2007-08-20: DF: Right Side Of The Bed


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Summary: In the quiet light of morning, the truth is ferreted out.

Dark Future Date: August 20th, 2009

The Right Side of the Bed

NYC - Saints Super Sekret Headquarters, Ali's Room

That were sum partah.

Music. Dancing. LOTS of alcohol. Where they found that Glenfeddich, who knows, but somebody brought it out. There was an abortive game of strip pool, in fact, wherein it was discovered that it was somewhat boring as no one except Elena was really sober enough to play, and she wouldn't. So. Mostly, people pushed balls around the table - which was bad enough with the whole 'miss and drink' rule.

But this morning? This morning - it's. Underground. It may not even be morning — hard to tell — but waking sensations might include the quiet hiss of a radio tuned to nothing but static, a really warm comforter, and a lot of dead weight on one's chest. With hair.

Don't panic. Pants are still intact.

An Irishman and a Scotsman both got married. OF COURSE THERE WAS GLENFEDDICH! Its a requirement. Who knows where they got it, but it was.

Eric though slowly lets his mind swim back to a hazy kind of wakefulness. Mostly because one arm is getting tingly. He opens one arm and blinks slightly. Hrmmm. Can't move arm. Arm has weight on it.

…that's different.

Its warm too, comfortable. Its like he woke up with a girl on…him…waaaaaaaait. That hasn't happened in…well…ever really.

The eye comes more open, and focuses on the mass of hair that sprawls across his chest. He blinks, tries to get a good look at whoever it is. Oh god. OH GOD. Please don't be a nun. Or a Ditto…

Not unless nuns or Dittos are blonde. We don't know about the nuns, but… Prime? Well, he might have taken up wearing tousled wigs, but it's doubtful. He also probably doesn't quietly snore in an alto register. Go figure.

But as Eric stirs, that blonde deadweight shifts a bit closer, muttering in a voice that's too distinctive to hide, ".. five more minutes, m'kay? Get up for school then. S'warm."

Ok. Blonde. Snores in a alto register. Pause. Alright, thats adorable right there. He just can't help but smile and slowly relax. "…good morning Ali." He murmurs, his own voice warm and soft. Its a decent enough voice, never trained to sing though. He smirks slightly though as he settles back…is this a bed? Couch?

DOES HE HAVE HIS PA—-yes. Pants are there. He had to look though. Shirt and jacket aren't all there, but pants are. He's not even sure where one of his shoes are…lovely. Ah well. He will find them all eventually.

"…and I'm glad to know I'm comfy."

… it's definitely a bed. And there are posters on the wall. Really bad posters. One's even been added - a very glam RuPaul in a confederate flag sequinned dress that just says "The Revolution is Fabulous".

Camp. Go figure.

"Shhhhh." Comes the quiet murmur. "m' head hurts." Ali looks up, though, a /leetle/ blearily, hair a mess, "Well, you are." And then there's a pause. A widening of eyes. "Why are you … uh. Not that I'm objecting. But. You." And she looks down under the covers herself. A moment of something not quite entirely unlike panic. Call it 'constructively worried curiosity.'

Ow. The RuPaul poster hurts his eyes. Eric glares at the thing for a moment before grumbling under his breath, not in english either. A shake of his head before he glances around a moment at the other posters. Hrmmm. Not recognizing the posters. Not at all. So. Must be Ali's room.

"…mine too," He agrees as he moves slightly under her, stretching his unpinned limbs slightly. "Thank you…" He adds after a moment as she starts to panic. "I…don't know either…um…I just woke up here?"

"S'okay. I still am dressed." Ali points out, "You must not have tried hard enough." She does start to lean up, though, carefully, the panic faded. "Or maybe I didn't." She sheds blanket - if that long nightshirt is 'dressed', she is, anyway. Regardless, there's absolutely nothing romantic about an Iron Maiden mummy staring at you from mid-chest. Or for most people, anyway.

But it's odd, her faint smile - wistful. "Probably a good thing. I remember you staring at Elena most of the night when you thought she wasn't looking. Close your eyes and I'll get changed."

"…I…still have most of my clothes…" He does, doesn't he? Why yes he does! Though the shirt is wadded up and tossed across the room and only one shoe is still on. "…must have been a hell of a party." He rubs his head slightly. "…did Gayden jump out of a cake or did I just dream that?"

Romantic? No. Adorable? Yes. There is something to be said for the mid-chest thing too. However Eric is too well trained in manners to stare.

At her last words though he blinks and then slowly sits up himself. "…yeah…Elena and I…" He pauses a moment before he shakes his head slightly. "…its complicated." He does though as least close his eyes and turn away from her if she wants to change.

