2008-02-16: Remembering Japan for the First Time


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Summary:Just a quiet picnic in the park where Hiro meets Sophie for the first time.

Date It Happened:February 16th, 2008

Remembering Japan for the First Time

Battery Park

It is a warmer than average day in New York, for late February, and it seems that a few people are taking advantage of it. The park is filled with joggers, moms and au pairs watching children running around the rare green space in the heart of the big city. Sophie has only just entered the park. She is carrying the traditional accessory of college students, a book bag slung over one shoulder. Though she only wears a light jacket, she is also wearing thin leather gloves. But she pulls those off as she settles at her park bench, pulling a wrapped sandwich and juice bottle from the backpack.

Hiro may be able to teleport most anywhere and anywhen he pleases, but he enjoys the park just as much as anyone else. Having had quite a successful (and heroic) morning, he's practically humming to himself as he strolls down the path reading over a notepad covered in Japanese writing.

Sophie takes one of the books out of her pack, opening it to a page and flipping through it. Reaching for her sandwich without looking, she pushes it, instead, to the ground. She hops up from the table quickly with a muttered complaint, putting her right in Hiro's path.

Hiro has a habit of staring off into space or staring at whatever he is reading, leading to a habit of not looking where he is going. So, he almost bumps into Sophie before he notices her, quickly darting off to the side of the path to avoid a collision - only to result in him falling onto the grass and rolling partway down a relatively steep but mercifully short incline.

Sophie picks up the sandwich, only to drop it again with a gasp. "Oh boy.." eyes widen as she rushes over and says, breathlessly, "Are you hurt? Here, let me help you up. Or maybe you should stay down? I don't know.. I should've gotten that first aid badge.." as she offers her hand to him.

Hiro manages to get partway to his feet, thanking Sophie for the hand and climbing up out of the little ditch apparently uninjured, "I am okay. Sorry, I almost ran into you."

Sophie has just enough time to stare at her ungloved hand touching yours with a weird sort of resigned horror and a muttered, "Oh crap.." before she scrambles away. She glances at her hand, as if there is something in it. While awkward, someone who knew better might recognize what she does as some kind of very traditional Japanese sword fighting. She says something, sounds like Japanese, and one word that's recognizeable is 'Kensei'.

Hiro tilts his head to the side, looking very confused at Sophie's reaction to touching his hand. When she speaks Japanese, he assumes she speaks it fluently and begins to speak at length.

"<What's wrong?>"

Sophie doesn't seem to know you are even here. Her moves seem quick, fluid, but oddly unpracticed. Like she's not used to moving this way, but is still doing it automatically, without thinking. Then, when it seems she won against this invisible enemy, she snaps out of it, looking a little woozy. She looks at you blankly as she says, "I'm sorry.. I don't.. that's Japanese, right? I don't speak Japanese."

The actions looks a little strange from this perspective, but Hiro recognizes them (and what is said) quite easily. His fight with Kensei. He is, admittedly, confused by what is going on.

"What're you doing?"

Sophie rubs her head, sighing. "I'm afraid I have NO idea what I'm doing." she admits. She then blinks, as she mutters, as if to herself, "But that looked like.. a LONG time ago. How can someone be remembering something like that?"

"What looked like a long time ago?" Hiro asks, perhaps getting a little defensive now since he's taken to masking his identity, "What happened?"

Sophie hesitates. But it really doesn't seem to her like she can really hide it. She says, "It looked like, I don't know, that series my mom liked.. Shogun, or the Last Samauri. It was a camp, and a big fight, and I.. I mean.. you, you were winning." eyes widen, "You were /really/ good." she then adds, "Then it got really weird." Like that isn't weird enough, "It looked like the whole place was going to explode! And then.. I wasn't /there/ anymore. I was somewhere else." she rubs her forehead, "That's all I remember."

"That is my life," Hiro points out quietly, looking more than confused, "How are you seeing it?" A gasp, "You have power?"

Sophie shakes her head, once again. "I have no idea how.. how it happens. Well, I mean, I think it happens when I touch someone, but.. not how it /can/ happen." she blushes, "I'm sorry, I hate wearing the gloves." she raises her hands, smiling ruefully, "They make my hands sweat. And when you fell, I forgot all about them, and then…"

"Don't worry," Hiro says, his tone quiet now as he explains, "You have a power. Like I have a power. I bend space and time … that is how I was in old Japan in my memories."

Sophie ohhhs, "Wow, that sounds like something amazing." she then says, "I don't know how to say what I do. I don't even know quite what it is I can do." with a bit of a laugh, "I mean, its not like I want to go testing it on people and find out. You went all the way back to Old Japan? That had to be so cool!"

Hiro doesn't like to think about his time in Feudal Japan, so he simply nods a little and goes on like the question wasn't asked. He's still speaking quietly, always careful not to be too loud these days, "You … take memories? Remember other people's memories? It is a power. There are more people with power, too."

Sophie frowns in thought, "I guess I… can see other people's memories. No, more than see. Its like I'm going through them. I guess.. sometimes, other people have touched me, then they remember them too." she then pauses, eyes meeting yours as she says, "There's other people who can do things like that? Really?" She keeps her voice low, though more because she doesn't want people to think she's crazy.

"Not just like that," Hiro explains, "All sorts of things. Fly. Super strength. Heal. Move things with their minds."

He mimes the latter, holding out a hand and going 'fwooosh'.

Sophie whoas. She starts with, "Its unbelie.." then pauses, "Well, I guess a lot of this sounds unbelievable. Wow, people can fly, and super strength? Like superheros, from the comics?"

"Hai! Exactly!" Hiro beams at that, apparently he's found someone else who sees these powers just like he does.

Sophie says, "Ohh, that's a good way to think of it." she decides, "To use them to help.." then she pauses, and chuckles, "Not that what I can do is really going to be much help to anyone that I can see."

"You never know," Hiro says, looking as though he may know a secret, "Sometimes there is more to a power than you might think."

"Well," Hiro begins, retrieving a pen from his pocket and scratching down a phone number on a piece of his notepad before handing it over to Sophie, "I know about having to learn how to use your powers. And I know other people who had to do it as well. That is my telephone number … but you should be careful not to tell anyone else what you can do. Keep it a secret."

Sophie pauses, "I will try. I'll put on the gloves right now." she makes a face at the thought. "Thank you for the help. I'm glad I met you, though.." she grins a bit, "Not that you fell down the hill."

"I am Hiro," Hiro says with a smile, extending a hand to shake the now-gloved hand, "It was good to meet you, too."

Sophie's smile widens as she says, "Hiro? I guess that's going to make it easy to remember. A pleasure to meet you, really."

"Yes." Hiro nods his head excitedly for a moment, genuinely glad to have found another person with a power who isn't evil … or at least obviously evil. And he is all about judging books by their covers when the cover is nice.

"You will remember to call?"

Sophie blinks, then she grins, "I guess you could say that I have no problem with remembering things. Do you have a time I should call?"

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