2008-01-05: Resolutions


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Summary: Drinking, New Year's Resolutions and Bad Ideas.

Date It Happened: January 5th, 2008

Log Title Resolutions

Unnamed Bar in NYC

Instead of going straight home after work, as is his usual habit. Benjamin detours to a bar. With a coworker, Michael. He doesn't get much chance to associate with the fellow as he does with others, but, he's branching out. What the Hell, right? He's not in a hurry to get home. Rose does her own thing, Alice is busy with her assignments, and let's face it, even Ben realizes there's nothing sadder than a grown man who spends so much time with his mother. So here he is. Socializing with the people who he has the most in common with these days.

Drinking is no stranger to Michael. Every night before a mission he finds himself at a bar for a few drinks. Some nights he had a bit more than he should have, but that's all in the past. No mission tomorrow! Tonight is purely for fun and being social. "Well!" he says, stepping into the Den, taking a look around, "here's to friendship! Drinking! And…" He takes another look around, eyes falling on Benjamin, and he shrugs. "And hell, to having the rest of the night off!"

Mission. Good excuse. Benjamin is finding he needs the liquid fortitude from time to time now, and he hadn't been a drinker since college! These people he works with, what bad influences they are. In oh so many ways. He's not feeling sorry for himself so much anymore, just.. the job is hard. He had to help take in the boss's daughter, only for her to slip off, and fraternize with the 'bad guy'. Michael's preemptive words of toasting are given a mild look, "We get a night off? Since when?"

"When you're drunk enough that you can't go in when they call you," Michael says, giving Benjamin a wink. (A straight wink. A wink made of steak and manliness.) He stops for a moment, looking once more around the bar, and he turns back to Benjamin, nodding towards the bar and bartender. "Shall we?"

Benjamin laughs at Michael's reasoning. "Good answer. I think you're bad for my work ethic." What would give anyone that idea? "Sure, maybe this will help get rid of the guilt, cause I feel like I should be out there," he gestures towards the door and the city beyond, "doing /something/." If he had any clue how upset Church would be with him about Elle, that'd be another reason to knock back a drink or two. All that aside, he leads to the bar. "We're already here, might as well."

"Oh, I know what you mean," Michael says, ducking and diving through the people to make his way towards the bar, making sure to stay within hearing range of Benjamin. "Sometimes I'm bad for my own work ethic. There's a lot of them out there. Dangerous ones, safe ones, the ones we need to protect." He doesn't clarify who 'them' is, as Benjamin should know, and he falls quiet after that. Shouldn't go around talking too loudly about Company business.

Benjamin takes a cue from Michael on knocking off talk of work. Wouldn't do to talk too much or too loudly about it in public. Besides, they're technically working, in a way. What if someone gets unruly here and displays an abuse of power? He settles in against the bar, hoping this time here, he doesn't take off his pants and dance in a drunken fit. "I do have to say though, you guys are /good/ for getting me out of the house."

"Well, if we're not saving the world, may as well save ourselves, hm?" Michael says in response to Benjamin, taking a seat at the bar. He signals the bartender, calling out a whiskey sour, plus waiting for Benjamin to place his own order, before turning to the ther man, swiveling his barstool as he does. "So how's life been treating you?"

"Sounds reasonable to me," as Benjamin is feeling more in need of being saved than ever in his life. His poison of choice is a good tequila. Ramon's been an influence when it comes to tequila. Settling onto his stool, he plucks up a small handful of peanuts to munch on. "As well as it can I guess." He has a morally questionable job after all. "I'm well paid, my daughter's college tuition is taken care of. I've got my health." More or less. At least he hasn't been stabbed or shot in the past month. Plus his savings and checking accounts are getting more padded by the day since he doesn't go out and just spend spend spend.

"Oo, tequila," Michael says once the order is placed, throwing the necessary cash on the bar. "You know what works, don't you?" he says with a grin. "You have a daughter?" he continues, eyebrows lifting up a bit, and he seems genuinely interested in this fact. He doesn't really know anyone with kids, and he doesn't talk to people inside the Company much if it's not work related.

"I did a lot of drinking in college," Ben admits, "But not much after that. Until lately." He knows part of working for the Company is good, but part of it sucks at your soul. When does that stop? "And a friend I have introduced me to really good tequila." Someone who doesn't make him feel like a leper outside the Company. The shot of tequila is downed and he signals for two more. "I do. Although I'm sure it's well documented in my personnel files and there's probably more information on her there than even I know about her."

At the mention of college, Michael can't help the wide grin on his face, taking a sip of his whiskey sour. "I had some good times in college, too," he says, and when Benjamin downs the tequila, he figures he better catch up. Especially after he orders too much. Sucking the whiskey sour down quickly (it's such a good drink!), he orders an additional two tequilas for himself. It's going to be a crazy night.

"So did I, my daughter's proof of that." Whups. That admission is made without so much as the batting of an eyelash. Oh well. One shot down, Benjamin works on the second. "It's got to be ten times more expensive now, it's good I'm paid so well now." He had a nice nest egg before, even with the divorce and alimony, but still. A hand slaps down on the bar as empty glass #2 is pushed aside. "It's a near year, feels like a new life. I'm not gonna feel sorry for myself anymore. I have just decided this! What about you?"

