2007-03-11: Relationship Troubles


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Summary: Vince has a comic book, Scottie has a freak out, and Ling somehow ends up with a puppy.

Date It Happened: March 11, 2007

Relationship Problems

Uptown, NYC - Apt. 506 - Parkview Estates

After receiving a call from Ling, Vince made it to her place with impressive haste, practically vibrating from tapping his foot in the elevator. Once it dings and opens, he /storms/ into her apartment and begins to bellow before he even looks around, "We have to talk, Ling! I think it's time for us to get the fuck out of dodge and leave town!"

That was well..quite an entrance. Ling was listening to a bit of Ella Fitzgerald, when vince comes barging in. "Vince..darling..what in the world are you talking about?" she asks while sipping on her bit of wine. With that she motions for him to join her in the couch, scooching over to give him some room.

Vince has that rich red tone to his face that he gets when cab drivers refuse to speed and cut people off. His fists ball up in general anger rather than in threat to his friend. "I'm talking about a fucking conspiracy, Ling! How many do you know about? Just the one, or are there more? Figlio di puttana!" Swearing in Italian. Always a sign that Vince is ready to shoot something.

Now he's just talking nonsense and she isnt following as well, she was all zen until he came know. "How many what do I know about?" Ling asks curiously, just keeping her voice calm and steady, hoping it'll calm him down too.

He does have a little difficulty remaining at his screaming level when she remains so collected. He lowers his voice a little, but he is still speaking with great emphasis and agitation. Also, his cheeks are still all red. "Just the 'shadow jumper' or are there more? /That/ is what I'm talking about. I need to know what you know like /yesterday/."

"There's me..that annoying shadow jumper and that's all that I've confirmed thus far. Why do you ask? What's this conspiracy thing? Is it linked to Primatech? I had this one lawyer come in and warn me about them.." Ling says with her brows furrowed as she peers curiously towards Vince once more. "And have a drink, it'll calm your nerves..there's scotch in the cabinet."

Scotch. Oh, how this woman knows him too well. Vince opens his mouth to speak, thinks better of it, and walks over to the cabinet. A few quick, jerky motions later has a glass filled with ice and his favorite liquid. He didn't even look at the label, though, which is unlike Vince. He drains half of it and refills the glass, not bothering to wait for it to cool. "I met someone. Thought she was just another pretty face until I mentioned this artist Isaac Mendez. Then things got weird. Damnit, I haven't shown you yet. Let me show you what I'm talking about first."

Removing his wallet, Vince underhands it to the couch, where it lands next to Ling. "It's folded up where most people keep cash." He doesn't bother to explain further, busying his mouth with scotch instead.

Oh geez. Why cant she just be a sane superpowered crime boss instead of having to deal with all sorts of stuff. When Vince sits back down, she scooches over and waits to see what he's going to reveal. Ooooh, how exciting..

Seated now, Vince snatches the wallet back up and flips open the bifold. He then takes a sip of his drink, sets it down, and pulls out a folded up piece of very colorful paper. Unfolding it, two pieces of paper that seem to be torn out of a comic book become apparent. Vince is pictured having a conversation on a rooftop, at night, with a slightly more swarthy and muscular man. It is definitely Vince, right down to the watch, which he is looking at in one of the frames. "That is me," he points out, as if Ling wouldn't be able to tell, "and that is my long dead brother, Bruno," he explains, pointing at the second figure.

And that's when Ling just blinks..for a really long time. Now that is wierd. Very wierd. "And..well..what..I…" she's just dumbfounded and stares at the picture some more, not really sure what to say…

"So, to pick up where I left off in my story. I ask this chick if she's heard of this guy, and she gets /really/ interested." Vince is still pretty intense, speaking with his hands as much as with his voice. "I show her these and she flat out asks me if I have a paranormal ability. I can't even fabricate this kind of weird shit, Ling. I was ready to put two in her and walk out, but she seemed like such an…" Vince sighs shortly as he realize how weak it sounds, "innocent. She eventually tells me that she has powers, insists that Mendez could depict the future in his art, and warns me about some unnamed company that's trying to round /us/ up like cattle. She had a tiny little mark on her, like she'd been branded."

Always the skeptic, Ling shakes her head and rubs her temple a little. "So you're telling me, there's a Big Brother that's trying to round up people with powers? Sweetie..darling..we're criminals, there are people who wants us alive or dead..if this organization exists, they're the least of our worries. I know I'm subtle with the use of my abilities..I only use it on those I want dead.." she says matter of factly. "So let's not get our panties in a bunch over some psychopath who believes in the boogeyman, yes?"

A shudder passes down through Vince's body. He takes a deep breath, so as to not snap in middle of his friend's living room. "I know a psychopath when I see one. I know a lie when I hear it. I suggest you drop the indifference and get the picture, Ling. This comic was made before I bought the fuckin' jacket I'm wearing in it!" His volume is starting to rise again. "My brother died in California over a decade ago, and here's a drawing of him that looks more accurate than an FBI age progression photo! This is /not/ a dismissible matter, Ling! This is a goddamn conspiracy!"

