2007-09-28: Rif


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Summary: A new customer at the Lair is encouraged to make himself comfortable, even though he's a bit short on cash

Date It Happened: September 28, 2007

Log Title: Rif

The Secret Lair

Ducking into the store casually comes Cam, looking perhaps a tad dirty but not overly so. The boy glances back outside a moment after he's through the door, but seems satisfied after a few seconds and then steps further in, looking around the store. From the way his eyes widen as he taken in the initial view of the selection, it's probably his first time here.

Tito and Kory glance up at the same time. Kory's dusting off the action figures. Tito's behind the counter. "Hiya," Tito calls to the kid. "Welcome," Kory offers that greeting. "Howyadoing?" There's no big shock at seeing a kid his age in here alone; there are a lot of kids who come here after school hours and on weekends.

Cam blinks, looking up to the two greetings, but smiles and gives a little wave. "Hi. Wow, this place is huge! Um… sorry, the shop by where I live is tiny." He steps in a little further, more confidently now.

"We get that a lot," Kory says, gently. "You need anything, give us a shout." She sighs and heads toward the gaming area in the back to break up a shoving match which has started over a game of Yu-Gi-Oh. "Break it up back there, you guys!"

Cam nods to that and smiles, "Thanks." He looks towards the fight a moment but then moves in to start looking through the comics in specific. "Do you guys get the new comics on Wednesdays too?"

"Every Wednesday, yep," Tito confirms. "You need a pull list started, you lemme know."

Kory spends a moment glowering at the two boys. They're a year or two younger than Cam, by appearances. They look sullen for a moment, then contrite. After a moment they resume playing again, glaring daggers at each other. Kory watches for another moment before she turns to go back to what she was doing.

Cam looks back up to Tito and says, "Thanks! But don't always got 'nough money every week." He picks a couple of titles off the shelf, an Ultimate X-Men and an Amazing Spider-man. He glances up to the adults as he does.

Kory is still dusting. Tito is doing something on the computer, checking memberships. There are other kids in here who are still milling about. It's likely they're aware even if they're not directly staring at him. "I know how that goes," Kory's voice comes from over her shoulder. "We get a lot of kids who have that same problem. Comics are so expensive now. My mom says they were way cheap when she was your age."

Cam carries the comics back out from the aisle as he asks, "Really? They had comics back then?" Then he adds, "Wish they were cheap now." He pauses then to look at the shelf Kory's dusting curiously.

It's a shelf of anime and manga inspired action figures. The sexy ones are on a higher shelf, naturally. The lower ones are action characters, giant robots that sort of thing.

"Comics have been around since World War II," Kory says, but not in that 'stupid kid' tone of voice, just matter-of-fact. "Not the same stuff we read now, but it's kind of interesting to read the old ones. Good way to kill time in a library on days you're broke." She smiles down at Cam. "Like Anime too, do ya?"

Cam's eyes widen at the answer, "Wow, that's like forever." Then he nods quickly, smiling, "Some anyway. I really liked the show Astro Boy when I was little." As if he still wasn't little. "I like the Yu-Gi-Oh show too. That's anime, right?"

"Yep, that's anime too," Kory grins. "The guys in the back?" she gestures to the two who are playing now, relatively cheerfully. "That's what they're playing. Card game based on the TV show. My brother tried to show me once, but I don't get the rules. Too confusing." There's a slight sense that she's not as interested in Yu-Gi-Oh the game. "But I like the show okay."

Cam ohs, and says, "My dad wouldn't ever let me play games like that. Too expensive, he said." He grins, "But yeah, the show's awesome. I watch it every week, when it's on."

"It can be expensive," Kory agrees, nodding. "Those two addicts back there? That one's got a paper route, and that one picks up bottles and cans and takes 'em back for deposits, just so they can afford 'em. But they have trades and donates every third saturday, if you wanna play or just wanna watch."

Cam looks to the two playing again, considering, and then says, "When's the next one? And… do fights like that happen a lot?" He holds his chosen comics to his chest as he talks.

"Tito?" Kory calls. It takes Tito a minute to consult the calendar on the wall behind him, before he answers that it'll be two Saturdays hence. "And no, not always. Sometimes they fight over whether Yu-Gi-Oh is better than Bakugan or that new Chaotic. But we remind 'em to mind their manners before it gets ugly or anybody's /mom/ needs to be called."

Cam smiles, as if that last answer decided it for him, "Awesome. I'll definitely come! To watch, anyway." Then he asks, "Are any other games played here?"

"Oh, yeah." Kory chuckles. "Besides the card games, and the RPGs. You know, D&D, Shadowrun. And the bulletin board, it has all kinds of phone numbers and emails for people who want to start games up that we don't play here." She finishes the dusting and tosses Tito the duster. "What's your pleasure?"

Cam blinks at the mentioned RPGs, and shrugs, "Never heard of those. But I saw some kids in the park, they were playing a Star Wars game, with dice and books and stuff, it looked fun."

