2008-01-28: Revelation

Season Three Content Warning!


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Summary: Things are revealed. Important things that have waited too long to be revealed.

Date It Happened: January 28, 2008


Peter's Apartment

It's been a somewhat lazy day at Peter Petrelli's apartment. Without much to do besides watch the TV or play with Snowy, Gabriel has been increasingly going stir-crazy, the events of the past week weighing heavily on his mind, especially with the information he needs to reveal to Elle and Peter. He's been pushing it off, seeing if perhaps they could find some sort of evidence or clue or something to the whereabouts of Bob Bishop. but if he's really true to himself, he's been waiting because he fears the reaction it's going to garner from her when he tells her. the same for when Peter finds out.

So it's with this that Gabriel finds himself pacing in the kitchen, going back and forth, back and forth, his eyes on the floor. Any questions from Elle are shrugged off, with a simple excuse of 'just thinking about everything that's happened.' Hopefully it will last until he actually reveals what he's holding back. He figures to himself that he can start with Elle, building up the resolved, but little does he know that he's about to have to tell the both of them. At the same time.

Having long since given up on asking Gabriel any questions tonight, Elle is stretched out on the sofa in the living room, a blanket over her legs and a pillow beneath her head. Stress has settled upon her, and several sleepless nights in the wake of her father's disappearance are taking their toll: though the television plays a movie to the quiet room, Elle is in the state where she drifts in and out of consciousness.

Though his dog has been able to enjoy human companionship again, Peter hasn't been around. He hasn't even visited since setting them up in his apartment. He's been impossible to contact— as any attempt to call his phone went straight to voice mail again. And anyone who looked through his desk would actually find his phone in a drawer turned off. This is why he doesn't know about Bob Bishop. It seems his lack of visits are about to change, though, because he appears in the corner of the main living area. His eyes are closed at first, but they open.

He looks physically ruffled, and there's a slash along his ribcage that cuts through his coat and shirt. The wound has healed over, but it bled enough that it was obviously a decent depth. He looks strained emotionally. "Elle," he says, with the TV drawing his attention to the one laying in front of it. Considering his ears, that one word is more than enough to notify the one pacing through the kitchen.

She isn't so far asleep that her name won't still pull her back to the waking world, but when Peter appears and speaks, Elle is slow to open her eyes. She murmurs quietly first, pushing herself up as her vision clears. "Peter?" At first, her voice is sleepy and distant, ragged from abuse. When she makes sense of the man in front of her and the mark on his shirt, however, she wakes up fast, sitting up with a start. "Peter! What…" Blanket falling to the floor, Elle rises to her feet, approaching him a few steps. She, too, looks more than a little strained, her eyes red and her features betraying her lack of sleep. She hasn't bothered to change out of the yoga pants or tank top that she slept in the night before, and her hair has been pulled back into two unkempt pigtails, with strands having fallen loose around her face while she slept. Her hands fidgeting with each other, she frowns at him. "What happened to you?"

"I'm okay," Peter says immediately, looking down at the cut he only barely remembers feeling. It was gone so soon after, the pain wasn't even enough to pull him out of what happened to him. "I— I ran into Hiro Nakamura. I… lost control. That's why I'm…" He hesitates straightening his clothes. "I hurt him, but I snapped out of it. I managed to heal him. He should be okay." There's no excuses tossed out, no blame placed on anyone except himself, but at least he recognizes that he fixed what he'd caused. "I thought seeing Gabriel would help." The one person in the whole world who understands what's happening to him. Probably better than he does. "Is he here?"

Her expression faltering as he speaks, Elle draws back the hand she'd begun to outstretch, sensing that to invade his personal space at this precise moment might be a mistake - not because she doesn't trust him, but because he may not want her so close. There's nothing fearful in her demeanor, despite his admission. "Yeah, he's here," she exhales, nodding once, slowly. "Hang on." She turns away from him, a deep frown settling onto her face once her back is to him. Well, doesn't this just keep getting better and better? A new wave of exhaustion overtakes her, and she forces her head higher.