"Vince..calm down.." Ling says as she eases on up and places a hand on his shoulder as she'll try to gethim to calm down..with her powers if she must. But she'll definitely try to just get him to sit down at least first. "I understand you're distraught, but there can be lots of explanations for this. I mean..lots of Italians look similar to each other, just like Asians do..maybe the painter saw someone similar.." she says, going for Occam's razor. "Let's not believe what some person just starts saying, cause if we all believed that, then I'd have five heads, eyes on the backof each head and a lizard's tail.."

Vince does at least relax the muscles he has tensed as Ling touches his shoulder. He emits a long, defeated sigh and slowly shakes his head left and right. He folds up the comics carefully as he speaks. "I'm half Italian, half Irish. I wear a unique watch made by a Swede that never makes two timepieces of a kind. I'm sorry you don't /want/ to believe this, Ling, even though the truth of it is apparent. This," he indicates the folded up comic before he replaces it in his wallet and pockets it, "has yet to happen. And obviously I'm not going to leave New York until after it does. I was hoping you'd be on my side with this, but… I guess I'm just going to have to ask you to stay out of my way, friend."

"Vince..I am here to help you. You're like family, but what I'm saying is that let's think about things calmly and rationally before we go saying we have to leave the country. Look..yes, it might be true that this person can paint things that havent happened yet..I mean I can control people's nervous systems and killl them if I want..so what's there to stop me from saying there's no such thing as precogs." Ling says firmly and resolutely as she tries to get him into the couch once more. "But, what I'm also saying is that as criminals, we have more to worry about than a conspiracy to find powered individuals, especially when we're discrete with the use of our powers.."

"If there are people that can kill with a thought like you, and people who can paint the future, like Mendez, why are you so confident? There are more than a few of us out there. This company likely has acquired such people. I'm not sure how my brother came back to life, but he did or he does. I don't know what motivates this company, or why they're gathering us up, but I'll be /damned/ if I'm just going to sit around and wait around for them. I am in some of Mendez's artwork. Sooner or later, I will be a target. Hopefully that isn't the case for you. I'll try to keep my distance; I'm no longer a safe person to be associated with. I'll touch up your books before I leave, and then I'm going to ground for awhile." Vince sighs again, but his eyes contrarily steel with resolve. "I just can't carry on normally anymore, knowing what I do."

Oh, poor, poor Scottie. Usually, he can remember the whole 'Once things start to go well, prepare for the worst thing.', but lately things have just been going so well that it seems to have been forgotten. Not paying all that much attention as the elevator doors quietly slide open, far more focused on keeping the rottweiler pup in his arms from squirming all over the place and falling, the tattoo artist starts paying attention as he hears a certain someone mention the word criminals. Beg pardon? Glancing up as he quietly listens in, Scottie does his best to not bring too much attention to himself until there's a lull in the conversation. "Uh… I just… come back later." He mutters, already reaching for the close doors button. Much, much later.

Well shit. Ling sighs as she puts a hand out, "Scottie..stop..please.." she says with a rather gentle tone, which is quite surprising considering she's in Dragonlady mode at the moment. "Dont go.." she tells that to both men, looking first to Vince and then the others. "You are family Vince..and family is there for each other. You know as well as I do that I can take care of myself, and should these people come after you..or me, then well..we have the entire organization at our disposal to fend off theirs.." she says firmly and resolutely. "And you.." she says looking over to Scottie with the rottweiler pup. "Why have you hidden that adorable puppy from me?!?" she squeals with delight

Vince doesn't have super reflexes. Actually, he's a tad on the clumsy side. But living the life he has, for as long as he has, it's only natural that he spins, draws his Heckler & Koch mark 23 pistol, and aims it right at Scottie's head. Fearing for his life lately, the safety is off and the slide and hammer are in position. This thing is ready to fire, but it doesn't. "No, Scottie. Please stay." There is no request in his tone. Only held-in-check murder.

And if it weren't for the adorable puppy in his arms, Scottie would have them raised at this side. Well, shit. Why him? The dog in his arms immediately stilling, lips curling back as she starts growling, the tattoo artist instinctively - slooowly - raises hand to scracth her behind the ears. "Hush, Bella."

"Vince! That isnt anyway to treat guests..especially my guests.." Ling says harshly as she makes her way over to Scottie, jumping up to get a quick peck on the cheek, before leading him into the penthouse. "Now Scottie..tell Vince you arent some big boogeyman that's part of a conspiracy to capture anyone with special abilities.." as the last part sounds like she's directing it towards the puppy while pursing her lips together to make coochie-coo sounds. "And Vince.." she says, her tone firmly and resolutely, "Put the gun away. It isnt polite.."

