2009-12-12: Reasons Why



Date: December 12, 2009


A coffee time chat between Sydney and Morgana could mean very very bad things for Bryce…

"Reasons Why"

Starbucks of Destiny

After a couple of harrowing weeks, Sydney needs support. Morgana has offered it. Awesome. It's a cold day — chilly in most's terms so she's bundled up — in her peacoat, toque, and blue scarf as she sits in the corner of Starbucks while sipping her chai tea latte. With a smirk she peers from one patron to the next, looking for her colleague (friend, maybe?). She flips through a book while she waits, however. It's about serial killers and sociopaths. Awesome.

Morgana makes her way into the establishment, a gust of cold air rushing in behind her. She's definitely bundled up wor the cold weather. Wool cap and scarf cover and surround her face, leaving only enough room for her glasses. She waves to Sydney with a put-on smile as she makes her way to the counter, pulling the scarf down to put in her order. Once she receives her mocha she makes her way over to Syd's table. "hey there. I was kinda surprised to get your call." She sits after taking off her heavy jacket. "What's up?"

With a quick wave, Sydney motions for Morgana to sit in the seat across from her. "Really? Why the surprise? You left me a voicemail.. sorry I didn't get back to you before now. Just been busy. Defended by dissertation last week, and then —" avoided her home for the rest of it " — just dealing with various issues around the Hope Hearth office. How are you? I was glad you called…" A genuine broad grin is shot towards Morgana.

Morgana nods with a brow raised in surprise. "Oh! I didn't know you were in the middle of your dissertation. Congratulations… well, I hope." She smiles, taking a sip of her mocha, pale cheeks beginning to redden at the heat of the fluid. "I've been good. Working as much as possible, trying to avoid the shopping mobs as well.. Christmas in new York is beautiful, I just think it would be better without so much *people*." She says. "How are you getting along on that case?" She says, trying to slip it in unnoticed.

"Yeah, I finished," Sydney beams. "I defended and it was awesome — I aced it!" Her smile is infectious. People at other tables pick up on her mood and also seem to be having the best days of their lives. She sips at her tea, but her smile weakens considerably at the mention of the case. "The case… I haven't made much headway, I'm afraid. It's a work in progress, but very difficult at this point. Everyone's claiming jurisdiction so I don't even know if I'll have an opportunity to get my paws on the material. It seems to be happening a lot lately…"

Morgana can't help but smile as well, which is rather odd for morgana, since it's a genuine smile… Actual emotion. ok.. So it wasn't just the club that she's been avoiding. "A lot? The jurisdiction argument, you mean? Yeah, the feds feel that they need to step in everytime there's a serial killer on the loose, as if the NYPD can't do this on their own." Thankfully they can't, since her own sloppiness hasn't been picked up on yet. "So.. What's beating you up so hard? Obviously things are really rough if you're calling me." She attempts to keep the focus directed on the blonde.

"Life's just been crazy lately with all of the cases, my dissertation, my roommates… I'm moving now… I dunno, you just seemed like someone I could talk to. It's weird, I tend to pick up on other people's drama, but you're… different somehow." Sydney shrugs a bit as she drums her fingers on the table and sips at her tea again. "And as far as the case goes… keep this between you, me, and the walls, but … I think I have a basic profile made up on what I've read…" She smirks a bit with a wink. "Even if I'm not technically working it, I have abilities…"

Morgana grimaces at the mention of roommate troubles and moving out. "Yes. I definitely prefer to be alone." No answering to anyone, no one rummaging through your endless supplies of trash bags and plastic wrap. "Roommates can be a hassle." She smirks and then smiles. "I have no drama, really. No room in my life for it." or so she hopes. Her brows raise, trying to contain excitement. "Oh! Well, yes abilities can come in handy…" She says, an urge to try hers out on the woman, but there are too many prying eyes to explain things to, so… Then she notices the book.. "Oh, getting some insight into killers?"

"I appreciate that. I wish my life had less drama — people just add to it." Sydney's lips tighten into a small smile before she sighs again. "Yes, well. I think I know more about the killer despite not being on the case officially." Her smile broadens as she points to the book, "Well, I'm coming to understand them better. I've obviously studied them before, but honestly, I can always use some brushing up… besides I find it so interesting the patterns of sociopathy."

Morgana nods. "That's like my love for forensics. I love finding out how they can piece together what happened to find the killer…" and learn what she can do to not get caught. "So, what's been the most interesting so far?" Caution, Morgana.. You're tempting fate. She's not just some pretty blonde, she's also a headwitch. She may be looking at insight to get inside *your* head….. and no one deserves to be in there but you and your victims.. Morgana swallows a bit nervously and smiles. "Are you finding something in common?"

"Well there's lots of things in common with sociopaths. The lack of emotion inevitably equals a lack of remorse. They tend to be highly intelligent people, good looking… highly competent…" Sydney sips at her tea again. "I think to me the intelligence and good looking-ness are particularly of interest. It begs some Darwinian type questions: should it be about survival of the fittest? Or not?"

