2007-07-29: Reunion At The Orphanage


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Brooks sees his cousin again,and as a Company agent he gets a bit of resistance.

Dark Future Date: July 29th, 2009

Reunion at the Orphanage

Kitty's Orphanage

Oh. What a night. Yes, she freed some humans, but she also got captured. After a bit of rest in her own little humble abode deep with underneath the ground where she, along with one of the children who she had freed rested along with Orion. As such, it's time to make a delivery of sorts, and from deep underneath, the ground rumbles around the orphanage.

This shouldnt be much of a surprise, as whenever the ground rumbles around here, it usually means there's a delivery. And it's not pizza.

Quietly sitting on a couch in the main room of the orphanage. Kitty strokes Tiger's back and tilts her head, her dark hair falling into her face. She stands and looks at one of the kids that are currently chatting with her about birds. "Kerry? Go and play with the other children, ok? Kit has to take care of some business" She says in a soothing voice and smiles down at the child before ruffling his hair and sending him on his way. She is wearing a black dress that comes to her knees and it whirls about her as she moves along with a pair of black boots. People should not be fooled by this though, Kitty has /many/ hiding places for guns. "Seems that our have company has arrived right on time Tiger" Kitty whispers to the cat and cocks her head to the side.

Stefanie decides to make a delivery of her own, however inopportune the time may be. Wearing a hand-woven hemp dress and a black-dyed cloak, she makes her way through the shadows, aided by her allies. She wears a bulky backpack, and carries a large, filled fabric bag in each arm, obviously nearly too much for the young woman's small frame to sustain for any long time. She steps into the shadow of an alley as she waits for a slowly passing vehicle to keep moving, and then she makes her way to the doorstep, a knock of some rhythmic code is rapped.

The ground continues to rumble just at the spot where the premade tunnels have been. She likes to seal all entrances to the point to where no one can notice them afterall, and soon, a hole opens up in the ground. There's the young Filipina woman, not looking to have aged much at all in these past two years wearing a pair of denim jeans and a tan, earth toned shirt.

"Here you go kidlet.." she chirps brightly, always having had a soft spot for kids as she helps the seemingly frightened young boy out of the tunnel. "His parents were captured. I was able to save him from a raid last night. Would've been here sooner, but ya know..spazzed, over did things and got captured by the Feds." she says with a dismissive wave as if it was something that happened all the time. Though it hadnt happened in a while. "Orion came busting in all sexy like and got me out though." She waits until the boy runs off to go play with some nearby kids and she giggles, waggling her brows. "Girl..it was HOT. So I had to thank him, and yeah…that's why I'm late.." she explains.

Not far away, a single company agent is on patrol, the earth shakes, and rumbling sounds come from a nearby building, Agent Brooks calls it in, and is told to observe and wait for backup. Only then does he notice the children in the building, frowning to himself, he pulls out his gun and checks the chamber. Rogue mutants and children is a dangerous combination, and he can't live with himself if any kids got hurt because he waited for backup, he carefully approaches the front door.

Kitty knocks a strand of her hair out of her eyes. It happens to be one of the strands with purple dyed in it. She walks to the door. Tiger is close on her heels. She opens the door to reveal Stefanie and she nods her inside. "Come on, a patrol will be here in under twenty seconds. I don't want anyone to disturb the Kittens" she walks away from Stefanie for a moment and smiles faintly at Claudine. You rarely see Kitty smile and she is doing it now. "I know, I saw it all" she taps her head and looks as the new arrival goes to play with the other kids, "He will be safe here. Like everyone else is". Kitty frowns as she looks down at an old watch she is wearing, "Damnit Marcus" she mutters before storming over to the door and flinging it over. She raises an eyebrow at her cousin and motions for Claudine and Stefanie to move out of sight. "Hello cousin" she says just loud enough of him to hear.

Stefanie blinks.. "Well that's a fine howdy-ya……" She doesn't finish as she's ushered away. She finds a dark corner and pulls the cloak about her, still straining a might under the weight of the bags.

