2010-03-06: Replacement Goldfish



Date: March 6, 2010


Hallis shops for a new pet as only she can.

"Replacement Goldfish"

Pet shop, New York City

Things are finally starting to settle down in New York. As per Adam's sage advice, Hallis contacted her grandmother and paid a visit to the woman out at her home where they had a little meeting with a certain doctor. A check for a large sum was written and everything was swept under the carpet, such is the way of the world. After it was all overwith, the young socialite was free to carry on as though nothing had happened in the past two months.

That's what would have happened… If it weren't for the hole in her life created by the missing dog.

"Come on George," The blonde turned brunette turned back to blonde urges as she pulls the congressman into the store by the hand. "I heard they sell puppies in here! Really puppies! They don't just come in adult sizes." She looked it up on the internet, not just on her phone either, an honest to goodness laptop that she'd purchased for herself. "I think I'm going to get a bull mastiff, I'll name it 'Muffin' or 'George Three.'" She's absolutely delighted.

He puts up with it; he always does. Hallis has so thoroughly charmed George over the past few months, her particular brand of high-functioning-crazy is just part of the territory. Some of the tabloids are actually kind of sympathetic to the couple these days. A few speculate about darker motives— but, somehow, they tend to wind up with the blurrier photos and the more embarrassing retractions.

Certain abilities are useful.

"You can get mastiffs as puppies?" he asks, as he follows her inside. "I mean, of course you can, but— a mastiff is pretty much the poster child for 'disturbingly large dog', you know? It's like the Little Rascals having a pit bull, it doesn't compute." He withholds comment on the names, which are after all a matter of taste, and thus unaccountable for.

A Korean youth is in the shop already, already deciding what he had wanted in the pet supplies, some 'live' plants for his fish tank at home. A new decoration. As well as other supplies, like new filters and stuff. Carried in a shopping basket, for those who aren't purchasing things like puppies or cats or something.

Though apparently he is just killing some time today, as he does check out all the pets in the store as well. Spotting this really tiny puppy, that looks like a doberman that would fit in a shoe.. even full grown. It's rining around the small exercise yard.. Jayson is just laighing at it.. because, though it's not much of a dog, it is kinda cute, and funny.. when it plays with toys bigger then he is. Not even yet noticing the couple that have entered. After all, there are a lot of people here alreay. So they are more or less in the background for the moment.

There are so many pets. The store is like the super center of pets. Every kind you could possibly ever want resides in some kind of little habitat. Right near the front are rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, and other kinds of rodents. Pausing at the rabbits, Hallis dips her hand in to pet one of them and pulls it out. Hugging the soft little critter to her face she nuzzles it contentedly, apparently finding something that she adores right at the front. Lucky George! "Oh these a — ar — aaahhh — ahhhCHOOO!!!" The frightened little bunny tries to claw its way out of her hands, but the dainty heiress holds tight and eventually lets it drop a few inches into the cage.

Taking a tissue from her oversized purse, the young woman wipes her nose and shudders. "Okay, no bunnies." Already her eyes are starting to redden and water.

"No rabbits, no cats, check." Holding off on the direct approach until Hallis narrows the field down some more, George jots down a quick illegible scrawl on a notepad (he picked up shorthand during a temp job years ago, back when the armies of secretaries from the 1950s hadn't quite died out yet). "And giant amoebas are still only available in plush form. "I suppose garter snakes are out of the question?"

The youth is done with the puppy, it's cute, but as small as it is, his dad would probably step on it, or something. That wouldn't be a good thing.. and at the family's sail boat, the seagulls would be going crazy with their 'mine mine mine' thinking it a meal. He's off to where the hermit crabs, lizards, snakes and other creepy crawlies are. Checking them out, rather intriged by a chamilion. Though they are somewhat near the front, and he hears a sneeze.. not looking he just calls, "Bless you." continuing on. Still really new enough to the area, and never pays attention to tabloids, or apparently the news.. as he still doesn't really see, or recognize the pair.

Continuing on to his destination, he checks out the different habitats. Not exactly cudly, but Jayson doesn't really seem to care about that aspect.

The young woman is trying not to let her allergies get the better of her as she dabs her eyes and wanders to the back of the store. There's a boy only a few years Hallis' junior in the same section, looking at some little things that make her skin crawl. "Oh.. A snake?" Sniffle. "Uhm.. No, I don't think I could curl up with a snake when I'm watching television." It's a habit she's actually picked up, spending an hour or two watching whatever's on. Blame it on the hospital.

"Oh George look at this!!" She moves past the youth of Asian persuasion and stands next to him, completely enthralled by a series of little bowls containing the prettiest fish she's ever seen. "I could get one of these!!"

Slipping the notepad back into a pocket, George looks around for a moment and then steps forward, following her gaze. "Hey, purple and green together, that's pretty impressive that it pulls that off. Still not much good for curling up, though." Jayson's bless-you, meanwhile, is answered with a silently-mouthed 'thanks'. And a quick glance at the wall clock: okay, he should be able to stick around for at least another ten or fifteen minutes before he has to think about getting back on the road again.

Jayson does spot the pair now and the mouthed thanks, but still really not knowing who they are, but he does offer a polite nod to the pair and a grin to George. Should they look his way, grinning a bit at the woman's excitement. Though, he's not much of a talker, he says "They are pretty good, best off with just one though, definetly. Or a sepperate bowl for each. Otherwise, they'll kill each other." he offers. He heard her words too, "And you can't really cuddle with them either." which George also confirms.

