2007-07-03: Right And Wrong


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Summary: More internal grumblings, why do Company people always put up a good argument for their side? Honestly!

Date It Happened: July 3rd, 2007

Log Title Right and Wrong

Primatech - Hartsdale Facility

The smell of warm Chai tea hangs in the air as Jordan reads over a few pages in her trusty notepad, she smiles slightly as she hears footsteps approach the office wing. She lifts her head up some as she watches for the door to open, "I hear you out there," she says in a singsong voice before lifting up her liquid lunch and taking a drink.

Benjamin wasn't looking for Jordan. He was looking for someone with more authority.. but knowing that she can hear him.. and well.. she's got the one up on him. He was about to just pass the room where she's at with no intention to go in, until he hears her call out. A groan escapes before he can stop it and he opens the door and looks at her. He doesn't look pleased, just, resigned and a touch of defiance.

Jordan smiles at Benjamin, "Mr. Winter's I /heard/ you had decided to join us," she says blowing the steam off of the top of her drink and offers him a donut sitting on her desk. Her disposition seems to be a lot friendlier than it was the night the two of them first met, as a matter of fact it is hard to believe that the tone of her voice could ever be used to threaten anyone. "How has your transition been?" she asks with a sincere tone.

Benjamin shakes his head at the offer of the doughnut, a quiet refusal. "To be honest. It's sucked. Pardon my French. Training was okay until yesterday and I was just looking for Mr. Bishop. Do you know where he is?" The man's not pleased, and while he didn't forget about Jordan's power, it's hard to wipe your mind blank so that your thoughts aren't heard. He's still kicking himself for being told to practice on Max. That man didn't deserve it.

Jordan nods a little, "I know, the first couple of weeks are the hardest, hell I thought I was going to go deaf, but it will get easier," she says taking one of the doughnuts, "As for Mr. Bishop I haven't seen him in a while, why is there something wrong?" she asks, before taking a drink. Her eyes stay focused on him as she sets down her cup and kicks out a seat in front of her desk, "Please sit down, I feel we got off on the wrong foot and i would like to make amends."

Benjamin doesn't want to sit, so he just stands behind the chair as it's kicked out. "No kidding. We did.. and I didn't mind the training.. I liked it. Until yesterday. No one told me I was going to be told to practice on other people who didn't deserve it. I mean.. rabbits and mice.. that's one thing.. but this was a human who didn't have a say in the matter! Do you know how /wrong/ that is!?" He puts his hands on the back of the chair and leans forward a little, looking at Jordan with a pained expression. "Did they make you do that too?"

Jordan nods her head slowly, "Tell me, would it have made it any easier for you if you knew some of the background on Mr. Swan? Would you feel as bad about it if you knew that he had blood on his hands, don't get me wrong he is a nice guy as long as he is sedated." She leans her elbows onto the desk and props her chin up on her hands, "And does the life of an innocent rabbit mean less to you than the life of a person that takes the lives of others?"

"That… that doesn't make it right! He was still.." Benjamin looks away then down, a noise of frustration leaking out. "It still doesn't make it right. He has feelings. No one gave him a consent form.." Stop trying to rationalize the situation with Max! Benji doesn't wanna look at it that way!

Jordan stands up and takes off her jacket, if it weren't for the serious look on her face, one would assume that she was stripping for fun, "You're lucky, you have an active ability," she says as she starts to unbutton her blouse, "Mine is passive, so I had to learn things the hard way." Her black bra is the first thing that catches most guys eyes, but when she turns to her side and the dark mark from a grazing bullet is seen things become a little more obvious, "I had to learn how to take a bullet." She looks at Benji with her piercing turquoise eyes and smiles as she buttons back up, "And before that I had to learn to listen for key words, certain things that a 16 year old girl shouldn't have to hear," she says, "But that which does not kill me only makes me stronger, you'll see."

"I'm sorry to hear that," and Benjamin's words are genuine.. then he's averting his eyes quickly as Jordan appears to be stripping some. Good god, put those away! As she talks about learning about her ability, he thinks back to the bus accident then tries to clear his head. "… still.. none of this is right."

Jordan shakes her head as she buttons her jacket back up, "Right and wrong are completely subjective, the Nazi's thought it was wrong for the American forces to come through and stop them from committing genocide, but we did what we thought was right." The sound of her heel clicking against the floor echoes throughout the room, "You want to know how we decide who is right and who is wrong, well we have inside information, information you aren't privy to at this juncture. Just relax, you lose some of that boyish charm when you are stressed."

Benjamin is floored. Simply speechless and horrified by the analogy.. "You can't compare the two! The genocide of a whole race is /wrong/. It was /right/ to stop that." He understands the casualties of war too in order to stop such a thing but.. augh. "… What?" The woman went from one topic to another, and it's thrown him off track. He's still dwelling on the bad analogy. "Look.. I .. nevermind."

Jordan smiles, "What do you think would happen to our kind if the Company wasn't protecting us? All of the atrocities in the past have one thing in common. People that are different," she quips before taking another sip of her drink, "When people are different it always causes conflicted. Now we are hiding in plain sight, but what if someone like Max used his ability to throw a bus into a building, do you think that he would be the only one to blame?"

"I…" Benjamin starts with another protest, but it seems to die in formation. ".. why do all of you have a valid point when I have a disagreement?" It's a lament, and a bit of a whine. "I don't know.. I suppose hunted down.. shunned.. treated like freaks.." He pushes back from the chair and paces some, arms folded against his chest. "How do you know he'd do something like that? He didn't seem anything like that Sylar guy I ran into."

The look on the woman's face becomes a little more grim, "Because I have already heard him do it, he wants this Company destroyed, including the people that it is protecting." She returns to smiling, "That's why we need you, you can help us sedate rather than destroy. It's really hard to explain to somebody why we are here to help after a bullet has been lodged in there brain." She attempts to offer Benjamin doughnut again, "Sylar is a horse of a different color, where Max wants to destroy the Company and everything we have done, Sylar wants to rule the world. He is your typical sociopath."

Benjamin raises a hand and rubs it firmly against his temple. He's clearly warring with himself internally on this whole mess. "I get the whole.. nevermind.. I should just shut up.. suck it up and do what's asked of me." It's clear he's got the losing argument in this picture… because how can you give a rebuttal when it comes to sedate vs destroy?

Jordan shakes the box of doughnuts, "You really should eat something, you look a little pale Benji." She licks her lips slightly, "I know you can see where we are coming from, after all if you didn't think we could help you could have refused." Jordan pulls out her notepad and jots something down, before returning her focus onto Benjamin, "I really admire you Benjamin, you are willing to put your neck out on the line to help those who you care about, that makes you a hero in my book."

Benjamin continues to ignore the doughnuts. He already had breakfast, he doesn't want to spoil his lunch now. That.. and his appetite seems to have fled the building. Jordan's next words however, have him feeling very much disgusted with himself, so without another word.. he's turning and walking out of the office. He doesn't feel much like a hero.

Jordan looks down at her drink before Benjamin leaves, "You don't have to believe me now, but you will," she says writing something else down on her notepad. She smiles to herself as she pushes her hair behind her ear, listening to someone far away, "Oh and Benji, it will get a lot easier just as soon as you learn to trust us."

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