2010-01-14: Rebellion To Justice



Date: January 14, 2010


Strange things happen.

"Rebellion To Justice"


The Prius containing Micah and Gabriel skitters forward as it hits the Alpha Protocol van. The two vehicles continue in tandem through momentum until the Prius faces the guard rail with the white van parked on its hood; the wreckage is immense. Shrapnel from both vehicles lines the ground as Micah's unconscious body slumps against the horn with even pressure.

I had always thought when you were on the right side of things, they would always turn out well in the end. That like somehow karma would take over and everything would balance out. I thought that by living responsibly and using what I'd been given, I was doing what I'd been fated to. I thought that by being a hero I was giving into a calling greater than myself; greater than who I was, something that I was obligated to do. But my own naivety got my parents killed. And now, a blonde woman (my Aunt) with my mother's face has died because of my continued stupidity. Over the months that have passed, I kept telling people to hold onto hope: to stay hopeful, but it wasn't for them. It was for me. My question is, what's the point? I bounced back after a few months away from everyone I knew and loved, but now I'm alone again. When everything falls apart and no one's left, what's left to hope for?

There's a strange thing about unconsciousness and the moments that follow. It seems black and quiet at first, but then something filters through. A soft buzzing sound that turns into a click and a ringing. Something similar to a modem connecting.

They found you because you have a device planted inside you.

The voice doesn't sound human. It sounds staticy, like the computers, when they tell him something is wrong.

You have been sending your location since you were released months ago. You have not noticed because you did not think to look within.

But I noticed.

Within Micah's unconscious mind, he thinks rather than talks to this voice. "They what?" He focuses on trying to locate the sound as he scans his own brain.

And sure enough he finds it. It's there. "How do I kill it? Can I kill it?"

"Who… who are you?" he asks. "Or what are you?"

I have a better idea.

The voice says, not answering much of his questions, before the tag under his skin becomes loud and clear in his head. Now, for the first time, Micah knows it's there. It only accessed the internet when he did, transferring small bytes of information as he did, and nothing more. It piggy backed on his own ability. A smart device, really. So tiny, but now he's opened up to it.

And it's not tiny at all. It seems to have a lot of storage that it's suddenly uploading, files transferring.

And a voice.

I can have it broadcast the wrong location. I can change all of them. You were not wrong to hold on to hope. The journey is just beginning.

"So are you talking to me through the device then?" Micah asks the voice in his head. "Or…" He mentally frowns as he stops his thought. "Are you like my version of Jessica? I don't have the crazies do I? I'm not sure I can handle losing my sanity on top of everything." Of course, Jessica was mean; at least the voice in Micah's head is helpful. And Jessica wasn't really much of a voice.

And then he addresses the last comment. "What's the point of hope anymore? Everything sucks. And I'm to blame. I tried to rally people and failed. I tried to save Monica and failed. I kind of caused my parents' death. Nothing is going well."

Monica is safe. I found her transmitter first. She was transmitting from Staten Island, before I redirected the location to New Jersey.

The voice seems to cut off for an instant after she says that, more data moving back and forth, until it's finally stopped.

It won't work until you get away from them, but I can disable the entire Epsilon Protocol. Send them false information. Their system is easier to take down then the Company's was.

Suddenly lines of code scan through his head, filling an area with walls of ones and zeroes until it seems, for a moment, he's actually standing in a room inside his mind. It begins to take on holographic shapes of information, pixelated.

You are not crazy. And I am not a figment of your imagination. Your mother died in Las Vegas. August 9. 2009.

A window seems to pop up in the binary wall, similar to a computer screen. And then data begins to fill the screen. A report. It's hard to read all of it, but the important words begin to stand out.

Agent Jensen. Beta Protocol. Las Vegas. Successful test. Hundreds of Casualties.

The deaths in Las Vegas were just the beginning. The first test of a larger plan.

The walls surround Micah's mind in binary code as he processes this information. He breathes a mental sigh of relief as he hears about Monica, "She's safe? I was so worried —" Not that the voice in his head cares about his worry, but then, she insists that he's not crazy.

"Epsilon Protocol? There's more protocols?! How? Who is behind this? How can these people do this to us?" Micah stares at the binary walls around him, or the version of him he's created in his consciousness.

He scans the report as quickly as possible as it scrolls across the screen. If he were awake, he'd be bawling again, "They… they killed my parents. They killed my mom and dad! It wasn't an earthquake?!" He'd be sobbing now if he'd received the news any other way. "Why?! Why would anyone do that?! And how?! How did they make it happen? I was there! I saw the glass shatter and the building crumble!"

Micah's mental representation of himself begins tearing, but these aren't real, they're his own representation of his emotional self. "Who are you?! How do you know?! How can I trust some voice in my head?! What if the device is malfunctioning and they're using it to …" but then why would they encourage him? Tell him to continue to hope? Show him that it's there? And so he just repeats, "Who are you?"

I am a ghost.

The voice says simply, the image disappearing from the screen only to get taken up with more and more files that suddenly pop up. Too much information at once to process, and almost all of it he's already found in his various hacks. The lists of names he's already seen of known threats, captured and not. But new notations seem to be placed next to the names.





There's an agenda under what you think you know about Alpha Protocol. Focus on finding out what it is, and you can hold on to something other than hope.

You can hold on to justice.

"What do the letters at the end of their names mean?" Micah asks as he focuses on them. "WG? NWG?" He frowns again. "A different agenda? A new agenda?" He stares at the names, trying to decide what Monica and Tracy have in common. The similar letters must mean something. He stares intently at the names as if by looking at them the notations will make absolute sense.

"The government can't be allowed to kill the members of my family! I need justice! Hope isn't enough anymore! I have such little amounts of hope left." He looks at the names again, "Do… do they have Kitty in custody? Is that what this means? Tracy and Monica were no longer in custody…"

You should find out. Dig deeper. Learn more. Rally those who are willing to find who is responsible and what their true goals are.

The voice says, before the ones and zeroes start to create a human form, a tall woman by the looks of things, but shaped differently from his mother. Not a piece of himself, at least. He's not crazy.

You can call me Wireless.

Almost as soon as that is said, a name given to an obscured face and disembodied voice, the pain floods back, the binary world fading out.

Was it all a dream?


(TO BE CONTINUED in Hold to Justice)

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