Michael doesn't exactly know how to respond to the fact that Benjamin may or may not have just admitted his daughter was the result of crazy days in college. Michael doesn't have anything like that from his past (at least that he's aware of), and so he just takes the two tequila shots offered from the bartender, downing one. "New year, new life," he says, mulling over the words in his head, before finally giving a nod. Holding up his second shot of tequila, he offers it out for a toast to Benjamin. "Sounds good to me. Here's to a new year, and a new life!"

Benjamin holds up his third shot and clinks glasses with Michael. He's probably not going to remember this resolution very well come morning if he keeps drinking, but here goes! The shot is downed with a face, minus salt and lemon, gah! He signals to the bartender to keep them coming. What's this about telling himself earlier he wasn't going to have much? Oh well. "I'm tired of being a doormat too. Y'know what.. I'm gonna call up my ex-wife later and tell her everything I should have told her years ago!"

Michael will most certainly drink to that. Yes! Keep the tequila rounds coming. By this point, the bartender is in the zone, pretty much having a tequila shot ready to be downed as soon as the one before it is gone. Being a slower night, this is possible. "I will drink to /that!/" Michael says, having no idea no Earth who Ben's ex-wife is or what she did, but bros comes first, man, bros come first.

Bros before hos indeed! Benjamin is going to forget calling up his ex-wife most likely.. but if by some stroke of clarity (!?!) he does remember, it'll probably come across as garbled drunken nonsense. Although, with the next shot, he turns to Michael and rambles, "But y'know.. I don't really blame her for being a bitch.. cause.. I mean.. look at me. I look like a nobody.. but I'm starting to be a somebody.. a secret agent! And just a year ago.. I was a co.. count.. accountant!"

The tequila shots keep coming, and while the buzz is slowly starting to set in on Michael, in aboooout.. fifteen minutes, the liqour is going to hit him really hard. "Are you— are you trying to say accountant?" he says to Benjamin, unable to help the laugh that escapes him. Anyone sitting nearby must think they were hammered, what with talk of ex-wives, bitches, and secret agents. "Secret agents!" he exclaims, clinking his shot glass against Benjamin's again. What Michael does next is rather lame, but he doesn't care. He starts humming 'Secret Agent Man.'

Benjamin slaps a hand on the counter again and points at Michael, "That's the word! Yeah!" If people are staring, well, hey, it's a bar. They're drinking, it's pretty much free license to say a lot and just be dismissed as drunk. (Not that it takes much for Benjamin. Lightweight.) "I /do/ look like aanoobody, but I guess that's okay, cause I'm supposed to blend in. Well.. maybe I'm a little tired of that and hey, it was a change to let my hair grow out!" Which makes him look like a poodle, or at least that's how Kory described his hair. "What of you? You ever just get /tired/?"

"Hey, man, man, hey," Michael says, turning to Benjamin. His expression is Very Serious. "Honestly? I think you a good lookin' cat," he says, nodding. "I don't think anyone can see it, but it's in there." The tequila is quite obviously starting to affect him. "You see this?" he says, bringing his hands up to his face, framing it. "This is all pre-meditated! I just don't wake up out of bed and look like this!"

Speaking of cats. Fel is, like his namesake, not entirely without a bag of tricks. But at the moment, he's wandering in, sans tie and with his collar open at the shirt, which passes for 'off duty' where the Fed is concerned. He notes Benjamin with a smile that's genuinely fond, and heads for him, looking for an open seat.

"Really?" Benjamin says, self consciously raising a hand to pat at his fuzzy curls. "Maybe it's my wardrobe then," he mutters looking down at himself.. mainly the sweater he wears over his nice button down shirt and tie. "Al.. although!" he jabs a finger at Michael before tossing back another shot, "Angie.. y'know Angie, so hot, with the boobies and the butt.. she likes me fine. I tap that regu.. regula.. often." By now his words are slurring, and he's having difficulty with speech. Again. Lightweight. "Where's my drink, I just had another one.. oh there it is." He turns around to look at the bar and reaches for the middle of three glasses that just suddenly appeared there.

"Long time no see," Fel says, amiably, as he drops into a seat right by Benjamin. "Where were you, man? Things were crazy here." His tone is happily curious, rather than actually accusing.

"What.. been here allll along God.. oh it's not God.. it's.. oh heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey.. it's a Felix!" Benjamin looks around and away from Michael, turning to face Felix. He grins loopily and slaps a hand to Felix's back. "Been to Auus.. koala-land on important business and I got shot? Wanna see?" and someone stop him, Ben's starting to untuck his shirt to lift it up to show off the bullet wound.
Michael has connected.

