2010-04-14: Return Of The Jadi



Guest Starring

Chelsea, Olivia, and Mitsy

Date: April 14, 2010


Hallis and the girls are out on the town to support (read heckle) Mitsy in her new performance job. Alexandra is already there to witness the horrible events, something Jaden wants a closer view of.

"Return of the Jadi"

Imago Cabaret

Ah, the first night out in some time. It took a bit of cajoling and making sure that the gameplan was solid with the folks back at the safehouse, but finally, a chance for Alex aka Liberty (that's what her ID says, at least), to get out and tend some much needed chores. Like getting a haircut and style. And buying her regular brands of makeup and the like. She's a working woman now (again!) and has to actually like, look nice.

Final stop for the day? Well, some place to get a little drink. She's not driving, so what's it matter right? So here she is at the cabaret, sitting at a booth near the back, mostly out of sight, and enjoying a bite to eat and a little drink before returning to the communal horror that is living with multitudes of escapees.

The table a few down from Alexandra's is filled with the who's who of the city's 'Generation Me'. One face that the woman might find familiar is that of Chelsea Allen, though with the new haircut, Chelsea definitely doesn't recognize her.

The occupants of the table are doing exactly what they do best, ridiculing the fashion sense of others. They are barely paying attention to the show, they never come here for that anyway. So the singers and dancers writhe around each other on the stage without much notice from the gaggle of cackling hens until…

"The minute you walked in the joint~" Much to the horror of the girls at the table, up on the stage is the budding actress that usually hangs with them. She's squeezed into the tightest little bit of lingerie that she could get into and it just doesn't fit quite right.

"Oh. My. God." Hallis says as she turns, her eyes wide with horror. "How the hell did they fit Mitsy into that?! She's bulging all over the place!"

"I know, right? You'd think she'd lose some weight if she was going to shake all over the stage." Olivia comments with no small amount of venom in her voice.

How long as the illustrious and infamous and impossible Jaden Cain been back in town? Does it really matter? Hell to the No. It happens to be the weekend and there's no chance in hell that he's not going to have some fun before he has to get back into the swing of things corporately, on Monday. Which, for the record, is why he's heading stepping into this particular establishment with one of his more finely tailored suits. He's been wearing jeans and a hoodie for crazy months at a time. He missed his impeccable fashion sense. Or, well, Jadinne's anyway.

Whether or not he's actually going to be recognized, Jaden has yet to really worry about. He's wearing his sunglasses at night, because that's just something dorky people with fame do. As he makes his way deeper into the building, pulling away from the entrance, his single security agent keeps his distance, but also keeps his eye on the fame monster. Jaden's not headed in any particular direction, as of yet. He's just trying to get a sense of where the hottest babes happen to be.

"Oh God…" Alexandra says when the cackling hens draw her attention from the table. They're so loud and obnoxious, and there's not even enough empty glasses there on the tables to justify it! That, and it's true that she's had one particular bad run in with those bloodsuckers before, and just like before, this is too nice of an evening to warrant having it ruined by their baseless accusations. She holds up one hand besides her face, like that's going to do much to distract them…in fact, they'd probably comment on her lack of a manicure, if anything. Hallis, for the moment goes unnoticed in her rush to avoid being seen by them.

"Hey big spender~" Mitsy sings out, very loudly, as she gyrates across the dance floor. While the cabaret isn't actually a strip joint, the dark haired woman is doing her best to keep the attention of the audience. It's not very easy, because Mitsy isn't the greatest singer on Earth. It's quite possible that her daddy bought the woman's way into the show in the first place.

Hallis isn't looking at the stage anymore, after the initial shock of seeing Mitsy's goods in an altogether too tight outfit, her eyes are drifting through the crowd. Her head is turned away from Alexandra, but those wide blue eyes focus in on the man in the impeccable suit. "J- .."

Then there's a scream of laughter as Olivia and Chelsea both grab Hallis and point up to the stage. Poor Mitsy, there was a little wardrobe malfunction and what used to be only side boob is now full on breast hanging out the side of her tiny cup. Hallis can't help but clap both of her hands over her mouth and try not to laugh.

In order to compose herself again, the young blonde stumbles away from the table and toward the bar to get another drink. "Jaden~! Yoohoo~" she sing songs as she approaches the man. "Jaden! Come sit with us! Chelsea's been dying to meet you!"

Jaden Cain is doing that thing where he's trying to make the rounds. In fact, he's already being distracted by one chick that looks to be trying to hide her face or something… which immediately makes him even more interested. However, there's something about his senses that picks up on the girl on stage and his head swivels around towards her, just in time to see the wardrobe malfunction full on! Jaden's eyes go wide and he flashes the biggest grin to ever be on his face in a single moment of time. At least, well, recently. "Excellent!" is yelled out, before Jaden falls directly into that classic Air Guitar riff that comes with such an exclamation. He's taking a step towards the stage, looking intent on helping the poor busty woman fix her outfit, but he's attacked by a familiar face. "Whoa. Hallis!" Jaden flashes a smile at her, though one of his eyes is still working on keeping an eye on Mitsy's Ti— nevermind. Ahem. "Okay, okay. But she better be Hot, Single or Both." That's Jaden's biggest condition.

