2009-09-27: Reunion



Date: September 27, 2009


Matt and Molly, both returned to New York, make plans to track down another abductee.


2M apartment, New York

Two international flights in quick succession, with attendant stopovers and customs headaches and mass-produced meals. Occasional bouts of trying to hold a coherent conversation with the enigmatic Usutu. The promise of being reunited with Molly, yes, but also the need to rescue a son - one whose existence he only just found out about. Needless to say, Matt is badly worn out. Propelled by two hours' sleep, one cup of black coffee, and sheer momentum, he slumps into a cab and mumbles directions, leaving the precognitive behind to browse show tickets.

Just as worn out and perhaps as terrified, is Molly. Having been taken out of the building she was kept in and taken back 'home' - just as promised - she found herself back in New York. A place she hadn't been in quite a few months due to safety issues and her desire for a normal life. That doesn't seem to be something that will happen any time soon. Back in Matt's apartment, which has had it's furniture rearranged since she had been there last, she sits awkwardly on the couch, unsure of what to do, of where Matt is, and what exactly is going on.

Matt rubs his eyes as the cab pulls up, reviewing his memories as he counts out the fare. He's made a number of criminals (and suspects, and witnesses, and and and) upset with him in the course of his work, but which of them would be so over-the-line as to swipe his kids? And which ones would be thorough enough to spy on Janice first? Forget it, this is going nowhere right now, he says to himself. Deal with what's in front of you first.

What's in front of him, at last, is the door to his apartment. At least he's still awake enough to get it unlocked without too much trouble, throwing the door wide and scanning the room. C'mon, Usutu, let this prediction not have changed out from under you—

Usutu was, indeed, not wrong about this prediction. If his prediction was that Molly was returned to his apartment mostly unharmed. Physically, that is. There's no broken bones or bruises on her. However, she's still a little spaced out from the drugs. When the door flings open and to see Matt there, she's overwhelmingly happy. "Matt—!" Jumping off the couch, she stumbles a bit on the carpet before jumping for Matt's arms. This is what she's been waiting for. She's wanted to see him, wanted him to rescue her.

"Molly!" Matt wasn't sure that they'd be reunited here, prepared for it to just be a chance to catch his breath for a minute - but he promptly reaches out to catch the Amazing Flying Walker, spinning her around in a half-circle before the momentary burst of energy peters out and he sets her down again. "Thank God you're all right! What the heck happened?" No, we haven't forgotten about you, Matt Junior, we'll get back to you soon enough.

"I don't know!" Molly just clings to Matt and rests nests her face into his shoulder. As long as she stays here, everything will be alright. "I---I was with Grandma Suresh. And then they came for me. And then…I was in this room with all these other people. And there was this guy, Max, and he—-I don't know. I think he helped get me out. I don't know where I was…and then suddenly I was back in New York."

Oh, and the rest of Matt's nervous energy is in danger of evaporating at a moment's notice, too. Long, long week. "This Max guy," he replies as he flops onto the couch, "do you know where he is now? I still have to find— well, apparently I have a son that I didn't know about it, and he got kidnapped too. If you find these people, then I bet I find him…"

"Yo---you have a—-" This is something that Molly didn't expect to hear. What does that mean for her? Will Matt not want to take care of her any more? Maybe he'll just want to spend all his time with his actual son. Who she never heard of before. "I mean…I could…I could try…?"

"There's this man who can see the future," Matt explains, "he was there in India when I went to look for you. Told me I had a son, and to call Janice, and she said yeah, he got kidnapped too." Unconcealed annoyance in his tone of voice: he didn't know about this son because she didn't tell him. He's still not sure how he feels about all that, much less what kind of arrangement they'll work out if (when, Matt, when) he does get the boy back.

Wait a minute, there was something else, glossed over at the time… "He said they took others, too, besides the two of you. These other people you saw, were they prisoners? Did they say anything about why they were there?"

"No. We didn't know. We were just kept there." Molly doesn't even know for sure why she was there or why she was let go. "There were people trapped there and there were people who were trapping us there." She doesn't know what exactly Matt wants, so that's all she can give him, other then getting her atlas and actually trying to find Max for him.

Matt shrugs, pulling himself up to his feet and heading for the kitchen. "I just wish we know who would do this… I'd suspect the Company, but then why would they bother staying anonymous? You know about them, they know you know." There's a rattling of cupboard drawers and plastic cups as he plans to get Molly and himself something to drink, only to find that the soda's gone flat in his absence. Water it is, then.

"But…I don't know anything about them. I only know a few people who were there." And someone whose name she doesn't know who took her out of it. "They just know that I was there. And that I don't know why." Because she doesn't. Padding along softly behind him, she moves into the kitchen as well.

Setting the glasses down, Matt rubs his eyes, blinking. "I don't know, either. Hey, how are you feeling, are you all right?" She was obviously bouncy earlier, but that may have just been a short burst, too. "I'm just about out on my feet… you don't have to look for him right now." If they let Molly go, then even if they keep the boy, at least they probably won't hurt him. He hopes.

The excitement of seeing Matt again has slowly seeped away and her exhaustion of her past ordeal starts to set in. All the people she was trapped with were in good health, though strapped to tables. Who knows what that all means. "I'm…getting tired, actually." All those drugs she was pumped with have wrecked her system for now. "I'll look for him soon, though. I promise."

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