The voices in the living area finally catch Gabriel's attention, and he looks up, glancing at the door that leads from the kitchen. He takes a deep breath, recognizing the voice of the second person, and he heads towards the living room, meeting Elle halfway. "Peter?" he says, even though he doesn't need the confirmation. He moves past her, a hand moving up to her shoulder to give it a soft squeeze of comfort before he steps into the living room, turning towards Peter. "… Peter," he says, eyes falling to his shirt. "What happened?"

"I— ran into Hiro," Peter explains again, removing his coat. The coat has a good slice through it just like the shirt, but it's much more evident on the shirt do to the blood contrasting on white. The black coat hid it a little better. "I attacked him first, though. I lost control of it," he adds, so that they're all close to the same page. "Are you two okay? No one's stopped by to bother you yet?"

When Gabriel moves past her, Elle stops to turn back, though she doesn't return to the sofa. Instead, she watches from a distance, wincing when Peter removes his coat and exposes the more obvious damage to his shirt. She folds her arms, each hand rubbing the opposite arm as if she were cold. "But Hiro's okay," she adds, giving Peter a pointed look; it's an important detail, when speaking about his loss of control, and it's what she's choosing to focus on. Though his question elicits another frown from Elle, she doesn't repond, instead turning back to move towards the kitchen.

At Elle's question and pointed look, Gabriel's eyes shift from Peter's shirt to the man's face, watching him closely. He doesn't speak for a few moments, one to allow Peter to answer Elle's question, and two, to consider the news he just received. Lost control of it. Peter might be struggling with it more than Gabriel thought he was. Slowly, he reaches a hand up to clasp on the other man's shoulder. "It's okay," he says, whether Peter needs the reassurance or not. "It takes time." He turns to look back at Elle, before looking back at Peter, giving him a small tilt of the head and half of a shrug. "We've been okay. There's…" It's at this point he turns back to look at Elle. He doesn't feel comfortable telling Peter the news about her father without her permission.

"I healed him and I walked away," Peter adds after a moment, brought out by Elle's pointed look. The fact that he walked away while still tempted to do more… That might be a good sign. That he could make himself walk away no matter the temptation to find out more. "Do you mind if I change?" he adds, without even really waiting for an answer. The touch on the shoulder seems to have been appreciated, though, because some of the tension settles down. It's okay. It just takes time. He'll make it through. The words of encouragement may be enough. Heading through the open doors to the bedroom, he puts the coat down and starts to remove his shirt, pulling one out of the dresser. "There's what?" he asks, as he picks out a black sweater instead.

'Okay' is not the word that Elle would describe her current state, and perhaps that's why she walked away from them. They have enough to worry about, between them. That, and she's not certain she can talk about it without getting worked up again, and she's destroyed enough objects in the last few days. She had no purpose in coming to the kitchen, but she pours a glass of water so as not to draw attention to her avoidance. "There's nothing," she lies outright, making no particular attempt to sound convincing, her deception obvious as she returns to the living room with the glass held between both hands. "Don't worry about it."

There's a frown from Gabriel at Elle's lie, and he turns his head back towards her in the kitchen, watching her for a few moments before turning back to Peter. He doesn't know whether he should tell Peter the truth or not, and so as Peter is changing his shirt, he turns away from him, heading towards Elle. "You have to tell him," he says in a low voice so Peter can't overhear. "He needs to know."

Pulling the sweater over his head, Peter follows back out through his apartment, his dog having realized he's home for a change and waking up from her nap to go over to his feet and look up at him. He picks her up as he continues closer. He can't possibly get angry while holding his dog, right? "Hey girl," he adds softly, ruffling the fur close to her ears. "What do I need to know? What's going on, Elle?"

