2007-11-24: Rechargeable


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Summary: Peter goes to visit Gene, hoping to find out about the camera instillation. He doesn't learn much on that, but he's handed a nifty piece of gadgetry that will help him train one of his many abilities, and do something useful all at the same time.

Date It Happened: November 24th, 2007


Gene's Apartment

In New York, there are a multitude of apartments both grandiose and gritty. This place manages to be neither. A two room apartment, this place is the size of an upper class dining room. In one corner is the kitchen area, which fits in a stove (which is never used), a fridge (often filled with soda, ice cream, premade foods and little else), and a pantry (filled with cans of things can be mircowaved). The kitchen area is separate from the rest of the room by a small counter, which is used as a dining area. It can fit two comfortably, four if they squish together. There are three barstools by it, but only one is pulled out. The other three quarters of the room is taken up by a small bed, cheap table with a decent desktop computer on it, and floor lamp that serves to give light to the room.

Usually, the place is temperature controlled, and the hardwood floors are mostly clean. While the place is in good shape, it seems almost like something in a museum. There are no posters on the wall, little proof that someone has lived in the area. The only sign that someone lives here is the large box which is by the door, which seems to be almost overflowing with junk mail addressed to the owner of this small but well-kept abode… Gene Kensington.

It's a very good thing that Peter called ahead when he said they needed to get together and talk about whatever the other man happened to find. Buzzing up into the apartment, it takes him a bit to get to the door so that he can knock. He looks tense, jaw tightened as he waits to be let inside. Hands placed in the pockets of his long black coat that's closed to keep the cold New York late fall air out. Doesn't look like he shaved for a time, either, leaving a dirty shadow of stubble on his chin and neck.

It is odd that a man with issues of trust would invite people to his apartment with important information. It's supposed to be his haven, his sanctuary, his castle. For Gene, it is just a place for him to sleep on occasion, a permanent hotel room until he has the funds or the motivation to buy a nicer place. Glancing over his work, Gene hrms to himself as he waits on the bar stool. A few sheets of paper litter the countertop along with his opened laptop. R2-D2 stands guard over the door, watching it with a firm intensity from roughly twenty feet away.

Oddly, the intercom doesn't pick up the buzz, but rather the droid. "Artoo, homefront video." On command, the droid's upper back opens to reveal a small five inch plasma screen, large enough to show who is at the door from a camera that seems installed by the door. Does the man that owns this place know what Gene has done? Likely not… Or if he does, Gene has bribed him to allow him his eccentrics. "Come on in, Peter." Gene offers calmly before giving his assistant the command. "R2, allow access to home." With that, Mr. Petrelli will be able to walk to the door. Once he knocks, the door will be opened by… who else? R2. From his location at the stool, Gene seems a little pale, rings visable around his eyes. "I'd ask how things are with you, but I'll just assume not good."

"Good afternoon, R2," Peter says once the door is opened finally, looking down at the droid, that looks more convincing than any mock up of a droid he's ever seen. The small shake of his head as he closes the door behind him, might clear up some of that tension, but not much. Moving around the droid and avoiding bumping him, he gets to faces the young man up on the stool. "It's been… a rough couple of days. Did you find out anything? About the company putting the camera in the alley behind Enlightenment?"

"Bweeo" the droid replies back to Peter.

"Artoo, heel," Gene states calmly. Like a loyal dog, the droid obeys. "As you likely imagined… It's a bit more complicated than it first appeared. Still chasing some leads. It seems like these people wanted to try their hand in breaking into the surveillance I set up at Enlightenment Books. Trying to see what I can dig up on the companies that might be involved. Nothing hard yet, but give me some time, I'll get it all."

There is a long pause, Gene glancing to the fridge for a moment, clearly thinking about something. "So, how about the virus? We get the source or the cure?"

