2009-12-19: Rebellious Holiday Plans



Date: December 19, 2009


Micah and Charlotte make holiday plans.

"Rebellious Holiday Plans"

German Orphanage — Cam and Micah's Room

It's been a busy few weeks, not least of which for Charlotte Corday.

She's been globetrodding, moving kids around ever since the last breach with Jamie. There's less people here now, in the mansion, but she's kept her core boys with her. And then it occurs to her that Micah's a bigger boy than he was. Well fuck. She'll never earn his approval.

But she's going to try, and teach him a lesson with it. She is looking for him now, with a little wrapped package and apologies in her eyes. She's wearing a sweater dress, leggings, and boots, and her hair is up. No more jewlery for her - she's sold it. Living off Frauline Beeches has started to bring on guilt trips. "Micah?"

Micah's been unusually reclusive lately. He's taken to his room lately, choosing to watch Afterlife on his laptop rather than play outside. Dressed in his jeans and a too-large blue sweater, Micah rests an elbow on his desk as he watches the laptop. All of the people. Everywhere. All of the time. It's exhausting. With a sigh, he stares dreamily at Morgan Starr, murmuring quietly to himself, "Morgan would love me. I bet we'd go on picnics and take long walks on the beach… if only Erin wasn't so mean." Siiiiiigh.

And then Charlotte, interrupts his teenage crush-laden thoughts so he turns to see her. "Hey Charlotte." He presses pause on the screen and happens to freeze-frame Morgan and Taine chatting.

Charlotte gives him a little smile, trying to be cheerful. "Are you busy?" Kids like their privacy, right? "I wanted to talk to you a little if that's alright. I also have….something for you. Just a little something, I kept meaning to give it to you but could never manage a time or a place…." She sets the square gift down on the corner of Micah's desk.

"Not busy with anything important," Micah quips as he snaps the laptop shut and spins in the chair to face Charlotte. "You can talk if you like," he will listen. "Like I said, I'm not doing anything important. Finished some homework awhile ago so, yeah." He shrugs a little and hmmms at the present, but doesn't say anything. "What's up?"

"Nothing," Charlotte responds, gesturing toward the gift. "I just wanted to bring you your present. And maybe talk to you a little. See how you're doing, how everything's going. If there's anything you need, you know, all of that. Maybe talk a little bit about Christmas. Is there anything you'd like? Anything special you'd like to have or do? Anything Santa might bring you?" It doesn't matter that he's 14! THERE IS A SANTA CLAUSE! "Except Santa has a funny name here. Weihnachtsmann or something. I heard someone call him 'Nickel' though, so that's a bit easier to remember."

Micah arches an eybrow, "I'm fourteen, Charlotte. I stopped believing in Santa Claus a long time ago." He sighs, but offers her a weak smile anyways. "But thanks. It doesn't really feel right asking for anything this year other than those Christmas wishes that never come true like world peace or not having to run from the government." Pause. "I'm trying to build a laptop for Cam though. Not that he'd value it like I value mine…" he smirks and then shrugs. "Hard to find parts around here though."

HE smiled! With renewed happiness, Charlotte perches on the edge of his desk, near the gift. She gives him a playful tap on the shoulder. "Don't say that, or Santa won't come! REally, Micah, for all your smarts you ought to know better. No Santa Claus, bah!" She smirks again, looking down at his computer and then back at him. "Where would be a good place to get parts? I'd be more than happy to help you find some. I just…don't know anything about them."

"Well I can find most of what I need in a junkyard," Micah smirks proudly. Yup, he's thrifty. Finally, he reaches for the box, "Can I open it?" He hmmms and then adds rather awkwardly. "Oh… and well… um… I have money right now, but I think I might be better spent other ways…" He clears his throat and sideglances Charlotte. "I tried to give it to this contact of mine to help the rebellion in the States, but he got all weird about where it come from. I swear I didn't beg, borrow, or steal it."

"I believe you. But listen, some of that money, as much as you can, save it, alright? You're going to need it when you're older, for college. You're smart enough to get into the best schools in the world, but they cost a lot of money. If you can save up for it…well, every little bit will help." Of course she's got every intention of helping as well, but if he can get it jump-started. "And also, be careful of giving up money to the rebellion. I know I don't need to say it, but I will anyway. Even when all of this blows over and we're no longer criminals, funding an organization that might commit an act that you don't fully agree with later on could be bad for you. But I know you'll be careful." She nods to the present, gesturing that he can open it. "It's not much but…I enjoyed it at your age, and I think it'll have an even greater interest for you."

