2007-10-25: Raising The Odds


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Summary: A phone call wakes Peter up from another of his flu-induced naps. A certain phrase makes him get out of the house yet again to make a difference and increase the odds. Namely, Kitty mentions her burns, and the small chance that they'll ever heal. Oh, and he "borrows" his brother's car.

Date It Happened: October 25, 2007

Raising the Odds

Over the Phone

The time is evening, but not to late to where Kitty would think anyone is sleeping. She sits on her couch and Tiger is curled up in her lap purring as she ruffles the cat. The young woman is currently looking at her cellphone and going through her contacts until she hits the button to place the call to Peter Petrelli.

In quarantine in the mansion, Peter's lingering in bed. Early instead of all day this time. Still partially dressed, it's more likely he'd just laid down to take a short nap. The ringtone of his phone starts him into awareness, and he reaches over to fumble with it for a minute. Finally he presses the right button and brings the phone to his ear. "Hello?" he asks, voice hoarse and dazed. And he'd not had the chance to glance at the source of the call.

"Oh! Are you sleeping? Sorry Peter it's Kitty" she says in an apologetic tone, her cat runs off her lap and into the next room. "I didn't mean to wake you, I was just calling to check in on you because we haven't talked since that second meeting of ours"

"No, no, it's— it's fine," Peter says, shifting out from under the small blanket that someone laid on top of him. Throwing his feet off the bed, he rubs a free hand over his face. "Really, I was just taking a nap. I'd been meaning to call you, but… I've been sick lately and I keep forgetting things. Are you okay?"

"Aw I'm sorry, do you have a icky virus or something?" concern is in Kitty's voice as she stands to lean against the wall. "I've been better, I met the acid woman that we saw in the dream. I met her twice, the first she burned a part of my face but the second, the cop Namir was there to help and I think they took her down, I'm not sure because I ran to get help"

"I heard about that," Peter says, wincing a little from where he's sitting quite a distance away. "Sharon called me afterward." There's so much going on, but that name sounds so familiar. The cop. Maybe it'll come to him later. "The acid woman is definitely behind bars again, and the one who cut people. They won't be hurting people anymore." He hopes. "How bad were you injured?"

A sigh could be heard as Kitty sinks to the floor against the wall with her eyes closed. "You don't know how good that feels to know that they back to where they can do no harm" Brushing a strand out of her hair, "She only got a few burns on my face, I wear bandages mostly to cover them up. The doctor said that there is a small chance of them healing" she doesn't ask if Peter can heal her, he is sick of course that would be rude. "I talk to Jane about the dream, it didn't go over well at all"

It's those words. Small chance of healing. Peter rubs his hand over his face. If he'd have stopped her when he had the chance, she never would have gotten hurt. "I'm sorry it didn't go well with Jane. I can call her and let her know that the person who hurt her in the dream is captured, so you don't have to. But… Kitty… Can you travel right now?"

Kit stops and looks to window, "Yes I can travel, why what's up? You want to meet?" she asks and also adds, "Thank you for offering to call Jane, I don't know exactly what to say to her"

"I should have called her the first time, honestly," Peter says, sighing audibly on the phone. "I've known her longer than you. I've just been avoiding her since I broke up with her roommate." It's probably not the best reason to avoid someone, but people get emotional about those sorts of things! "But yes, I'd like to meet you somewhere." There's a pause, as if he's trying to think of a place. Then he gives directions to a park, close to his brother's mansion. "I'm going to borrow my brother's car." Which he also describes. Black and nice. "It'll just be a quick meeting…"

"Ah, those can lead to awkward situations" Kitty says in a quiet voice and then after a moment of pondering. "Ok, I'll be there" she says and quickly clicks off as she grabs the keys to her baby, Roxanne.

"Yeah. I'll be there as soon as I can, but— don't be offended if I'm wearing a mask and gloves, okay? As far as I know this flu-like virus I have isn't spreading, but I don't want to take any chances either." Peter's on the move as he says this, already making his way to the door to sneak out downstairs and "borrow" his brother's car.


When Kitty pulls up to the park in her vintage baby, the engine is cut off and she quickly gets out of the car. She is wearing a dark sweater and dark blue jeans with a pair of black sneakers, her face has bandages n it and she looks around, searching for Peter.

On the way to the car, Peter grabbed a first aid kit as well, including the mask and gloves he wore to drive over. He also washed up in the downstairs bathroom. All the percautions he can take. The rather fancy black car can be seen parked, and when she steps out of the car, he opens the door and steps out, complete with said face mask over his mouth, and the latex gloves. Hopefully the cops won't pull him over as a suspicious character. He's pale, though, and he looks as if he has the flu.

"Aww McWonder, you look horrible. We really didn't have to meet" she says and she walks quickly over towards Peter but doesn't get to close, she doesn't know if what he has is contagious. "What is it? The flu?" she asks and her eyes are studying Peter, she hates to see people she knows sick or in pain.

"No, we really did have to," Peter says with a visible wince, mostly around his forehead. "Before you got hurt— a few days after I last saw you— I ran into the acid woman. I had a chance to stop her for good and I didn't. You wouldn't have been hurt. It's my fault." He pulls off the gloves and some waterless hand sanatizer from his pocket. "It's got symptoms similar to the flu, but it's not exactly the flu. It hasn't spread to anyone else, yet, despite exposure, so I doubt this meeting will put you in more danger than you were the last time we met." But still, he rubs his hands clean, and then steps closer and reaches up to touch her face. Healing is a quick process. Painless.

"Ah I hope nobody else catches it, that would be horrible. Is it affecting your abilties?", Kitty looks to the sky and says, "Remember what I said? You can't do everything alone Peter. No good blaming yourself for everything now is it. If you keep that up, you won't be able to save the world" Kitty says and smiles softly at Peter and when Peter heals her, she removes the bandages touches her face. No burns, nothing. Her eyes are wet with unshed tears as she looks up to Boy McWonder. "Thank you so much" she says softly, her hair is pushed behind her ears, "I owe you one, big time" Kitty is happy to be healed but also nervous of Peter's well being. "Are you going to be okay?" the young visionary says to the man that just helped her.

There's a deep breath, but as Peter feels it work, he takes a few quick steps back to get distance between them… and even ends up leaning against his brother's car. "Yeah, I know. Everyone keeps telling me that. I know I can't do this all by myself. But it really is my fault this time," he stubbornly insists. "And I fixed it. Just don't go see the doctor you saw about that for a while." Cause miracle cures always earn weird looks. "All my abilities are fine— well— almost all of them. I can still heal people. And that's what mattered today. I'll be fine."

Kitty looks Peter up and down and then nods her head, "Okay, do check in won't you? Or I'll just check in on you myself" Kitty begins to back away to her car but she stops and then rushes to give Peter a much deserved hug, he earned it and she quickly begins backing away again. "I'll be around if you ever need to talk or anything. When you see Elena let her know I miss her and the gang, I know I've been M.I.A. for awhile" Kitty chuckles lightly and then her facial expression changes to one of solace, "Thanks again, I won't forget this" and with that Kitty opens Roxanne and prepares to hop in the car to speed away towards home.

"I'll give you a call if there's any changes— or after I talk to Jane." Peter says, watching her for a moment before he straightens to add. "Elena's sick with me, so she hasn't had much contact with her group either. But I'll tell her to give you a call sometime." He smiles faintly behind the mask as he straightens to get back into his car. Should get back inside as soon as possible. "Even if I'm sick, you can still call on me if you have problems. I'm glad I could help you," he calls out before she gets in and speeds away. Time to go home.

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