2010-01-05: Removable Stress Relief



Date: January 5, 2010


On the second day back to work my true love gave to me, two sucker punches and a joygasm with a coffee.

"Removeable Stress Relief"

Rec Room Building 26

It's been a long day at the grind, really it has, and for a stress reliever Cody has plunged head on into the work out room. It's her favorite place to be other than a cockpit, the perfect way to let loose the frustrations of no leads and no results. She'd been there for only a few minutes when Jo walked in, an old friend from her USAF days and a familiar face around the complex. They didn't need to be introduced and Jo didn't need to be held to any vow of silence regarding the pilot's past. As far as Cody was concerned, the SEAL's platoon owed her that much.

Without much talk, the two settled into their boxing gloves and started dancing around the ring. Cody's mouth guard was sucked into place just because if memory serves Jo has a penchant for face shots. "Sho, thoshe two god oud, huh?" It's hard talking around a dental guard, it really is.

Jumping lightly on the balls of her feet, Jo shakes her arms to stay loose. She always enjoys blowing off steam this way. She twists as she swings towards Cody's face. A frown crosses Jo's lips at the mention of the pair escaping. Around her own dental guard she murmurs, "Ish noat goot. Awl wa nad ish tem knooing boat ush."

"Yeah, I heard tha' they shaw you though… Nod good." Cody ducks out of the way of one of Jo's quick jabs and returns with a quick one two, right in the face. The other woman isn't the only one with a fetish for messing up pretty faces. "Thought you shealsh were shmarder than thad." One more duck and a long hard punch to Jo's kidney. It's a swing and a miss, damn woman is just too fast. Was back then, is now.

Managing to duck the face punches Jo responds quickly, "Nah. Deedn't see me," she mumbles around the dental guard. "Nevah god to interrrogeat dem." She takes a couple sharp jabs towards Cody's face.

Cody strafes quickly to the side to avoid the first jab, but apparently it was part of Jo's plan all along… and poof! Right in the face with the second jab. This causes the curly haired brunette to stagger back a pace or two. Shaking her head, then shaking it all off, she resumes her stance with a growl. "Guesh I heard the rumorsh wrong then, huh?" Jab. Jab. Jab. Three right in succession with her left before the right takes a giant swing toward the side of Jo's head.

And the giant swing makes contact causing Jo to stagger backwards some. She takes a few steps back and shakes her own head, but it's not the type of hit a person can just shake off. Leaning against the ropes, she takes a few moment's breaths. "Goot hit," she swallows around it and shakes her head again only to recognize her own dizziness. "Oy." Her lips twitch into a grin, "Rilly goot hit."

A chuckle escapes Cody's thin but muscled frame, "Yeah, I godda gread arm." She flexes one of her arms with a silly grin and then ducks down again, dancing around the ring, faking a jab here and there. "Guesh wad? I med a freagin' hoddie the other day. Thoud aboud tagin' him in jushta shee how mudge he'd shcream."

Cody wins a smile for her comment as Jo begins to bounce on the balls of her feet again, shaking off her own dizziness with a playful smirk. "Ah hoddie? Waare?" She continues to smirk. "Shoulda tag 'im in! Idda liiiked to see 'im." She winks as she regains her sense of balance, and approaches the centre of the ring to take another swing at Cody.

And this is where the conversation stops. The swing connects and had Cody's head rocking to the side for a brief moment before she ducks down and places a series of rabbit punches to Jo's midriff. Those aren't the ones meant to hurt, just distract before her right arm comes up in a fierce uppercut. "You need do ged oud there if you wanna hoddie of your own, lay off mine."

Managing to dodge the uppercut, Jo smirks at the comment before sending two twist punches towards Cody's cheeks. The smirk broadens more. "Gist wanna luk at 'em. Hoddies too coompleex." She throws out a couple of light jabs.

"Fug no they're nod! Find 'em, bag 'em, dag 'em, an leave." Cody smirks as she dodges backward to avoid both blows, almost losing her balance. Almost. She recovers like one of those punching balloon clowns and on her rocking return takes another swift crack toward the other woman's right temple. "Ishn' thad whad they do do ush?"

The crack connects, causing Jo's head to jar to the left. She backs up, shakes it off and grins broadly while chuckling at the notion of hotties being complex. "Aye'd ratter enjoi da compn'y of mah show'r'ead." At this, she takes another step forward and forces four quick jabs to Cody's stomach. After a quick relent, she throws her hip into a sharp uppercut to the other woman's chin.

