2009-09-22: Red Ball Of Redemption



Date: September 22, 2009


A woman begins to rethink the path her life has taken, she is given a guiding hand. (No, the woman is not Peter.)

"Red Ball Of Redemption"

Level 5

Getting down into Level 5 isn't easy for most people. It takes effort and card swipes and talking to the guards. Most people don't teleport, though, and few people know the lay out enough to safely teleport into the hallway. Peter does, though. Not only cause he stayed in one of those cells, but because he's checked on many of the detainees every couple of days. He knows all of their names, all of the crimes. And even if they don't talk to him, like some do, he knows them.

There's a great many he's taken a special interest in, in fact. The many things that keep their abilities contained keep them locked away, stuck inside. Drugs, or special glass, or walls… It doesn't matter what's needed, there are things to keep them in. Of all of them, he thinks he'd been the most heavily drugged during his time here.

He had dozens more abilities than anyone else in the room. And now he has all of them, whether he wants them or not.

There's one window he stops in front of, looking through the glass inside. Conversation would be muffled through the glass, but he peeks in to see if she's awake. It's fairly early in the morning.

The woman in question is in fact and.. well not about but she is busy. Her hair is pulled into a tight ponytail and she is sitting cross-legged on the floor. A few objects that are laying around the room, she is making them levitate.

After a deep breath, the woman slowly rises into the air as she makes the objects spin around her. Dex is concentrating but not hard, this is cake to her right now. The harder stuff comes later.

It's the walls and the glass that keep her from using her ability outside the confides of the room, much like it must be with Flint. Peter doesn't understand how it works, but it also keeps him from exerting his TK on her side. Unless he jumps in. There's a knock on the glass. The Company knows what it's doing. There's also ways to administer knock out gas directly into the cell.

"Hello, Dex," he says, looking inside. There's some scratches on the glass, but it's easy to see through. Much easier than Flint's, which has been burned more than a few times.

"Are you feeling okay, today?"

The objects stop and are slowly all put back to their original places with her ability. Then Dex slowly rotates while still in the air, once she is facing Peter the woman grins as her eyes snap open.

Hazel colored eyes focus on the agent. Someone that Dextris has come to being nice too, as nice as someone can be too when they are locked into a cell. "Hello Pedro." She tilts her head at the agent. "Well considering I'm still stuck in a cell.. I'm doing great." A roll of her eyes.

"The food still sucks though." Her lips lift in a smirk. "Care to help me with my request to have some salmon?"

"I can try, sure," Peter says, touching the glass and leaving finger prints upon it, before taking one of the rare chances that anyone takes, and suddenly appearing inside the cell. It's not the fade out/fade in snap that sometimes happen, but a lit up KRAK that takes him from one side to the next. It's loud. He's not managed to master a quiet way to use that.

"You know if you cooperate with more than me, you might be able to get out of here. I was locked up in here once too. Just over a year ago, and now I'm outside." He didn't rip off people's faces, but he did kill one of the Founders. A sin he's not forgiven himself for.

No matter what influenced him to do it.

"I'm willing to argue on your behalf. You've learned a lot of control lately."

The teleportation is just looked at with an raised eyebrow. "All your power.." Dex shakes her head and smiles. Then a red ball is picked up from the table, she brings it over to herself. Hovering, bobbing up and down. "Catch, but not with your hands." Peter should know the routine now. She sends the ball towards Peter.

"Really? Would they mind wipe me again? What would I do? What is out there for me?" Just some of Dex's questions.

The ball is caught without touching it. It spins in place for a moment before it moves back. Peter doesn't throw it quickly, but he does play catch as she wants. This would be the point of major contention. This conversation has happened before. "Sometimes it's better to forget things, honestly," he says, thinking back on his own past. There's some things he wishes he could forget. The world would be easier for him if he could let go of that burden.

"But no, not always. I still remember things. I remember being here. I know that you're a prisoner now, and you feel it unjust, but the things that we do… they can't become public knowledge." He says it as if he knows this better than anyone. Maybe he does. With how much he's seen of worlds where it did.

"The world is better off if we stay a secret. If what we can do isn't known. That is why you're here. Because they're not convinced you won't do something dangerous— that you'd reveal our existance to the public, if they can't contain it in time."

Ball caught again and then thrown again.

"In order for what the Company is trying to do to me, to try to make me a "model citizen". I'll have to remember this, the last two years has shaped me into who I am now. They have no right to take that away, my own personal growth."

