2008-01-27: "Restraining Order"


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Summary: Peter gives Logan one.

Date It Happened: January 27th, 2008

"Restraining Order"

Mt. Sinai Hospital

The hospital may not be jumping with major activity in this section (as it is not the emergency room area), but there's still activity in the hallway, much more than the night that Peter went to investigate the state of his sister in law. He looks tired, as if he might have actually needed sleep and didn't get much— or he would if anyone could see him.

Stepping down the halls invisible, he avoids the overnight nursing staff, the aids and the janitors, hoping to get by them unnoticed. Being transparent helps with that, surely. The door to his brother's room is closed— the lights out. But he knows which room it is. He checked it out earlier. Watching the people in the hallway, he gives it a few moments before he opens the door, slips inside, and closes it again.

One of the aids does a double take, but probably assumes she just needs more coffee. He stays against the closed door, waiting. No one comes. There's a click as the door locks. Only then does he fade into visibility.

It's dark in the room, as it should be at this hour, the lone figure on his bed sleeping silently, still. But not easily. What slice of light does fall into the room during the brief moment of the door opening reveals the average private hospital room, with the addition of limb restraints attached to the bed. These aren't restraining anyone for the evening, however, Logan free to toss and turn in his sleep - even if, right now, he doesn't.

The soft click of the door is enough to effortlessly pull him out of the bizarre dream he finds himself in, disconnecting both he and Nathan from it as if a switch was flicked. In the darkness, his eyes open, and he waits, listening tensely. It could be a nurse. And it is a nurse, not that he knows that. All he knows is that medical staff here to look after him don't keep the lights off. An invader, instead. It doesn't even matter who it is, it's red flag enough for Logan.

As fast as he can, fumbling will sleepy bleariness and blindness, his hand moves to retrieve the pistol out from under his covers, but he makes slow work of it.

It is a nurse, in a sense. The nurse on duty would turn a night on, at least enough of one to see by, and would not lock the door. This nurse isn't here to check his vitals. "Good evening," Peter says softly, moving away from the locked exit, closer to the bed. A Senator gets a private room, at least, but he doesn't expect him to have a firearm under his pillow. "It would be helpful if you're quiet. Don't do anything to alert the staff that I'm in here," he says, voice actually slipping into a tone. It's a command. One he hopes will be followed. There's just enough light slipping through the window to catch his face, casting a shadow along the edge.

Firing off a pistol would do plenty to alert the staff and so even as Logan's fingertips brush the cold metal, he hesitates. Perhaps a smart move, he keeps the weapon concealed under his pillow after all, breathes out a sigh, and shifts in his bed to face Peter, trying to keep his pounding heart down. His hands come out to grip the metal fixtures attached to his bed, pushing himself to sit up a little, observing Peter in the half light. Voice as quiet as requested, he asks, "Was it real?" The shadows conceal his eyes, but one can imagine the suspicious, narrowed eyed look Peter is given. "The dream."

"You remember," Peter says, sounding surprised— then again he's a subconscious presence within his brother's mind. He might have far more memory access than Nathan. He hopes Nathan remembers it as well. He moves closer, in hope that the persuasion has taken effect. Even then, he doesn't dare get too close, but he can at least take a seat in the vistor's chair. "Real enough. He's stronger than you think he is. And you're not as strong as you would like to believe." There's that defiance again, tired, but there. His brother knows he loves him. They're going to help him through this. He's not alone. And this man has Jack… "I hear you're going to be out of the hospital tomorrow— within a few hours, probably."

"I am," Logan confirms, resting back against the bed as Peter sits down. Not because he isn't wary, but because his back is killing him. He keeps his eyes on his brother, however, as if waiting for that attack to come. "Tomorrow morning. Disappointed you didn't do enough of a number on me, Petey? You hurt Nathan more than you hurt me, you know." Yes, maybe aware of something that happened to his dream, but not the details. Those are Nathan's alone, but he can always beat them out of the other entity as need be. His hand spiders, absently, along the railing of his bed. His voice turns coy. "Your brother couldn't stop Heidi from getting hurt. Even his best friend has accepted me for who I am. Maybe you should consider doing the same. I'm not so bad, I'm just effective."