"Why? So he has one more thing to worry about?" Leaning her shoulder against the frame of the door, Elle regards Gabriel with a tired look, shaking her head. She resigns only when Peter speaks, her eyes dropping to the floor between them. Despite holding the glass of water near to her face, she has yet to sip from it. "You tell him," Elle says, her voice soft, as she pushes away from the door and steps back into the room. Reluctantly, she lifts her gaze to Peter's face as she passes.

It's with reluctance that Gabriel turns to Peter, watching Elle as she moves back into the living room. "Her father was kidnapped," he says, leaning against the doorframe that leads to the kitchen. "She called someone, they went and looked, but there was nothing. He was just… gone, basically," he says. "We don't know who took him, or where he is." His eyes fall to the floor, and he remains silent for a long moment, unable to look back up at either of them. His voice is soft, low, barely audible when he speaks. Elle doesn't know the next part. "… but I might know who was behind it."

"Kidnapped?" Peter asks, blinking in surprise as he looks toward Elle and then back to Gabriel. At least no one's accused him of doing it, but he can imagine under the circumstances that the Company might think he's a suspect. "I'm sorry, Elle— I'll…" He'd likely been about to say that he would do what he could to locate him, even though he's said multiple times that his ability to locate people has limits. Moreso than the person he got the power from. But… "You might know who's behind it?" he asks, looking at Gabriel. That kind of derailed him a little.

"I might know who took him," Elle says, stooping to set the glass of water down on the coffee table, gathering up the blanket she'd dropped to the floor. She hasn't made sense of what Gabriel said just yet, else she likely would have reacted. Her voice is shaky when she speaks, tossing the blanket onto the armchair. "I heard a sound before the line went dead, but when I got someone to go check his office, there wasn't any blood. There's a teleporter at the Company, someone who has a reason to want to take my father. We think— " Wait. Waaait. Elle wheels around, one hand shooting out to steady herself on the back of the chair. There's the reaction Gabriel was looking for: confusion, suspicion, injury, all at once. "What are you talking about?"

Even after all of their words, the reactions, the fact that they're both looking at him, Gabriel doesn't look up. "You have to understand," he begins in his defense, eyes still on the floor. "That I wasn't entirely sure. He sent me to kill him, after all, not kidnap him. So when your father was taken, especially by someone that might work for the Company he helps run, I wasn't going to jump to conclusions. But it's something to go on, a lead, maybe a way to bring him back." He finally looks up, the reaction in Elle immediately causing him to look away, glancing out one of the windows. "I never told you who wanted me to kill him," he says, eyes turning back to Elle. "I never told you who told me we were brothers," he says, eyes shifting over to Peter, then back to Elle. "And I'm sorry. I really am— I didn't want to— I didn't—" He's stumbling over his words now, and when it comes down to it, he knows they're going to feel betrayed, and maybe want nothing to do with him for a while. If ever. But. They know something is going on now, and he looks back up, glancing at the both of them. "It was Arthur Petrelli."

It is probably a good thing that Peter has a fluffy dog in his hands. Anything else and he probably would have dropped it from shock. The dog also keeps him from really lashing out in anyway, other than his hands tightening where he's holding her. She looks up, mouth open, tongue hanging out, looking at him as if nothing in the world is wrong. Too bad he doesn't return the expression.

"My father died almost two years ago," he says firmly, looking at the taller man. "You— he's dead. He…" Instead of anger directed at him, he's getting shock and disbelief. Maybe the anger will come later, but right now it's not even bubbling near the surface.

Arthur Petrelli. The name is familiar to Elle even if the man is not, and having been raised a Company girl, she knows something about the man's history. Not all of the sordid details, no, but enough to know that he's thought to be dead. Unlike Peter, however, she doesn't think to doubt the validity of what Gabriel says for more than a second or two after he's spoken. Why would he lie? Why would he lie about lying to them? No, Elle is all too willing to assume that he's speaking the truth - and with that truth comes questioning of a different kind. Almost accusatory, she fixes Gabriel with a look of hurt, but she can't quite think of anything to say. Not yet. No, there's some explanation owed to Peter, first.

