2007-07-09: Get Carter: Raging On


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Also Guest Starring: John Carter

Summary: The battle between one man versus a small army continues. A veteran hero joins Ramon's group.

Date It Happened: July 9, 2007

Get Carter: Raging On

Abandned Metalworks Building, South Syracuse, New York

*God is always listening, Carter,* Ramon agrees, now feeling a sort of grim calm. *And that should scare the shit out of you.* He creeps up after Lachlan, considering. The man gave himself a command to ignore programming—and Ramon isn't sure how he's made people see things in the past. He decides that he's got no other bags of tricks. He's got his friends and his guns and he's keeping them all in contact. That's enough.

Lachlan's got a Tommy gun and lots of dogs. That's about all he needs. So he's following after the latter while carrying the former at the ready.

Jack is pissed. Jack is very pissed. Like Lachlan, he has a Thompson in hand and he's following the sounds of barking as fast as he's able. In the last day this Carter has taken so much from him. His beloved Julia. His girlfriend, Trina. His niece. The thought of Elena trapped somewhere in this place is infuriating. His mouth is pressed into a thin, grim line and his unswollen eye is narrowed warily.

After what he'd just left, Peter isn't sure what to expect, but he's entering the second floor with one important thing missing. His earplugs. This allows him to hear better where things are coming from, but he also makes out the roaring laughter just fine too. Unarmed, except for his abilities, he tries to get closer. Yeah, sorry he's late. Like them, he has a grim line across his mouth, a little paler than normal, and even a little sweaty.

The barking, snarling dogs manage to find him, all launching a vicious attack on the man. John Carter doesn't waste any time. He turns the gun on the beasts attacking him and fires without a thought. He'll either wound or kill all of them, but one manages to grab onto his foream and drive its fangs deep. The loud roar of pain is evident, giving them more direction as to where to go. The east wing is vast, stretching out in two directions, and it sounds like it came from the right.

RAMON, LACHLAN, JACK: The deadly trio of Men would find him, staggering outside of a room and slamming into a wall, blood from the dog bite spattering down on the floor. But his perception isn't aged, it's -seasoned-. He sees them before they could see him. And what follows next is a rapid fire of pistols, bullets searing towards them from the hallway where they have little recourse to duck and cover save for two adjoining rooms on the left wall, as the other wall is full of windows. And then? He'll leap towards the other side, and turns around the corner.

PETER: While at the second floor, he'll hear muffled noises. He's still a little bit far away from the group. Unknowingly, however, Carter's shadow that's just turned the corner is moving towards his back, his gun aimed, thankfully, not at his head but at his back. And he doesn't hesitate to pull the trigger. OUT OF THE WAY, PRETTY BOY.

Ramon has never been shot before. Now he gets to learn that even being grazed by a bullet hurts like a son of a bitch, and he probably should have invested in a little thing called Kevlar. He lets out a low, rasping cry of pain and fury and drops the gun in his left hand. The entire back of his left hand is covered in blood and the pain is so intense he can't close his hand. The thing just clatters down there. The wound is both bleeding and burnt, but it just pisses him off more. Not enough to make him recover fast enough to fire just yet though. He's tough, but this is the first combat he's ever been in.


That's the sound of a Scotsman taking a bullet. Nothing debilitating or life-threatening, mind. Like Ramon, it's what would be classified as a graze — only this one's deeper and located on Lachlan's left upper arm. It cuts a nice rip into the muscle and hurts like hell, making it hard to move that arm at first. After twisting around into one of the two adjoining rooms, he slams his back to the wall and slides down to a sitting position. He immediately starts to rip a strip off the hem of his shirt, grumbling something very foul under his breath.

