2009-10-20: Rebel Rescue

Starring: Molly, Charlotte, and Micah


Date: October 20, 2009


Charlotte and Micah pick up Molly to be taken to a safe haven.

"Rebel Rescue"

Matt's Apartment

Matt's apartment is currently devoid of it's owner. Or renter, as the case may be. Who is there, however, is Molly. Having been kept mostly indoors after her kidnapping, she has been out only when there's been someone to look after her. It's not a situation Molly ever wanted to be in again. It's all too reminiscent of the time after being held hostage by Sylar. Currently, she's lounging on the coach with the television on - something that Mohinder would have abhorred were he there.

Finding Molly Walker wasn't very hard. Just close your eyes, think of a name, click your heels and away you go. Fortunatly, Molly didn't turn out to be dead. Nor, it seems, is she any place public. That's always a fairly steep risk. A soft smile crosses Charlotte's features as she arrives silently behind the couch, holding Micah's hand almost portectively. The smile, gnetle, soothing, nostalgic, almost makes her seem older than her mid-twenties.

"Go ahead," she urges Micah, releaseing his hand and nodding her head to the form of the young girl on the couch before them. Charlotte is content to stand back and clasp her hands daintily in front of her, wearing a loose turtleneck sweater and some jeans, black dangly earrings hanging freely, and making soft whispers of metal-on-metal with each little movement. She'll wait for the young lovers to reuinte. It's going to be cute! Hopefully. She's there to stop any wandering hands or anything, just in case.

Micah is almost apprehensive. That same guilt that permeated his reunion with Cam tugs at his conscience. He virtually dropped off the face of the earth. His hand is placed by his side as he glances at Charlotte one more time before actually interrupting the television, "M-Molly?" He steps forward away from Charlotte towards the front of the couch where Molly is sitting. He offers her an apprehensive smile.

The sudden appearance of people inside Matt's apartment isn't something that goes unnoticed by the young blonde. She's been on high alert after the last time she was taken in by the operatives at Grandma Suresh's house. The sudden appearance of Charlotte and Micah is not taken lightly and when they magically show up behind her. Jumping off the coach, she readies a shriek to alert the neighbors when she suddenly recognizes who it is. "…Micah?" Though still tense, she looks over at Charlotte warily before keeping her eyes on her old friend. "What…what are you doing here?"

Oh. That Molly. "Molly, you probably don't remember me, we met briefly a few years ago. I was aquainted with Dr. Suresh. You already know Micah, I see." She nods her head in the general direction of the mocha-skinned boy - isn't he looking nice, Molly? Tell him how nice he looks! - to let him explain. "Please don't be alarmed, Mr. Parkman knows we're coming. He's approved it."

Micah doesn't let it show. "It's okay… it's just me and… Charlotte… she's a … family friend…" his eyes droop as he mentions how Charlotte is connected. "Um. There's a place that's safe, Molly. It's like secret and no one can find it easy. I know where it is and I couldn't find it. Honest!"

It's nothing against Micah. Molly trusts him and her question was more surprised than anything else. She was only wary of Charlotte because she doesn't remember her off the top of her head. "Mohinder?" Then, she frowns. Matt approved it? Without talking to her? Like she was just something to take care of? What Micah says lessens the blow somewhat and she relaxes slightly. "A secret? But, what about Matt and Mohinder? And Grandma Suresh?"

"Everyone's welcome," Charlotte explains gently. Very gently, she knows this can be a shock. "A lot of the adults will be coming later - they have things to take care of before they do. It's just a house, it's very far away from here, where the government can't touch us. We'll stay there until it's all sorted out. Micah's staying there now, as well as his friend Cam. There are about 5 or 6 other kids - some your age - staying there too." Charlotte looks to Micah, nudging her head gently toward Molly. Hug her or something! Silly men.

A glance is given to Charlotte followed by a nod. "Yeah, it's like a real home. There's lots of us, and there's only one security camera in the town nearby. It's safe. I know they took you once. I don't want that to happen again." He stares at his friend contemplatively before adding, and reaching out to pat her shoulder, "And I'd really like to have you there." It's not a hug, but it's something.

"Safe." Molly's repetition of the word isn't her questioning him. It's her testing it out, to see if she can believe that she will ever be safe. There have been so many times when she thought that she was only to find out that it wasn't the case. She wants to believe Micah, that he's finally found some place that's safe for all of them. "I…I don't know. They always…" she frowns and looks away, even at the pat on the shoulder. "They always seem to find me. No matter who it is." Ironic, since she's supposed to be the girl who can find anyone in the world. "It might be safer if I wasn't there."

"Molly?" Charlotte asks, stepping forward to lean her hands on the back of the couch. Getting low. Down to her level. It helps, right? That's what all these books say. "Let me tell you a little bit about what I do. When I want to go somewhere or to someone, I just think about them, and woosh. I go right to that person, or that place. In seconds, I can be anywhere. And I can take people with me. Now Micah's watching their paperwork, and if they ever find out about this place he'll know. But even if they do just show up one day? All you have to do is hold my hand and we'll be a thousand miles away."