Claudine blinks blankly as she hears the words "I saw it all" and she shudders a little at the thought. "Girl, I dont think I like having people watch me and the beau get it on..powers or not.." she grumbles a bit, though her eyes widen at the mention of Marcus. She seems to ease up a bit and says, "No..I wont hide from him. He knows what I am and exactly what I'm capable of. If he wants to fall into molten lava, then so be it.." she says firmly and resolutely, remaining by Kitty's side.
You paged Lee with 'Long time no see. Sorry I havent been on. Grad school ate me.'

Brooks pauses only a moment as the door flies open in front of him, he uses the door jamb for cover his face stern, his gun up to cover the room, he hesitates a heartbeat as he recognizes first one, and then two people present. His gun doesn't waver, but he doesn't open fire either.

"Put the gun /down/. You will scare the Kittens" Kitty's hand grips Suzie Q under her dress and she pulls the lovely gun out. "Don't test me, you might be family, but the kids come first. /Always/. She says to Marcus with a somber expression on her face. If she has to shoot her cousin, it would put her in a bad mood for a little while. Tiger curls up on Marcus' feet, recognizing him instantly. Kitty notices this as she doesn't hold her gun up to Marcus /yet/.

Stefanie is still hiding, and if possible tries to urge some of the kids to come under cover with her, in case the bullets do indeed start flying.

Lee doesn't come openly strolling in - as a wanted terrorist known for hitting weak spots in government security, it would not be helpful to the establishment or to him, so he tends to come down from roofs or in through windows, not that difficult when you can just walk up the side of a building. Still, he wasn't expecting /this/ when he came bopping in to help the kids with their homework, as he does several times a week. He ducks out of sight, looking alarmed. Fortunately he does indeed have a bat, slung in his messenger bag, and the ability to deflect bullets. "Double-u tee eff?" he mutters to himself. This doesn't look like English class!?

Claudine's nimble, but the way she uses her powers now a days always gives people time to prepare for her. She raises her arms in the air, causing the ground to rumble a little underneath Marcus. "She said..put the gun away.." her tone not really friendly, but not really threatening either and she thrusts an open palm towards the agent's hand as if to restrain him with the rising earth. He knows how she works..he should be able to dodge it, especially since he's seen her train…

Brooks rolls away from the piece of the ground that attempts to grab him, he tumbles through the door way his free hand grabbing the cat, and pulling it out of harms way, when he comes back to the crouch his back now to a corner of the room <and to Stefanie hiding in the corner who he hasn't noticed> he puts the cat back down, carefully, and safely, his eyes never leaving Claudine or his armed cousin. "Kitten, glad to see your alive, I'm actually here because I thought the kids were in trouble" the gun is still leveled on Claudine, since shes the one who attacked.

Kitty keeps her gun down for the moment and Tiger comes running back to her. He slinks around and through her legs. "Marcus, do not worry. The children are safe and sound. Now /you/ must call back to those reinforcements you made and tell them it was a false alarm. Or thing will get /very/ ugly/" Kitty turns her head for a fraction of a second to nod at Lee and then she turns back to her cousin. "It is good to see you too by the way" she adds.

"Excuse me."

The voice comes from just behind Brooks, along with the sound of a gun cocking. "I believe these good ladies asked you nicely to put the gun down, and I would really hate for there to be violence in front of the children." Should Brooks turn around, he'll find no one there. The man who speaks is lurking elsewhere, within sight for someone who's looking. There's an assault rifle trained on Brooks, and the man who holds it keeps his face wrapped in a black cloth. He's dressed in combat gear.

Lee says, from his own hiding spot, without coming out, "Yeah, I'm thrilled too. What the hell is going on, do you know this guy?"

"Putang ina mo! (you son of a bitch)" she screams at Marcus in Tagalog, starting on to ramble at him as she enters a defensive stance, ready to fight if she has to. Still speaking her native tongue, which she knows he knows, «You've gotten a lot better since I've seen you last. A shame you're still with the Company, considering your cousin's chosen side. Now..put down your gun and I wont make you fall into a pit of lava.» Surely she's bluffing about that last bit, but who knows.

