2007-07-07: Released


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Lachlan gets released due to an unexpected and unlikely source.

Date It Happened: July 7th, 2007


Holding Cell, Police Station

It's late in the district holding facilities, and Lachlan found himself lucky to only share the space with one other guy, who appears to be asleep. Then, an opening doors and the sounds of multiple pairs of footsteps coming down the hallway cut into the silence, and then three individuals appear in front of the cell. The first is the duty officer that Lachlan would recognize. The other two are a male and female, both dressed professionally.

"Back of the cell, you.", the officer barks at Lachlan, twisting a large key into the lock and sliding the door open. "Your counsel is here.", the guy says, and then stands back to let the other two into the cell, closing it afterward and standing guard.

The male takes off his sunglasses and flashes a professional smile at Lachlan. "Mr. Deatley, sir. My name is Jeffrey Armstrong. I'm a lawyer with Johannsen, Richfield, and Todd. This is my… colleague.", he says, gesturing to Rianna, who does not take off her own sunglasses and merely nods in greeting.

It's a pretty restless night already, what with being locked in a cell for the duration. Cells don't have very comfy beds. Lachlan's been keeping himself entertained by keeping up with the few strays within his range and occasionally pacing, much to his roommate's chagrin. As soon as he hears the door open at the end of the hall, he moves to the front of the cell, then immediately moves back again at the gruff duty officer's order. He listens to what Armstrong has to say, eyeing the two strangers skeptically. "Dinna ask fer counsel," he remarks blandly. And he definitely doesn't know who Johannsen, Richfield, and Todd is.

"We have the pleasure of representing Nathan Petrelli.", Armstrong says. "Now, we wanted to come down and tell you that no one is planning on pressing charges against you, considering the extraneous circumstances involved. We have presented evidence to a judge, who has agreed to release you on personal recognizance.", Armstrong continues, his smile extremely genial and obviously well-practiced.

He begins to speak again when the woman speaks up. "Listen, Lachlan. I understand that you were upset, anyone would be. But Mr. Petrelli, as well as other people at the incident that caused your outburst were not in full control of their faculties. Basically, drugged.", she says, taking off her glasses and regarding Lachlan. "Nathan feels that pressing charges against you would be counter-productive, so here's the deal. You can walk out of here tonight with us, and we work to find out who is responsible so that you can satisfy your need for payback through legal channels… OR you can sit over here with Stinky, get barely no sleep, put Ms. Aldric in a situation where she has to find the money to bail you out and so on. The only requirement is that you don't talk to the press about what happened until we have the whole story.", she says, looking at him.

"What's it gonna be?"

Personal re-who-nizance? That's a big word. Lachlan's not entirely sure what it means, but it sounds like it means 'you get to go out and be free'. Not exactly something he can disagree with. The rest, though, that's another story. He knows who was apparently responsible for the 'drugging' incident, but he also knows it wasn't her fault. He glances to Armstrong, then to Rianna again, his expression hardening a little more. "A'ready got payback." He did that when he socked Nathan in the jaw. "An' I've a'ready got bail money." That bit about the press, though, causes him to raise an eyebrow. "Press knows 'bout wha' I did?" Could he get money for that?

"Right. You got your payback and bail money. Seems you've got everything all worked out except for that felony assault conviction.", she says. "And no, the press doesn't know about what you did, yet. Our firm would like to see that it remains that way. So the deal is basically this. You come out tonight, with us, charges dropped, no bail money needed, and you don't talk to reporters, or you can do as you like and we'll be helping the DA gather the depositions of more witnesses than you can count on fingers and toes. They won't even have to lie for you to be convicted of aggravated assault, and then? You go to jail and you've got a felony on your record."

It's not as though Lachlan hasn't struggled his way through a courtroom a few times before — but that's sort of the problem. With his record, it's unlikely anyone would want to plead him down to assault in the third degree, or even assault in the second degree, and besides that he attacked a senatorial candidate. Nathan's got more money and more lawyers. So with a shrug, the Scotsman gives in. "A'righ' then. Dinna wanna talk ta the reporters anyway." It's the truth. Cass already made him feel bad enough during the phone call.

"You're making the right choice, Lachlan. All you have to do is sign this non-disclosure agreement, and we will arrange for your release. The agreement merely states that you will not speak to any news reporting agencies until we have done everything we need to do.", the woman says, leaning back. "Sign here, and you're homeward bound. No fuss, no catch.

Seems simple enough. Lachlan scribbles down his signature without hesitation, then hands back the pen with a faint smile. "Thank ye," he grunts. It'll save him plenty of heartache and money, that's for sure.

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