2007-02-17: Regrouping


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Summary: Xander regroups with Ramon Gomez, and discusses recent developments while Ramon packs to run off again.

Date It Happened: February 17th, 2007


Gomez Apartment, Queens

Given that he hasn't been back to his apartment in days, Ramon deemed it safe to meet there briefly. Besides, he's got to pick up some clothes. He invites Xander in and says, "I'll have to pack while we speak." Then he leans over to set the security system so that at the least, they'll have warning if someone busts in, and police will be on the way.

Xander slips into the Queens apartment and glances about the place as he replies, "That would probably be best…" He takes a moment to take a breath, as he speaks up, "I should apoligise for last night. I fear that might I have put your lives in greater jeopardy than they already were."

Ramon shakes his head in the act of tossing a pair of slacks into a bag. He turns to face Xander. "I had to get somewhere I could think about it, but I consider you a friend. You've gone above and beyond for my family and I. It was a high stress situation. Mistakes get made. You did the best you could, just like anyone."

Xander nods as he replies, "Thank you, Mr. Gomez, I'm glad that you've not lost confidence in me, especially considering this morning we've managed to acquire ourselves a suspect. The police will be bringing him in for questioning this afternoon. I can't give you more information than that, but its none too soon that we're doing this… Another apparent suicide has been found. The police haven't given me the details, but I believe it to be another addition to the serial."

"A suspect!" Ramon drops the shirt he was holding. "No, I understand you can't give more information. You move fast. You…" He shakes his head in amazement. "You're very good at what you do," he says, his voice growing rougher with emotion.

Xander allows himself a smile as he replies, "While I'd like to take the credit, that goes to the detective leading this case, credit well deserved since she decided to give this the time of day, and didn't just toss the file into the bin. You can also thank the clever chap in forensics who found the lead for us. As for me, there's not much more I can do until this gets into court."

Ramon nods his head. "A fourth victim," he says. He shakes his head from side to side. "I will thank her. Whatever else is going on, if this can be put to rest soon…" He strides into the kitchen and picks Catalina's photo off the wall. He runs his fingers back and forth against the glass.

"We're doing everything we can, Mr. Gomez. For now, all we can do is let the police continue their investigations." Xander being sincere, since there really wasn't much more he can do at this time. "But right now, we have to concern ourselves with keeping you and Elena safe."

Ramon crosses over to pack the photograph, very carefully. He looks up at Xander and says, "These men, this company. I don't think they're that worried about the DA's office." He's switching tracks now, but then…Xander may have been too. After all, the serial isn't after Ramon or Elena, but Angie made it clear she was. "Did Angie's likeness turn up anything in any sort of database? Public records? Anything? What about the woman who held my daughter hostage, this Kellie? Or the man she called her father?" He doesn't even want to /think/ about the woman who was leaping through the air, apparently shooting people.

Xander shakes his head, "At the moment we have nothing on them. If I had gotten a name off of the one chap, I might have been able to get somewhere, the police reports show nothing mentioning him" He paces for a moment, continuing, "It's like they're ghosts. The only person in the world right now who can give us any sort of lead as to who they are is Benjamin Winters, and we can't find him."
"I didn't get his name, sadly," Ramon says. "They use first names a lot. Angie. Bob. The head honcho is someone named Bob, but there's so many Bobs its not even funny. I don't think that guy was Bob though. Mostly all I could hear were Elena's thoughts."

Xander nods and takes a moment to sit down on the couch, as he replies, "Then we're stuck for the moment. Best you go some place out of sight. I'll keep digging for anything on this organization."

Ramon zips up his bag and tosses it over his shoulder. Then he goes into his drawer and pulls out a few credit cards, a lock box that he unlocks and withdraws a wad of cash from, and some loose change. He's done a good job of saving for a rainy day. "Let me know what you find," he says.

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