2007-12-08: Recommendations


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Summary: A teacher, a high school student, and two college students gather here. Recommendations and other tidbits of information are talked about.

Date It Happened: December 8, 2007


East Village, Downtown NYC

Portia's been doing some studying up. Her usual guitar strapped on her back, she's got a whole folder full of papers tucked under one arm as she's headed towards the Secret Lair with a pretty determined look. Who knows what she's up to, but at the very least she seems pretty confident.

And not far from her is Ian, bouncing along with his usual energetic stride. He's wearing a faded army parka, combat boots, fatigues, and a Jack Skellington watchcap. By his expression of cheerful avarice and anticipation, he's heading for the Lair, too.

Lee is hanging around outside despite the cold, enjoying a cardboard cup of coffee from the new place you're not hip enough to know about, discussing Monet with a passersby wearing glasses and gloves. "But after the Giverny period, you have to take into consideration the death of Blanche as an influence. There's no question it's darker, no question, but come on…."

"I can't argue with that." the young woman says. "All right, see you later, Lee." She departs. He continues to enjoy his coffee, watching passersby.

It's chilly and the prospect of spending more time outside looks less and less of an idea to be entertained at the moment. His hands stuffed in his pockets, shoulders hunched up as though that would help him warm up any, Fenton makes his way down the sidewalk. He debates heading back to the flat early today now that classes are finished for the day, in which case he wonders that he should have bothered at all to even bring his guitar, the case of which is strapped behind him over one shoulder, his book bag over the other to offset the weight some. Maybe he should have brought his scarf too, except that his cat had decided to use it to sleep on and Fenton hadn't wanted to disturb him. Sigh.

It's funny how everyone's about in the same location. Portia, however, first notices Lee. Moving quickly, she heads towards him with the folder in hand. "Mr. Jones? I've sort of got a favor to ask." Ian and Fenton haven't been noticed as of yet, but it most likely won't be long.

Lee says, "Hello, Portia. What can I do for you?" warmly enough, glad to see one of the classroom leaders who hasn't been picked from his pedagogical pocket and tossed into another teacher's win column. He nods to Ian as well, recognizing him from something or other, but not giving him much attention.

What Ian's doing is best described as sidling, though it's cartoonish rather more than subtle. He asks Lee, a touch nervously, "Hey. Is Kory in right now, do you know?" Because Lee is totally Kory's social secretary and amanuensis, right?

There aren't many people out, likely due to the weather and the lapse in the activities for the day, be it work, school, or general bumming around. Fenton approaches the direction of the trio that's gathered, not quite noticing the familiar face of the group until her name is spoken. He lifts his head and glances over, a grin tugging its way on his face as he sees Portia. Of course, not wanting to interrupt anything, he seems fine with just offering her a wave, likely just planning on continuing on his way.

"Well, I was actually hoping that you'd write a letter of ref—" Portia stops for a moment, glancing back as she notes Ian and then Fenton. She waves at Fenton, abruptly silent. There's something about lies that always have a way of getting back to you, and Portia is legitimately looking a bit uncomfortable all of a sudden.

Lee replies to Ian: "Not sure. Everyone's working crazy hours during the holidays. You're not Randall, are you?" He's still waiting to meet the new boyfriend. He looks back at Portia. "Letter of reference? For what?" he asks, flattered but unsure.
Ian's face falls a little. "Uh. No. I'm Ian," he says, though he reflexively puffs up as if that name should be one to conjure with. Ian, legend in his own mind.

Fenton arches a brow, noting the… what is it, hesitance? He tilts his head and naturally as curiosity would dictate, readjusts his course to come by Portia, Lee and Ian. "Heya Portia," he says now that he's within conversational distance. He nods to the other two as well.

A glance between Ian and Lee, then Portia clears her throat. "Uh." She looks back to Ian, waiting to see if he'll stick around or leave. She's not sure what she'll say at this point. She glances over to Fenton, blinking as he heads over. Now she's really nervous. "Oh, hey.. how are you?"

Lee gets an oh-yeah-I-remember look and says, "Ian, right, I remember you from when you humiliated yourself in that Star Wars outfit. Glad to see the atomic wedgies you no doubt suffered on your way home were not fatal." with a pleasant smile. "Anyway, the whole tribe's turned out at the Lair these days, feel free to check around." He looks oddly at Portia. "What program, Portia, what program is the reference for?" as if bringing her back on topic.