There's a reason that Elena's the only person to ever successfully shoot Jack. The Irishman is fast. Not only that, he has the same aversion to being shot that he has to being punched. He grabs Ramon by the back of the shirt and hauls him behind cover as bullets whiz by them both. Several rounds tear into the wall near his head, spattering him with dust and bits of debris. He drops to one knee and braces his weapon to fire, but Carter is already out of sight. Jack glances at Ramon. They have injured, and they have no idea that Peter is about to get shot in the guts. "SHIT! What's the play, Sarge?"

Thank you for not shooting at his head. Not that the man would know this particular weakness. Still, the first bullet does hit him in the back, enough to make Peter stumble forward and have to catch himself against a nearby wall as he turns to face him. The bullet's popping out of his back already as he turns, and he raises a hand to attempt to slow or deflect the bullets that may follow. He's not well versed in this particular thing, but he's seen Sylar do it before. It might work. And it also may slow the man down a little, something he doesn't realize is important at all. But he recognizes the man's bald form, even in this lack of light and the smoke. That's easy to recognize.

*We need to fix it so he has nowhere to run but back towards us,* Ramon replies grimly. *We keep playing cat and mouse like this and he's going to lead us back over to something else he's set up. One of us needs to get ahead of him or the dogs are going to have to harry him back this way. We're not going to make it in a chase. This is his ground.*

While the trio regroups, and Peter gets shot, John Carter aims more bullets at him - rapid firing towards Petrelli the Younger's body. However, the bullets in mid-air slow and stop…and then just drop harmlessly. While he's -heard- about this thanks to the bug in Elena's crucifix, he narrows his eyes, both men squaring off for a moment while Ramon's group rallies somewhere behind him….

But the approaching dogs, whichever ones he hasn't killed yet, can be heard snarling behind him. He has no time. While this is his ground, he's also outnumbered one to four and an ARMY OF DOGS that are still going at him. So he does the next best thing. He charges forward, an open-palm moving for Peter's face, but he doesn't stop there. If he hits, he hits. If he doesn't, he'll keep moving, because his target is the metal rails in front of him. He grabs the ends once he's through, and sends himself over. He would die, if he fell straight down…

But Ramon is right. This IS his ground.

He lands on the landing mid-point between the first floor and the second floor. Tilting his head up, he smirks at Peter, tips him a salute, and then hurdles the rails again to land back into the first floor. And keep moving. If Ramon isn't going to chase, he'll force the issue, because now? He's trying to get away. No more games.

LACHLAN: The dogs are sending signals back at Lachlan. BAD GUY GETTING AWAY BLEEDING GETTING AWAY as they scramble/limp/bleed down the stairs as the siege charge after him.

Tying off his makeshift pressure bandage, Lachlan rises to his feet again, taking off the signals of the dogs. *Stop. Come back.* To Ramon and the others, he adds, *He's gettin' away. Peter, can ye teleport some dogs? Can set 'em outside ta make sure he doesna leave the buildin'.* There are two left of the four he initially brought, both bleeding, but it's the best he's got right now.

*Peter's here?* Ramon asks, and then he considers. *He has to get down to the first floor. Jack, can you get there now? Lachlan, let's try to go back down and cut him off from our stairwell.* The man's running. He's running. So Ramon is going to at least /try/ to do what he hasn't figured out fully before. He focuses, and tries to force the sensation on Carter that his whole body is crawling with thousands of black widow spiders, even as he goes running back down.

*I can do that.* Jack mentally agrees with Ramon. The sound of more gunfire from ahead spurs him into action. Unwilling to wait any longer, he ducks out of the room and sprints up the hallway in the direction of the confrontation. He rounds the corner just in time to catch Carter's leap. Though he passes Peter, Jack never breaks stride. He hurls himself over the railing right after Carter. He doesn't have knowledge of terrain on his side, but he's nimble enough to make it in one piece. As soon as he's sure he didn't break any bones, he's up and running again. *I'm on 'im. Hurry.*

Dodging out of the way of the hand, Peter gets away, but unfortunately that isn't where he was aiming anyway, so his hand goes on the railing and he watches as the man jumps down to the lower levels. Cursing a little under his breath, he moves as if to attempt to follow, when he hears a voice in his head and is forced to glance. Dogs? ~I— I can't do that, I've never…~ That's as far as he gets when Jack buzzes right past him and jumps down to the lower level. Wow. And he can't even fly. Unwilling to be outshown when he /can/ fly, he puts his hand on the rail and jumps. He'd REALLY wanted to fly ahead of the man and stop him from getting too far away— but things didn't work out that way. And he hits the ground with quite a cracking thud. Probably broke a leg on that one. Ow.