"Need any help on that? I can look into some of them myself," Peter says, glancing at the computer screen. "Nathan's got some connections, and I might be able to get something in a more… traditional way…" Turning invisible and walking around the place until he finds something being his main idea. But the subject is changed to something a little closer to home, something going on a little longer. There's a grimace. "Half of it came from the quarantine at Sinai. We already knew that much. The rest…" he hesitates, then looks up at the young man, jaw setting. "The rest came from me. I got infected in the future and brought it back."

There is a long silence. "I see. Well, I suppose that's just one of the things that happens when you time travel. Could be worse, at least you didn't bring back an evil robot named Nimrod with you that wanted to hunt down all Evolved." Gene sighs as he lets yet another obscure comic book reference go without his knowing. Getting up out of his chair, Gene moves to the area behind the counter. "Right now, likely best to just focus on the virus. If I need help, I'll ask for it, but it'll likely be on my terms. This is gunna need a light touch and the last thing I would want are those responsible spooked. Might happen anyway, but if I'm working alone, it'll decrease the chance. If you are bored and have nothing else to do, you can train with the equipment I've been making for you."

"Gene, everyone keeps telling me that I can't work alone— and I'm not trying to," Peter says, shaking his head a little. "I read this man's mind and I didn't like what I saw. I'd like to be able to do something— I can't do anything more for the virus. I'm not a doctor or a scientist. I've done all I can for that." He sighs a bit, and then nods. "Whatever you think is best, I guess. I'll find something else to do. Cause there's really nothing more I can do about the virus. The rest of it is in Cass' hands…" Or Samantha. Or Suresh.

Gene turns back from whatever he is getting to give Gene a small frown. Despite his intial displeasure, he is able to get back to work swiftly enough. "If I need help, I'll let you know, Peter. I might have my pride, but knowing my limits and ability why I am being so careful. Considering how our group did for Elena's rescue, I'll avoid calling for the hammer until the chistle is properly in place. Trust me, let the genius do his thing. I haven't needed saving once yet." A large suitcase is opened up. It has a large handprint on it and a large LCD screen on the top, like the sort used for early electronic calcuators. "If you want something to do, I have some training for you and a way to repay me back a little for the services I am have been, are doing, and will do for you… It's good for you too, but you'll understand in time."

"All right," Peter says, unable to really fight against him in this. He'd come to him with a favor. "Just find out soon, and keep an eye on the cameras you set up for Cass— they might try to do the same thing again, if they haven't already." It's the large suitcase that makes him move closer, glanding down at the screen and the handprint, eyebrows raising. "Training? What is this?" he asks, looking up from the suitcase to the young man who opened it up. It doesn't seem like he understands now. But that would be the in time thing, most likely.

Indeed, Peter came to Gene with a favor. Ironically, it seems that this has become something personal for Gene despite it being a matter that originally had little to do with him. Why is that? For the time being, Gene seems rather tight lipped about it. "Part of the reason why I installed the equipment I did was to protect her. And now that I'm on to them, they are going to be the ones on the defensive Regardless if they know it or not."

Turning on the device, Gene moves to his closet. For now, the only thing the device does is show a red '0' in the LCD display. Opening the coat closet, he pulls out A massive think that looks like a car battery on the top, but seems to be the size of an oxygen tank. He has to use a dolly to transport, meaning that it's likely pretty heavy. He attaches the battery to the suitcase. "Now, I want you to put your hand on the handprint and give a LIGHT shock."

Confused, Peter moves closer and looks at all these very odd things that are laying about. It's all crazy stuff, right out of a mad scientists lab. Or a geek's lab. Or both. "You know they used to make movies about this kind of stuff. It usually ended up with the boys making a woman or something crazy like that…" he says softly, referencing old movies as he lays his hand down on the print as instructed. "A shock? Like an electrical shock? A spark?" He waits for a confirmation, just in case he understood wrong, and then he will give it the small spark. Luckily this ability is one he knows how to control pretty well.

After Gene gives his nod, Peter does his thing. The number goes up for a short time, before going down.