"Don't look at me like that," Gabriel says to Elle, but rather than anger, there's a look of pleading. "I wasn't trying to keep it from you, or anything like that— I'm only telling you now because I know it's important. I would have told you either way, I didn't think this would happen." He looks over to Peter, pushing himself off of the door frame and taking a step towards him. "I don't know if he was telling me the truth— but he had no reason to lie to me, whoever he was. He was in a bed, paralyzed— he said I was his son— you were my brother—" Gabriel stops speaking, frustration finding its way into his voice and body language, and for the time, he falls silent, looking towards Elle, giving her a look to please forgive, the unspoken apology he wants to give her written in the lines of his face.

In a bed. Alive. Told him they were… Peter backs away from Gabriel, not necessarily because he's retreating, but because he needs to sit down. His face has even gone pale. He drops into a chair, still holding onto his dog, who seems to understand that something's going on and tries to reach up and lick his chin. A hand on top of her head pushing her down makes her stop the attempt. "My mother… when I called her to let her know I wasn't coming in. She made a comment about… other things going on. She even said she wanted me out of the way— safe— when these things happened. She wouldn't tell me what they were but…" His father. Manipulating Gabriel. "The agent you're talking about— I think I know her. And I think I know the reason she would turn against the Company, too. But if what… if someone claiming to be my father— if it really is my father…"

The dog is put down before he stands back up. "I need to talk to my mother."

Her arms folded, Elle curls her fingers into her skin tightly, unaware of the marks that she will undoubtedly leave behind when she unfurls her hands, watching Gabriel with what can only be described as a conflicted expression. "They're manipulating you," she says when at least she thinks she can speak, her tone fraught with confusion. "Both of you." She wants to be able to tell them to stop, think this through, figure out what it all means before doing anything rash. She wants to be able to hold up a hand and stop everyone in their tracks. But her father is missing, and as much as she's been pushing her emotions back into the corner of her mind for the last day or so, his life is at risk. Her gaze snapping back to Gabriel, she tips her chin down. "Tell me where to find him."

"… You know I can't do that, Elle," Gabriel says, even though he already knows he's going to end up telling her. This is her father they're talking about. "Not yet. It's like you said— they could be manipulating us. I know he's your dad, and I know you can't wait, but at least let Peter talk to his mother first. Then we can figure something out— I'll go get him myself, if I have to." He pauses, looking over at Elle, a frown on his face. "We need to be sure."

"I can try to find the both of them. If this— we're all involved in this," Peter says, thinking back on everything that's going on. "They've manipulated all of us." Their parents. His mother. His father. Elle's father. "And they'll keep doing it as long as we don't know the truth." And knowledge just happens to be the thing he can't control his craving for— so that could go badly. But at the moment, he doesn't care. He needs to talk to her.

"I needed to talk to her anyway to see if she'll let Elena go so I don't have to do something drastic…" He might need to anyway, especially if they started erasing her memories. They've had five days. Five important moments could already be gone. But he'd hoped… "If my father is really alive— then I need to know what the hell is going on. And I need to know right now."

He pauses for a moment and then walks over to his desk, opens up a drawer and pulls out his phone. "You'll be able to contact me again if you need to. If I don't answer, or don't call back, you might have one more person to bargain out of the Company."

"I'm finished bargaining," Elle replies to Peter, though she never turns her eyes away from Gabriel. She's quiet for just long enough to make it clear that her next words aren't meant for Peter. "What do you think I'm going to do?" It's a kind of accusation, the way she speaks to Gabriel, her demeanor edging on angry now that he's denied her request. "Tell me, Gabriel." Her hoarse voice is rising ever so slowly, her stance shifting, and by the time she finishes she'll be all but yelling at him. "If he's not there, he's not there, and I'll go find Ivanov myself and make her tell me what she did with him. But I'm not just going to sit here and wait for you to be sure that you know where he is, because I've been sitting here for days while you thought you knew and didn't say anything!"

