2007-11-12: Requiem For A Dream


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Summary: Peter tests his newly acquired dreamwalking powers to meet Elena in her dreams….which seem to be taking place during the first time they met.

Date It Happened: November 12th, 2007

Requiem For A Dream


It's cold outside.

The house that Peter stands outside of is warm. And he has a key. So why is he outside when he could just open a door and step inside? There's reasons for that. Tiny little reasons. Viruses even. They may not be airborne, but he knows that the risk is too much to take right now. But that is also why he's wearing a ski suit instead of regular clothes. There's a scarf around his head and he settles down against the wall of the house. It's late at night. There's a chance this may not work, but he closes his eyes and reaches out, trying to find what he'd been instructed to look for by a young woman with dreaming powers.

It's more difficult. She's not sitting beside him. She's not instructing him— but he does find it. Sleepers within the house— and one close enough that he can do a little more than sense.

She's like a beacon of light on the edge of awareness, and all he needs to do is reach out, touch, and push his way through. And he does.

She was working the night shift tonight. After the disastrous meeting at Jack's place, Elena counts it a blessing that Drake pretty much quit his job at Starbucks. She didn't feel like explaining to him why he was cranky. She watches an old man start donning his coat to the side, swathing a scarf around his neck and putting on his gloves. He was the last customer she has…in thirty minutes, she can close up the joint, and go home.

She turns around, washing her hands, wetting a rag so she can start cleaning up as the old man shuffles for the door. Her eyes are narrowed. Never in her life has she felt so.unhappy. Not since her mother died. She was habitually a happy creature, quick to smile and laugh and joke around like the young tended to do. Then again, disappointment of any sort always sucked, especially when the root of it all was a man who she was slowly growing to regard as a big brother. Damn you, Jack. You said you'd never let go!

"That idiot," she hisses under her breath, scrubbing hard on a stain of dried donut cream on one of the tables. The old man looks up in surprise. "Oh, no sir," she says, forcing a sheepish laugh. "Not you. Just an… ex…boyfriend?"

The old man storms out in a huff, and she GROANS. Lovely.

She tugs absently on the loose twist her hair was in. Straightening up her skirt, she exhales a breath, moving back to the counter and divesting herself of her apron, readying to close up for the day. It was cold outside, flakes of snow drifting down from the dark night.

It certainly is late. Given how much activity the last few days have had, Peter Petrelli really could use a coffee. There had been plenty of things wrong… wait, didn't this happen already? As the dream sets in, he almost can feel himself being pulled along by it, stepping into a character that had already been planned to enter as it was, taking over for him. His hair feels shorter, his clothes less heavy than what he wore to the house.

With his hand in his coat pocket, he shoulders into the door, right after the man leaves in a huff. He can tell he's holding a cellphone, and he knows why— he has a finger on a number, quick dial, in case anything goes wrong. As he steps in, he interupts the dream when he removes his hand from his pocket and looks at it, curiously examining the details. The dream feels so…

Wait, he should be speaking. He looks up and sees her, and can't help but smile. She looks exactly how she had when they first met, all those many months ago. "Evening," he says in his whispered voice, somewhat deeper than he had that night, but also… he starts to move forward, closer to the counter.

Her back is to Peter at the moment. "I'll be with you in just a second," Elena says, drifting past the radio tuned into one of the local radio stations. "Do you want anything in particular? I swear this'll just be a moment." She wipes the counter in front of her quickly, and starts shifting things that don't need to be out in the refrigeration area at the back. She hums along with the tune from the speakers.

The best thing about tonight's that we're not fighting
Could it be that we have been this way before?
I know you don't think that I am trying
I know you're wearing thin down to the core…

She couldn't help but grin. "You're in luck…I was just about to close, you had ten minutes before I did. Looks like the stars are being kind to you today." She finally turns around….and freezes. Unlike the first time they met, the person standing across her needs no introduction. Her lips part slowly, unbelievingly. Wait….wasn't this….hadn't this happened before? "….Peter…?" she whispers softly. He looked so….real. In the flesh. She suddenly remembers, in the waking world, it's been ages since they've stood in the same room without a pane of glass separating them.

The music seems new. Peter can't help but wonder if she'd listened to it before she went to sleep, or something— music has a way of seeping into people's subconscious. As he gets closer to the counter, that's really all they have between them, for a change. So many abilities, but maybe he doesn't need to use them here to make them work. Seeing him walk through walls, or disappear and reappear— she practically expects it. It wouldn't be out of place within the dream at all, not for him.

