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Collectible Cards

These two-sided, digital cards of Heroes MUSH characters pop up in accordance with the trivia winners. One side features a full colour, completely original drawing by one of our talented players, Meryl. The other features a dramatic photo. Bonus cards may also appear from time to time. Collect them all!

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"Be A Hero" Campaign

What is the "Be A Hero" Campaign?

It's a way to give back to the world, in the spirit of heroes everywhere: to be more than a game, to go beyond text, and to make a difference. The first nonprofit we're supporting is the Epilepsy Foundation — you can read all about it on the site, where more info about the campaign is, as well!

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Fan Art Gallery

Heroes MUSH "fan art" in various forms? Got it!

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Media Gallery

So we have fan art. What about video? Songs?! The sky's the limit.

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Interview Zone

Check it: Player Interviews

Heroes Interactive Extras

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