2007-02-15: Reopening Doors And Cases



Summary: Xander tries to convince his supervisor, Philip George, to reopen the Gomez case.

Date It Happened: February 15th, 2007

Reopening Doors And Cases

District Attorney's Office, Manhattan

It's been quite a long week so far, with the case that he was asked to investigate further as a favor to Ramon Gomez. Since taking this burden upon himself, he's discovered a few things, and on top of that there are issues going around about a Haitian man who is quite possibly linked to this case in some manner. On top of this, are the cases that he's got to take care of already. However, he feels a sense of urgency regarding the Gomez case, and the two others, and he's going to go right into it… But first, he knocks on the door to his supervisor's office, so he can convince the Police to reopen the investigations on these cases.

It takes a moment, but the door eventually opens of its own volition, rather than a voice telling Xander to let himself in. It's pulled inward a few inches, revealing the back of a heavyset man in a navy blue suit. "'Evening English. What can I do you for?" Mr. Philip George is on his way to the coffee maker in his office. His face is as long as it is wide, accompanied by drooping jowls. He's getting up there in age - graying black hair in a comb-over, wrinkles etched heavily into his face giving him a continuously irate appearance. He glances at Xander without really looking at him as he pours some sludgy dark roast into a black ceramic mug. "Coffee? …Do you people drink coffee? It's all tea, right. Well. It's there if you want it. Look Marx, if this is about the Juarez case that case I've heard mumblings about with your name involved…"

"I've had my morning cup, but thank you, Mr. George…" Xander politely declines the offered cup of java, having no care for the taste of it at the moment, as he begins, while standing at the desk and speaking to the man, "-Gomez-, Mr. George, and yes, this is about that case. That and two others…" He sets the three case files down onto his supervisor's desk, with a separate file noting all records and similarities between the three. "I ask you to bear with me, Mr. George… These are -not- suicides." He opens the forth file with the notes and records in it, and points to photos and profiles, "The victims, all mothers devout of faith. They were all found wearing identical necklaces, the Squared Circle. They were all found to have received phone calls from pay phones using prepaid phone cards… Despite the appearances, these are -not- suicides. In fact, all three are a series of murders. This is the work of a serial killer."

Mr. George heads around to his desk, taking his time; he stops at the left corner closest to his chair and heaves a long-suffering sigh. It sounds as if there was an attempt to veil his unenthused perspective through that singular sigh, but he gave up trying halfway through. He turns the corner of the desk and plops down heavily in the office chair. Still not /quite/ looking at Xander, he takes the files and starts to slowly flip through them while he sips his coffee. "The 'Squared Circle'… what the hell are you talking about?" Flip, shuffle, rifle; he goes through the information, but it's considerably obvious that he's not sincerely taking it in. "How many we got here… three, including the Juarez— Gomez, whatever … three similar deaths? I'm not saying they're not unusual," Another sip of coffee. George's jowls work as he looks, blahs, at the photos. "But /serial killer/. You really want me to call up the police chief and say we have a serial killer because some women died after getting a trinket and a phone call?"

"Squaring the Circle, that's the name of the symbol on the necklaces." Xander clenches his fists and takes a breath, trying to keep his cool, while an electrical surge flickers some of the lights in the room. He turns and looks his Phillip George right in the eyes, and tells him, "I know what you're thinking, you're thinking it's impossible, that there with no sign of struggle there was no killer, but it -is- possible. The wounds may have been self inflicted, but the victims were not in their right minds. They were influenced from afar, over the telephone, and were made to kill themselves -against- their will. The necklace is the key." He then pulls out photocopied pages from the book 'Squaring the Circle', giving detailed information on the symbol. "The symbol is one used in Alchemy… Don't you think this is more than a mere coincidence? The victims are women of faith, mothers, dying from self inflicted wounds, and these symbols found on their persons. No person of faith would even -consider- suicide, it's a ticket straight to Hell. Why would these women choose to up and kill themselves, if not against their will?"

Xander's supervisor leans back in his chair, which creaks. He pinches the bridge of his wide nose and closes his eyes, giving another one of those loooong sighs. When his eyes open, he finally does look the other attorney in the eye. "You know what I think, Marx?" he asks blandly, one eye twitching slightly in spite of himself. He closes the folder on his desk. "I think it'd be easier to pitch a case about a suicide cult than it would be to try to convince /anyone/ that someone, this purported 'serial killer,' exists. You mean to tell me…" He shakes his head. "To be honest, I'm not even sure /what/ you're trying to tel me."