However, he chooses to go around it anyway. Less he messes with the dream, the less that he'll be tired out by it, and he wants it to last a little while— for the both of them. "Elena," he says, once he's manages to get all the way around, he gravitates towards her instantly, reaching up and touching her in ways he hasn't been able to do since he left for Bat Country to get healed.

Hands go to her face, pushing back hair, as he leans in to kiss her. Feels so real. It doesn't break for a moment, but when it does he keeps touching her, pressing his forehead against hers, his cheek, whispering against her skin, "God I missed you so much." Talked every day almost. But there's some things talking on the phone can't ever be.

She drops the rag she's been holding as Peter maneuvers around the counter to get to her. Elena could barely believe it, her mouth slightly parted as she looks at him. "I…Peter….I….oh my god…" And when he reaches her, the reaction is instant. Her arms curl around him, tightly, her face angled up to meet his lips. And when he kisses her, her reply to it is passionate, almost desperate. And this goes on for a while, until he breaks away and rests his forehead against hers.

"How…how did you get here…?" she whispers. "This is…this feels so real." She twists around so Peter's back is to the counter, and another deep kiss is pressed on his lips. She clutches him even tighter, relief and a certain degree of happiness evident by the way she's hanging onto him. She would cry, but she's not a big crier. And when she pulls away again, she looks up at him.

"I missed you…" Her lips roam over his cheeks, his forehead, and his mouth again. She can't seem to stop kissing him, now that he was in the same room as she. "I missed you so much. It's been so….I thought it would be….I thought it would be okay with the phone calls but this. This…"

The not being able to stop kissing seems to be mutual. Peter can't pull away as she kisses him, nor can he stop returning the gesture. And that's saying nothing to where his hands end up. But something she says while kissing him does make him pull away again, to look at her, forcing himself to break from this to explain. His hands even move back to her shoulders to keep some semblance of distance. "You're dreaming— and I'm inside your dream," he explains, looking at her. By this point, his hair and clothes have changed, locks dangling into his forehead, but not quite touching his eyes yet— they do curl up against his eyebrows, though, which makes them slightly longer than when she last saw them.

His clothes are favoring blacks and blues, but not heavy, not like what he entered wearing. "I met the dreamwalker again— had her teach me. Wanted to learn how to get into someone's dreams— but this is the first time I've tried it on my own— of course it would be you… I needed to see you. Touch you— and I couldn't until now."

And as he says this… he's moving in again. This could end up taking a while, the whole… kissing thing.

Long minutes. Perhaps hours that pass as mere minutes in the waking world. She's barely aware of things knocked over, though thankfully their movements don't disrupt the radio. All she's aware of at present are his hands. His mouth.

Her heart is still beating rapidly when she finally curls up against him, both of them managing to find the back of the counter and having sunk on the floor with their backs braced against the wood. Elena could only sigh, resting her cheek against his shoulder and absently toying with the fabric of his shirt. "Dreamwalking, huh?" she murmurs, her eyes closing and tacking onto what he had said to her last. "You managed to corral Kory for lessons?" She looks up at him slightly.

After a moment, she can't help but chuckle softly, tilting her head upwards to kiss his cheek. "This is so incredible," she murmurs. "I….she must've been a really good teacher. I mean, you were able to do this and….I don't know how long you have been practicing." She gives him a quiet look, her expression softening. "Peter it's so good to see you." Her hand reaches out, to touch his face, an expression of wonder settling in. "How real this seems…"

Good thing about this being a dream— they won't have to clean anything in the room up. It may not be as comfortable for him when he snaps out of it, his body still sitting in the cold of night, ski suit or no ski suit. The counter against his back must be very similar to how he's sitting against the house in the waking world, but Peter doesn't want to burst that bubble of perception. He doesn't even feel cold right now. Especially not right now. "I haven't seen you healthy in so long— you look beautiful, just like you did when I first saw you… right here."

Back before they'd been friends, lovers— any of what they ended up becoming. They'd just been joined by some strange thread of destiny that made him crave coffee just as she was getting ready to close down Starbucks and go home— the same way she just happened to get pulled into the rescue operation.

"Only got one lesson— still a lot of questions I should have asked. I'm not even sure you'll remember this when you wake up— I guess you remembered the dream before, but I'll do what I can to remind you of it, jog your memory— I'm just glad I was able to manage it on my own." This kind of thing isn't what he should bring another girl to, after all…

His arms move around her, holding her closer, eyes closing. "I've missed having you with me all the time…" Sleeping without her, especially. They'd been sharing a bed most nights since he got back from the future.

