2007-09-19: Remove Before Flight


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Summary: Nathan comes home with ties. Peter bought him two more ties, enabling his habit of bad ties. And they also have conversations. The Petrelli brothers can't stop talking to each other.

Date It Happened: September 19th, 2007

Remove Before Flight

Petrelli Mansion

Tie interventions are intense things. And despite the way he'd shut down Cass in the department store earlier, Nathan doesn't actually have anything especially important to do for the rest of the day, and so rather than skulk around his office until he finds something important to do, he goes home to— maybe reevaluate his current ties and put away the new ones. That should be relaxing enough.

Except he forgot he owned two rottweilers.

"No, no, that's not for you," Nathan is saying, holding away the brown Bloomingdales bag, which looks like it might hold food - to Julius and Caesar, most things apparently look like they hold food. There is a scuffle between man and two leaping black and brown beasts, until one finally scores, big jaws closing around the bag and crumpling it, and TAKING OFF AT A RUN towards where the nearest other human is located to show them what they just got, the other rottie following closely. Nathan tilts his head back to glare up at the ceiling for a moment, before shutting the door behind him, and following them at a less excitable pace, and hoping they didn't eat the entire contents just yet.

Sticking around the house after the successful family dinner — rarity that — Peter's been quietly cleaning and making sure that his dog has had ample time to play with the much bigger dogs and also intending to wait around and play games and visit with the boys after they return from their school. This means he's still in the house when his brother returns from tie intervention, and it also means he's the human that the successful brother runs towards to show what he got. "What's that?" he asks the jumping dog— not really a puppy anymore— and bends down to grab his head and give him quite a playful ruffle, half a face hug, and then attempt to retrieve the bag. Gimme.

Even if he doesn't know what it is, it's definitely not something he's supposed to have, or his brother either. And the best way to deal with dogs sometimes? Give them what they want. A doggie treat appears in his hand, giving him just enough time to snap it in two and try to give them both one— before he stands up and takes the bag away. "Good boys." Now— what is this? Once it's safely out of rottie clutches, he'll try to peek inside.

When Nathan enters the open room that the dogs had fled to, he's somewhat relieved to see that they aren't busy having tug of wars with strips of silk - especially the Collider paisley one. He may be wealthy, but ties are expensive and that would hurt his soul just a little. No, instead, Peter has it, battered and drooled upon as it is - and is looking to peer inside at the once-neatly rolled up ties. Nathan— isn't sure how he feels about being caught red handed returning from a shopping trip, so instinctively, he goes, "Pete! How're you doing?" to gain his attention, striding into the room with his hand out for the bag.

"You bought a bunch of new ties," Peter says with a hint of surprise, and another kind of emotion, actually. Disappointment? Perhaps, but why would be be disappointed that his older brother went to buy a bunch of ties? Maybe he's upset that the dogs didn't ruin them? No— that's not the case. While the dogs are occupied with their small treats, and before they bound back over and ask for more, he makes his way to put the bag down somewhere safe. But there's his brother, holding his hand out. There's a hesitant pause, before he hands the bag over. "I'm okay. I decided to stick around for a while today— Do some clean up, hang out with Heidi and the boys." He missed a lot of the summer.

The bag is peered into, as if checking that everything is there, before Nathan holds it loosely in his hand at his side. He does keep half an eye out for another dog attack, however. "Oh. Good," he replies shortly, with a slight nod, as that's nothing unusual. He gestures a little with the paper bag. "I bought ties insofar as Cass held me hostage until I did so," he explains, because being made to go shopping by a woman is always far manlier. "Apparently the ones I have currently are the reasons as to why I'm four points down in the polls."

"Oh— Cass held you hostage," Peter has to shake his head, laugh a little. He's surprised— but not too much. "Yeah, she seems to have something against your ties, I've heard— I like your ties." It's always fun to shop for him, at least, and he's one of the few people who actually… um… appreciate lame ties. Though the weird stripe ones are never the kind that he ends up buying him. The ones his brother has bought him tend to be more of the vintage style— which probably is not what people are a fan of. "It's actually funny cause— I bought you a couple ties. Missed both your last birthday and Christmas— even if I gave you that remote that changes traffic lights, I…" There's a shrug.

