2007-07-14: Return to Sanity


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Summary: Elle and Candice are reunited and hatchets are buried.

Date It Happened: July 14, 2007

Return to Sanity

Kirby Plaza

It is another bright, fine evening at Kirby Plaza. Someone is in a Very Good Mood. The why for that might be explained by the screaming coming out of one of the interrogation rooms, the police-style rooms with two-way mirror for talking to people. It's long, pained, and slowly dies off into whimpers that are harder to hear outside the hallway. Once it breaks into whimpers, about five seconds later, the door opens, and Elle comes out of the room.

Just back from assignment to the Hartsdale facility, Candice is strolling through the hallway, peering through the glass of the interrogation rooms. Hm. They've acquired a few new tenants since she was last home, haven't they? She spots Elle and takes a step back. Oh, crap.

Elle smiles, as she notices Candice. She immediately changes path, approaching the illusionist. She still has that happy smile, but then, that's not necessarily reassuring with the sadistic electrokinetic.

Never before has Candice had reason to fear that smile. Usually, that's an expression she mirrors when her best friend is in such a mood. But after their last meeting? Candice just isn't sure where she stands anymore.

Elle moves up, and unless prevented, there will a big hug. She certainly doesn't seem angry. "Hey! Haven't seen you in forever! Where have you been?"

"Hartsdale," Candice replies simply, with a touch of confusion to her voice. "How about you? Been here? Keeping busy?" She doesn't refuse the hug, but the one she gives in return isn't the strongest.

Elle nods. "Been getting busy again. Got something for you." The blonde reaches into her purse, and pulls out something small…it looks like a small, flat silver disk, not perfectly circular, with what looks like a sapphire in the middle of it. Not pierced or hung for a chain like a necklace would be. Just…metal-disk-with-gem.

Candice takes the disk and holds it up to the light for a better look. "What's this for?" she asks. Not ungratefully, but definitely curious. Hopefully it's not meant as a way to draw extra voltage.

Elle can't help it, there's that slightly smarmy Elle-smirk, and the petite blonde quips "It's the token of my official return from insanity." Well, maybe not, cause Elle's still not exactly up on the whole Well-Adjusted Weekly cover. "And I am -super- sorry for the accidental shock, and you need to let me do something nice for you to make up for it."

"Okay, but what is it?" Candice holds the disk at her side, clutched in her hand, peering at the blonde. "I mean, it's not a pendant. Is it just a pretty paperweight?" Hardly heavy enough for that.

Elle holds up her left hand, and waggles the fingers, specifically the ring finger, which has a lighter-tanned area where a ring used to be. "A souvenir." she answers, with that same smirk.

"You cut him loose. Aw, Elle. I'm so glad to see you've come to your senses." Candice grins and hugs Elle tightly now. "Congratulations."

Elle grins. "So. I was celebrating my newfound freedom by getting back into my work and having some fun at the same time." She nods back to the interrogation room. "But! I still owe you for that shock, and I haven't seen you in forever, so -what- shall we do to make up for these things?" It's very much like having the old Elle; Elle Belle, back.

"I believe ice cream is order. Waffle cones. Three scoops. And maybe some shoe shopping." Candice keeps an arm slung around Elle's shoulders possessively.

Elle leans into Candice a bit, with a grin. "My treat. And chocolate. There needs to be chocolate in there somewhere. It can be with the ice cream." She hooks an arm around Candice's waist. "C'mon. We can make someone else scream, for ice cream."

"Sounds like a plan to me." Candice ruffles Elle's hair and tips her head to rest against the top of her best friend's.

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