"OH GOD!" Alex exclaims, this time a little more emphatically when the wardrobe malfunction goes. That's not what she came to see! Of course, it is a cabaret so it's bound to happen every now and then, right? Time for a drink, it seems!

Up she goes, not exactly dressed up, but not exactly dressed down, in jeans and a white tank with large medallion necklace, and heads to the bar where…"Hallis? Is that you?" It's been…sheesh, well, months since the last time they talked! She sidles up the bar next to Hallis, waving at Jaden (though not knowing who he is exactly), while order a drink.

After the horribly embarrassing malfunction, Misty's hand goes to the ample asset to try to tuck it back in, only to have it pop out the other side. The two girls remaining at Hallis' table are practically in tears with laughter, as are many of the other patrons, causing Mitsy to dive backstage.

Hallis is latched onto Jaden's arm and practically dragging him back to the table when Alex comes into view. "Alex! Oh my god! It's been… practically forever!" The young woman gushes. "Alex, this is Jaden Cain. Yes the Jaden Cain." Speaking as though the petite bulldozer should know exactly who the man on her arm is. Then she guides both of them back to the table. "Olivia! Chels! Look who I ran into!"

Alexandra is met with a knowing smirk by Olivia. Chelsea just remains quiet until her eyes widen at the sight of Jaden. "Oh my god! You're Jaden Cain!" A statement that has Olivia's head jerking toward the man and her eyes widening as well. Both of the women then give him a flirtacious smile, Olivia even going as far as to lick her lips as she holds a hand out to the young CEO.

"Whoa. Volume, Hallis." is the only thing that Jaden can say, even though his eyes were on the young lady that dove backstage. Hopefully no one notices that Jaden's perfectly still for a brief moment, but then he's turning his head back to Hallis as she's dragging him off towards the table. Upon making it, without falling on his face, Jaden's smile is already a deliciously single grin. "That'd be me." Jaden quips, before his hand slides over to Olivia's, in which he takes it and plants a kiss on it, before whirling on his heels to grab at Chelsea's hand next and planting a soft(er) kiss there. "A pleasure to finally meet both of you in person." Yes, he's going for the suave act this time around, falling down into a seat and throwing his arms up, as if making room for Chelsea and Olivia to flank him flirtatiously from both sides.

Meanwhile, backstage, Jaden Cain kind of appears out of nowhere. Not that anyone back there will really be paying too much attention. Immediately, he looks around to see if he can't spot the malfunctioning Mitsy…

Tugged by the arm toward the table, Alex stumbles a few steps at first, careful to keep the drink in her hand from spilling over. "Whoa, hey now. I have a drink here!" Fortunately, not too much of it spills. As for Jaden? The name is familiar but not like, super-duper familiar. Alex is certainly not the same caliber of fan as Chelsea or Oliva, that's for sure; in fact, she turns her nose up a bit as the women practically throw themselves at the man. "Wow…" That sort of overt sexuality eludes her…probably since romance has been last on the list for a while now.

Hesitantly, she takes a seat at the table opposite the girls that at one point in the past laid into her for Trenton's flirtations in her direction. That at least should be smoothed over, as she gives them a small wave, and sips on her drink, watching them slut it up a bit with rich Uncle Pennybags.

Meanwhile back stage…. Mitsy's dressing room door is just slightly ajar as she sobs and sniffles her way through a small pile of white powder on her vanity. The rapid clicking of her straight razor can be heard out into the hallway. Apparently the busty brunette has been trying to lose weight before going on stage. Unfortunately, it just didn't work quickly enough.

Out in the main bar, the show is going on. The cabaret act is in full swing as a few gloves and items of clothing are tossed out into the audience. "Hey big spender~!! Hey big spender~!!" It's like they were planning on Jaden's appearance tonight.

"Alex, where have you been? After I got back from my trip I was looking practically everywhere! Your office said you quit? I thought you loved your job?" Hallis has left her two friends in Jaden's capable hands (or maybe the other way around) as she focuses all of her attention on Alexandra. "I got this fabulous part in Afterlife! Have you seen me on television? I'm on every night!" Yes, Hallis is very excited about her role in the soap opera.

"So… Jaden…" Olivia purrs into the man's ear as her fingers take a little walk up his shirt to his collar. "I haven't seen you much in the society pages, recently. I was beginning to think that maybe you'd left us for good."

Not to be outdone by the caramel haired vamp, Chelsea is also practically dripping off Jaden (from the other side). "We haven't see you around anywhere. I've been trying to get Hallis to introduce me to you since the first time you took her to a premier." The bleach blonde murmurs close to his ear. Poor Jaden, he's definitely got his hands full with those two.

"Hey, what can I say? When you're Jaden Anthony Cain, you've got to keep your beautiful fans wanting more." Yes, he just dropped a smoothville daddio comment on the two ladies that he's decided to focus on for, at least, this part of the evening. It should be a very interesting conversation. "But, as I'm sure you two know, I was away filming. We just wrapped about three days ago. And I rushed back here to see if I couldn't find me something fun to get into." Jaden grins at both of the girls. "You two wouldn't happen to have any suggestions, would you?"