"No, thanks, Ben, you gotta get a lot more drinks in me first before I'm interested in trading stories about scars earned," Felix says, comfortably, unable to help himself - he's grinning. "I've got a few from when I was a cop,"

Benjamin peeeeeers at Felix, "Really?" Thankfully, he's stopped from pulling his shirt further, but some folks just got an eyeful of ugly and an abdominal scar. The shirt is put down, but left untucked, the tails sticking out from under his sweater. "I wash jusht telling Michael here.." He trails off, blankly blinking at Felix, "What was I saying? Oh yeah! Tired of looking like.. this." He raises a hand and waves it in front of his face. "New year and all!"

Michael apparently has been looking at the cute bartender down the way, completely oblivious to anything that's happening in his immediate area. When he turns back to Benjamin to elaborate more on the hotness and how Benjamin can achieve said hotness, he's surprised when he sees Felix. "Heeeeeey!" he says, raising his shot of tequila to salute the man, before he downs it. "The more the merrier! The hell's goin' on!"

Fel taps first a spot under his collar bone, then one a few inches lower on his chest. "Yeah. I took two AK rounds during a joint DEA-NYPD raid. The culmination of a big op. I was damned lucky to survive it," he explains, calmly, before grinning at Michael. "Hey. You a friendof Benji's, or?"

Benjamin raises his arms, trying to put one around the shoulders of each man on either side of him. "I love you guys, and I mean that in a totally non-gay way!" He's still unaware of Felix's preferences. At the Russian's question of Michael, Ben laughs. Loudly. "He's one of us! How about that!? I want another drink." His arms are back down and not around two men. "Oh hey! There's more to drink!" And down the hatch goes another shot. He's already too blitzed to follow Felix's sober account of his wound tally.

One of us? "Oh, he works for the man with the glasses, too?" Fel ventures, expression gone bland and innocent, as he orders vodka, neat, for himself. ""I don't think we've met before. Felix Ivanov," he says, simply, offering a hand to Michael.

"That'd be the one!" Benjamin announces cheerfully. At least he's a happy drunk so far. "Michael here, he's a good guy, really, just the best! Oh hey, peanuts!" A handful is picked up and munched on as he looks between Felix and Michael.

"Michael Vessley," Michael offers in response to Felix, stretching out his own hand to take Felix's and shake it. "And yeah, I'm one of you guys," he says, tossing back another tequila shot of his own. He's definitely going to feel this in the morning. "We decided we'd have a night out, and… well, here we are!" he says with a grin.

'So I see," Fel says, quietly. "Glad to meet you. How long you been with the firm?" he ventures, turning a bit to prop his weight on the edge of the bar.

Benjamin grabs up another tequila shot, downing it not so neatly now. Michael's not the only one who's gonna feel this in the morning. Yowzer. "So.. heeey.. think there's any.. whaddya callits open this time of day?" He mimes a pair of scissors with his hand to his hair. Looking between Fel and Michael, and hell, whoever's listening.

"Barber shop?" Michael offers, recognizing the universal sign (maybe Americanversal? Is that a word?) for getting your hair cut. To Felix, he smiles. "Oh.. ten years or so. Something like that. I've sort of lost count. The days blur together, anymore." Another tequila shot goes down alongside Ben's, and he pauses, allowing that sinking feeling you get when you've probably had too much to pass.

Felix doesn't nurse vodka. That's just not done. He knocks his back, and signals for another, before eyeing Benjamin askance. "Getting a haircut while drunk is way, way up there on the list of bad ideas. Rethink that, hoss."

Benjamin snaps his fingers and gestures his hand like a gun at Michael, "That's the word! See what I mean about this guy? I love this guy!" His expression falls, almost sobering when Felix plays the role of Debbie Downer. "Aaaw.. you're no fun. People tell /me/ to live a little!"

"Yeah, man!" Michael calls out, looking at Felix. He has no idea who he is, really, but he's most likely a good guy. But come on, don't be bringin' the party down! "I mean, his hair is good as is, but if he wants to get a haircut, I'm down! Hell, I'll even pay for it."

Benjamin slams back another tequila and fumbles for his wallet to pay for his drinks. "You're so on Mikey. Let's go!" People shouldn't drink and think. It leads to very bad ideas and this could be a very bad idea. At least.. it's not a permanent bad idea, like a tattoo. Right?

"Yeah!" Michael calls out. He didn't really think Benjamin was going to do it, but Drunk!Michael is totally all about it. Slamming down extra money for the bartender, who has done an excellent job of keeping the drinks flowing, he pops up from the barstool to follow Benjamin. He looks over at Felix, a grin on his face. "Want to see something awesome?"

Felix eyes Michael with extreme dubiousness. "Like what?" he wonders, tone flat.

While Michael's showing off something to Felix, Benjamin's already heading (stumbling) for the door, proudly announcing that he's off. Going to make some changes in his life. Changes that he's not too specific about, but gosh darnit, there's gonna be changes! "Gonna get us a cab Michael!," he also announces too.

"Like Benjamin getting ready to do something he's going to regret in the morning," Michael responds with excitement. Oh, he is loving this. "You in?" He begins to head towards the door, already picturing the faces of other Company personnel when they see the result of this.

"I think it sounds like a bad idea. But I'll go along to make sure you two don't end up doing something disastrously stupid," Felix says, affably.

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