"No, I survived," Ian says, pulling a long face at that. Portia gets a looking over, like he's sure he knows her from somewhere.

"Pretty good," Fenton offers, before adding with a lopsided grin, "-aside from being a little cold." He glances at Lee as he addresses Portia again. "Ah, sorry if I'm interrupting though. I can…" He motions with his head in the universal 'I'll just get going' gesture.

Shoot. This was an awkward situation. Portia looks to Fenton, shaking her head. "Oh, no, that's okay…" She looks back to Lee for a long moment. "For Julliard. I just hoped you'd write me a recommendation."

Lee says, "Sure, just bring me a copy of the application tomorrow after class. I'll make sure I have all the bases covered for you." gracefully. He seems to sense she's uncomfortable, catches that it's peer-related, and doesn't give her a lot of pressure. He'll do that tomorrow.

"I….I totally ran into you in the park!" Ian says, brightly, as if he really expected to be given a Milkbone for coming up with this information. "I..have also forgotten your name," he admits, looking utterly hangdog.

Oh, well if she wants him to stick around a bit, he supposes he can wait. Fenton doesn't mean to intrude though, and so he stands a ways from them so that Portia won't be distracted. In the meantime he tries to warm up his fingers. This is what he gets for choosing gloves for style over practicality- fingerless gloves don't do much for freezing fingers.

Ohgod. He had to mention class didn't he? Portia pretends not to have heard that part. Or she quickly recovers. "Yeah, I'll come find you after my class gets out." Smooth recovery. And it is true. She peers towards Ian, then offers him a smile. "Yeah, you did."

Lee says, "Right….so I'll see you…at school…tomorrow. Portia." He shakes his head a little, tosses his now-empty cup into a nearby trashcan, and makes to head inside the comic shop.

"The park," Ian confirms, all but wagging his tail. "We talked about Gaiman. Did I mention the Lair then, or did you find it on your own?"

It's hard not to overhear the conversation when you're standing this close. Fenton arches a brow as he looks back at the group. Well, Lee doesn't look like any of the teachers he's seen on campus, but then maybe Portia just has really different courses? It's still kind of strange how she was acting earlier. Shrugging to himself, Fenton pulls out his cellphone to check the time before he stuffs it and his hands back into the warmth of his jacket pockets.

Lee gets a violent glare directed at his back before Portia glances to Ian again. "Yeah. Gaiman.. but no, I.. sorta found it on my own, actually. Came in here once or twice. Found a comic book translated into French, actually. It was kinda cool."

'Which one?" Ian persists, before glancing at Fenton. He wonders, rather shyly. "Or am I keeping you?"

Catching the look from Ian, Fenton smiles awkwardly, feeling a little out of place just standing there. Yet, all the same, he waits. Although he does wonder all the more about what's going on with Portia, having caught the glare shot after Lee.

Portia glances quickly between the two of them. "Oh? No, I mean, it's not like we were going anywhere or.." She just rubs the back of her neck. "Sorry, I'm not quite sure what I'm saying right now. It was an older issue of the Fantastic Four, actually."

Ian considers that. 'That would be cool,' he says, amused. "I've got a Russian copy of Harry Potter, from when I took courses in high school. But no comics in other languges."

And who should come walking along but Monica, backpack slung over one shoulder, her phone out as she stares at the screen, her thumb moving rapidly in an effort to text someone.

Not three seconds later, whatever ringtone Ian has for Monica? Goes off.

Fenton slides his guitar strap case off his shoulder, carefully setting it down on the ground. It's really a sad thing when you realize it's your backpack that's weighing you down more than your guitar case. Since he's not going anywhere, he slips his backpack off too, to give his arms and back a rest, his hand rubbing at his shoulder as he rolls it back.

"That's kind of cool. I was lucky to find the copy, helps me practice my French." Portia glances back to Fenton, noticing him taking his backpack off. "Long day?" She questions, though she glances back as she notes Ian's cellphone seeming to be going off.

Well, Ian's theme for Monica is….that of Foxy Brown. No, really. He snatches his phone out of his pocket like it's a grenade that's about to explode, stepping apologetically away from the pair. "Hey. Ian here," he says, hopefully.

Monica looks up and around at the sound of a ringtone going off, and then smiles when she sees Ian try to answer his phone. "It's a text, silly." she tells him as she strides up, smiling. "Just wanted to see if ya wanted to get a bite to eat? Fancy meetin' you here, stranger." Her voice is soft and faintly Southern.