Ali hasn't moved just yet - she reaches out, though, to tap his arm. "You love her. Right?" That faint smile remains. "S'okay. I am your friend, you know, even if you haven't known me all that long. Hers too, even if half the time I just piss her off. So spill - just because I'm /mostly/ blind doesn't mean I'm completely so." Nope. She hasn't gone much farther, yet. "She like you? I couldn't tell."

His eyes open before he turns towards her again. There is a slight smile on his face as Eric glances back towards her. "…like I said, its complicated." He repeats before he shrugs slightly. "…though the simple answer is yes. For quite awhile now." He shrugs slightly again before he laughs. "…and everyone pisses her off. No one can yell like she can. I know you are her friend, and mine as well Ali…" He is quiet for a moment before he sighs. "…and yes, she likes me." He smirks slightly. "Thats part of the problem I supose."

"I wish I'd known." The DJ reaches up to tuck a bit of hair behind her ear. "She must… " A sigh, then, wryly - "Have you told her, yet?" And she pulls the blanket around her - warm. Storytime. HA. "Please tell me you've at least walked up and kissed her. Or something."

Eric just laughs and shakes his head slightly. "…and sometimes I with I never met her she drives me so damn crazy," He mutters before he lets one leg dangle off the bed. "Yes…now though…is just not really the right time for her or I to think about that. Not when the world is going to hell." Then he laughs and shakes his head. "…well several times I have yes."

"…I'm sorry though…" He adds quietly, a slightly rueful apology there.

"Don't worry about it." Ali shrugs. "She's a lucky chick." And she holds out her hands for his. "You still owe me one more dance anyway - and I'm holding you to it." She smiles - "Eric, you make people feel special. Go tell her how she makes you feel. The world may be going to hell - but like she said, if you don't take the time for the stuff that really matters, what's the point in fighting against it? 'Live well, for tomorrow we may die'. If you two care about each other, you don't put it on hold - you take what you can get when you can get it, you lean on each other. Don't have regrets if you get shot tomorrow."

In fact, she leans up to kiss his forehead, then, if she can get away with it. "You deserve whatever happiness you can snatch in the middle of everything."

"…I do owe you at least one more dance," Eric replies with a shake of his head and a slight laugh. He falls silent though as she continues, a slight shake of his head and he smirks slightly. "…well thanks…and…thats sound advice. Its not advice that she'll take, because I've talked to her about some of it before." He glances up towards Ali a moment, a lopsided smile curling up his lips. "She has the Saints, she can't have them and me, thats too many ways to split your time. I don't have any regrets really. She knows."

Quiet again for a long moment he shakes his head before he smirks slightly. "…so do you Ali," He adds after a moment. "…and I wish…" He pauses before he gives a slightly helpless little laugh. "…she's all I have left from happier times." He murmurs. "…I…don't think I could let her go anymore if I tried."

The kiss though causes him to look up and once again give her a rueful smile.

"So don't. Hold her close." Ali stands, then, moving for the nearby chest-of-drawers. "She can, you know. Have both. She's just scared to - scared it'll blunt her edge. Scared it'll make her a liability. So just don't give her reason to be afraid - and that's probably enough. I don't know - seriously? I haven't had a real date in so long you're probably better off asking anybody else for advice over listening to me anyway." She grins back over her shoulder - "But I know people. And … next quiet moment you two get? Try having it somewhere with a dress code. It can't rain all the time, you know?"

Sliding out of bed, Eric looks around for his other shoe…it has to be around here somewhere here. AH! By the door. Did he throw it or something. "…for someone who says she's blind, you're pretty damn perceptive…you know that?" He adds with a smirk towards her. A soft bark of laughter is added. "…and none of us has had a real date in years. I think we are all in the same boat that way." Turning towards her though he walks back across the room to stand before the Radio Girl. Looking down at her he smirks slightly towards her.

"…you know, If I had actually met you two and a half years ago…" He says with a smirk. "…but you can't change the past…unless you're Peter." He says with a wink. "…come on, though. Let's go catch breakfast?"

Ali looks up.. and actually flushes, slightly. "Yeah. Go on - I'll get changed and catch up. I don't suppose you've got a brother or something?" It comes with a warm smile - but it's lopsided anyway, off, just a bit. "Besides - you don't need a half-dressed me following you out into the hallway. Just in case. And you do need a shower - you're comfy, but damn if you don't smell like whiskey."

Eric just shakes his head at the question. Oh no. He doesn't have any brothers anymore. Thankfully he only killed one of them. Someone else killed the rest. The smile is warm enough though and he pauses and rolls his eyes. "…well I did finish up a good bottle of it earlier…" He mutters towards her. There is a pause before he just smirks slightly and shakes his head. "…I'll see you around, Ali." And with that soft murmur, he turns and strolls on out the door.

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