Back pain usually happens when your bodily slammed through a wall! Peter hears the words, but holds on to something his brother said. Logan lies. It had been about other things, but in his mind it applies. "I didn't want to hurt him, and I think he knows that," he says thickly, breathing softly as he sits down. The fatigue really is showing— both emotional and physical, but he's not looking away from his would-be brother. Not this time. "Jack's a drug addict. Not exactly the best person to vouch for your behavior," he adds, some anger slipping through the softer tones. "I wouldn't have hurt you near this bad if he hadn't pumped me full of that shit." Still might have hurt him a little, but not nearly this much. "And you won't hurt Heidi again. I'm not going to let you. That's why I'm here. Tomorrow you'll be out— free to come and go as you please…" And he could hurt Heidi again.

As eyes adjust to the dim lighting, more of each other becomes clear. Logan's mouth curls a little in a satisfied smile to see the toll all of this is taking on his brother, and in the dim lights, it becomes clear that Peter isn't the only thing to have happened to Logan. There are faint scratch marks and minor bruises on his own arms, even on his face - Peter might be able to call on his own experience to know that these seem self-inflicted. Might explains the cuffs. "I'm not gonna hurt Heidi," Logan says, a little too smoothly. "I don't need to, not now. She's hurting enough. And she knows what will happen if she tries to cross me again."

As the darkness adjusts, Peter's face shifts, tilting to the side as he notices the cuts and scratches. He can't help but mutter out a soft, "Oh Nathan," after he sees it, voice whispered. The news that he has no reason to hurt Heidi doesn't pass his notice, though. "She doesn't want to see you at all," he says softly, though this man might not want to hurt her anymore, it's a request of his sister-in-law. "Not while she's helpless. Not while you're like this." He takes in a slow breath. "Consider this your restraining order." He stands up, perhaps knowing that elevating his position over Logan increases the preception of power over him. His voice has the same kind of tone, a command, "You, Logan, are not allowed to step into sight of her hospital room." No window spying. No visits. He hopes by specifying the name of the personality that his brother might be able to steal a glance…

Considering their last meeting, Logan can't quite stop himself from shrinking back into the bed as Peter goes to loom over him, as if expecting violence of some kind. He expects the worst from everyone, really, as if that even remotely makes up for his own behaviour. When it's only a verbal command, his eyes narrow in suspicion, before it sinks in. The realisation that he won't attempt to see Heidi even if he wanted to. "Must be nice to have the world at your fingertips," he says, quietly but hatefully. As if envious of the power Peter wields. "Some of us need to make do with what we have. That's something you'll never appreciate, you know. You'll just grow up to be the brat you always were, immature, entitled."

All the power at his fingertip, and he can barely help the people he cares most about. Peter thinks he makes do with what he has too. But it's hard to admit that when he's just gone and violated the psychopath inside his brother's head. "You sound a lot like…" he starts, but doesn't finish, shaking his head. His brother had been this mean at times, about certain things. Never quite the same, though. Never quite the same… hate behind it. Even their father didn't have the same level of hatred. Just disappointment. "I'm twenty-eight. I think I'm already grown up." There's a hesitation as if he's tempted to drop a name, but decides not to.

"It's hard to remember," is his final jab, the older of the two relaxing against the bed. He's not gonna sleep tonight, this is likely, and the resentment is in his voice when he says, "Was that all, Petey? Come to give me a," deliberate pause, his fingers twitch in quotation marks lazily, "'restraining order' and go on your way? It's cute. Like trying to prevent a dam from breaking with bandaids. Can't wait for the day you decide to really man up."

Man-up. Peter doesn't think this man really wants him to man up. He doesn't want to man up. If it means what he thinks it means… it would lose him a lot more than his brother. "Yeah, that's it. All I came for. Sleep well, Logan," he says, backing away a step or two, before reassuming the invisibility. He could have teleported out, but he didn't. Not yet. He has to unlock the door first.

Logan sighs out an irritated breath, turning his head away from the door as Peter disappears in some way or another. He reaches for where a glass of water rests for him, taking a long, shaky sip from it before wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and attempting to settle back for sleep. He never quite anticipated that people would fight this hard. It's as if no one wanted him around, or something.

The invisibility gets revealed when there's a click and the door opens and closes. Peter slips back into the hospital, rather than teleporting out. And no. He doesn't want this shadow of his brother hanging around. Not in the least.

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