«You're outnumbered, Marcus. Shoot me and you've got at least three others who will shoot you before you get a chance to» she warns before easing up in her stance as she starts laughing heartily. "Ha! This is good. Marcus, dont tell me you're still on that quest of yours with the Company.." putting her hands at her side.

Stefanie could possibly use her vines to entangle the man, but that's not entirely accurate.. Guns could go off, people could get killed. The wrong people. The small group of children she's gathered with her startle at first, but Stefanie reassures them as lush, green vines begin to grow from the ground, making a shielded cocoon for herself and those she's protecting.

"Just my cousin" Kitty says to Lee and grips Suzie Q harder. "You are outnumbered. Do as I asked. I don't want to shoot you" she turns as she hears children walking in and she shakes her head at the oldest of them Langston. "Langston, take the kids upstairs to the rooms. Please?" she adds and gives the children a comforting smile as they are ushered quickly away.

"Bang bang!" some of the kids yell, not really understanding what is going on. Kitty shushes the children and turns back around, "This is a good place Marcus, do not mess this up for the children. They have lost everything"

Brooks scans the room slowly, his free hand touches his ear, "Control I got positive ID on the evolved causing the Earth Quake, she's currently fleeing down 10th. on the way to time square, she appears to be alone, move all units to cut her off there" His eyes move toward Kitty, slowly, and the gun is lowered, though not yet holstered, "What's going on Kitten?" He asked very slowly and carefully, not even looking back behind him at the man who apparently has him covered from behind.

There's nothing else from behind Marcus. No sound, no movement, no talking. The masked man is still.

Lee seems satisfied that Marcus is willing to protect terrorist involvement in the orphanage, so he emerges from hiding (bat re-slung), straightening up to his full (whew) height. "English class! At least that was what I was here for. Everyone's got to learn how to read, right?"

"It seems there's enough protectors of the kidlets." Claudine says seeming satisfied as a wry grin curls onto her lips as she hrmms for a few moments. "Let's see what the newbies are up to these days..maybe I'll cause a little trouble for them.." she muses, running her fingers through her hair as she starts to walkoff, opening a hole in the ground. "So..on tenth you say?" And with that she just jumps in disappearing with the hole in the ground sealing up once she's gone….

Stefanie loosens the vines enough to give her space to see… This makes the children with her giggle. "Is it cool now?" She asks, voice muffled. This makes the children giggle once more.. Let's just say that longs bouts of tealthiness are not Stef's specialty… Solid Snake she's not.

Lee looks after Claudine with a somewhat wry expression on his face, shaking his head. "Some people never /do/ get out of the cliche." he says ruefully. He remains cautious until everything fully calms down.

"It is what I just said it was. A safe place for children that need it" Kitty says to her cousin and nods her head at the masked man in the corner. "Lee, thanks for coming. I appreciate it" Tiger pads over to Stefanie and examines the vines, "It's alright Stefanie" she calls and walks over to her to help with whatever it is that she brought her.

Brooks nods slowly, as Claudine withdraws he holsters the standard issue company sidearm, and puts his hands up, showing himself to be unarmed, he takes a step toward Kitty.

From his place, the man who is not behind Brooks lowers his rifle. Things appear to be covered, and with Lee here among others, he doesn't need to be. He slips off without a sound.

Lee asks Brooks, "What's going on, were you after bulldozer-girl?" He's still cautious, after all, Brooks might decide that he makes a better candidate for hauling in, if he's recognized from one of the fuzzy security camera pictures or composite sketches of him.

Kitty looks at the fresh produce, "Thank you so much" she says to Stefanie and she ells the kids that were with Stefanie to take the food to the kitchen. Kitty then turns back to Marcus and holsters Suzie Q. She tilts her head at Marcus, "You're different" she states. Kitty picks up Tiger and nuzzles the cat briefly before sitting him down. Tiger walks over to Lee and rubs on his legs as Kitty goes to sit in one of the chairs.