"Your girlfriend has something against my ties too," Nathan adds. As does Heidi, it seems. Maybe it's a female thing. His free hand reaches out to skritch behind the ears of one of the growing dogs as the animal moves to receive such pettings, and Nathan raises his eyebrows in vague surprise at Peter. "You did? You didn't have to, I didn't get you anything." Though the tie thing has become a tradition.

"I noticed. I think they have this mental image about how people are supposed to look… and your ties don't exactly fit with the rest of you," Peter says, giving a hint of a wave with his hand as he says that. He thinks this is a perfect thing for him, though. He's not quite what people peg him as at first sight. It might be why he appreciates his taste in ties as more than traditional gag gifts— which he missed the last two times. Which he's wanting to make up for. "You don't have to get me a present— you helped me cover my rent while I was in a coma— and when I was locked up in the Company— and when I was the future…" That's the only reason his stuff wasn't moved out and put into storage— he hadn't paid his rent ahead that much… But… "Why don't you show me what ties you got?"

Considering Nathan is hellbent on public image, Peter's words do get some consideration, though not in the way the younger Petrelli would like. But at the end of the day, he likes how the slightly more eyebending ones look, and doesn't honestly think they're so ridiculous… which might be the scary part. Nathan hands the paper bag over for Peter to investigate at will. Notably, Nathan isn't actually wearing a tie at all, though he's dressed like he should be. He didn't take the blue and red one from his pocket since Cass made him take it off. Getting down on one knee to properly earskritch his dog, the other one having wandered away, Nathan adds, "The Irish one's not for me, obviously," when Peter starts to go looking. "What'd you end up getting?"

"Well— if Cass let you get a rottweiler tie then she might not totally fire me for the presents I got you…" Though she really might. "…The Irish one is a present for Jack, isn't it?" Peter asks, looking a little amused. All they'd need is a cup with a smilie face drawn on it— but he isn't going to start calling his brother gay, not when he could easilly counter with lesbian or other such things. Once he hands the bag back, with Jack clear in his thoughts, he suddenly has a small bag from a non-descript store in his hand. It'd been in his apartment back home. "I was going to wrap them, but here you go."

Two ties. One solid red, with big white text from top to bottom: REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT. The second is Snoopy, with aviator glasses and a scarf, with New York and the statue of liberty.

"I had to negotiate on a few of those," Nathan admits, pushing Caesar away gently and getting back to his feet, inspecting his hands. The dogs are well groomed, so no dirt or much loose dog hair, at least, though he does instinctively dust his hands off. "That one's more for the boys to give to me at some point." Seeing as they're still a little too young to traverse department stores on their own, and all. Then, the bag is handed back - and presents! Nathan leans against the arm of a couch as he takes out the the items inside— and stares at the red one with the white print. "Christ. Did you get this made?" Because that's a little too perfect. "Good… good advice, too, actually."

"I could see that— I didn't even help them with Father's Day this year…" Peter shakes his head, he's really slacked on his brotherly duties at times the last year. Saving the world and getting himself killed constantly, and all that. With his brother digging out his presents, he smiles expectantly, waiting for him to see them, and then laughs. "Actually no— believe it or not they're both real ties. I just stumbled upon them in a little store down in Chinatown. They had some really crazy stuff— but those just— well— I couldn't resist." There's a smile, and he reaches out to touch his brother's arm. "I don't expect you to wear them to a press conference or anything, but you could always use the Snoopy one— most suits would cover up all but the New York and Statue of Liberty, and the voters can't fault you for that."

"Mm. Unfortunately, Senators don't get casual Fridays," Nathan says, now taking out the Snoopy tie with a hint of an amused smirk, then loops it around his neck. It's tied skillfully and neatly, and— looks completely out of place with his conservative grey suit and equally conservative light blue shirt, but there it is. As predicted, Snoopy is disguised - although let's be honest, the patriotic images are still reasonably garish. "True. Thanks," he says, once its smoothed out, hand naturally gravitating to Peter's shoulder in a brotherly squeeze. "Cass will still call you an enabler."