Paff Paff Paff Paff CRACK!!

Cody didn't stand a chance once the first two blows to the stomach were delivered. Later she'll likely blame it on the lack of caffeine and chocolate but for now, she's sailing through the air. Thanks to the momentum of the punch. There she lies, stunned, staring at the ceiling before slowly climbing to her feet. "God me…" she groans, holding her hands up in defeat. Seems Jo won this round.

Satisfied with her hit, Jo relaxes her jaw. She manages to pull off her first glove with a gentle tug against the rope. Following that she can easily remove the second one. After dropping her gloves, she walks over to Cody and offers a hand to help her up. "So much easier to talk with a guard," she half-smiles. "You were a real formidable opponent today."

Cody didn't need a hand, she's already staggered to her feet by the time the woman's gloves are both off. Following suit, she sheds her own and then pulls the guard from her mouth. Rolling her shoulders to releax them, she accepts the hand and gives it a firm shake. "Good spar," she returns with an easy smile. "So, you really think hotties are to complex? What about dipping into the company pool?" She chuckles.

With another chuckle, Jo, shakes her head. "Romantic entanglements — particularly at work — are only trouble," she states matter-of-factly. "I'd rather the ranks think of me as one of the guys. Way simpler. No complexities." She clucks her tongue at this. "So is your hottie in the company pool?"

Shaking her head, Cody tosses her gloves into the box and tucks the mouth guard into its sleeve. "Nah, I've only met one guy that isn't wearing a ring. But he was wearing gloves. Though he did say he could do some inventive things with chocolate. And you know how much I loooove my chocolate." Then she gives a loud laugh and shakes her head. "I think I'd probably like the chocolate better."

"There are a lot of married guys around here," Jo agrees before wrinkling her nose with a cold, distant-like smile, "Of course, SOs are just liabilities in the end. Too much of a pain to have one, especially one at work." She continues to smile, although the grin lacks warmth and sincerity.

"I'm just sayin'," Cody says, the smug grin still plastered on her face. "I mean, you can't always be there when I need that little bit of release. Though getting the shit beat out of me will do for a few days." She rubs her jaw and tests it by moving it side to side. There's going to be a few bruises later, but those soft helmets are for wusses. And gymnasts. And people who ride the short bus. "So, how about some coffee and a few snickers bars? I think it's your treat, I got the last round in Iraq."

"I told you, all a woman needs is a damn good showerhead and several bars of chocolate. Both can do wonders that a man could never. Forget romance. It's for the infirm." Beat. "Coffee and Snickers bars, huh?" Jo stretches her neck causing several audible cracks followed by a sigh of relief. "Yeah, I can treat," she quips as she runs a hand across her brow to keep the sweat beads from entering her eyes.

As the pair exit the room Cody lets off another loud laugh and shakes her head. "Romance is for figure skaters and cheerleaders. Women like us? Not a chance. Rough and nasty, my friend, rough and nasty." Then there's a little bit of silence as she ponders. "Showerhead, huh? Mine isn't removable… I'll have to take some contortion lessons or something."

"Just get a new one!" Jo urges with a lopsided smirk. "Install something new. I'm sure you can! Get something that is removable; you won't regret it. And you'll have years of satisfaction without the drama of a man." At this she winks. "No need for contortion lessons."

"Feh, plumbing." Cody grumbles in complaint, her shoulders hunching as they near the break room. "I'll figure it out, but I bet contortion lessons would be a little more fun." Then one corner of her lips lift in a half smirk. "You know I've always been in it for the fun."

"You're in everything for the fun," Jo quips back with her infamous cold-yet-distant smile. "I could help you with your plumbing — Dad made all us kids learn." She'd always been counted as one of the boys in her own family. Lazily she pulls her hair back into a ponytail using a black elastic around her wrist. "I'm flexible but I can't teach contortion lessons."

One eyebrow shoots skyward as the pilot regards the SEAL with a little bit of scrutiny. "No, no you can't help me with my plumbing… I don't bat for that team." When Jo starts playing with her hair, Cody's yes flit toward it and she raises her chin a little. "You using new conditioner or something? It's growing out a lot better than before."

"Not what I meant," Jo states with an arched eyebrow, "And you know it." At the hair comment though, Cody earns a smile with a modicum of warmth. "Yeah, I switched! I thought it was time — been using the same for years. I went for something a little girly, but don't tell anyone. I don't need anyone thinking I want my hair smelled or some such crap."

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