"No, Molly—" Micah begins as he cuts himself off. "They won't find us. I promise! I'll watch them all of the time if I have to. Calculus can wait…" And then his apprhensive smile fades entirely, "I-I've been terrible. I failed you, Molly. I saw the list, and I failed you. I need to make it up to you. I need you to come. Please come." His tone is sincere, sad, even. His entire body schlumps downward. His cheeks flush as he swallows the lump in his throat, "Mom and Dad… they… they aren't… they're…" The silence rests as he can't bring himself to actually utter what's happened. After several moments he just sniffles. "I need you there."

There's a shake of her head at Charlotte. She can think about anyone and in a moment and know they're okay. "But what about everyone else?" Molly doesn't want to be saved at the detriment of others, too. She's basically made up her mind that she can never be safe. "You didn't fail me Micah." She's firm on that. Even if he saw the list, even if he knew everything doesn't mean that he can stop anything bad from happening to her. She's told that to Mohinder and to Matt before and she still believes it. It's her own bad luck and ability that seems to draw the bad and the ill-intentioned to her. When her friend sounds sad, though, she blinks in surprise at him. At the mention of his parents, she automatically uses her power - it's almost second nature with people she knows well - and realizes that she can't find them any more. Shocked and then incredibly sympathetic, she doesn't know what to do other than reach out to attempt to hug Micah. "Micah…I didn't know…"

Charlotte resists the urge to reach out and hug Micah, though her face is immensely sad as well. He needs hug sfrom someone else now, someone his own age. Someone who, perhaps, even understands. "We're saving as many as we can," Charlotte assures Molly, quietly but with conviction. "And that includes you. Like I said, Mr. Parkman seems to be in favor of this, and he's going to come along too soon." He did say he would come and visit, after all.

Micah relaxes in Molly's embrace as he fights back the tears that burn hotly in his eyes. He continues to sniffle as he swallows the coming tears; however, it's futile. Everything going on has been culminating to this release. He clears his throat as he chokes back the tears, "I'll watch their records. They don't know I'm watching…" Yet, anyways. With another sniffle he adds, "Please come, Molly. I need you. I'm not… it's not… I'm not dealing with this…"

For her own sake, it would have been a toss up if Molly came. She didn't want to risk anyone else just for her own safety. And while it seems that Matt had already talked to them about this move, she wasn't sure that in itself convinced her enough. But, now there's a friend in need of her. Despite the dangers, she can't just ignore that. After all, she knows what it's like to lose both parents. Still hugging Micah, she just nods. "I'll come."

Hearing that Micah isn't coping is a deep cut for Charlotte, who knows very well that simple presence alone could have saved the boy the pain. "Make sure you pack, but take your time," Charlotte murmurs softly to the young couple. Deciding that, even at 13, they need some privacy, she wanders into the next room. Ohh! What's in here?

Sniffling again, Micah steps out of the hug and takes a deep breath. "Thank you." The words are spoken softly, almost whispered. And then he asks another question, one that he's almost afraid to ask, "Does it get easier?" And now, he finally glances at his friend, observing "I think you've grown."

Matt's apartment is small, with two bedrooms and it's likely Charlotte walked into one of those. Out in the main living room, the blonde folds her arms in front of her - her young face pressed into a serious expression. Though she doesn't tell him that he's welcome, as she's not sure what to welcome him for, she does allow, "Sometimes." Because missing her parents doesn't attack her every day, but the ache is still there. What helps is having caring friends and a surrogate family like she does. While she doesn't cheer up immediately, she does give a soft smile. "I may have. You did."

Rubbing his eyes with the sleeve of his t-shirt, Micah catches any stray moisture before smiling a bit on his own, "Really? I thought I had. But it's easy to ignore your own growth." He adds carefully, "You look. Nice." His cheeks redden uncomfortably as the guilt washes over himself again. He presses his lips together and glances around the room before lowering his voice, to (hopefully) prevent Charlotte from hearing in the other room, "Molly, I've been… I'm sorry I didn't warn you or something. I was. I don't know." He runs a hand through his hair and purses his lips together.

Blushing herself at the compliment from Micah, Molly quickly looks down at her own feet. She's not exactly sure of how to take that. "Thank you," she says softly, still hugging her arms to her chest. "You look nice, too." Things have gone from sad to a bit awkward in the living room. Still looking downward, she shakes her head. "It's fine, Micah. It's…it's all done now." And there are more pressing problems at hand, and sadder topics than her own capture which is now done with.

"Thanks," Micah's cheeks flush a deeper crimson. And then keeping his voice low, Micah shakes his head, "It's not over. Not yet. I'll keep you safe and I'm warning people." He glances about the room and then whispers, "I'm making up for what's happened." He glances towards the room where Charlotte's disappeared to before continuing.

"We'll work through it." They have before. And this time will be no different. Or at least not as different as she thinks it will be. "Thank you, Micah." For wanting to rescue her. "I should…go pack." Since she doesn't know where they're going, she'll just have to prepare for everything.

"Yeah, we will." Micah nods. "We continue on." Every time. He forces a smile, "Yeah, go pack. Make sure you bring lots of warm clothes!" Of course, if needed she can get new stuff.

Molly nods, heading toward her bedroom - unsure if Charlotte is in there or not. At the door, she turns back to glance at Micah before giving him her own weak smile and then disappears past the doorframe to go pack. Mostly winter clothes, it sounds like.

Micah traipses after Molly towards her room. "Molly." He frowns as if weighing something in his mind, and he just shakes his head and forces another smile, "I'm glad you're coming."

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