Peter is taking this well. Elle, however, is not. She can feel her hands trembling, and she slowly unwinds her arms to let them fall at her sides, flexing her fingers anxiously. "Why the hell weren't you 'making sure' yesterday?" The second the words are out of her mouth, her hand moves almost involuntarily, a small arc leaping through the air at him.

When Elle speaks to him, Gabriel keeps his gaze leveled at her, his eyes narrowing ever so slightly. He doesn't respond, or show any outward emotion other than the narrowing of the yes. Peter is ignored, even if what's he's saying is taken in by Gabriel. No, as far as Gabriel is concerned, for the moment, Elle is the only person in the room.

He opens his mouth to respond when she's finished, unsure of what's he going to say even as he begins to speak. Then she hits him. He grunts in pain, the blow forcing him back towards the kitchen— his shoulder hitting the doorframe. When the shock is finished, there's an ugly electrical burn covering the upper right side of his chest, the shirt he's wearing scorched and charred. The skin begins to heal over almost immediately, flesh repairing itself as Gabriel takes a step forward towards Elle, his chin tipping down as he narrows his eyes even further.

He flexes the fingers on his right hand, curling them into a fist. He watches Elle for a moment, but eventually, slowly, he relaxes, if only slightly. "… New Jersey," Gabriel he finally says, taking another step towards Elle. "But if you're going, I'm going with you." His voice is firm, and even though she's likely to argue, he won't hear it.

"Elle!" Peter yells when he sees the arc of electricity spring from her fingers. He doesn't move to get in the way, but does look at his… …friend… with concern as he goes to touch Elle on the shoulder. "Don't throw lightning in my apartment, please." Nevermind he's done the same many times himself. But he has television, computer, lamps. And a dog. Who has ran away to hide under the bed. Poor Snowy.

"It might be my fault, Elle. He might have been waiting to tell me first," he says, defending the other man, or perhaps just taking the blame for what could be his own fault. After all— his father IS something he needed to know about, and the more people who knew about it first, the madder he would likely have been. But something Gabriel says makes him blink. "New— New Jersey?"

She shouldn't lash out in anger this way, and Elle knows it. It's something that's gotten her into trouble more times than she can count. Still, as soon as the charge has left her hand, she pulls it back with a surprised sound, clutching her hands to her stomach. It's the hand on her shoulder that ultimately drives Elle to shrink back, and she brushes her hands along her cheeks in case a tear or two managed to fall. "Fine," is all she says to either, and in that one word she sounds resigned and desperate both, shying away from Peter's touch. She snatches the blanket from where it landed on the chair, wrapping it around her shoulders, her back to both of them.

"No, it wasn't that," Gabriel says to Peter, stepping across the living towards Elle. "I… there's no excuse why I didn't tell her. I deserved it." He looks down at where the burn was, the hole in his shirt unfortunately not patching itself up like his skin. He looks up from it, turning towards Peter. "New Jersey," he repeats. "That's where he's at." He turns his glance back towards Elle,w atching her with a sidelong look.

Well… Peter is probably glad that he was told at the same time as Elle, but he'll leave it alone. He sticks his phone into his pants pocket for later and looks at Gabriel for a long moment. "New Jersey is where I found Nathan." Logan. He's made mention of something happening with his brother, though never the exact details of it. And there's… "Fort Lee, New Jersey. At a company— a biotech company… called Pinehearst." Pinehearst also sounds familiar— it's where their father took them fishing when they were kids. He even has a photograph on his dresser of him and his brother with a big fish— one that'd been taken by his father. At that same creek.

Gabriel watches Peter for a long moment, before nodding his head. Elle knows where it is now, at least. Hopefully she won't run off by herself. "That's where it was," he says, turning away from Peter and heading towards the couch and taking a seat. His eyes are still on with Elle, and it's with a sigh and a shake of his head that he looks away from her, closing his eyes and leaning his head back into the couch.

And that's all Peter really needs to know. He grabs a coat off the coat rack near the desk he was just beside and vanishes, without another word. Good thing he changed his clothes before they started talking.

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