2008-09-02: Rather Have A Bungee Cord


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Lee and Sophie are finally done laying low after the FBI and injuries plagued them.

Date It Happened:

September 2, 2008

Rather Have A Bungee Cord

New York City, New York

It has been a little while, at least, since Sophie has been socializing, it seems. But she doesn't seem too worse for wear. Except, maybe, her hair is quite a bit shorter than it used to be. She is seated at one of the tables at the moderately busy cafe, cup of coffee in hand while she idly flips through a book.

Lee has also avoided the other inhabitants of that room for a while, just on the off-chance that the FBI is perhaps aware that he didn't just get pushed out the window and hung onto a ledge, he was thrown from the window with great force and ended up walking across the wall like Spiderman in a The Cribs bootleg shirt. So he's immersed himself in getting ready for the school year again and tried to keep from doing anything suspicious. But events have died down enough that he can at least try to find out what happened there, and Sophie was there, and now she's here, so here he is, in his corduroy jacket and shooter-style sunglasses, against the setting sun, scanning for her and zipping on over. "Hey, Sophie." he says with his charming half-smile.

Sophie looks up, at first a little surprised. It takes a second for recognition to hit, then she breaks into her own sunny smile and says, "Oh, hello there, Lee." she waggles the fingers of, yes, a hand wearing gloves. Unlike certain pop stars, both of her hands are wearing them. "It has been a while. How.. how have you been?" with real concern, given the circumstances of the last meeting.

Lee says, "I'm good, I was a bit sore for a little while, but no harm done. I wanted to talk to you about what happened after I left. I know Cam was in there. I'd ask Kory, but…" He pauses, then shrugs slightly. He just won't. It's not time to ask her yet. He seats himself opposite Sophie with grace, his long-fingered hand wrapping around his own cardboard-sleeved coffee cup.

Sophie pauses, looking a bit curious, and worried. She cradles her own coffee cup and she says, "Yes.. he was." softly, "Its a little.. hazy, after a certain point, though."

Lee says simply, "I heard a gunshot, and then I couldn't….couldn't get back in. Was someone shot?"

Sophie ahhs and she says, "Y.. yes, from what I heard. I was unconscious by then. But I know.. it wasn't Cam." she murmurs, quietly.

Lee looks surprised, and even a bit alarmed: "How did you go unconscious? Were you hurt? Was it that guy who was disguised as Peter?"

Sophie nods and she says, keeping her voice low, "He seemed to have quite a few tricks. I guess.. he gathers them from other people? One of them seemed to involve electricty." she winces a bit in memory.

Lee shakes his head. "What a miserable life that must have been." Only Lee could see constantly increasing power evolving towards godhood as a misery. "But you're all right now? Was anyone else hurt?"

Sophie nods as she says, "Well, my heart didn't stop, fortunately. I did have quite a surface burn, hair was pretty fried. I was unconscious quite a while, but all in all.. could've been worse. Nobody else.. well, other than the man, they did alright."

Lee says quietly, "…was he the one shot? If you know. I don't want to get you in trouble. They questioned me for a long time."

Sophie nods as she says, "Yes, he was." she says softly, "Or I was told that. I'm afraid everything was over when I came to."

Lee nods, leaning back in his chair and sipping his coffee. He seems disturbed by the news. "I don't even know what the hell he wanted." he says, regret in his voice. "Why would someone just come charging in like that and start throwing people around? It doesn't make any sense."

Sophie bites her lower lip, and she says, "I think.. he wanted just to get rid of us.. well, people like us. I know, well, I know he hurt Peter."

Lee looks sour at "people like us". "Like that's going to happen." he says sarcastically. "What, was he going to go from apartment to apartment? Ugh. The low quality of superpowered serial killers these days."

Sophie murmurs, "Kind of helps to have the assistance, I imagine, of law enforcement." she shrugs. "And that's exactly what they did. Go from apartment to apartment." she notes.

Lee says, "What, they were helping him? I thought they were looking for him. This guy had government contacts?"

Sophie pauses, "I don't know. I mean.. honestly, the way things have been going.." she rubs her forehead, "Things used to be much simpler, and I really miss when I thought the most obvious explanation was the right one."

Lee thinks he is commiserating when he says: "I know, exactly, it's annoying, right? It's the most annoying thing in the world. What's the situation? Well, it might be what you think or it might be…" And here he flexes his lengthy fingers in a aren't-I-spooooky manner, "…something seeeecret and paranoooooormal. Give me a break. At least that Pinehearst place burned down, I assume because someone rubbed two thoughts together and figured out that insurance fraud would be a lot more productive than what they were doing."

Sophie smiles a bit wryly. "In the end, as long as they aren't coming after me now, and that man is gone.. I have to be content." she glances at her hands, "Some things.. they're a bit more out of reach."

Lee catches her tone enough to be more gentle when he says, "What do you mean, out of reach?"

Sophie shrugs and says, "Things being simple, safe.. some of the regular stuff I used to take for granted." she takes a breath. "I guess I should try and concentrate on the positives."

