and the full force of her weight behind it, the fist flies towards Cody's jaw. It's a cross-cut. Not her most powerful punch, but a punch nonetheless.

Cody falls backward into the dirt from the force of punch, even if it isn't Jo's most powerful, it's quite a blow. The little hunters all jump from their seats and arm themselves, shouting at the brunette woman and urging her to back away.

That is, until Cody stands up and waves them off.

Turning slowly toward Jo, the blonde touches her lip and brings a bit of blood into view. She stares at it for a moment and then looks up at Jo. She's annoyingly cool and collected, the undertow is whirling underneath the calm facade. "You really shouldn't have done that…" A wad of blood is spit out onto the ground before her icy blue eyes find Jo's. "You really really shouldn't have done that."

"I'm sorry— did that come out of left field? Doesn't feel good getting things out of left field does it?" Jo's eyebrows furrow slightly as she outright smirks. "That's pretty much what it was like when one of our comrades told me a happy little fact about you! A comrade you've known what— like… a month?" Her eyebrows now arch as she brings her fists up towards her face. Always protect the face. Nothing like a physical action to illustrate a more figurative meaning. But then Jo doesn't talk about feelings; that would make her a girl. Or something like it.

"What the hell are you talking about Jo?" Cody intones as she takes a defensive stance. She bounces in place as she eyes the other woman, looking for a weakness or some kind of chink in her armor. "About this? About what I can do?" Ducking down, a long whip of hair snakes out and wraps itself around Jo's ankle. Then Cody takes her guard down and grips the braid and pulls, attempting to knock Jo off her feet. "You think it was easy keeping something like this from you? Knowing that you'd either put me in a collar or kill me? Huh? You think I want to hide? I have a job to do. I had a job to do."

"Fu— " Cody's trick does its magic and Jo is on her feet but using her opposite leg, she attempts to knock Cody off her feet in a single fluid motion. Her legs have always been her most powerful feature; something she doesn't capitalize on often. "I get secrets, Baker," she hisses as she uses the brunt of her weight to deliver another kick, this time to Cody's abdomen. "Do you seriously think I would've killed you— I couldn't do it when the order came in— "

Cody's entire body seems to fold around Jo's foot as the kick sinks into her stomach. A mouthful of blood spews from her mouth and she falls and collapses on the ground. Her eyes are closed, her tanned face ashen, and for all intents and purposes, she seems either out of it or dead.

The hunters, spears in hand, inch forward. All of them are ready to let loose a volley on the blessed one's attacker. Then Cody's eyes fly open and she's bounding to her feet. Like a woman possessed, she turns to Jo and glares at her through a lowered brow of fury. From her forearms, an array of sharp quills sprout, cutting through her own skin like razors. From her head, the long whips of hair braid themselves into a single tail with a sharp point at the end.

"When the order came in… what about before that? The ends justify the means, Jo, would you have understood how I betrayed every one of my kind that I met because I was trying to climb to the top of the pyramid?" Then with a scream of rage, she begins charging at the other woman. Once she nears, she swings her arm around to try to cut the other soldier with the razor sharp needles growing from her arm.

It's Jo's turn to spit blood as blood trickles down her arm from the now-created razor like scratches. She raises a booted foot to deliver another heavy blow, this time to force Cody to back-up. Jo has experience against evolveds, but not against combat-trained evolveds. "I. Wouldn't. Have. Done. It." Believe it or not, it's the truth. Although she probably would've kicked the crap out of Cody still.

She twitches, "You've never given me a reason to distrust you." The until now is implied, all things considered. She reaches down for a thick heavy branch from the ground, wielding it now to keep some distance between herself and her target.

The boot catches Cody in the side and she skids a little in the dust. Her eyes narrow some at Jo and she grits her teeth. "At the time I didn't know what you're capable of. You shot that woman in the leg and left her. She was crippled without her ability for shit's sake and you left her to die. Do you know how many of us died?!"

She charges forward again, this time she runs right past Jo and whirls around her. The long whip of hair winds around the woman twice, the angry tip baring down. With a shriek of anger the spike dives down toward Jo's chest…

The world goes black.


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