2007-03-03: Real Truths


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Summary: Niki arrives back at Monica's residence after her jaunt to Brooklyn and D.L. goes into Suspicious Husband Mode.

Date It Happened: March 3rd, 2007

Real Truths

Monica's Place, New York City

It's late evening when Niki arrives home via a taxi cab, somewhere in the realm of 11:00. That is, she's dropped off at the temporary home that Monica has given the misplaced trio of Niki, D.L. and Micah. While their gracious young benefactor seems to be in bed, she makes her way around the apartment, slipping out of her boots and dropping her purse on a table. Since most of the rooms are cast in darkness, she assumes Micah is in bed, too, but she looks around for her husband.

"Found your way home, huh?" That would be the D.L. He's sitting, somewhere, in the dark. He doesn't sound happy. He doesn't look happy either. He's still wearing the same thing he was wearing not too long ago, but the hood is down. His eyes are lifted up finally as he peers through the darkness of this particular room to see if he can't catch the eyes of his unfaithful wife.

In the idle process of unzipping the winter vest that she'd been wearing instead of a coat while the weather wasn't painfully freezing, Niki smiles brightly when she spots D.L. There's a hint of playfulness in that curve of her mouth, a lightheartedness that manages to persevere because of him and Micah being around, despite being… well, pseudo-on-the-run. Why the smile /now/? Because she doesn't see the look on his face until she saunters closer. The tone of his voice clicks in retrospect, and her own face takes on an expression of immediate, wary confusion when she catches his eyes. "Yeah… I was at… the store… hey, is something wrong?"

"What store?" Unfortunately, D.L.'s voice sounds pretty accusatory. It's like he's a completely different person than from when he was rescuing her from the evil lair of the evil faction. He's starting to push himself up from the chair, to allow his presence to be something more of a looming one. He doesn't see any bags or anything, that's for sure. "Where's the car?" is also added, just to make sure she doesn't know what's going on in this particular part of the night. Things don't look too good.

Peeling out of the vest slowly, Niki lays it on the nearest chair without taking her eyes off of D.L. Lines etch between her brows as she eyes him with that confused unease— which is steadily turning into defensiveness. "Some … computer shop in Brooklyn. Micah was talking about how he wanted some part for his laptop, I thought I'd surprise him…" She gestures with a thumb over her shoulder. "It's in my purse. The car is… wherever the car is, I didn't take it." A spark of resentment flashes in her blue eyes as she looks up at the looming man. "D.L., /what's/ gotten into you?"

"Nothin'." D.L. doesn't really have a train of thought at this moment. He's just angry. Not thinking or even seeing straight. He moves to brush right on past his wife and starts moving towards the door himself. Apparently, he doesn't want to be here at this moment. "I'm goin' out. Don't wait up." Not even like him to just do something like that. Maybe he's possessed or something. "Hope you got everything you… needed."

What the hell? Niki just stares at D.L., offended— only she has no idea why she ought to feel that way, which tends to make her a little angry. She spins around slowly on the spot to watch his trek. "Where are you going? It's late," she demands, following him, even though she's several paces behind because she stopped to gape. "Look, if you're mad at me for some reason that I don't even know about, you can just /tell/ me."

"Out." That's the D.L.'s answer. Something that he probably has never even said to her before. But he's angry now and all the gloves are coming off. "Figure maybe I'll just go for a walk. Catch a cab with somebody. Who knows what could happen." Indeed, there's something of a snide remark within the tone of those words, but he's currently just trying to make her feel bad for whatever she went and did before she came home.

Well, D.L. certainly gets what he wants, because Niki feels bad, alright, even though all she did was sit in a cab - how can she not, with that accusing tone of his? When it hits her that he knows more than he ought to about her innocuous venture into the city, her eyes widen slightly, flaring up with more defenses. First things first: "Were you /following/ me?" Incredulous, she stalks swiftly toward him, coming in close and slamming a hand on the doorframe beside him as if that might stop him from leaving. "What the hell are you thinking, D.L.? I mean, I know I've given you a thousand reasons not to trust me but I didn't DO /anything/."

"Move." D.L.'s tone is one of warning. It's not like they haven't fought before. Physically. He also knows that will probably wake up Monica and Micah and half the neighborhood. He doesn't care, but he doesn't want a scene either. He just wants everything to be okay. And since it's not and Niki's being all defensive, he's filling up on anger. "Are you sayin' I don't have a right to know where you are?" He's trying to find a way to spin this into something that doesn't sound as bad as 'following her'. "I'm your /husband/, Niki." Ooooh. The Relationship Card.

Niki moves, but it's only to *stand* in the doorway instead. "Yeah, but I'm your wife! I /want/ you to be able to trust me," she says, and so very, desperately means it and wishes it could be true. The more angry D.L. gets, the more defensive she gets. Dark blonde brows lifted high into her forehead, she laughs, but there's no mirth in the sound whatsoever. "Whatever crazy thing you're /practically/ accusing me of, it doesn't exist."