Morgana doesn't argue the intelligence part, but good-looking? She never considered herself much of a catch, but that may be because thoughts of romance make her squeamish. "Intelligence and good looks don't necesarily make you the fittest. It's also about how you adapt to sourroundings, and how you deal with adversity. Making sure you don't do something stupid because you were gloating or… " She blushes.. "at least that's what I've read." She pushes her glasses up.. "there's usually a common link with sociopaths. They're not emotionless by choice. Typically they experience some form of trauma, usually as a child, that is just so horrendous that the brain just shuts that down to deal with it. When they don't get help with dealing, it never really turns back on."

That's odd. Something feels off. She focuses on the woman across from her and reaches out with her ability as best she can. "So… do you have any experience working with sociopaths or studying them, then?" Sydney asks idly as her eyes narrow ever so slightly. "And yes, it's about adapting to surroundings. I'm certainly no sociopath —" but how much easier would life be if she was! " — and you're right, trauma tends to set these things in motion, but it's not just trauma. Most politicians are what psychology and sociology call pro-social sociopaths. That is, they have sociopathic tendencies, but use them in competitive pro-social ways. Hardcore businessmen fit in this category also…"

Morgana shakes her head. "No no.. it just.." she shrugs nervously. "It comes with our jobs, you know? We deal with this stuff day in and day out. And politicians are urged along the sociopathic path by a bit of narcissism. Serial killers have no narcissism at all. In fact most of them know exactly what kind of monster they are. They just can't help it." She sips her mocha, looking for an excuse to hide her swallowing. Her adrenaline is building. A good sound fear is forming, which is both terrifying and exhilirating for Morgana, more true emotions that she's hardly had any connection to. "I'm not giving them excuses, it just helps to give an idea as to why someone would do this, since most serial killers don't have a direct motive to the victim."

"It's true. Sociopathic politicians tend to be very narcissistic," Sydney agrees. "But it's still a question of Darwin's survival of the fittest. Are those that are sociopathic just naturally stronger, more apt to survive." She shrugs a bit and then frowns. Morgana's nervousness feeds into Sydney, causing the therapist to ask, "Do I… make you nervous? Therapists have that effect on people sometimes…"

Morgana shrugs. "Could be? There's no remorse, no feeling so.. there'd be no problem with doing what they'd have to do, even things that are morally reprehensible." She raises an eyebrow.. "Nervous? No.. The subject's just… close to my heart." Dammit, you knew she'd get too close. Are you doing this on purpose? Are you looking to get caught? and by *her*? The dark passenger continues to berate Morgana as she tries to come up with excuses for her… emotions. "I'd lost a family member… All this time I'd been looking into figuring out why…" Chew on that for a bit..

"A family member? What happened? Did they… were they… I mean serial killers, right?" Sydney frowns considerably as she finishes her tea and then crosses her arms over her chest. "I'm so sorry… Oh Morgana! That's terrible!"

Morgana blinks.. "It's alright…. It happened a long time ago.. I was 6." There you go… feed her some truth, use it as a re-direct. "It's basically why I got a job with the PD. I'm not cut out for being a cop, or anything with brainwork, but this is as close as I can get." She smiles and swallows another sip from her mocha.. "So, let's go on about you. Are you going anywhere for Christmas?"

"That still terrible! I can't believe — I mean! Wow.. I'm so sorry. I really am. That's the kind of trauma a person never really gets over… my mom died in childbirth and I never knew my dad so there was little drama like that growing up…" Sydney sighs a bit and then considers Christmas, "Nothing huge. I think I might make Christmas dinner for some friends. What are you doing? You're probably welcome to join if you want… maybe… I'd have to check…"

Morgana blinks.. "Oh! I wasn't looking for an invite, I was just trying to change the subject!" She says with a giggle. "All my folks are Upstate.." Lie ".. and I'm not sure if I'll be going up there or not. We're not real big on Christmas." There you go, don't be too available. Getting close is getting dangerous.

"Oh. Okay. Just thought I'd offer," Sydney smiles easily again. "I get it. Talking about family drama is… not cool." She shrugs a little as she sighs again. "Well, my family and I aren't close either. I mean, the ones that are still alive… and my father was never in the picture…" Someday maybe. That'd be… interesting.

Morgana nods. "I'm sorry. I didn't know anything about your background before I went on about mine." Only because you were trying to get off of the subject of sociopaths…."Well that sucks. Where'd you grow up then?"

"No need to apologize, we all have our baggage," Sydney observes with a small shrug. "I grew up in California with my grandparents. We've never really seen eye-to-eye though. I dunno, just couldn't live up to expectations or something… I'm not my mother, no matter how much they want me to be." Pause. "How about you? Close to your family or distant?"