"Yeah, uh…" Scottie mutters, glancing between the two. "I /really/ think I should be going. Or knocking myself out so I forget all of this, or… something." The puppy in his arms having quieted, she still looks at the other two suspiciously, feeling her master's uncomfortableness with this situation. "You're not gonna have me /killed/ now, are you?"

Vince's is so not in a joking mood right now. He puts the gun back into its jacket holster and takes a deep, calming breath. "This is on you, Ling. He's your responsibility now. Better teach him to keep his mouth shut about things." His eyes haven't left Scottie, and they don't warm in the slightest at the cute puppy. "Sorry to break the house rules, but I'm outta here. I suggest you have a bell installed on your elevator." Vince begins to make his way towards the elevator, scotch forgotten behind him.

"No..you're not going to get killed. I like you.." Ling says, for what could actually be words that she has meant to be sincere in quite a long time. "Just..dont worry about Vince. He's convinced there are boogeymen looking for superpowered individuals. Isnt that a hoot? Superpowered individuals.." she says, while keeping her own powers completely mum. She runs her fingers over the puppy's fur and sighs as she looks over to Vince. "You need to calm down, Vince. Like I said..we're family. I will be there for you if and when you need it. JUst..try to be more discrete.." she says before watching him go.

"Uh…" It seems most of Scottie's vocabulary has vanished since entering the penthouse. "I think I'm not going to take sides in this since I don't know the whole story and take this one - " The puppy is lifted up with a small whine at being disturbed from the pettings. "on a tour of the place." He answers, already edging for the doorway.

"Sorry, Scottie. You just have a light step and shit timing. Be careful that it doesn't get you full of holes someday." Vince wipes his now empty hands together, as if to clean them of this situation, and steps onto the elevator. His frown seems to be permanently in place as he hits a button, and the doors close.

Before the doors close, Ling sighs and rolls her eyes, "We have more resources at our disposal than these people can Vince. Just remember that. So dont run away, and just ask for help if you need it.." she says firmly and resolutely. It's then that she heads over to Scottie, needing to play damage control. "Sweetie..you okay?"

"Well, I just found out the girl I'm dating is some kind of high end criminal or leader or something, because a little punk mugger couldn't afford all this." He pauses to point around the penthouse, as Bella squirms from his arms to explore all by her lonesome. "Not to mention I just had a gun pulled on me which hasn't happened in years, and are you connected to the Mob or the Yakuza or what?" Ling should know that Scottie's speech patterns don't usually involve run on sentences or rambling. This, for the tattoo artist, is trying not to freak out.

Ling sighs as she wraps her arms around him from behind, giving him a squeezy hug while resting her head against his back. "I'm sorry you found out like this..I was going to tell you but I didn't think there was a good time yet. Just wanted to make sure you were loyal first..and stuff.." she says matter of factly before turning around to face him. "And I'm not connected to either..the Yakuza hates me, hence why there's all that security before you can go up to the penthouse.." she says like it was nothing.

"Security." He repeats, bringing a hand up to rub at his face. "Right." Sinking down to sit on one of the couches, Scottie stays still and quiet, save for the occasional mutter under his breath, and a hand thoughtfully rubbing at his head and the back of his neck. This is Scottie trying to calm down and not freak out any more. "So, you're… What? An independent…" Don't say crime ring. "…organization?"

Ling eases down on the couch as she faces Scottie and decides it's time to tell him the truth. "I'm part of the Tong Chow Crime Syndicate. We do your usual drug dealing, money laundering, assassinating thing that most orgs do, and well..I focus mainly on pharmaceuticals. I'm still a business woman even if I have a shadier side to my business, but it's all in a day's work. The Yakuza tried to eliminate us years ago, when the organization was still small. I.." and she takes a deep breath. "Killed those who went after us, and that's why I was sent here. For my own safety.." she explains. "I..I'm not a very good person, but I..well, I do like you.."

Scottie doesn't answer for a long moment, keeping his head bowed, staring down at his feet. Taking a few deep breaths, he again tries to process this without freaking out - Or upsetting Ling, though now it's for a different reason that what it would have been before. - he again rubs a hand over his face. "Right. Well… Right." is all he can seem to answer, brow furrowed, teeth clamping over a lip ring.

"Look..if you want some time to think it over..you can. If you want to leave and never see me again..that's fine.." Ling says with a disappointed sigh as she just eases on up and heads on over to her bedroom, flopping back on it.

After a pause, Scottie slowly stands, quietly walking to the bedroom door. "I just - I think I just need some time." He answers lowly. "To think about - well, everything." Bending down to scoop up the still curious rottweiler pup, the tattoo artist steps further into the room, bending down to kiss Ling on the forehead, leaving the dog on the bed with her. "Stay with her, Bella. I'll be back later." The pup whines, but does as she's told, snuggling closer to Ling and resting her head on the woman's stomach.

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