"How would I convince them that I wouldn't make our existence public?" Dex asks and raises an eyebrow. "I'm not sure, I belong out there on the streets.. again." She says softly, looking away. "Were you ready to leave when you were released?"

"I can give them some assurances on that," Peter says, well aware he's got ways of making sure she keeps her memories to herself, even if she keeps them. It's not as bad as memory erasure in some minds, but it could be as bad in others. If not even worse… But it can give assurances.

The ball is caught and travels back. This game of catch could last for quite some time. They're both focused enough.

"But no, I didn't think I was ready. In fact I know I wasn't, but I had to prove I was. Somehow. It's taken quite a bit, but I've done a lot of good in the last year." And some of it is because of the months he spent in this place, while his future self ran around trying to right wrongs. He still doesn't know completely if what his future self did was worth it.

"Why don't you think you belong on the streets again?"

"It's the anger.. that's why I just snap sometimes." Dex says as she grits her teeth. Eyes narrowing as she thinks back to why she is angry. The ball is thrown just a little harder. The woman's breathing slightly faster before she closes her eyes and then settles down.

"I'll never know if I should be back out there on the streets until I'm there though. I guess.." she says quietly and looks up towards the ceiling. "Do you have nightmares, of the things that you did to put you here?"

"I have nightmares of things I didn't even do," Peter says, catching the ball an inch from his face, before sending it back. Not as fast. He never throws it fast. Even when he loses his temper. That doesn't happen often, though. There's too much need for control. "Keep working on your anger. I can run you through tests to help you, things where you can hurt anyone." It's difficult to hurt him, after all. But there's other ways to run tests. They can be done in dreams, since she did mention nightmares.

"I understand there's a lot that can make you angry, trust me, I get angry every day when I see what people are willing to do. I use my abilities to make things better, to save people. You could do that too. Use your power to fix things, make things better."

"I hope they would let me make things better." Dex snorts and she looks up to Peter, the woman then stops her hovering and descends to the ground. One leg is lifted at a time to stand.

Then she is standing right in front of Peter, before she smiles softly and moves again to lean against the wall. "Tests? I'd be interested, I guess." The young woman shrugs her shoulders. "I'm not going anywhere so test are fine."

"Maybe, I could make a difference." Dex says before she howls with laughter, shaking her head at Peter. "Pedro.. I'm a woman that ripped the faces off of men. No matter that they very much deserved it." She says with anger, "But who is going to hire me?"

"The Company might," Peter says, quite honestly. They hired him, and he knows for a fact not all the Evolved Agents have pristine personal histories. Almost all of them did a stint in a cell for a while. Some of them for longer than others. Some who made a deal quick to get out. Some who were ready to get out.

Some who weren't. But that's not quite the point.

There's silence for a moment, and then suddenly a whisper in the back of her head.

I know people who can help you once you're out of here, if you would rather not join with the Company as well. It's up to you, though.

And apparently he doesn't want the recorders on all the rooms to hear this offer.

"I guess where the wind blows and takes me then." She says and stretches herself. A light twinkle comes from her eyes, a sign that she's in a good mood. The woman before she killed people surfacing, for how long.. who knows.

When the telepath pushes the thought into her brain, Dex likes as if nothing is wrong. She does however look at Peter with squinted eyes.

Who are these people? she thinks aloud. Mysterious much?

There's that silence again, before Peter speaks outloud, "It's their choice, either way, but you do have some control over it." Not all, but some. There's that voice again, the one in the back of her head, adding on some extra words, just for her: Friends of mine. They're not with the Company, but they will help you get your ability under control and help with your anger. If you choose an alternative, if I can get you out of here, I'll tell you how to find them.

Until then, though, he can't risk it. Such offers aren't made often. Few of the people down here have shown any chance of rehabilitation.

"I should go, now. I have to get a shift in at my day job. I'll come and visit again soon," he assures.

I'll think about it

That's her answer for now. The woman pushes away from the wall and nods her head. "Ok, we can talk later." She says, because as she has said before. Where would she go?

"Have a nice day at work?" she says with a hint of a smile before she goes to sit and then lay on her bed. The red ball hovers near Peter's face before zooming back to it's place on the table. Dex closes her eyes as she lays facing up towards the ceiling. "See you soon.."

"Take care of yourself, Dex," Peter adds on, though there's really not much she can do that the Company doesn't let her do. Still, he suddenly vanishes from the room. Not with the same KRAK or bright light that he did before, but with a fade effect. One frame there, the next one not. It makes a slight sound, displaces some air, but no major effect. He doesn't even teleport just outside the cell. He's just gone.

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