Randall's Relationships

Portia Maddox

Singer, accepted to Juilliard's pre-college program. Misinterpreting her singing as evidence of an ability, he talked her into letting him record her. Later, he stumbled across her real ability (invisibility), leading to a series of anonymous messages and eventually an admission. More recently, they've done some public performances together, to the point that a studio offered to sign both of them.

Once inadvertently got drunk and fell asleep with him on his couch, after which he avoided her for a few months until she randomly ran across him again. Later, the run-in was echoed the other way round with Carrie, which wasn't as bad, but the aftermath was still all kinds of awkward. They've finally gotten together now— and he's damn well going to get it right this time, because it's his last chance.


Carrie Slaughter

Came to New York after spending two years in a mental institution. Having experienced her healing touch first-hand, he knew they were wrong, and resolved to keep her convinced. Two weeks later, tired of couch-surfing and drawn to him like a magnet (and vice versa), she moved into his apartment - but diverging career paths soon threatened to pull the relationship apart. Until, one day, she suddenly wasn't there any more, and it evaporated.


Jade Eastley

She may be a smart-ass slacker, but she has a good aura, and he needed someone to help out at the pawn shop. After traveling in more or less the same circles for a while, the government did finally come after both of them, forcing them to crash at a safehouse until they could get back on their feet. Nowadays, she's running the place on her own while he figures out his next move.

There was a one-night stand, early on— but there were circumstances! Stop looking at him like that!


Lee Jones

Reluctant manager of The Secret Lair, a comic book store, by dint of being related to the owner. His snarkiness was excusable, especially after he blundered into an ambush intended for Randall - but once he heard about the thing with Portia, he took Kory's side and turned the full force of his scorn on Randall himself, who is just as happy to avoid the man altogether.


Claire Bennet

Peter's niece, and another resident of his safehouse back when the government was on the warpath, on account of being immortal. She tipped Randall off that they may have actually been pursuing a human-weapons program. They had each other worried that there might be a turncoat in their midst, but have gotten over it; she was more just relieved to be able to talk to someone who understands her situation, but isn't weighed down by past history like her family. On the other hand, she still can't help dwelling on the long-term implications of her ability, having met a much older example in the flesh.

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