2010-03-01: Ready to Go?



Date: March 1st, 2010, immediately following The Other Shoe


Jamie goes to find Trent to tell him they're moving, and they get a big surprise.

"Ready to Go?"

Music Store, then Fred's Apartment

It's late afternoon, and already Trent's been out a couple hours. He's at the guitar shop as usual, and playing with the guitars. He had recently found one he really likes, similar to the one his dad had and the shop owner seems not to mind the boy there, playing with them. So long as he's careful. Which he is.. very. After promising to keep it low, it's even hooked to an amp today, and thoug he still sounds terrible, since he's never had any kind of 'real' lessons, other then watching his dad.. and what little his dad did teach him about it. Trent seems to be having fun, and he is pretending like he's a real rock star. Though, he's not smashing it, like some might.

When she doesn't find Trent around the apartment, Jamie's first stop is the music store. She grins as she hears him playing, and quickly makes her way back to find him. She waves for his attention so she doesn't have to yell and draw attention.

Trent it doesn't take buta minute before he spots Jamie and grins, unhooking the amp, turning it off and setting the guitar back on it's stand where it belongs. "Hi…" he looks around then says, "Sis, what's up?" he asks, not sure how well her name will go over out in public.

Jamie starts to lead Trent back outside immediately, and says softly, "C'mon, we gotta go pack. We're going somewhere new tonight, soon as Sydney tells Fred." She doesn't explain more than that while they're in the store.

Trent blinks and just nods. "Oh.." looking back at the store, the store he'll probably never see again now.." He frowns but follows after Jamie to wherever. He knows they can't talk in public about it, so he waits till they are back at the appartment, which isn't too awful far away.

Jamie leads the way back towards the apartment, not saying much of anything on their way back. She's moving fast, not running but not slowing down for much either (unless Trent can't keep up). A bench in her way? Instead of going around, she goes over it. People she dodges around so close a few check their pockets, though she doesn't take anything. She's no pickpocket, she's just practicing her parkour as well as she can without leaving Trent behind.

Though far, apparently not too far, as the shop owner comes running down the street, with a guitar case in hand. "Trent!, Hey kid, wait up a sec." A bit out of breath, because well, he's not young, and he's a smoker.

Trent hears his name pauses, "What? I didn't take anything, I swear.." And starts emptying his pockets, and other then a $20 his pockets are empty. What could he steal at a music shop other then picks anyway and he doesn't even have one of them.

The shop owner chuckles, "No, it's nothing like that kid. Relax.." he says, once he catches up. "I've been watching you for awhile, a lot longer then you realize. Even back when you were living on the streets. Yes I saw you then, for three years now, all over the city. Tell you what. I know kids on the streets don't have birthdays or Christmas, tell you what I'm going to do."

Trent looks the man over then Jamie..

Jamie stops at the call and blinks, looking back to Trent and up to the shop owner as he comes running up. She stays quiet for a moment, listening and watching. She gets a curious expression, though, and steps back a bit closer to the man and Trent.

The shop owner says, "We got a sale today." he keeps it quiet, so only Trent and Jamie can hear, cause he really doesn't need his store mobbed. "And I heard your story the other day. Your $20 will buy you the Guitar, and the amp, pick and some books to learn on, are free of charge. Today only." he peers over at Jamie and just winks at her. "And maybe you'll share with your sister hmmm?" Apparently he's seen her on TV, and though they are both blonde, he knows they aren't related.

Trent's jaw drops, and he looks to the man, the case, Jamie and he just doesn't know what to say, or do on that. He knows either way, they have to hurry. "I… y.. you're joking right?"

Jamie's eyes widen at the offer as well, "Wow!" She grins at Trent and then looks back up to the man, and says, "I think he means thank you!" And she nudges Trent as she says this.

The man just chuckles at Trent, "I don't joke son." Well, he sort of is, but not in a mean sence. "The look on your face, when you play it, and that it reminds you of your father's, I can't see anyone else having it.

Trent just swallows and blinks and there is a tear in the boy's eye.. "Th… thak you sir, very much.. I.." he swallows again, and hands him the $20. How is he ever going to explain this to Sydney?

The man even opes the case, and it's the one Trent was playing, still warm, and one of those portable clip on amps and a bunch of picks. He's quick to close it, so the wind doesn't take the picks and books tucked in there. He hands the boy the case, ad the sales slip that he already drew up. "And I heard something about packing. I'll miss you." his voice still soft. Figuring it had to do with Jamie ad their kind, and not wanting to cause them any further delay. "Enjoy son…" then he's off back to his shop.