Xander is most definitely getting frustrated by his superior's lack of interest in this, and it's starting to show visibly as then lights across the floor begin to flicker and surge, a bulb popping in the background. Electrical issues apparently. Xander rubs his temple for a moment, before leaning in on the desk, and telling the large man, "Of course, you would, Mr. George. It would be much easier to convince the court that it was simply a cult of women who decided to turn against their faith, and decide that Hell was the only way to go, wouldn't it?"
Xander straightens back up, and says, "The phone records of all the victims show they received a phone call from pay phones using prepaid numbers withing a ten minutes of their approximate times of death. The killer called the victims, and commanded them to kill themselves… Now, I'm sure you would agree that if some strange person called you, and told you to kill yourself, you would tell them to just sod off. The victims, however, being devout of faith, all of their families vouching as such, were somehow -convinced- by some manner, to end their lives. All of them were found dead with their phones off the hook in the middle of the call from this number, save for the woman with the mobile phone, which we all know automatically shut off when the other party hangs up the phone…"
Xander then leans in once more, looking directly into Mr. George's eyes, and tells him, "Mr. George… This is not a coincidence. The necklaces are the key in this. They all have partial prints on them. If the partials can give us a complete print, we may be able to find whoever planted the necklaces on the victims, after their deaths. If we have a complete print, we have ourselves a suspect… I -guarantee- you."

Philip George eyes the overhead lights. "Goddamn cheap wiring," he mumbles distractedly. He heaves another sigh, but this one is slightly different from the rest - it is albeit almost imperceptibly so, contemplative. "You know what I've found in thirty odd years of giving legal advice to people… people of faith, they just want /something/ to believe in. And if they happen to be off their rocker, it's how completely reasonable Catholics turn to Scientology. If someone called these women on the phone and convinced them to do themselves in, well, I'd say we have one hell of a convincing cult leader on our hands. I say potato, you say patahto…" This seems to strike George as mildly funny, but he summarizes his chuckle into a gruff cough. Seriousness, more suited to his face anyway, sets in again. "I'll put a call in to the chief of police tomorrow morning. I don't know why the hell they didn't see a pattern before this and left it for /you/ to come across. Just… beyond me." The man gestures at the many-buttoned telephone on his desk. "I, for one, don't have the power to convince someone to do whatever I want over the phone. You know how it is. They might reopen it, they might not. If they do, and they get a fingerprint, you have yourself someone to prosecute. The hell are you so interested in this case for anyway?"

Xander's face brightens up a great amount, as the flickering and surging of the lights halt, and replies, "I'm not a very religious man myself, Mr. George, but I do believe in justice. If I can bring justice into the lives of the victims' families, my faith in justice will be justified." He grins and grabs the case files, before pointing at the man in the chair, "Thank you, Mr. George, you will not regret this…"
With that, he opens the door out of the office, and steps out, proceeding to pull his phone out of his pocket and dialing a number. After a few moments, "Hello, Elena Gomez? This is Xander Marx…" He grins he begins, "I have some good news…"

Xander dials Elena Gomez.

It takes a while, but Elena eventually picks up, sounding exhausted. "Hello?"

Xander speaks into his phone, "Hello, Elena Gomez? Xander Marx… I have some good news… I hope I'm not disturbing you…"

"…..Mr. Marx?" Elena can be heard straightening up. "Oh no you're not. I'm just taking care of my father. He…it's been twenty four hours and he hasn't woken up. What good news?"

Xander can be heard wincing. "I thought he seemed tired when I spoke to him last…" Before continuing, "Anyways, I think you and your father will be pleased to know that I've convinced my supervisor to call in the chief of police to reopen your mother's case for investigation."

"….you are? That's great! I…..I heard from my father you said it might be a serial?"

"I'm almost certain of it. There's a chance, a slim one, but a chance no less, that if the partial prints from the necklaces found on your mother and the other victims give us a complete print, that we will have ourselves a suspect. And if we do… No… -When- we have our suspect, I'll do everything in my power to convict him."

"….thank you very much, Mr. Marx. I'll tell my father the good news when he wakes up. Do you need anything else from me in the meantime?"

"Just call me Xander, and I think I'll be content with what I have."

"Alright, Xander. If anything else comes up, I'll give you a call."

"Alright then, I'll let you know when something turns up. Just get yourself some rest in the mean time, and I'll take care of things until then. Take care…"

"You too. Goodnight."


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