"Yeah, mondays, wednesdays and fridays are the longest for class days," Fenton grins over at Portia. He goes to rub his other shoulder. "So… that… one of your teachers, earlier?" he asks, now that it seems there's a break in the conversation between her and Ian. Ah, cellphones.

"Yeah. Um, I was asking about a recommendation. Hoping to see about a program with Julliard. Doubt I'll get in, but.. I figure it's worth a try, right?" Portia says, looking back to Ian before focusing her gaze entirely on Fenton.

Fenton nods. "That's the way to do it. Recommendations are good if you can get them." He rests his arm over the top of his guitar case. "You were looking to get into Julliard after all, right? So go for it. No regrets." He grins.

"I thought that I might try." Portia states. "I think I'm not classy enough, though. Too much more rock in me, I think." She grins again. "What do you think?"

"Nothin' wrong with that," he laughs. "Although it's better not to be too stuck on one style, you know? Gotta be flexible so you can prove them you can do what they want on top of what you want." Shrugging, Fenton cants his head in her direction. "'course, it's up to you."

"Yeah. I met a guy once that made me want to try some theatre. He's doing some broadway and heard me singing and told me if I ever played a gig to invite him. I toyed with the idea of trying opera once, too." Portia grinned. "Diversify, you know?" She glances in his direction. "What about you? What're you up to? Any new direction in life?"

"Theater, huh? Sounds good. Might be a lotta fun for you- and you've got a great voice for it." Fenton straightens, keeping his hands on the top of the guitar case so it won't go falling over. That'd be a mess. "As for me… I'm… just sorta wingin' it for now. Heh. I'm bad at planning. I like jumping straight into things as they come."

Portia grins at that. "Sounds like fun, really." She offers, glancing around. "You've got to make opportunities though.. seize the day and whatnot.. carpe diem? Something like that. You've just got to jump on things… you know?"

"Yeah, something like that…" Go with the flow. Think on your feet. That's how it's been for him most of his life, and not without its share of trouble. Still, it's the way he knows. "I know I can't just expect something that looks like a good offer to drop in front of me all the time, but I keep my eyes open for it, all the same." Fenton smirks. "'course, there's a lotta times when I wish I'd been better prepared for things, but by then it's too late." He absently fingers the edge of his jacket.

"Well, good. You've gotta keep your wits sharply about you.. keep an eye out for anything that looks good and seize it." Portia grins, shifting her guitar and setting it aside a bit. "I think being prepared.. or not being prepared.. is part of the joy in life. You don't know what life's gonna bring you tomorrow. So you just hope that you're prepared enough for today."

Fenton looks up from his hands, nodding his head. "Exactly." He returns the grin. "Always good to talk to someone that understands. Lotta the time I just get a lecture." Reaching down, he grabs hold of his backpack strap, slinging it over his shoulder before he looks back at Portia. "Dunno about you, but I'm freezing here. I was thinking of grabbing something hot from the cafe before I head to the subway station. Wanna join me?"

Portia laughs. "Good, I thought I was just weak for not being able to resist the cold. I guess I'm in good company." She nods, waiting for him to lead the way. "Glad you asked. I think I probably would have kept talking and let my fingers break off as icicles if you'd let me go on much longer."

"Figured one of us hadda move. My aunt would be wagging her finger at me saying 'I told you so' because I refused to pack a thicker jacket when I came out here." He pulls up his guitar case to sling over his other shoulder, turning to start on down the sidewalk. "Although I expect I'll be receiving one in the mail at this rate. She's the type that'll look up the weather here just to check," he chuckles. "Wouldn't be a good thing for guitar players to be losing their fingers though, no."

"I'd just find a way to use my toes, then." Portia chuckles. "Not like they can stop me making music. Even if all my fingers fall off. You stay with your aunt back home?" She follows after him, shifting the guitar on her back. "Sounds like she misses you a lot if she'd go so far as to look up the weather to make sure you're alright."

Now that's an interesting image, and Fenton can't help but laugh as well with that. He nods his head a little. "Aunt and uncle. They're the ones that took care of me. Aunt was naturally concerned about me leaving. But yeah…" He glances around before crossing the street to the cafe that sits at the corner across from them. "I miss them too, though. I figure I'll go back to visit, maybe not for winter break, but sometime next year."