"But it's intended to help our cause," Micah squeaks a little. "Like the person I got it from she wanted to help us. And she's not like us, I think." Jamie's face was enough to spur on Hallis' generosity. At least the video was good for something. "I'm always careful Charlotte," he says before he opens the box to reveal a unabridged copy of Shelly's Frankenstein. "Thanks… I've never read this one," he offers her a small smile. In a way it was easier not acknowledging his birthday, it meant time wasn't passing without Niki and DL. And now it's real. They're dead and his life goes on.

"Our numbers are growing, you know. There's lots of people who are joining the cause." He shrugs a little. "It's important that we grow."

"I know you're careful. And every time I ever say something like 'be careful' when you know to be careful, you're going to tell me that you know it." She blushes a little at the simplicity of her present. But what do you give the techie who can have anything? Something not-techie, at least the would-have-been art major thinks. "But I'm going to say it anyway. That's all there is to it. Anyway, everyone in the world who ever read Shelly thought highly of her, and it's about a genius, so I thought you might like it. Even if you don't….well, if you don't tell me, and I'll try again."

Micah sighs and offers another small smile, "I'm sure it'll be good Charlotte." With another sigh and a yawn he shrugs a bit, "Do you want anything for Christmas? I don't have access to much here, but maybe I can like do something else…" Like write a song on the piano or something.

Charlotte shakes her head. "No, I just want….I want all of us together. You and myself and Cam. And a Christmas tree, and gingerbread, and snow. And a fireplace. We can have all of that. Maybe we can all go out and actually cut a christmas tree! HAve you ever done that? Do we have a saw, do you think? I've heard some people do that every year!"

"I've never cut a Christmas tree. We lived in Vegas…" Micah smirks, but it lasts only a moment. "Do you — do you think we can have like an old-fashioned Christmas with our people? Like you, me, Cam, Molly, Frauline… Jamie…" yeah, he misses Jamie. She's a crazy kid, but awesome. "…Kitty, Tracy, Peter… Matt, I guess…" Matt scares Micah a bit. Mostly because he can read minds. He sighs a little, "I think a lot of people are going to be having crummy Christmases."

Charlotte nods with a smile. "Sure. But let's not do it here if we're going to have that kind of a gathering. Where would you like to have it? Ooooh I'm sure I could dig up a little cabin in Alaska or something. Nowhere near anyone or anything that could hurt us, but we'll have plenty of snow!" She laughs a little, dimples flaring. "What about dinner? Ham? Oh it's so bad for you, but it's sooo yummy."

"Alaska would be good! I've never been to Alaska!" Micah's eyes light up at the thought. "It'll be like Christmas was always meant to be! Everyone together! Like a real family!!" He's beaming now. "Can we make invitations?! OH! And cookies! Cam and I can make cookies! I bet Molly would want to help! We can make a gingerbread house or something… and watch Christmas movies…"

"Absolutely! Okay here's what I need you to do. Find me a cabin - a big one, a summer house or something - somewhere in Alaska that's not in use. And normally it's very, very bad to steal like we're about to. But it's Christmas. So…if you could just turn on the power and the water to one of those big summer houses?" Charlotte looks apologetic, but Micah will understand, surely. "And it's only just this one, you understand me? I'm going to leave them plenty of money and a thank-you note when we leave, so don't make a habbit of this. Then you guys can make invitations and we'll invite whoever you want."

"DEAL!" Micah chimes as he turns to the desk to open the laptop again. It's time to do some searching. "Thanks Charlotte! I'm so excited!" It's the first time he's really perked up since he's come home from Alpha Protocol custody. "I'll get to it then! Unless there's something else you need?"

Charlotte wraps an arm aorund Micah and kisses his hair. "Yes, there is. Make sure you get invitations for Leto Jones - and write Leto on the card, because it will make him mad - as well as Kory Alexander. They're very close friends of mine, and I would very much like to have them there as well. Let me know if you need any help with anything, okay? And don't forget to tell Cam and Molly about it all so they can start planning cookies."

Nodding, Micah continues to beam. Yes, he's excited. "I will make sure to get invitations to both. They'll all be online and BEAUTIFUL! Oh! How will everyone get to the cabin? I'm assuming you'll teleport everyone, but… uh…" He shrugs a little. "Like I'd need to write that on the invitation."

Oh, right. That. "Well make sure that the government can't see this, first off. Secondly, just ask them to call or text or email or whatever a time for pickup. That should be enough, don't you think?"

"Sounds good!" That said, Micah gets right to work, finding a location and creating invitations. It's going to be a Christmas to remember!

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