"It's a shame— they should," Peter says, smiling lopsidedly and watching as his brother ties the Snoopy tie quite well. It does look rather garish with the patriotic imagery, but then he looks him over a few times. "It would work best with a navy jacket, I think," he says, tilting his head and looking over his brother's clothes. "Or possibly even a black one." It'd still look pretty bad, but it wouldn't be so bad that it makes someone's eyes pop out. Not as bad as some of the ties he got him in the past. The shoulder squeeze is met with a hug, arm going around the barely taller man and pushing in close. "Let her. She runs a book store that specializes in aliens and psychic phenomenon. She's not one to talk too much about people having weird tastes."

The hug is returned without cynicism, holding Peter close for a few lingering moments, before executing a clap on the back and releasing him. "How about I'll wear it if I win," Nathan says, glancing down at the tie, touching the Snoopy end. Brave words, right? Except considering the option of not even going through with it is thrown in there for good measure, who knows the outcome. "Then no one can complain." At the description of Cass's store, Nathan smirks. "I almost pointed that out to her today." They got talking about other srs bzns, however. "I should talk to her about this one customer stalking me. He keeps hanging around the HQ and hoping I'll talk to the government about the invading aliens or whatever the hell. I'm never going in there again." That's a lie, she's good company for after-work-ish drinks, but still, he can avoid for a little while longer.

"Deal. If you win, you can wear that tie— and I'll let you dress me for the acceptance speech," Peter says, grinning as he pulls back out of the hug. Which he's meaning suit and tie. His brother wouldn't put him in anything too embarrassing for an acceptance speech, right? Right. As he mentions the stalker, his eyebrow raises, "You know, think that guy stopped by on my first day back. He made some mention about the true believer in the government, and the difference he would make for society. I mean— I know you'll make a difference, but I don't think it will involve alien invasion."

Blink. Blink. Nathan raises his hands to rub wearily at his face, then points at Peter. "If it does involve an alien invasion, I'm quitting. Swear to god, end of story. But— yeah, that would be me. I guess. I've had security urge him from the premises at least a few times before because he was handing out these Kinko fliers about galactic wars and whatever. Maybe I'll get him arrested, that'll give him a wake up call." He's only slightly joking.

"Well, no aliens two years in the future— unless you count the usual conspircy theories," Peter says, still smiling faintly. "So you'll probably be safe for at least that long." Get the poor man arrested? That seems to sadden him a little bit— but it does sound as if he's disturbing the peace and upsetting his brother, so…

"Yeah, well." Nathan puts both store bags into one hand, the other hand sliding casually into his pocket. For a moment, he appears troubled - but who doesn't have a lot on their minds these days, right? - but simply nods to Peter. "I'll go put these away, check up on the boys," he says, turning to go do that, then pauses a few paces from the door to turn back to Peter, rather impulsively adding, "You know, Claire came round here the other day." Pause. "Not— not when she was looking after the boys, but a couple of days before that. Just to talk." He didn't do a very good job, having cottoned on to that reason just as she was leaving, but all the same.

Expecting his brother to break off and go do just that, Peter bends down to greet a much smaller dog than the rotties, the little eskie that happens to be his. He's rubbing the white fur down her back when the older brother mentions Claire, the babysitting and… the talk. Or a talk. "Really— That's good." Surprising, but good. His petting ends, and when he straightens to stand again he scoops the little dog up into his arms, "How'd that go?"

Why did you get such a girly dog, Peter. Nathan hides a smirk by bringing a hand up to scratch his jaw, continuing with the conversation. "It went as well as can be expected," he says, in a tone that suggests the 'so not great'. "But we compared notes, I guess, about our futures, the ones you saw. Kind of seems like we'll wind up being too dead to resolve anything." And judging by the off-the-charts awkwardness that occurs whenever they meet, there are things to be resolved.

"Only in the future we're trying to prevent," Peter says, watching his brother quietly. He got a girly dog because that's the one that destiny brought to him. And… also because he wanted a small dog that fit better in his apartment. Would it have been better if he got a little pitbull? Not in his opinion. This dog is perfect for him. "You can still resolve things now— and in the future. You just have to make an effort to do it." Brotherly advice. He's getting it whether he wants it or not.