Portia moves after him, a bit of a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth at the way his Aunt seems to be concerned. "You're sticking around for winter break, then?" She asks with some curiousity.

"Huh? Oh yeah. Maybe we'll get some snow here by then?" Fenton smiles, glancing skyward as if looking to see if it would snow now. Not quite cold enough, he knows, but all the same… "Maybe find some place to go snowboarding… That'd be great." He glances over his shoulder at Portia. "How about you? Got any plans for winter break?"

Portia shakes her head. "Probably just stick around.. hopefully not have any weird family awkwardness.. find something fun to do, I guess. Pretty boring."

"Boring! That's no good!" he laughs. "We should get together and play or something. I have an electric guitar aside from this one… Oh hey, there's this girl that just moved here that I ran into a couple of times- says she plays fiddle. Still needa hear that." Once they reach the cafe, Fenton reaches over to get the door, gesturing for Portia to head in first. "And what about that gig you said you had offered… ever think to take it up?"

Portia moves inside, glancing back over at him. "Oh, that'd be fun. Getting together and playing would be great.. invite your friend, too. I've been waiting to figure out a good setlist for the place I'd be playing at.. ever hear of Enlightenment Books?"

He doesn't take long to slide in after, it's warmer in here! "Enlightenment Books…. sounds familiar…" He taps a cold finger against his chin. "…yeah, yeah- it's in this area, right? Think I've seen it." He may have even set foot inside, if briefly. While Fenton does like books, the subject matter hadn't been exactly his cup of tea. He gestures for Portia to pick a place to sit so they can go ahead and put their stuff down before ordering something. Wouldn't hurt to stay in here a little while, at least to thaw out.

Portia sets her guitar down, settling it carefully before heading towards the counter. "Yeah, it's around here. Sells all sort of weird, new-age kind of books. The owner kind of knows my mother a little.." Yeah, /that/ is a long story. She moves to go order a mocha, paying for it with cash.

Glad to ease the load from his shoulders again, Fenton follows after, digging his wallet from his back pocket. He'd usually settle for tea, but he has plenty of that waiting at his flat. And one hungry cat, he imagines. Refraining from shaking his head at that, he steps up to the counter to order a hot chocolate, debating on a snack to go with it. He settles for just the beverage, sliding out a few bills and waiting for his change.
"Yeah, I remember now. Been in there once but not my thing. Not a bad little place though, and hey, a gig's a gig."

Portia moves over to wait for her mocha, glancing back over at him with another warm smile. "Kind of a cool place, even though the subject matter is a little bit strange. Still.. being able to play somewhere like that kind of gives a bit of legitmacy."

"It's a place to start, too," he nods, leaning against the counter after moving out of the way of the register area. He stuffs his wallet back into his pocket, waiting. "Well, if you do go through with it, let me know so I can come see," he grins.

Retrieving her cup, Portia moves off to the side, sipping slowly. "You'll get a spot right in front, I promise." She grins. "Hopefully you won't be the only one listening."

He's eager to get his order even though being inside helps. Finally he takes his cup with a thanks, wrapping his fingers around it to soak up the warmth. "Right on. And I'll find people to drag along." Fenton takes a careful sip of the hot chocolate so he doesn't end up burning his tongue. He nods back towards the table where there stuff is, heading over. "This area's got a good flow of people, I think. Shouldn't be hard to get an audience in. I mean, if it can happen randomly out by Times Square…" Grin.

Heading back over to the table, Portia slides into a seat. "That's true. But it's one thing to play in Times Square from a bench, and another to have a gig somewhere you can advertise."

Fenton sits down across from her, taking another sip. "That's true…" he muses. It's still proof that there are people that'll stop to hear good music when they get a taste of it, though. He sighs after another swallow of the steaming liquid. "…I so don't wanna go back out there yet," he admits, smiling lopsidedly. "It's a long, cold walk back to the subway, and the cars aren't any more warmer."

"I know. I hate the cold." Portia agrees, warming her fingers on her cup. "It's the kind of times where you just want to curl up and have a fire and stuff. Guess I'm lucky to have family around here."

"Mmhm. Under a blanket, maybe with a good book." He glances towards the counter where the wallclock hangs on the wall behind it. "…Well, maybe I can stay here a little longer. I think I've just started to thaw out anyway," Fenton grins. Of course he'll eventually have to face the cold, but for now, he's got good company and a cup of hot chocolate.

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