2010-04-13: Red Sky by Morning



Date: April 13, 2010


…Protocol agents take warning.

"Red Sky by Morning"

South Manhattan, near the ferry

The damp morning has a wearing effect on Jo's hair — her curls are a little on the frizzy side for once, but she manages to look put together otherwise underneath her black umbrella. The rest of her is dressed in black aside from a red blouse that peeks from underneath her black fitted blazer (who needs rain clothes when you have an awesomely large umbrella?!). With a heavy sigh she squints off into the distance trying to determine whether the ferry is due to arrive any time soon.

Her ridiculously high heels are oddly red today — matching the shirt. It's an unusual sight for the marine, but then, perhaps this isn't a usual day.

For Carl, this day is much like the one before it, and the one before that. That's the problem. He's been sitting on a secret weapon against whoever it is that's subverted his mission - but a few weeks have gone by, and he still hasn't figured out what to point it at. Noah Bennet's 'pink slip' was a worthwhile candidate, but he'd already been gunned down before anything could be set up.

"I don't think it'll go any faster just because you're glaring at it," he offers to Jo, finishing up his coffee and tossing it into a nearby bin. At least the coffee is maintaining his body heat, a task his windbreaker is decidedly not up to.

The ferry landing is almost always full of people, makes for blending in so much easier. Cody is standing amongst a group of dock workers, not doing anything. Much to their chagrin. She's been standing less than 10 feet away from Jo since her arrival and when Carl makes his presence known is when she finally turns toward the two of them.

She keeps her head low on her approach and when she comes up on the woman in her incredibly high heels and the man who basically saved her life, she clears her throat. "We need to talk." Only then does she lift her face. It is full of scratches, some older, some newer, but all still fairly nasty.

"I'm not glaring; I must be getting old," of course, Jo's vision is better than 20/20 and has been for years, but it's not like it was when under the influence of Erin's virus. She shoots him a wry smile. It's almost knowing, but then, what does Jo know, really?

Cody's voice breaks her concentration on the ferry and when she faces her former coworker, her eyebrows furrow with moderate surprise at Cody's condition before returning to a neutral expression. "Here?"

Just before Carl has a chance to pile on with a retort of his own - there are so many to choose from! - that raspy voice draws his attention as well. It takes him a second to look past the scrapes and recognize who it is - especially since, for all he knew, her execution was carried out on schedule despite the early warning.

"You're looking well for someone who's supposed to be assuming room temperature," he murmurs, keeping his voice down. Casual. "That's… what, two in as many months? Fools, children, and blondes, I suppose."

The former agent gives Carl a somewhat dubious glance but shrugs off the quip and lowers her head again. "Somewhere I don't get caught breathing, preferrably." The rest of the populace on the pier is given a rather suspicious glance before she begins walking again. Only pausing to look back at the two of them, as though expecting them to follow along behind her.

"I'm not sending out engraved invitations if that's what you're waiting for, hurry… This is really important." With that, she pivots on the thick heel of her docs and continues to head toward a kitchy coffee shop.

An eyebrow is arched at Carl before she hisses back to Cody, "You know you're not supposed to be here. You and I would both be in shit if they…" A glance is given to Carl before she shakes her head. "…if they knew you weren't dead." Yup. Cat's out of the bag, Jo was supposed to kill Cody. She didn't. Apparently. And there's no regret in this fact.

The marine follows her friend, traipsing behind rather closely, shaking her head just a little.

Carl doesn't say anything else yet, just follows after Jo - keeping an eye on the other people nearby without being too obvious about it, and slipping a hand into his pocket to turn off his phone. He was supposed to be kept out of the loop entirely when it came to the purge, but if anyone involved in it sees him with Cody and not turning her in, then he's liable to be slapped with a deadly case of guilt by association.

Once they're out of eye and earshot of anyone else on the pier, Cody turns and lets out a long breath of air. "Listen, I didn't want to come here but I need to warn both of you. Your prisoners are being sold off as weapons," She glances at Carl, as though he probably doesn't already know. "I've met a couple of them already… One of them tried to attack the president, she was wearing a new collar."

"Did she do that to your face?" Jo's question is wary. She's unsure of all of this, but knows the weapon part is true. "It's true — the weapon part." She recalls her discussion with ghost-Justin, who as it turns out was just a figment of her imagination. Go figure. But somehow something about it seemed real. It's hard to distinguish. But she believed that much.

There's a distinctly hard look in Carl's eyes as he nods to Jo. If the idea of selling people doesn't sit well with them, it really doesn't sit well with him. "The president," he echoes. "Figures— no one pulling these sorts of strings is going to think small. Or give up after a single strike, for that matter…"

"Well, I stopped her. Right now she's locked up safe and sound until I can find something to do with her." Cody glances off toward the water and frowns lightly. Then she turns back toward the two of them and shakes her head. "Listen… I just came to warn you that something big is going to happen on Thursday, call in sick, whatever. Just don't be here. We can call it payback for the two of you saving my hide." She hunches her shoulders slightly against the drizzling rain and stuffs her hands into her pockets a little deeper. There's a bulge in one of them, something that should look familiar to both agents, apparently Cody didn't come ill prepared.

"Something big?" Jo arches an eyebrow skeptically. A glance is given to the time and then to the ferry outside. "I … can't be late. Still trying to fly under the radar as a would-be assassin." She only completed one hit. One out of three, although they're supposed to believe she finished two. Regardless, she shakes her head, "Get in touch before then?" It's actually said like a question instead of barked like the orders she generally gives. Sliding away from the table, she disappears from the cafe, bound for work.

Carl glances after Jo as she heads off, then turns back, frowning. On the one hand, this seems the best time yet to carry out his own plan. On the other… it requires him to do exactly what Cody just warned him not to, even if theoretically they shouldn't be able to tie him to it.

"I won't," he lies, after slightly too long a pause. "And— thank you. Hopefully this'll put us a step closer to getting back to what we were supposed to be doing." Yes, he still views the Evolved as generally dangerous, especially since some of his supposed colleagues specifically want them to be. Good thing he still thinks Cody's weaponry depends on what's in her pocket…

Giving the man a single nod, Cody purses her lips into a straight line and gazes after Jo as she makes her way to the ferry. "Listen, I don't know exactly what's going down… But if it's anything like I think it's going to be, then a war will be breaking out. From all sides. I heard about a program called Zeta, I think they're going to turn the weapons loose on the public. Just… stay out of their way and keep Jo safe." Then the living dead girl slips from the table and starts in the direction of the pier again. Once she's across the street, she disappears into a small crowd of pedestrians.

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