The Geek God nods as he is happy wiht what he sees, though the smile is a quiet one. It's almost enough to bring color to his cheeks. "It seems like you have a good control of your ability. That's good. What I want you to do is get it even better. I want you to replicate numbers. I want you to instictively feel what is fifty volts… What's a thousand volts, what's ten thousand volts if you can manage it. This thing can take up to a hundred thousand, but please only do that on a new battery. When this light turns yellow…" Gene points to a button that is currently green. "It means you can only use shocks under a hundred. When it turns red, it means that it's filled up. Return the filled batteries to me, I'll use the power to help defray the costs of my lab. I'm making some devices for you, but in order to avoid shorting them out, you'll need to be always aware of how much juice you put out." There is a pause as Gene glacnes up from the machine to the Mr. Petrelli. "Think you could do that?"

"So you're basically wanting me to charge batteries for you?" Peter confirms quietly, looking down at it in surprise. He doesn't seem to be insulted by the idea, or to be taking it with sarcasm. "I never even thought of using this ability like that. You are a genius," he says, shaking his head with surprise. "This is a really good idea— it's a good use for this ability. And good practice, too." He looks down at it, closing his eyes for a moment. When he opens them again, he starts to pour electricity into it. The numbers go up and up and then he stops and has to add in tiny sparks until he gets it to a specific number. 1,000. He takes his hand back. "All right— it'll be worth knowing exactly what I can do with this."

A twitch of a smirk plays on Gene's face. "My thoughts exactly. You want the power to fight Sylar, I'll give you the tools and give you the training. Like everything, the art of war is a science. If there is anyone that knows that, it's me." Gene moves to the closet, motioning to it.

"I have made three other batteries. If you fill them up faster than I can drain them, I'll make more. I doubt that will be the case though. Once we work out your electrokinesis powers, we'll work on using this same attention to detail for as many other abilities as we can. With a mastery of your gifts and the devices to take advantage of them Well, I will have given you all I can. The rest will be up to you. I might need your help later though Depending on how things go for me-" As if waiting for the right moment, Gene begins to cough. He appears like he is ready to hack something up as he lurches forward. The doorknob of the closet is gripped tightly as he fights whatever his body's natural reflex is. He gets it under control as he rights himself. "-personally."

With it charged up to 1000, Peter looks away, to the other young man in the room. He nods, agreeing with this form of training— agreeing with everything up until the young man starts coughing. Moving away from the briefcase, he walks over and puts a hand on his shoulders. "Are the headaches getting worse? I don't think I can heal this, but I can probably stop the pain for at least as long as I'm here…" It's an offer, though not one he expects to be taken. "It'd be good practice, too. I've not really used Elena's ability much from a distance… and it can take away people's pain if used correctly."

As Peter puts his hands on Gene's shoulder, he will feel the tension mount suddenly like a dog raising its hackles. He keeps his eyes looking downward, his hair hiding his face. "So, Elena told you about my condition too. Figures the boyfriend would know." Oddly enough, his mood seems to sour immediately despite his early joy from talking about his invention. Gene doesn't make it clear if it is due to the relationship, his sickness, or some other issue.

"Unless I ask or I'm about to die, NEVER use your abilities on me. I don't want temporary Pick-Me Ups…" He looks up with a determined face. The darker and more unpleasant undertones in Gene's voice are replaced with a firm resolve. At least for now. "I want a cure. One that lets me keep doing the one thing that makes me happy in life. Since you can't give me that, how about you focus on getting those numbers right on the reader and charge those battery?" That said, Gene moves past Peter and to the droid, petting the smooth dome as if it were a pet.