"Yep, we have kids who play that, too," Kory assures him. "The books are kind of expensive, but if you go to the library, you could probably download and print out the rules pretty easy, or just copy 'em to disk or flashdrive." Options for a kid with limited resources.

Cam ohs, and says, "They don't really like me at the library. I keep freezing up their computers." He grins, though, showing it's probably a joke. "Thanks, I'll try that. It really looked fun."

"It is. I played with my brother a time or two," Kory grins. "Mainly 'cause I get therough the rulebooks faster than he does. I read a /lot/." She smiles as if she'd made a joke herself.

Cam grins and says, "My mom does too. Not that kinda book, though. Mostly history books and stuff." He still holds his comics, but seems in no hurry to pay for them yet.

He's gonna get 'em all fingerprinty and stuff, but Kory doesn't say anything about that. What she says instead is, "There's a spot in back with a comfy sofa where you can read those if you feel like you wanna hang onto your cash for next time." Observant, perhaps. Or just acquainted with preteen boys who don't quite have enough to get what they're after.

Cam brightens again at that, "Really? Thanks! That'd be great." Then he pauses and asks, "Is there a catch?" He suddenly sounds unsure, glancing down to the comics and back up to Kory.

Kory shakes her head and looks down at Cam. "Nope. We get a lot of kids who come in here to read 'cause their folks don't get home from work 'til later. Better you're in here reading than outside causing trouble or getting into it. Nima, the owner, said. Kids are smart and if they wanna read, let 'em." She gives him a bright smile, completely sincere.

Cam smiles again at that and says, "Thanks! That's awesome. I'm for sure coming here more." He starts to step towards the back, but then pauses and looks back up to Kory again, "I'm Cam. Can't remember if I said already."

"No worries, Cam. Nice to meet you. I'm Kory. That's Tito." Tito waves from the counter. "You go make yourself comfortable, and sing out if there's anything you need, 'kay?" She turns toward the two kids playing in back. "You two. Mind your manners. You were new here once, too, remember." The two kids who were eyeing Cam speculatively blush and go back to their game without a word.

Cam smiles, "Thanks!" He then shrugs a bit to the two who were looking at him. He goes in to sit and read the comics then, and he's back there for a little while. Occasionally he laughs or something as he reads. Eventually he comes back out to hand the comics back, "Thanks."

Kory takes them and puts them in a box, with other new comics. Apparently there's a community read pile. "No prob. You're welcome to swing through here anytime, okay? Even if you're short on cash, it's okay to read. Pain in the neck to not know what happens next, right?"
Cam nods emphatically that, and grins, "Yeah." Then he asks, "You got any favourite comics? You must read lots, working in a store like this!"

"I do," Kory agrees. "I read a whole lot. I like She-Hulk and Birds of Prey, and Runaways, among others. Sometimes what the writers do gets on my nerves, though."

Cam blinks, "There's a comic called Runaways? What's it about?" For some reason, that one really catches his attention. "I like X-Men and Spider-man best, but guess ya figured that."

"Runaways," Kory explains, "Is about these kids who decide their parents are evil. But it turns out they're right. They're these supervillains who call themselves The Pride. And all the kids have powers that came from the parents, which they then use to take down their evil parents. And most of the other grownups don't understand them." She nods at his other comment. "Yep. I like those too. Spider-Man was the first comic I ever read when I was just a little girl."
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Cam blinks, "Wow. That does sound good! I'll try that next time." He glanced to where she put the used comics and asks, "You guys rather we read the ones in there?"

"Yup. You can always ask for this box, and then read all the ones you want. Free Comic Book day happens in May, too, and those you can take home, no charge. But don't worry. This was your first visit, so nobody blames you for not knowing." Kory sets the box back by the door. "And when you come back, you'll know then, right?"

Cam nods quickly again smiling and says, "Yeah! Next time, I'll check there first. Unless I'm buying any," he adds, smiling. "Thanks for letting me read those."

"You're welcome," Kory tells him. "Hey, like I tell all my customers, if we're mean to you when you come in, you're not likely to come back in." She chuckles, and shrugs. "Pretty simple, really, yeah?"

Cam nods quickly to that and says, "Yeah. Wish my other comic store was like that. But I'll be coming back here now." Then, he glances outside again a moment, as if looking for someone.

"We're open pretty early, too, so if you wanna visit the fun place before boring old school, you can." Kory doesn't seem the type to be bored by school, but she must understand kids. "And we're open late if you don't have a curfew."

Cam looks back up to Kory again and grins, "Awesome. Great! Yeah, I don't got any curfew. I mean, except the one the cops put out." Then he says, "Was nice meeting ya."

"You're welcome," Kory heads behind the counter to trade places with Tito. "And likewise. Always good to have a new reader, or customer, Cam." She shares with him the idea that the difference is not a bad one, so he needn't be embarrassed.

Cam nods and smiles still, "Ok." He does seem a bit relieved at that reaction anyway. He gives a little wave and says, "I'll be back tomorrow, then!"

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