Morgana shrugs. It's hard to be close to people who don't exist. "Not really. They support my decision to be down here and do my own thing. We… were never able to really connect after, well.." She shrugs, referring to the incident they'd spoken about earlier. "So," she says, trying to change the subject. "What's up with your roommates? Anything a uninterested third party can do to help straighten out? At least in your head?"

Sydney considers her roommates with a smirk and shrug, "Oh, two of my roommates were dating and then they broke up and now they're back together, I think? It's just a lot of drama. Lots of tension, and then lots of lovey feelings. I'm just a very very sensitive person and prone to get sucked into it all. I could use some advice of how to stay out if if you have any… not sure it'll help though…"

Morgana shrugs.. "You're already doing the best thing. Moving out. it's easy for me to tell you to not be involved, since I'm not in your situation." Plus people getting close to you is one of your many issues. "You just need to learn that you can't help everyone. Not and keep you're own sanity. You need to leave the counseling at work and make sure you have time to be you." She shrugs. "You need to control that sensitivity. maybe turn it down a few notches when they're around, since you're too close. you don't have to keep it at 11 all the time."

Huh. Turn down the sensitivity. Is that even possible for an empath? Sydney's been trying, but then maybe she just needs lessons in emotionlessness. "I wish it was that easy. It's ingrained in me, I'm afraid. I've lived that way for a very very long time. And I love my roommates… we're all moving together… except it's into a bigger place so hopefully we can … well have more room and avoid each other more or something." She shrugs a bit. "And I have to help everyone. So many people need help… and I'm good at it!"

Morgana scratches her head.. "I… understand the want to help.. but when do you get help? i mean…" She blushes.. "I'll gladly help out but, I can't help *recharge* you when you run out of mojo, you know?" Especially when you only have enough of your own to go around. "i think it's like any couple, you need to let them do their thing their way. if not, they're only going to end up resenting you, and if they have problems they'll consider you to be the source. Getting personal space is definitely a start."

"People help me… just not usually the way I help them. You know? I don't have many people ask me about me and genuinely want to know. And when they ask it's about the moment… not the past or the future or anything like that. They want to know how I am at that moment. But they don't ask the other questions. Like about me." She shrugs a little. "Story of my life. And yeah, I stayed out of the drama as best I could by not going home for most of the week…."

Morgana shrugs.. "That's not good either? Where are you staying?" No… no…nonononono.. Don't you dare….. "Well, what do you have in mind? Is there something you just want to talk about? Just.. get it off of your chest?

"Well I was staying in my office at Hope Hearth on the couch —" Sydney explains as she shrugs a little. "It's been a very trying week overall… went dancing again though — and that was good." Even met a charming rich guy. She smirks a little. "Something to talk about…" What can she talk about? Everything's so secretive right now. And then something occurs to her that she can share. "My ex-fiance found me a couple weeks ago… my roommates saved me in a way, but he's bad news… and the worst of it is that I actually can't help feeling sorry for the guy… even a little…"

Morgana shrugs. "You feel sorry for everyone. Like you said, it's in you. Here.." The young woman reaches into her purse and grabs a pen and writes something down. handing it over. "If you need a place to crash, I've got a couch, and it hasn't had who knows how many patients lying on it, either." NO! Now you've gone and done it. We've kept a low profile.. I haven't felt blood in ages, and now you're inviting the headwitch over to be all chummy? Are you forgetting the code?! This is gonna end badly… for one of us.. Morgana tries to push aside the internal disagreement. "Why's he bad news?" Oh… Don't tease me now. Tell me he's hurt people… possibly killed….

The paper is accepted thankfully with the edges of a smile. "Thank you," Sydney grins. "Thank you very much!" She sighs, however, as she shakes her head, "He's… abusive. To me, anyways. I'm not sure about anyone else. I don't know if he's hurt women before, but before our wedding he fractured my jaw… this last time he came around — I don't know. He's not a good guy. But I feel bad for him." Her lips twitch. "Bryce Wheaton isn't someone I should be around…"

Morgana tries to hold in the mischeivous smirk. Oh this is too good to be true. The dark passenger inside of her is raging, a target practically laid out in front of her. "Then don't be." She says, breaking herself out of the reverie before she looks odd. "It's a big city. Someone can get lost easily in the sea of people." Let's see if we can make it even easier for Mr. Wheaton. Morgana takes a mental note on the name and makes sure she remembers to research him when she gets back to work, if not sooner. "It's a good thing you got away from him. now we just need to make sure he won't hurt you again." That didn't sound too sinister, did it? She stands, after finishing her coffee. "We should get going. it's getting dark and I don't like the idea of being out in the City at night. you should probably look into heading home too."

"You're right. I'll go home and pack! I'm moving, after all!" Sydney quips as she slides away from the table and stands to her feet. "Thanks for the chat Morgana, I really appreciate it! I'm so glad to have met you!" She offers the other woman a wave as she picks up her book and heads back to the apartment… for more madness.

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