Trent's just standing there, dumbfounded.

Jamie comments to Trent once the man's gone, "That was amazing! Never been so lucky. Don't worry, bet you'll be able to come back. We might not even be going very far. And then you can show him how quick you're learning it, 'cause I bet you'll learn fast. C'mon," and making sure Trent's coming and has the case still, she starts to head back towards the apartment again.

Trent bites his lip, and nods at Jamie, "There are really kind people in this world." he says softly, moving now, the rest of theway home. He has both hands on the case, one on the handle, the other hugging the whole thing tight to him. It's not going anywhere. On the way, "How am I ever going to explain this to Sydney? It's almost, unbelievable."

Jamie nods quickly and says, "It's ok. She can tell when people are lying, so bet she can tell when you're saying the truth too." She grins and walks backwards a few moments as she says, "She'll think it's great! Bet she'll want to call and thank that guy." Then she turns back around again. Soon enough they're back in the apartment, and Jamie says, "Help me pack first, then I'll help you."

Trent smiles, "I hope she does." He still clings to the sales receipt too. Having not looked at it, but well he can't really read anyway. Trent nods and says, "Sure, let me put this on my bed first." And sure enough, he slips into the bedroom he was sleeping in, and sets the case carefully on the bed. Not wanting anything to happen to it. Then tucking the receipt into his pocket. He's then at Jamie's door. Knocking, always knocking before he just walks in.

Jamie nods quickly, "Ok!" By the time Trent comes back, she has her bag out. "C'mon in. Don't gotta knock every time, you know. Just when the door's closed." She's digging her clothes out from where she's been keeping them… not that she has much.

Trent grins, "Yeah I know, just you're a girl, and I'm a boy, just seems like the thing to do." He starts helping, but not sure what he can really do to help, since he's more a stuff and tuck type of packer. But he's at least attempting to fold stuff, though not all that neatly.

Given Jamie's bag is just a backpack that's likely designed for kids to take stuff to school, there's not much in the way of folding necessary. Jamie, at least, just stuffs things away as well, not really caring much about wrinkles it seems.

Trent lets her tuck her underware away, he refuses to touch those. The rest though, seeing as she's not caring is tucked in. He then runs to the bathroom and gets her toothbrush and his too, just to save a trip when it's time to pack his things.

Jamie is soon packed away after she takes the toothbrush, and zips up the bag. Then she explains, "We gotta go, so Fred won't get in trouble. He's working for the people after us, but he's hiding us from them too. But if they ever find out we're here, they could charge him with treason, and that'd be really really bad. If we go, he's safe."

Trent nods and reaches for her bag and carries it out to the other room. "Yeah, I saw a movie once, where treason meant a hanging, or worse." Of course, he doesn't always believe in what he sees in the movies, but he is sure it's still pretty steep. He sets her bag on the couch, then heads to his bedroom to get his bag and begins pulling his things.

Jamie nods quickly and says, "Don't want him in that much trouble. Dunno where we'll go next, but gotta be safer for whoever it is than with Fred." She follows Trent into his room, and starts helping him pack much the same way they did her bag, stuffing things away.

Trent nods, "Yeah, though we didn't see him that much, when he was there he was good to us. I don't want to see him get hurt either." He tucks his socks and underware away, and then amongst the clothes for safety, a pair of pictures they had found on the net of his parents then had framed. Then he's crawling under the bed, and pulls an old cigar box, and a stuffed dog that he hides on people, that were hidden on him when he was in his older clothes and layers of newspaper. He tucks the old floppy dog in the bag, and then opening the box to check it's contents. To make sure nothing's missing.

Jamie helps with the last of the clothes, and then smiles at the dog, "Cool." She looks to the box curiously over Trent's shoulder, and asks, "What's in there?" She hops up then to sit on the edge of the bed.

Trent bites his lip, "Some memories is all." there is a set of rings in the box, men's and women's wedding bands, and the woman's engagement ring. Probably his parents. A set of dog tags. A few game pieces, by the looks, several different games, including the monopoly ones but they look StarWarsey, not the true set. A set of Memory cards rubberbanded together. His birth certificate and social security card. The hospital's certificate with his baby foot prints on them. And a bunch of other little trinkets he probably cobbed, before he was shipped to his Aunts. Things that a seven year old, might think to grab.