"I went two years into the future, Gene," Peter says, though he does take his hand back and moves over to the battery. He doesn't know if he's supposed to pack this up or work on it here, so he just decides to work on it here. Laying his hand down on the handprint again, he consentrates a single quick burst. The number is small, and uneven. There's a small break, before he tries again. "You were alive in that future. You didn't look sick." It's true. He didn't look sick except for the… missing limbs. But that wasn't caused by illness. It was caused by war. "I know it doesn't mean there's a definite cure, but it's something." He doesn't deny that Elena's the one who told him, though.

"Last I checked, they were talking about how you brought back a virus from the future either though. The moment you came back, the information was permanently altered. I don't pretend to know the ins and outs of time travel, but as you can tell, the more you travel actively change, the more uncertainty it becomes. It's a rare gift to change the past and future, but it's a gift you have to be careful with. Either way, unless you have a cure for me, I don't want to hear it, okay? I'll think positively when I feel better."

His rant on time travel and his condition over, Gene glances up toward Peter. "You can take the equipment home with you… Or wherever you travel. I'll give you a copy of the key so you can get in and out of this place transporting the filled batteries and getting the empty ones." He gestures toward the closet, figuring that a guy eager to please like Peter would like to know the exact place to put the batteries. "I'll ask you to refrain from bringing people here without my permission though."

Looking toward the closet, Peter nods, though he's not sure how easy it'll be lugging all of this to his apartment— unless he cheats. Which he probably will. He drops the topic of the disease, though, because it's one thing he can't cure. Yet. And he just nods about the rest. "I don't need a copy," he does say with a glance down. "I could teleport right over there, next to R2. Anytime, really. I'm getting pretty good at it now. I've been practicing. Now that I know the place I can probably come back here with the batteries without a key. And I wouldn't bring anyone into your home uninvited. I'll probably call before I stop by."

"Make sure to ask… It would just be better that way." After all, Gene figures he could easily foil Peter by putting a trash can over where R2 is. After all, while he has no idea what would happen if Peter teleported into a solid object, if it was possible… It would likely not be a pleasant experience. Hrmming to himself, Gene considers the next plan of action. "But if teleportation is another power you feel comfortable with, maybe we'll work on that one next."

"I'll call ahead," Peter says, agreeing with that. "It's rude to just pop into someone's home," he says with a nod. "If I have an emergency I'll at least pop into the downstairs and knock a few times first." Or buzz. But he'll most likely call. "Teleportation training would be a good idea— especially practicing with maps or GPS signals rather than knowing the place well enough." He's hazarded a few teleports in the past. "I'll take this one home with me now, and come back for the rest after I fill it up. Small volts at first, then higher…" He closes up the suitcase as much as he can, makes sure he has the battery, and then looks back. "Anything else I should do?"

Sighing as he thinks for a few moments, Gene finally speaks after looking toward the ceiling for a bit. "…Nope, I think we're good." Moving toward the fridge, Gene gets himself a bottled water. "You need anything to drink, or you good? Got soda too if you want it."

There's a surprised blink. Here Peter'd been thinking he was going to get kicked out for bringing up the boy's cander. And now… "I honestly thought I was going to be leaving," he finally admits, running a hand through his hair. He's not even got a static charge. "I'll take water if you're inviting me to stick around for a bit. I can probably fill up at least one of the batteries right in front of you."

The dark haired youth shakes his head. "If you want to go, not keeping you… You can have the water for the road. I've got work to do, but if you want to stick around, you're more than welcome to."

There's a quiet pause, before Peter shakes his head, "Keep the water then. You might need it more than me. I'll go ahead and take the first battery with me." He shifts the battery again, putting his hands on it. "Good luck with the Compusure thing— if you think anything I can do— let me know." It's probably not going to be much, but the man does have a list of most of his abilities.

"Sounds good to me. Take it easy, Peter," Gene offers as he pops the top of his water. After taking a sip of the cool drink, he adds, "Say hey to Elena for me."

"I will," Peter says with a smile, as he makes sure he has a good hold on everything he needs. "I'll talk to you soon, Gene. Take it easy." And with a pop, he vanishes, along with the equipment.

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