"I like your hair," Elena teases softly, pursing her lips to blow gently and cause that curling lock to dance over his forehead. However since she has absolutely no clue as to how his dreamwalking works, she is rather oblivious to the fact that Peter was just outside of the house and probably under the window of the room in where she sleeps. "But you've always looked handsome to me anyway….even when you were sick. I did worry when you started becoming thinner, though. I'm so glad you're better." She didn't really care much over her own so long as Peter was healed and doing what he needs to do.

There had always been something, the moment her hand clasped his the same time he gave her his name. Like it had been meant to happen, that she just happened to be there fresh from their jailbreak attempt to get him out of where the Company had been holding him. It felt like years, another lifetime ago. She never anticipated for things to turn out this way - just that it did, and circumstances alternately caused them to either be together when one or the either didn't want to, or apart when one or either of them didn't want to. It only strengthened their bonds of affection.

And bringing another girl to this would be pretty awkward. Her gaze slides to the knocked over objects on the floor.

"Well, we always had our own lives, but it's…..ever since….even back when we were friends it's been unusual for us to be out of contact for this long." She presses her lips gently on the side of his neck, letting out a contented sigh. "How have you been sleeping?"

"There's been times we've been out of contact," Peter says softly, leaning against her, pressing the side of his head against her own. That lock that got blown around falls into the center of his forehead and stays there, but he makes no move to shift it. "But I've never liked them— always feels like everything's more difficult without you. Like I don't know where I'm going…" In short, without her— his world seems to fall away.

"I talked to Hiro today. He's back from wherever he went— he wants to hunt down Sylar— but I told him about the virus and he agreed that fixing that is more important— especially if this thing starts to spead. I'm meeting him later— to brief him on what I know, whatever Jane doesn't already tell him. And hopefully I'll meet with the widow of that man who died— and have more information about how it spread beyond the four of us, what the second half might be."

And whether or not it's his fault.

"Honestly haven't slept much, but I don't need it, remember? Between Sharon and Kory, both of their abilities deal with not needing to sleep…" Has some undue side effects, though, since their powers aren't his only ones. "I've still slept a couple hours a day— don't worry."

He pauses, then shifts so he can reach into his coat pocket and pull out a box. It hadn't been there a moment ago, but there it is.

"It's our anniversary. You've been my girlfriend for two months now." And they've known each other for eight.

"It seems to fit," Elena says chuckling softly. "First time we met, I was the one who had to tell you about what was going on…about Nathan being in Company's hands and all of that," she says, her voice still in quiet tones and feeling the welcome weight of his head against her own. She closes her eyes, breathing in his smell - it's been so long she had almost forgotten what he smelled like. "Maybe I was put in this world to make your life easier. Maybe. I know I can be difficult." She nudges his side playfully with a subtle shift of her hip. But she kisses him again, on the cheek. Even if the more desperate moments have passed, who knows when she could do this again?

"You did? How is he? I've really only talked to him once but he was the one who convinced me that we had to rescue you," she tells him softly. "But let me know what he says? He could be extremely helpful…" Undoubtedly something Peter already thought of. Instead, she shifts against him, curling into him further and closing her eyes. "I missed this," she murmurs. "All we need is a TV and a cheese pizza."

She nods. "I know you don't need it, but….you still need to sleep on occasion," she says. "Besides….this separation thing isn't going to last forever. We'll still be sharing the same bed eventually." For a while. At least, she hopes.

When the box is produced, she looks over at him, and then the box again. She reaches out to take it. "…two months? Are you intending on celebrating every month? What happens after a year? Can we go skydiving?" she asks with a broad grin. Seemingly random, but if they last a year - which looks likely, they ought to do something special. She opens the box.

Does seem to fit, yes. Fate keeps weaving them in and out of each other's lives for various reasons— right now he's taking fate into his own hands a little and pushing things along. Or is he?

Peter doesn't mind the continued affections, but he's careful not to allow himself to be completely distracted. The last time this started the whole dream started to shimmer at the edges— for a moment he'd been afraid he would lose it alltogether. It would have been bad to leave her alone in this dream, when she needed him the most.

"We'll be together again soon… I promised I'd find a way to fix this, didn't I? I will… I'll fix it and we'll be together again." Sharing the same bed. As long as she'll have him.

"I don't see why we can't go skydiving next year— at least if your parachute doesn't open, I'm a backup plan." Makes the danger a little less dangerous— but he hopes she's not just suggesting it for the danger. Then again, she might be totally joking and he really didn't notice.