Jamie, after a moment's look, says softly, "Oh. You're lucky. I don't got anything like that of my mom." Then she shrugs a bit and sits back until Trent's finished checking it over. "I don't get to keep much even if I had any, 'cause I gotta leave stuff behind every time I escape through the pipes."

Trent shrugs, "Maybe, but sometimes it's sad too, to see them. But I don't ever want to forget. The pocket watch I lost, usually goes in here too but I had to be stupid and carry it in my coat." He closes the lid, and secures it so it won't open and spill in the bag. Then he's pulling his wish books, he's on a second one by now. "You oughtta try and find the spots again, maybe they are still there and you can just find one really good place to hide them." Soon he's packed, and he's zipping up his bag, which is a little full now. "The puppy was mine since I was a baby. There's a picture somewhere with it in the hospital, and baloons in the crib, but I don't know where that is anymore either. Maybe someone back in Willport has the stuff put away, for if I ever get big and come back." Though highly doutful.

Jamie considers that and says, "Maybe I'll check dad's apartment again, dunno if anybody else has rented it or anything. But most of my stuff was at Saul's, in Mexico. And my cellphone's at the school, but not going back there."

Trent nods, "Oh, yeah that could be a bit difficult. Especially all the way down there." He hooks the backpack on his shoulder and then reaches for his guitar. Carrying them out to the living room. He sets the bag aside, then, sttles on the floor with the guitar case, opening it and seeing what all is in there. Instruction manuals for the guitar and amp, which he can't read anyway. He tucks the reciept in the case, so he won't lose that. Though Jamie may notice there is a note on the back, addressed to Trent's Guardian. He is then pulling out the learn to play books and begins to look through them. Tabs, well, at least that's an easier way to learn. "If I were ever yo go there, once we're no longer on the run, I could always look for it for you. Though by now, they probably pitched it."

Jamie reaches to pick up the note, reading it quickly. Even as she reads she says, "You won't be going to *that* school. It's just for kids with powers. Especially ones who can't hide it. Like my best friend Timo, he glows whenever he gets upset."

The note basicly confirms, that the sale was a ligit sale, and that the boy did not steal the guitar. Explained he'd been watching the boy for years, and just thought it would be a good gesture, and a way to cheer him up.

Trent "Oh"s. Then grins, "Yeah, probably not then." He peers at her, "Well that's kinda cool. Glowing that is. Could be handy in dark places." He's then laughing. "Like Rudolph, only not a red nose."

Jamie nods quickly and grins, "He can do more than that too, he can do all sorts of stuff with light. He can even make it look like fireworks are going off, but it's just light. That's how we got in trouble and got grounded." Then she folds up the paper again and explains to Trent, "This is a letter for Sydney. Proves you bought it legit."

Trent blinks and doesn't seem to mind that she took the receipt, but when she explains what it says, "Oh wow… ok maybe I better put that back in there where it's safe, till we see her later." Taking the paper back and tucking it in where it's safe. He's peeking in hidden pockets in the case, and there is a full set of extra stings in a bag, just in case these break. He's responcible for more though. There is also a capo. Pretty much, the guy made sure Trent had just about everything he needs. He pokes through the picks and feels of them, they are verying colors and a couple different types.

Jamie grins as she sees all the stuff, and says, "Wow! That's like five birthdays worth of presents over twenty dollars, I bet. That guy must really like you." Then she says, "Wonder if Sydney's done talking to Fred yet? bet she'd have called us if she was, I guess."

Trent shrugs, "Maybe, he said he's been noticing me all those three years I was on the streets. I don't know, but the one that gave me the $20 I know was cryin. She tried to hide it, but you can just tell sometimes. I didn't mean to make her cry. I just told her what I told Sydney. I know, we aren't supposed to talk to strangers, I just, I don't know. She felt safe to me."

Jamie shrugs a bit and says, "Lots of adults don't like hearing about kids who're on their own and stuff." She smiles and says, "There's lots of nice people." She shrugs then and says, "I'm gonna go make sure I got all my stuff before Sydney calls. Can't wait to find out where we're going."

Trent nods, "Yeah, maybe.. she said it was towards my guitar. And well, that's where it went. Only string attatched is shegets to lay claim she knew me before I became famous." he says with a giggle. "Ok.. I'll be here." And he's soon pulling the guitar and amp out, and is plugging it in and turning it down low. Before he is beginning to play with it a little. Low enough they will hear Sydney yell.

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