JACK AND PETER: Given Jack manages to NINJA himself down to the lower floors, he would get there first, landing lightly on the ground. He doesn't see anything, but he can hear footsteps, running, and fast, further down the hall. And then, he'll see it, the sudden crack of light, and a metallic bang. His greatest fears for this entire mission might be realized when he realizes the bang sound is the back door flying to the side. The dim light of the breaking dawn can be seen outside. This time, Carter pauses, looking over his shoulder. Flashing a smirk in Jack's direction, he turns tail, and runs out of the building. Didn't Cass say she spotted a car somewhere in the premises? Time was running out.

LACHLAN: The dogs stop at his command. They snarl and whine, and limp around the stairs, waiting for their master as they look over at him. GETTING AWAY is transmitted to him. One of them's tasted blood, it's hard to resist going after fresh meat especially when it can scent its blood a mile away.

Clearly nothing is happening, and Ramon is getting desparate. That desparation lends itself to a burst of speed that is not at all power induced. He's just thundering down the stairs. When he gets there, he rounds and aims his gun. Not at the man who is fleeing. No not that yet. No, rather than search for him, given that Jack and Peter are on him, he's going to turn and fire at the tires of the getaway car.

Hot on Ramon's heels are Lachlan and the dogs. Only when he gets outside, he doesn't aim his gun at the getaway car. Nope. He aims it at the getaway guy. Gritting his teeth against the pain using the Tommy gun with his injured arm, he aims a spray of bullets at Carter himself, simultaneously telepathically sicking the two remaining strays on the man as well. Hell no. He's not getting away.

Jack's limping, but he grits his teeth and pushes on with a peculiar hopskip that's nearly as fast as his normal gait. He's lost his Tommy gun in the fall from the second floor, so he draws his bulky revolver en route to the busted-in doorway. When he reaches it, he props his shoulder against the frame to steady himself as he lifts his weapon and fires a single carefully aimed shot at the fleeing murderer's head.

Standing up, Peter tries his best to get back to his feet, snapping bones back into place. Ow. This would hurt tomorrow, but thanks to a certain cheerleader, it won't hurt much longer. Still, he limps after them now, moving a little further behind them as they shoot weapons at the man, and the tires… Instead of shooting, for he has no firearms to shoot with, he reaches for the vehicle that they're attempting to keep him from, and tries his best to slide it further away, even attempting to flip it over onto it's side. Since they seem inclined to stop him it'd be hard to get away in a flipped car, isn't it?

Several things happen at once.

Carter was running now, headed for the shack that held the tarped car. While RAMON'S bullets miss, LACHLAN's dogs do not. They manage to drag down the man and he proceeds to fight them off, shooting them in the heads as they claw and bite and scratch at him. Because of this, however, JACK's bullets aimed for his head miss the man himself….

But NOT the car.

As everyone runs out of the building to give chase, with PETER stretching out his TK to toss and flip over the car, the metallic vehicle spirals in the air at the force of the TK. The well-aimed bullets from Jack's gun sear through the air, and as if in slow motion, they punch right into the gas tank as the car is in the middle of flipping over.

The car is reduced into an airborne fireball, the shockwave spiraling away from it and knocking down anything unfortunate to be in its path as the only getaway vehicle available in range is OBLITERATED. There's no going back from that

Back in the building, the women reach a crisis of their own...

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