Giving a rather puzzled look between the two males, Hallis' eyebrows come to a little V. "Don't they get lonely?" She leans in closer to one of the little bowls and taps it lightly, "Here fishy fishy.." It reacts like all fish do to the sonic boom in the water, by going absolutely crazy and spinning around in little circles in the bowl. "Hey! I already taught it a new trick!" She's very proud of herself and wraps her arms around George's waist to give him a little hug. Then she turns her head toward Jayson, puckers her lips slightly and widens her eyes into an innocent expression. The 'look.' "What are those?" she asks, pointing to the hermit crabs. Apparently, she thinks Jayson is an employee there.

Oi, this. Well, at least she's already managed to distract herself, and George can step in if she tries to pull them out of the bowl or anything. Or one of the employees will. Or she'll just freak out about what it feels like. While she checks out the shellfish, he makes his way over to another display nearby, watching a family of near-newborn gerbils wander around through a series of plastic tubes and platforms.

Jayson moves over to the hermit crabs, almost at the same moment Hallis points at them. "Hermit Crabs." he answers her. "I don't think you want to cuddle with one of them either. And you'd need more then one. Despte there name, they really aren't loners, like hermits. I had them when I was younger, but it's really hard to keep them alive." But since he is not much of a talker, and well he's spoken more now then he had in a long time, he wanders off to the next critter. Avoiding the tarantulas and scorpions and finding the salt water fish, which are more colorful and expencive then fresh. Wishing he had the money for that kind of thing.

Hallis peers into the tank of little crabbies and wrinkles her nose, "Oh…" Then she lifts her head and looks around for her companion. "George?" her eyes widen in panic as she turns a few corners before finally spotting him. "Oh… I thought you left me!" There's an audible breath of releif as she creeps up beside him and watches the baby gerbils in the tubes. She slips her hand into his and leans her head against his arm as the little rodents scurry around making little nests. "These are neat… Are they mice?"

Eventually he finds the pair again, at the gerbils. He's heading over to peek at them too, but then this huge white cockatoo nearby squawks and Jayson swerves over that way. "Hello, pretty bird." checking the sign that says I bite, so keeps his fingers away but still pretty intrigued by it now.. There is another sign by him too, that has a list of all the things he does say. Reading it over he chuckles at some of the bird's phrases.

Jayson is a bit close to the bird though, and begins to try to reach through the cage with it's talons and pull and play woth his hair.. the bird is intrigued by it. Jayson feels this and just chuckles, not stopping the bird.

Over at the gerbil cage, George turns and nods. "Sort of a cousin. We had a bunch of these when I was growing up." Until one year some of a friend's hamsters got mixed in by mistake, and— well. It wasn't pretty. But he has the sense to keep quiet about all that. Just then, in any case, his phone rings and he steps away to answer it, shooting Hallis what she would easily recognize as his 'sorry, this might take a while' face.

The wide blue eyes go even wider when Jayson sticks his hair in between the bars for the bird to play with. This causes the socialite to shrink against the politician. Leaning just a tiny bit closer to George, Hallis whispers, "George, do you think he's… special?" The question could be taken one of two ways. The young man could either be evolved, or special like the Olympics. But then his phone rings and she is left on her own to look at the little gerbils.

He is evolved but that has nothing to do with this, and he would never admit to it, though not letting on either way wether he heard her or not. But birds just tend to be intrigued by things, evolved or not has nothing to do with that. Soon though the bird has releaced his hair and over at his food, getting something to eat. Jayson just straightens and chuckles. "Crazy bird." Then he's off to another part of the store.. remembering that he needed someting else for his fish at home.

Blinking, George follows Hallis's gaze, tipping the phone sideways as he considers interpretation #1 for a half-second. "Doubt it. Now if he starts talking to it and it understands a little too quickly…" Maybe enough of a hint for Jayson to pick up on, maybe not. And then it's back to the phone call. "Ophelia, hi— no, I'm still here. Yeah, Hallie's shopping for a replacement goldfish, I'm about a half-hour out if you need me…"

Goldfish! George just said the magic word. Gold. With a brilliant smile on her face, Hallis slinks back to the fish section and not fifteen minutes later returns with a bag containing a fat, little, fancy goldfish. SHe also has a basket with all the accessories she could ever need for a goldfish… minus a bowl. "Okay George! I'm ready!" She beams up at the politician. "Look, I named him George Three. Isn't he cute?" Cute and exactly her color. Also named after one of her favorite people on Earth. "I got a fifty gallon tank, it's going to be delivered later.." She babbles a little while he's on the phone, apparently she's gotten used to when he's able to listen to her and when he's not.

Now that Jayson is off, to the other side of the store, the bird is watching in his dirrection and squawking more, trying to get his attention. The other exotics join in the squawk fest too.. because those kinds of birds just pick up on things, rather quickly. But still, not any 'real' indication that he's evolved. He did happen to catch George's words, since he had to more or less pass them to get back to the fish area. Spotting Hallis when she's there, and her exhuberance over the fish. He can't help but chuckle.. but not where she can hear it.

A faint smile crosses George's lips as he takes in the phrase 'fifty gallon tank'. But he knows that she has both the budget and the space for it - and who knows, she might decide to get some more fish later, and they do need more space than some people realize - so he just nods and lets it go. Besides, as usual, there are other things on his agenda. "No, no change. By now, I think we have to assume they're getting nowhere until further notice— they were taking the more difficult path anyway, in terms of direct opposition."

Getts what he needs, then glances at his watch. Ok, enough time killed.. and he's off to the register to pay for his purchaces. Apparently the cashier is used to Jayson being here, because they chat a little. "No, they don't need the food just yet, but better to be safe then sorry." He does overhear tidbits on the phone, and just idely pretends he doesn't. He's usually careful in public anyway. If the anti-evolved people didn't capture him, his father would kill him if he found out, so he just doesn't let it be known in public. "Besides, dad's supposed to be taking me out on the sailboat to do some work and make sure she's survived the winter, so it's just better to have the weekend feeder there and ready too."

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