2007-03-14: Remember The Code


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Summary: Morning after trauma for the spawn!

Date It Happened: March 14, 2007

Remember the Code!

Winters Apartment

Morning, and what a good one it is. The smell of breakfast is strong, looks like eggs, bacon and pancakes are on the menu. What, wait? Since when is breakfast really cooked in this place? It would be quiet, if it weren't for Benjamin whistling, yes, whistling as he sits down at the small table with a plate and glass of juice. Settling into his seat, he picks up the paper to start the morning routine of going over the headlines… with.. a smile on his face. Hell hath frozen over.

Stumbling down the hallway, her hair mussed, t-shirt slightly askew, her feet dragging across the floor, Rose rubs at her face with both hands. The light streaming in from the windows elicits a grumble of protest. "I swear to god, dude, if your neighbours don't tone down the family cooking, I'm just gonna bust down their door and punk some bacon," she mutters, only realizing once she's standing before the fridge, the door open, that the smell of breakfast is coming from this very kitchen. "Oh, what the eff. You did NOT cook breakfast."

Benjamin looks up when Rose comes in. He smiles, he even gets up and takes advantage of her stunned appearance to try and get in a fatherly kiss on the forehead. "Morning sweetheart." Woah, wait, what? "No, I didn't, well I helped. Some. Angie did." Oh god, he did not just say.. he did. Fetching down a plate, he passes it over to Rose, unless she's too horrified to you know, take it. "Eat up, it's really good. You've got to be hungry."

She's stunned, alright. So stunned, in fact, that Rose fails to realize what's coming when Benjamin approaches her. Too late, she tries to swat him away from the kiss on her forehead, scrunching her nose in disapproval and ducking her head. "Wait." The plate is shoved into her hand, and she stands there, holding it out, dumbfounded for several seconds. "Wait, what?" She waves the plate in an emphatic gesture, suddenly making sense of what he says. "Was she here ALL NIGHT?!"

Benjamin is only amused by the swatting, and Rose's reaction. Sorry, pops is in too good of a mood this morning! "So, you want some of everything?," he asks, preparing to heap food onto Rose's plate. But.. the waving makes that hard, so he'll just wait for his daughter to calm down. He thinks a moment, then, "Not /all/ night. Technically speaking. Bacon?" The plate is held up as he filches a slice, munching away at it. This is where he could tease Rose with comments about we were quiet and similar, but he has a little more discretion than that.

"Oh my god. Seriously?" Rose has yet to look any more comfortable with this situation, but at least she's stopped waving the plate around, holding it out so that Benjamin can pile food onto it. "I totally thought that was the people downstairs again and oh my god, I think I'm gonna be sick. DUDE! What happened to the CODE?! I mean, I was THIS CLOSE to shoving q-tips in my ears and popping my ear drums, I swear to god."

Benjamin has the good grace to blush and look, not ashamed, but, well, close to it as he heaps food onto Rose's plate. ".. We tried to be discreet.." he practically mumbles as his ears go red. "I forgot about the code.. maybe we should come up with one? Sorry, I had a drink, and it kind of slipped my mind."

"Yeah, okay, lightweight." Rolling her eyes at her father's suggestion that one drink was enough to damage his judgment, Rose carries her plate to the breakfast bar and sits down, digging in without hesitation. Food is an effective distraction. And, though she will never admit it outright, it is kind of nice to have someone who makes breakfast. "Alright. So. Code. 'Cause this so can't happen again or it'll totally ruin my career in music." Not that she has a career, but she might, some day.

"I am, how do you think your mother and I got together?" Even if it was just for the night. *cough* Benjamin settles back down into his seat, watching Rose dig in from the corner of his eye as he resumes his breakfast. His brows raise in amusement as he asks, "How's this going to ruin your budding career? Think of the .. what's that word you kids use.. oh yeah, emo lyrics you can write… Oh. I was talking to mom, she really wants to have a proper meeting with you, since the last one didn't go so well. Mom's kind of upset about that. She sent a box of sheet music too for you, I told her you were into music and played the cello. It's probably a lot of showtunes and classics, if you like that style."

Practically choking on a bite of eggs, Rose tries desperately to stifle some laughter, clamping a hand down over her mouth. "Pseudo-Dad." She shoots him a look out of the corner of her eye, cracking a piece of bacon in two. "Never use the word 'emo' again. Seriously. 'Cause I will shoot you. Sheet music's good, I guess. Can't believe she even wants to meet me again after last time. I totally almost pulled a gun on her."

Benjamin chuckles as he stabs a forkful of eggs to shovel into his mouth. "I didn't realize there was an age limit on using that word.. and what? You're kidding and exaggerating right?" Because there are no guns in his home. RIGHT? "And of course she wants to meet you again, you're her granddaughter. I don't think I've seen mom this excited in ages."

"Uh. Yeah." Shoving another forkful of food into her mouth, Rose decides that there are some things best left to the imagination and Benjamin's remarkable ability to repress things he'd rather not deal with. "Total exaggeration. Who would do that, pull a gun on an old chick?" She's making short work of the food on her plate, which is either a testament to Angie's cooking or just how badly she wants to not be sitting here any more. "Seriously, man. Code. Figure it out."

"Uh huh.." Benjamin says, as he may not be repressing this totally, given the look that is being thrown Roses's way. "Alright.. I've never had to, wait, my college roommate had one, but it was kind of crude. I'll just give a head's up next time." Woah, next time? Trauma, hello! "I don't want to give you some kind of mental damage or anything."

The very notion of a next time is bad enough, but Rose seems to be taking it in stride, now that she's had some time to process the evening's events. "Yeah, okay. How about you text me next time I'm out and you've got a booty call comin' over. Or whenever you're out, bringin' one home, and I'm home. I'll spare you the trauma of having to actually explain what the hell you're doing, too. Just text me 'penguin' or something, yeah?"

Benjamin gets a little red around the ears again, "Penguin it is." Because he's pretty sure there'll be a next time. "It'll just be Angie, so you won't have to worry about random women in and out. I was never a big dater." Duh, he screams loner, along with other assorted terms. "Uhm, do you want french toast tomorrow morning?"

Stuffing the last bit of toast into her mouth, Rose snatches her plate from the breakfast bar and dumps it into the sink, running some water over it quickly. "Yeah, okay. I've only seen you with two random women in the two months I've been here. Right. Just use penguin, alright?" She swings around the corner, already headed for the hallway again, but she calls back over her shoulder, "I'm down with french toast. Gotta jet, Bio-Dad. Class calls in like fifteen minutes and it takes me forty to get there." And, you know, she's still in pyjamas. The door to her room closes with a thud.

"What… two women.. Niki doesn't count! She's happily married and I respect that.. not that I was wanting to hit on her or anything." Benjamin might as well have saved his breath. Sometimes you just can't explain things to Rose. "Alright, be careful then." Even after her door closes, he calls after, "I'll bring home dinner!"

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