Brooks nods slowly, "It's a different world, different rules." he looks over at Lee, "Actually I was just patrolling the area, felt the earth move, and saw children in the building, I figured I would come in and see if they were ok"

Stefanie walks out from the kitchen after unpacking. "So.. is everything alright here?"

Lee replies, "Good of you to check in." That's sincere, but this is sardonic: "Of course if the Housing Commission was still operating, they'd be able to certify whether the place was safe or not, but, ya know. Suspended for the 'duration of the emergency'. If you get in hot water with your superiors for this, let Kitty know. I might be able to pass you a bit of intel that would be golden, and you don't have to even dirty your knuckles beating it out of an actual resister." Not quite an invitation to be a double agent, but a bit of quid pro quo never hurt anything.

"Everything is fine" she says to Stefanie and she rubs her eyes and stifles a yawn. She hasn't been sleeping for a few days. Not good, when you are running an orphanage and the kids are depending on you. Kitty scratches her head and studies Marcus, "I've seen some visions of you but I haven't got to see you in person. Have you seen Tamara?" Kitty leans forward and her eyes show concern. /Deep/ concern. She hasn't seen Tamara in a very long time and she has been worried.

Brooks shakes his head, "Last I knew you, Tam, Mom Dad, Everyone else was in New York when it was hit, we assumed you were all dead." He pauses a second, "I'm really glad to see they were mistaken about you" He looks over at Lee, "I don't know who you think I am Mister, but I think you would be sorely mistaken.

Stefanie nods and pulls her cloak around herself. "I take my leave then.. I dunno what's happened with my crops since I Left The Zoo…" She giggles to herself and mutters something about rose-colored stained-glass windows as she leaves.

Lee says, "Oh? You look like a federale to me. /Big/ apologies if that's not true." And a sly expression on his face as if that might be an opportnuity of some kind.

Brooks shakes his head, "Nope, sorry, more private security." He grins a little, "The Petrelli machine does not have a lot of friends these days"

Lee says, "You're kidding, right? They've got huge backing from a lot of big money people, not to mention those who are fooled by the propaganda. I'm with one of the resistance groups. Lee." If Kitty trusts him, Lee can at least give the dude his /name/.

Kitty nods her head at Marcus, "I thought that was still the case. At least you are safe" she says and then stands up to stretch her legs out.

Brooks looks over to Lee, "Dr. Brooks, pleased to meet you" he looks back at Kitty, "So you have some kids holed up in here I presume?

Lee says, "Doctor of what, can I ask? I was in grad school…jesus, it seems like decades ago, so much has happened…"

Brooks says, "Medicine, actually, finished my studies a few months ago." He turns and looks at Kitty again, looking questionably."

Lee says, "Good timing. I have some contacts that can help in getting supplies on the black market, mostly antibiotics and splints, bandages, things like that, but if you end up needing anything on the side…"

"I have over sixty kids here and everyday more and more arrive. I'm starting to think that I need more help than I thought I would" Kitty comments and looks to Marcus, "Doctor Brooks? Sounds so official"

Brooks says, "I've got a good supply already" he smiles, "It is, Kitten, any of your kids need a looking over?"

Lee says, "Sixty?! That many? That tears it, we need to get more readers. It was bad enough when it was one book for four kids, but we're up to almost twice that now." He looks thoughtful, trying to figure out where he's going to get textbooks when there's really no need for them in great quantities outside the relocation camp schools. "All right, I'm going to head up and get them started. Glad everything worked uot."

"Nah, have first aid here and the kids are all in pretty good shape right now" Kitty waves to Lee as he retreats and she yawns as she stands up. "I wish I could talk longer but I'm gotta change some kind of sleep while Lee has the kids" She steps forward and hugs her cousin tight. "I'll see you soon Marcus. Try to stay safe" she says and then walks up the stairs to her room.

Brooks frowns and looks around once more, then shrugs and heads back out, mentally noting to look back in on this place later.

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