Lee says, "Exactly, that's what I'm doing. School, work. Things are going great with Joule. I got a call from Nima, the store in Philadelphia is doing great, there's a possibility of an electronic game franchise opening up somewhere too. All this nonsense eventually will go away. It will all just be something that everyone deals with like traffic or the weather."

Sophie's eyes widen. "I hope not. I really wouldn't want.." she raises her hands, in gloves. "This to become a common problem."

Lee says, "It won't be any more common than, say, mugging. I mean, statistically, it's going to keep happening. Eventually it's going to come out and eventually we'll work out how to deal with it, just like with everything else that's come along in all of history." He's not casual about it, exactly, but he does have a strange confidence that lights his eyes when he says it.

Sophie says, glancing over, "You really think so? I mean.. we are different, and historically, we don't deal so well with differences, especially with a small segment of the population, a difference that can be perceived as being dangerous, and that some might still manage to envy." Yeah, she's thought about the implications.

Lee says, "It'll take work, of course, lots of work, no question. But there's nothing special about this thing, Sophie. No great destiny waiting. No fate looming over us. It's vanity to think otherwise, and that's all." with a reassuring smile. Almost cocky, like he knows the end of the story.

Sophie looks puzzled. "I never thought I had a great destiny." she smiles wryly. "I mean, really.. my ability.. I can't imagine how that would even help with something like that. Its just pretty much made my life much harder, and sometimes I can do something useful with it." she sighs. "I can also not date, and get heatstroke in the summer time."

Lee says, "Right, exactly. That's the right attitude. Who cares? Eventually everyone will have that attitude. It won't be an issue. See? We're already on our way there." He takes a big gulp of his coffee. "I teach the kids about equality and the brotherhood of man, Kory sells people comics divided up by power so they can identify with it, and each of us does our part. That's the only plan that'll ever work."

Sophie chuckles, "Well, then I guess I'm ahead of the curve." she shrugs. 'Might be different if I did something a bit more useful." she shrugs. "Or if I could control better when it happened, other than by contact. But, it is what it is."

Lee says, "That's what I'm saying. It wouldn't be 'useful', whatever it was. What's of use is the other work of life."

Sophie's brows go up. "So, you think that what we do, none of it is of any use whatsoever. Nothing but a disability."

Lee says, "You said it yourself, it's a huge annoyance. I wouldn't say it's never useful. I wouldn't recommend getting thrown out a window without it, or a bungee cord. But all in all, I'd prefer the bungee cord."

Sophie says, "But most of us don't carry those around, or have time to use it when.. well, you had what happened. Well, so basically we're just a new class of disabled?"

Lee says, "If Cam gets under too much pressure or too angry, he can go somewhere else. Elisabetha is going through a normal period of alienation but she identifies it with entropy so much that she's terrified of it, it's affected her mental health. It's not about 'disability', it never has been. It's about accomodation. Handicapped parking spaces aren't for people because we feel sorry for them, it's because it helps them get around and have a more normal life. Same principle."

Sophie pauses, 'So, you are saying that our abilities actually manifest due to mental problems?"

Lee laughs, "Not at all. But eventually society will accomodate itself to people who can shoot electricity, and there will be laws about it, and some etiquette, and maybe some jobs will change because of it, and maybe schools will change a bit, and life will go on."

Sophie smiles a bit wryly. "I have no idea what sort of laws they will be, but that should be interesting to see. Is this before or after the laboratory and torch and pitchfork period?"

Lee grins back. "No torces, no pitchforks, none of those Frankenstein rake type things, but if you think there shouldn't be a laboratory period, you've got another thing coming. But c'mon, we already have a whole industry and government sector devoted to ethical research with human subjects. That work is done."

Sophie notes, "Laboratory research on humans is voluntary. At least the ethical kind is. I'm not sure if I'd be wanting to volunteer."

Lee says, "Others would. Others would be paid for it. Clearly there's a lot of work that needs to be re-done. What if something goes wrong in someone's brain because doctors didn't know that these sorts of things were possible? They'll have to start over from the beginning like everyone else."

Sophie pauses, "With grave robbing and drilling holes in people's skulls?"

Lee cracks up at the idea, laughing and leaning back in his chair. He finishes off his coffee. "Take care of yourself, Sophie. And thanks for getting Elisabetha to me. She did well this summer. At least as much as she could."

Sophie nods, "I'm glad I was some help. She.. was a special circumstance. I think she deserves better than she was getting."

Lee says, "There's a lot of people in that boat, with no one working to help them either." He gets to his feet and tosses the coffee cup at the garbage can. It's a solid twelve feet away and he nails it. "She's lucky you and Kory were around. Call me, or come visit at Brubaker sometime, all right?"

Sophie smiles at that. "Alright, I might take you up on that sometime. Thank you for your help with Elisabetha, and take care, ok?" She's still got her coffee, and the book she's probably studying.

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