Nathan probably wouldn't have brought it up if he didn't want Peter's advice, to a degree. It's kind of a routine - he tosses a dilemma out there, he sees what advice he gets back, or some kind of translation. Peter makes for a good wifespeak interpreter at times, for instance. Sometimes he even follows that advice - a lot of the times he doesn't. Good thing Peter loves him. This time, however, Nathan nods slightly. It's been months, and Claire made the first move since then - not even calling ahead in case Nathan ducked out of it. Even Nathan has the insight to know that Peter's point is fair. "I know. My move. I guess she's still looking for answers." Or something. She already has a dad, after all. He takes a step back to begin heading out.

"I think everyone's always looking for answers, unfortunately— if we knew everything it'd be pretty boring." There'd be no need to read, no need to meet new people… no need to learn or do anything at all, really. Peter's smiling again, though he does kneel down to deposit his girly dog on the floor. "You're her father. While she has Noah to take care of her and be her father every day of the week— you're still her biological father." There's something rather serious about what he said there, even if he's not clarifying on the difference between the day-to-day dad, and the biological one… but then he straightens again and adds in a less serious tone, "And you're a pretty good guy once you let people get past your serious side. Elena's learned that. I think Claire has a right— even if your relationship can never quite be what it should've been— if you would've known she was alive."

It's that clarification Nathan needs - or rather, needs to figure out on his own. Before the world goes to hell, preferably, if it indeed does. "Nothing wrong with a serious side," says the guy wearing Snoopy on his tie, which he's seemed to forgotten about right now. Serious conversation, silly tie. Call it temperance. Nathan nods once to show acknowledgment for what Peter's had to say, then abruptly whistles - Caesar's attention is automatically grabbed, the dog getting to his feet, and there's the sound of Julius trotting back into the room. Because a whistle means walking. "Figure I'll head down to the park with these two and the kids. You're welcome to come along."

"Nothing wrong with a serious side, as long as it's not the only side," Peter says, agreeing that serious isn't all bad. He has a very serious side as well. So much that some people were supposed when he let go as well— serious, yet still friendly. With the dogs approaching, and Snowy wagging her tail and looking up expectantly, he nods and says, "All right. You twisted my arm— and you might need help with those two— both of them together— they might end up dragging you off into traffic if they see something they want to chase— and I don't think the headline 'political struck by taxi' will help your race very much."

"Yeah. And apparently they're yet to be fully grown, too," Nathan adds, looking down at the two rotties and sighing slightly. "Need to find them a better trainer. I'd ask Cass's boyfriend but who knows, he might assault me again. And anyway, I'm not above gaining a sympathy vote— " One of the rotties suddenly lets out an impatient, echoing bark, his littermate following up with another. Less talking, more walking, human! Nathan pauses, in case they're not done, then adds, "But yeah, I could use the help." As you can well see.

Grabbing his own leash from where he left it when he brough his dog over, Peter raises his eyebrows at the mention of Lachlan assualting him, and then says, "Maybe you should make nice with him— and he's her fiancee now, actually. If you and my boss are going to maintain a close friendship, you might want to talk to him. He's a good guy— I haven't told anyone, but— he— the future version— saved my life." Kneeling down, he hooks the leash around his almost-puppy's neck. "I haven't mentioned it, because… well— it won't need to happen like that. But Sylar found me and tried to kill me the day before I left. He nearly did kill both me and Elena— the future one— and Lachlan showed up right on time and killed him— just as he was about to kill me."

Nathan frowns at that. Despite it being a future version of Lachlan, that does put him in a new light. Of course Nathan had worried that something would happen to Peter in the future, that he wouldn't be able to get back - Lachlan's future self had ensured that wouldn't happen. There's a weighted pause, then Nathan states, "He's still kind of a dick, though." With that, he moves off to go find his kids, leaving Peter to keep an eye on the dogs while Nathan gathers the clan together.

For a while, Peter'd been worried about getting back too. But thanks to the efforts of a couple people to keep him alive… and stable… he did make it back. "So are you," he adds on after his brother calls the tall Scot kind of a dick. It's said in the nicest, tease possible, a lopsided smile formed as he awaits his brother's gathering of the clan. Petrelli Dog Walking Day. They should do this more often.

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