2007-10-25: Reconnecting


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Summary: After his conversation with Kitty, Peter calls up Jane and reconnects. He tells her the good news, the bad news, and then declines her request to meet in person right now for an extended conversation. It's too much of a risk with the virus.

Date It Happened: October 25, 2007


On the Phone

After getting the car back to the mansion, Peter doesn't get out right away. The evening air is crisp and cold. Turning the car off, and the radio with it, he leans back into the seat to rest in the quiet. There's a risk he could fall asleep here, with the fatigue that always threatens to overtake him since he got sick. In defiance, he pulls out his phone, turns it on, and thumbs through the phone book. His moving stops on one name and number he hasn't called in a while. After a few moments of hesitation, he hits send and shifts it to his ear.

She's at home on that Saturday evening, with an acoustic guitar in hand. The iPhone is at her hip, while the ringtone his call causes might not be so easily heard over the music being drawn from strings, it also vibrates. She tucks in the right earbud and presses the button on the cord to answer the call. "Peter Petrelli," she begins, her voice curious and laced with perhaps manufactured calm. "Interesting to hear from you."

It doesn't surprise him that she's playing while he calls. "Yeah, I guess it would be," Peter responds with a grimace she can't see, but may be able to hear in the way his voice sounds when he spoke there. "Been more than a little preoccupied. But Kitty called me today and told me that she talked to you and that it didn't exactly go well. And I wanted to call and let you know that the dream won't be happening. Those guys are locked up again." As far as he knows, all of them are. No one's said anything to believe otherwise. And the ones he knows best definitely are.

"It's not unwelcome," Jane replies after a stretch of silence when he finishes speaking. Her voice holds that same tone. "I heard Cat's story, and it threw me, I have to admit. I went on a long trip, saw a number of places I'd always wanted to visit, thinking time to do it might be short, and came to terms with things. Especially since you took your trip and didn't tell me anything. But I also recovered my fighting spirit." She's back to quiet again, letting him speculate on what that silence coupled with hearing about the dream might've been taken as.

"My trip wasn't exactly like that, though it's a good thing to do," Peter admits, sounding a little tired and rough now that he's had more time to talk. "I hope you saw some nice places, it's always a good idea to see things that you want to see. Even if the goal was to keep something like that from happening." He takes a few slow breaths. There's some hesitation. "I wouldn't imagine you've heard from Elle much lately?"

It's still on Jane's mind as he speaks, and is framed as a question when silence returns. "Did you run into anyone like me on your trip? Elle hasn't been around in months, but her belongings are still here. Have you seen her?" Concern has entered into her voice with that question, although she doesn't let on whether or not she heard anything about the Electric One's presence at dreamtime. "I also haven't heard from Elena or Cass, left them both voicemail when I got back."

"Cass is traveling. I haven't heard back from her in a few days either," Peter admits, though without giving details. "As for Elena— it's possible she hasn't checked her voicemails yet, she's been…" he trails off, rubbing a hand over his face. There's a lot in this conversation that bothers him, stuff he's not sure he should talk about. However… "Yeah. I ran into someone just like you on my trip. But it doesn't really matter now. I've already changed enough that I don't know if anything I learned is accurate anymore."

"We should meet and talk, Pete," Jane replies, sounding relieved to hear he met someone like her on his trip. It translates in her mind to 'no, you aren't dead in the future'. Muchly welcome news. "We really need to get on the same page. Not being there makes problems." There's a sound of her taking in a long slow breath. "I am who I am. Things might, or might not, have happened to match that dream. After getting a grip, I resolved to life my life and be who I am. If I saw a situation like that developing, I'd not run from it. Hopefully I'd be prepared enough to see a different outcome, of course, but I'd still act." There's quiet calm steel in her voice now. And concern, as something dawns on her. "You sound like crap. And that's just not right."

"We can't meet in person right now," Peter says immediately, but doesn't clarify on that right away, because he wants to respond to the rest of what she'd said first. "I honestly wouldn't expect you to do anything less, Jane. You never struck me as the type to stand and watch if you could actually have a chance of affecting something." And then… the reason. He takes in a slow unsteady breath. "I'm sick. I've been sick for almost the whole month now. That's why Cass is out of the state. She's trying to find a cure. As far as I can tell it's not spreading, but I've already broke quarantine enough times this week, and I shouldn't risk it to exchange information. And I can't tell you everything anyway, Jane. Most of this isn't my information to give."

"There was a painting," Jane replies with her voice taking on more concern after he admits being sick, "of a vial with a biohazard symbol breaking. Is this related? Because you shouldn't…" Be sick. Ever. "Does your girlfriend know the story? Maybe she can meet with me in person and we can put our heads together. Right now you should go rest."

"Elena's sick too," Peter responds softly, rubbing his hand over his face, which she can't see, but she might hear the hopeless sound in his sigh. "It's just flu-like symptoms right now, hasn't gotten much worse, hasn't gotten better, and nothing that should of cured it has. And I know what painting you're talking about, but I'm not completely sure if it's connected. It probably is. I'm just not sure how. The quarantine at Mt. Sinai— you remember that, right? All the people who are sick were in it, but some of the people who were in it aren't sick. And the virus mutated. In the future I went to, this didn't happen. Only one of us got sick, and the virus wasn't this bad. Something I did when I came back caused the virus to mutate."

She's quiet for a long stretch after hearing Elena is sick too. When she speaks again there's determination in her voice. "We need to meet and put our heads together, and I won't stay away from a friend at a time like this. I'm not worried about catching whatever you've got, Peter. I've got money, buying a biohazard suit is easy if need be. Where are you holing up for the duration?"

There's a long pause from the other end of the phone. If she could see his face right now, she'd know he's giving it a great deal of thought. Probably more than he should. "I'm sorry, Jane." Peter finally says, voice stiff. "I can't risk this right now. If it was a short meeting to exchange paper work, then yes, but if you're wanting to sit down and talk for an extended time, it's too much a risk. If Kitty told you about the dream, she mentioned how it ended, right?"

"It's not good, at all," Jane answers. "We'll talk again soon, Peter. Right now you should rest." The sounds of fingers typing on a computer keyboard may reach his ears as she sits and begins to pull up information. Google.com, biohazard suits. The search begins. "There are things to discuss you probably don't want to cover over the phone."

"No, it's not good at all," Peter conceeds, before he takes in a slow breath and closes his eyes, leaning his head back against the seat of the car. "Yeah, I should check on Elena and get some rest. "Some things are better covered off the phone, but I'd like to be well before we sit and talk for a long period of time. Maybe it'll just be a matter of Cass coming back that'll do it, we'll see." Reaching with his free hand to touch the door handle, he adds, "I'll talk to you later, Jane."

"Take care, Peter," Jane replies quietly, while hunting biohazard suits on the internet via Google. "Thank you for calling. Seriously." Her finger taps the button to end the call.

"You're welcome," Peter adds, before lowering the phone away from his ear and ending the call. The door to the car opens a moment later, and he starts the trek back upstairs to check on the others.

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