Okay, so the whole not admitting he was following her thing is going out of the window, "So who was he, then?" D.L. throws his arms over his chest, crossing them and tilting his head to the side. He's got this crazy smirk on his face like he's not going to believe anything she's about to say. Which could prove to be hazardous to this marriage's health.

Niki's head actually falls forward out of her control at that question, her eyes widening even more until they roll toward the ceiling. Are they actually having this conversation? /Seriously/? "…Oh my God," she mumbles under her breath, holding up a hand and stalking past D.L., shaking her head all the while. "His name's Benjamin. He was a patient too when I was in the hospital. And he really helped me out, before that. You don't honestly think—" She collapses onto the edge of Monica's couch.

"…" D.L. doesn't know how to react to the multitude of reactions that come from Niki's direction. In fact, he actually feels like he could be stupid. He sighs and leans against the wall, not really wanting to turn around to face his wife. "I don't know what I'm supposed to think here, Niki. I mean…" He sighs again, trying to get his bearings on asking the right questions. "Look. I'll just go. I trust you." He pauses. "I do. It's just…" He doesn't know how to say it but: Jessica.

"I know." Does she ever. Niki is imploring D.L. to trust her, through her eyes, through her suddenly less defensive, more painfully sincere expression, but how can she say for sure that he doesn't have to worry? That he can trust her? The bottom line is, she can't say it. Not yet. Hands in her lap, she looks down at them, back up to D.L. "But it's /me/. I would never do anything to hurt you on purpose." She stands up, but there's a pause before she manages to get words out again. "She hasn't come out— not for a long time. Stay? Please? There's—" A panicked look flashes across the woman's face. Uh oh. That's never a good sign, is it? "There's something I haven't told you."

D.L.'s paying attention by this point and now he's worried. She's got that look on her face that says that something's not going right. Something that says that she probably did something that she shouldn't have done. Something that says he's not going to like where this is going, that's for sure. He takes something close to a deep breath and pushes off the wall, looking off towards Niki. He takes a couple of steps in her direction but that's it. He's not getting too close. Not to be blown away by some news that he hasn't even heard yet. "What? What's wrong?" He literally sounds more worried than anything else at this point. He's just trying to get through this experience and get his Niki back.

Even though D.L.'s at a distance, and she's keeping hers, Niki reaches a hand out, hoping D.L. will take it. Contact makes things easier— unless it's the violent variety. Let's… hope that doesn't happen. She just doesn't want to make him run away. "When I first came to New York…" She pauses; it's hard to continue because she knows what his reaction's going to be like. She looks away, her jaw tensing. Her voice is fraught with emotion, barely held together. "…it started happening again, seeing… other reflections that weren't mine, blacking out, but it was … different. It wasn't because of Jessica." Niki looks straight at D.L. now, square in the eye, and her voice falters into a whisper. "It was /someone else/. Someone /new/."

D.L. can't breathe. Well, he can. But it doesn't start back until he takes Niki's hand. His eyes go wider as she speaks and that's not something that he's been waiting to hear. He finds himself crouching to a kneel beside the couch, holding her hand and trying to console her the best he can. He's back to being that supportive husband again. It's just the way he is. He can't stand mad at her. Impossible. "Someone else? I don't… I don't understand." He frowns, actually starting to think about this for a second. Seriously. "You don't have another sister, do you?" He can't remember, but he's pretty sure.

"No…" Niki curls the fingers of one hand over D.L.'s as the other is held. "Remember that time I ran away to L.A. and told everyone my name was Gina…?" Cue: intense sheepishness, for several seconds, anyway, before she goes back to being distraught in full. She sinks down onto the edge of the couch nearby, holding tight onto D.L.'s hand all the while. "I don't know. She made it really hard to get to Hartsdale, where the hospital used to be, but they finally came and found me at the Marriott," she explains, shaking her head as she does. She takes her time. "Before that? Benjamin helped me out when I woke up on some New York street … high out of my mind. And drinking."

"The Marriott?" Of course, D.L.'s going to latch onto the part about her being involved in hotels and stuff. But he finds himself shaking his head. "Baby, I…" He's not sure of what to say. In fact, he's never really been the most articulate person in the first place. He's much more of a hands and fists on type of person. So he pulls his hands from hers and wraps his arms around her. She gets the pleasure of being squeezed to D.L.'s strong body, while he works on trying to make sure she doesn't fall apart on him, now. "It's gonna' be okay, baby. I promise. I'ma' find you help." And get the hell rid of Jessica and Gina, goddammit.

Niki is more than content to collapse in the (dubious) protection of D.L.'s (theoretically) strong arms for the time being. She closes her eyes, head against his shoulder, spilling blonde hair over it — but she can't keep them shut for long before she finds herself staring ahead, her thoughts keeping her from relaxing even for that long. She reminds him in a quiet whisper: "I /had/ help."

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