Backstage Jaden is tilting his head at the sound of razor blade clicking. Yes, he's seen enough movies to know that sound anywhere and he's off with a useless shoulder ram to an already open door. "Freeze! NYPD!" Ye, that's Jaden Cain, standing there with a green and purple water pistol held out in front of him.

"Well, hm. No…I don't really watch the soaps. My mom does though, when she gets the chance. I should call her and tell her I know you!" Alexandra beams, while patting Hallis on the shoulder. "And the ah…the job thing. That's a little more complicated," she says, flushing a little. "I can't exactly tell you everything here but…." She leans in to whisper something in Hallis' ear, which starts with 'Now don't panic, but…' and ends with 'I got captured by the government.' This may or may not backfire, and panic may or may not happen.

"So yeah…that's where I've been. It's alright now though…I've got another job in another jab. It's a lot more hush-hush there. The characters are way more interesting though." She leans back in her chair a little, grinning a little bit and shaking her head at Dr. Ray and his crazy jar zoo.

Mitsy turns at the sound of the door being rammed open and nearly jumps out of her skin. Her hands are up and the razor is dropped as she stares wide eyed at the green and purple squirt gun. Then her brow furrows low, her jaw drop and she's closing a silk robe around her as she barged toward him. "What do you think you're doing in here?!" Mitsy's shrieking voice is really not as pleasant as her singing voice and even while singing she leaves a little to be desired.

"Ooooo, you were filming?" Olivia breathes as she turns her head to give Hallis a coy little smile. "Shame you didn't give Hallis a part, but we completely understand. She's a television actress, not nearly good enough for the big screen." Poor Ray, he might have to find a new fiance if she gets any closer to the man she's currently glued to.

"Olivia, that's not nice," Chelsea counters with a little bit of a pouty lip, apparently she's in the mood to defend Hallis against the queen bee. "You know Hallie's working hard. It's not her fault she's only up to the part of a were goldfish."

The jabs only earn a roll of the eyes from Hallis, who turns away from the two in order to keep listening to Alex. When the secret is whispered into her ear, she gasps and claps a hand over her mouth. "You're kidding! Does George know?!"

Jaden Cain is about to do something that nobody should ever really do when they are in his position. But being male and the son of Candy Cain, well, there's no doubt in his mind that he's doing the right thing. Life is too short to not go for it. "You know, to be honest, Hallis wasn't right for any of the parts in my last film. But.." He looks from Chelsea to Olivia. "… if you two are willing, I'm sure we could find a couple of parts for you beautiful ladies in the sequel." Jaden grins.

The squirt gun isn't lowered, though he does keep a close eye on Mitsy now that he's managed to stop her from doing those damn drugs. At least for the moment. "What am I doing? What're /you/ doing?! Destroying that beautiful body with that nasty habit of yours." He pulls the trigger and out comes water to splash against her face.

"I don't know. Not much, anyway. We've been pretty locked down pretty tight in a safehouse. There were several people working on the inside to get everyone out. I had to leave in a bodybag. Through the incinerator. I was so sick, they thought I was dead! That was the plan…and they got a pretty good number of people out that way. I should maybe call him, now that I have more info to give him about the operation they had there. I don't even really know where it was at, come to think of it. There's lots of it I don't want to remember." And to that end, Alex raises the glass and toasts. "To your starring role!" she toasts to Hallis, in support, rather than derision, like her other 'friends.' The way she looks at the other members of Hallis' clique and the way they hang on Jaden tells her everything she needs to know about what Alex thinks about them.

Sputter. Sput. "SECURITY!!" is the next thing that comes out of Mitsy's mouth before she lunges at Jaden full force. She's a rather hefty girl when she wants to be and all 130lbs of her goes barreling full force into the watrgun squirting man, attempting to tackle him and wrestle the offending toy from his hands.

Olivia is just eating the attention from Jaden up. "Really? You'd have a part in your movie for me? I've never acted in my life!" She slinks even closer to the man, her entire body pressed tightly against one side of him. "Listen to this Hallie," she smirks as she looks over at the petite blonde across the table. "Jaden doesn't think you're good enough for his movies and he already offered me a starring role in his next sequel." It's not exactly what he said, but it's what she heard.

Chelsea, on the other hand, is a little more reserved than that and just shakes her head. "I'm not an actress, I'm a model," she says quite plainly, with a smile on her face. "But… I know that I'd love to be in some of your EvoSoft ads. There's a big spread coming up, isn't there?" That's when Jaden might find his other side being heated up by the tall blonde.

There's fire in Hallis eyes as she flashes an incredulous look between Olivia and Jaden. "A starring role?! And I'm not good enough?" Then she just turns her head and raises her nose into the air. "Whatever, it's fine. Maybe he needs a B-caliber actress for his sequel."

"Anyway… Alex, you really should tell George about all of this." After nodding solemnly she picks up her martini glass and smiles as she clinks it against the petite brunette's. "To my new job and yours! I bet we'll both be giant hits."

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