Inside the box there's a pair of earrings that's nearly identical to the necklace he gave her before, just earrings. Smaller than the pendant— but with the same shape, design and color pearls. Definitely part of a set.

"I put them next to the clock on the bedside— as well as a note. Even if you don't remember this— you still get the present."

"I know, just…anything I can help with, you know you could call me right? I'd rather try and help however way I can than just sit there." Elena tended to be a proactive person anyway, she isn't one to sit idle. And sitting idle drives her a little crazy, and makes her do crazy things. She has little choice these days, but there's only so much one can do in a day when most activities are limited. Though when he relents on skydiving, she couldn't help but laugh. "Or you can just take me flying again. I think you've only taken me once, when we went off to rescue Heidi," she tells him.

And it had been a tremenduous experience. She couldn't help but stare at the sky. "You know you could've let Nathan carry me," she teases. Back then he was less practiced flying than Nathan was. "Have you ever won against him while in the air?" Surely the brothers have raced before. That's something she would've done if she had been given the ability to fly and one of her siblings had been too.

She smiles warmly when she gets the gift. "You're giving me a full set, hm? They're beautiful," she murmurs, touching the delicate pearls gently. "Now I just need an occasion to wear them." She looks over at him and leans to press a soft kiss in his mouth. "Happy two-month Anniversary. One day I'm just going to splurge on you if you're not careful." Not like she didn't have money now - money wasn't an issue these days.

"I know," Peter simply says, though that doesn't mean he has anything to give her right now, or possibly ever. It depends on what happens too much— and she might be far too sick to manage any of it. That's the bad part about this— but the good news would be that in the dream she's at least healthy.

"If that's what you want, I'll take you flying," he says, not planning to tell her that he took her flying in the future before. It hardly counts. "But no, I've never really beat Nathan. We only raced once— I ended up crashing into the bushes when I tried to keep up." He's just not as good at it, okay? Good thing he can regenerate, but he probably spooked quite a bit of the animals.

The kiss derails him a bit, especially since he's starting to feel it— he knows he needs to get out of here and go home soon. He's not sure what would happen if he tries to stay longer than he could actually handle— and he doesn't want to risk the consquences of it, not since he's trying to help her to keep a promise.

"Now that Nathan's Senator, I'm sure something will come up eventually," he does say, before he begins to untangle himself, reluctantly. "I need to go— I don't want to overtax this ability until I know what the potental side effects are— this is only the second time I've done it— third if you count the one we shared before." Even then, he's so reluctant he draws her in for another kiss— a rather long one.

Ideal selves tend to manifest in the dream, though when Peter tells her he should leave soon - while she's disappointed, she doesn't want to him to overtax himself. "You should. I…this is enough," she reassures him. One would argue that it might never be considering certain addictions, but she does touch his face tendery. "Don't strain yourself, you just recovered, you know," she tells him lightly. "You do what you have to do, and whatever I can do, just let me know."

There's a broad smile when he tells her that he'll take her flying. And when he draws her back in, curling her arms around him and kissing him with the same intensity that underscored most of their more physical interactions. She doesn't let him go - not for a while. But whenever the kiss ends, she needs to take a breath, her forehead resting on his and her eyes opening partway.

"I love you," she whispers. "I love you so much."

"I know— you make me want to strain myself, though," Peter says honestly, since it's really difficult NOT to be honest in a dream. There's something about this that strikes him. Kory'd said people won't lie in a dream— so everything that's been said is true. Of course that makes him all the more happy. "I'll call you when I can," he adds, leaning in to deepen the kiss. Distraction. She makes him want to strain himself. There's just something about this.

After a time, though, he does let it end, half force it to, even gasping for a bit within the dream as he may be. It's very possible he's gasping in the waking world, too. "I love you too," is said almost breathlessly, whispered— his voice does sound tired now, but then again it usually does. "Elena…" he starts, but doesn't finish, letting her name trail away, before he nudges the tip of his nose against hers, kissing her again…

"Hopefully I'll see you very soon…" It's reluctant again, especially since he closes his eyes and consentrates, trying to leave the dream behind, return to his body, and wake up.

He does manage to get back, eyes opening, instantly feeling the cold that he has to walk away feeling.

But for her, it's still her dream— who knows if he left a dream version behind to keep her mind occupied or not? Either way, she has a pair of earrings on the bedside, and a simple note.

Happy 2 month anniversary. I hope you had nice dreams. I love you.

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